๐Ÿ“š Price Action: How to predict next candlestick with Trend Continuation Candlestick Psychology

๐Ÿ“š Price Action: How to predict next candlestick with Trend Continuation Candlestick Psychology

Hey trainer sees a new video First of all the risk warning you invested capital might be at risk don’t trade waste money You cannot afford to lose and this video is not investment advice this deep Explaination video will be again mind-blowing Yes, because today I’m going to talk about how to trade and how to predict next candlestick with trend continuation candlesticks Yes and this is some topic which a lot of my students and a lot of my subscriber asked me if you Want some kind of video please. Send me your Request. Yes, you wish via email to my email address bow to a trader at gmail.com I will see if I find the time to Thomas’s if this are our topics which are really important I will cover them for sure and because so many asked me to this one year how to predict the next can stick with trend Continuation candlesticks. Yes and candlestick psychology. I am doing this great video, but before I gonna start Something from my heart. I wish you all a Happy New Year. Yes a Happy New Year to all of you Yes, my fan boys. My haters. Yes, my subscribers. My nonsubscribers each of you a Happy New Year. Yes 2020 will be a nice here for all of you Yes, especially for those one who are following my youtube channel The first thing what I have to announce is you can win again money. Yes next week I will announce the winner of the prize money From this week. So to win this money. You need only to serve to comment below my Video. Yes do a comment below my video to bring the money next Saturday you are I will give away $10 Ganga So if you want this $10 you can subscribe comment below of my Below my video. And yes, and now we are going to start Let me first of do some kind of Analysis here candlestick and chart candlestick chart analysis. Yeah. What do we have? Here we have here Reversal yes here We have a dotted comma every trace meant then we got a trend continuation Then we got a pullback from the 200 ma And what will happen next next I am pretty much sure at the next can is because of the process of elimination Which I have explained in the latest videos. The next candle will be most probably a bearish one Yes And why it would be a bearish one because we got here the touch of the 200 EMA after this long week Which is showing as a huge a huge of my pressure why because its ultra long Yes at a specific amount of greatness officer upper channel, it will change I have expenses in my latest deep explanation video watch it Yes, then you will understand says if this week becomes ultra long, it will change the pressure. Yes, and in this kind of case because it didn’t work out because this candle was not bullish because After this candle it would have been a Polish one. But because it touched a 200 ma. Yes This next candle. Yes was a bearish one and because of this kind of consolidation error between the 20 and 50 ma the next candle Will it be most probably a bearish candle because we are going into a pullback and in the manor Downtrend in this kind of ranging market because we have still a major downtrend Yes, because who sees the 200 to 150 entered 20, so that is this one. Yes That was the analysis of this part. This can stopped here only because of this support and resistance yes this kind of area and The next candle will be most probably a bearish one because we see here a lot of selling pressure Yes, because it didn’t unfold like the church. Yes, because after such kind of candle Yes, somebody would expect here that the Craig scandal would be a bullish one But it was a bearish one and that’s the reason why you follow now the new upcoming minute downtrend So that was this one. Yes the analysis of the last Friday evening Yes closing session has the closing session of a new obsession on Friday? Evening. So let me see now what we are going to next. Yes next I have to tell you prepared something really amazing really mind-blowing Something what will make you money for sure. If you are applying it like I Explained this yes I will show you this also on live chat so that you cannot tell me that I’m showing those kind of things only on Silly because I get I get a lot of comments with everybody tells me yes blah, blah blah theory blah blah blah Yes, but without the salary you are not able to apply this in practice. So I will show you this now Yes, and those kind of things which I’m teaching you here. Yes, those things what I’m explaining you here Nobody will tell you this for free. That is what aza Scammer liar and a betrayer are asking money for yes And I’m giving this kind of information for free. Yes, and I want only that you appreciate it. Like I Wanted that you exploit it appreciate this stuff Which I have done with my free ebook two years ago when I have given it for free Nobody was appreciating it, but I don’t care about it. I give this kind of information for those one. Who are Appreciating it. And that is the only important thing So, let me see what I can do what we call before we are going to start I have to I have to talk about my products of this list because I get always the same question. Yes Where can I find the bought price action guide you can find some what price action guide in the description? I don’t know, but I hope this year I will get less those kind of questions The blood price action guide can be found in the description the blood price action guide contains only illustrations no Explanations. Yes, so you have to watch the meters to understand those things. Yes and to have Exact as there are no explanations Then where can you find the book price action body the blood price action Bible can be found where exactly in the description? Yes in the description fine tuning the blood price action Bible is the ultimate I would say it’s the ultimate Information source. Yes – for every kind of trader. It’s not only for binary options it’s for Forex digital options ethics options for For 4×4 stomach changes yet for cryptocurrencies everything because that concepts which are explained in the blood price action bandit Bandit for each and every financial instrument – each and every time frame 5 minutes 10 minutes 15 minutes one hour four hours for mainly monthly Yes, every kind of timeframe and obviously for any kind of broker Yes pocket option expert option on a trade. Yes I Rex iq option for each and every time frame financial instrument and any broker This is a Holy Grail it’s not called for fun the bot price action Bible because here is Explained everything what you need to become a trader. There’s a pro trader The concepts everything yes, you have to study this kind of bible only and then you will make money Yes, if you are not making money Then I can only suggest to you together but better ship program search study modules Will you pick one for the beginner video peg – Plaza advanced ones? No, no for the medium ones Will you pick three for the advancements and video peg four for the nearly Pro you find the video pegs? yes video peg one two, three and for in the description to their What price action Bible yes in conjunction with? Will you pick one two three and four are really dope. There are magic they will make you money Yes, that is what this is about So many and you can reach this on my community page Yes There are so many people who are so happy that they have to chase The blood price action Bible that they have got the bigger pegs and debt we have brought them said to a new level of Trading they are making money as the blood price action Bible in conjunction with the bill impact one two Three and four that exact investment what you should do if you want to become profit profitable in the year 2020. Yes that it’s now the time to invest. Yes if you want to become Profitable. Yes and owning the market because that knowledge what I’m giving away here on the but price action Bible and on my youtube channel and on my video packs are really the ultimate information set and you have to believe this and you have only to apply those kind of concepts and And you will see how your training will change and you will it will change dramatically Positively as you will get really instant results. Yes, you had only to study those kind of stuff so and for those one who want to accelerate and who want to be mentored and Get the leading. Yes, and and also in this case The right support, yes, they can’t apply still for the bought mentorship program proclaim you can For do leaders? Yes. You can still doing this. I don’t know how long I can do this That’s because I’m telling this already, but I will not do this forever I told this already I’m still trying to complete those kind of students which I have Yes, and then this time you can still a black poet. Let’s end to apply to the bot mentorship program program You need only to send me an empty email to my moutoku trainer at gmail.com email address Let’s attend the application protest with everyone. The application process is for free. Yes, and it will show you also your weaknesses and your Poorly as your skills and you will understand immediately if you are able to go through it Yes, if you are able to become a trainer because I will not accept everybody I accept only those one who get through the application process. Yes, because my time is precious The pro timers are all this thing what you cannot waste time is really the most important thing in your life. So ok That is this one. Yes You’ll find video packs in the description to find the e-book the Bible in the description Yes, and you’re to join the bots mentorship program you need to apply for it and that means you have to send me an empty email to my email adress butovo trader at gmail.com and Then you will start enter all the application process. The application process is 8 steps the X which you have to go through they are not so easy as there have there are also time-consuming But that are important to understand if you are really willing to do this Yes, because a lot of you but are telling me that I was willing to do this, but they are not willing Yes, because they are having other Priorities yes, if you want to become a trainer you have to commit for it Yes, and if you are new to doing the commitment for this Yes that is wasting of time and I don’t want that you waste my time in this case That is a reason why I’m doing this application process. The application process is the execration for you Yes, this is a separation for you that you don’t want to waste your time, and I don’t want my time with you That is what the application process is. It’s important that you have to go through it. Yes, and I don’t want to remember you Yes, and I’m not too babysitter that I have to remember you that you have to go through the application process That is your thing. Yes. You want to become a trainer? Yes, and then move your ah, yes, and that is what this is about Okay, so that was enough enough and now we are going to go to this kind of Mind-blowing stuff which I have prepared today and today I have prepared for you video how to predict the next candlestick with trend continuation candlesticks and Candlestick psychology and I have to say this this kind of a made information, which I’m giving away to the group for free today Yes, it’s really mind-blowing and nobody ads could spare uses all this kind of stuff Which I’m explaining in my YouTube videos is gained in years of experience that is nothing what you can read in any kind of block any kind of website or Anybody would tell you not even any kind of other mentors because this kind of stuff which I am giving you on the silver spoon is Making you immediately a good trader The only thing is that everything is working together like yes under my butt metal. Sure But but logo as you see on my butt logos there ideas in the background of the robot I can show you this here as you see there are girls ideas That means that everything is working together like years and I will show you also today how all this kind of things together are working and it’s difficult to understand those things by your own and that’s the reason why I’m doing this kind of stuff and Explaining you that you need to but price action Bible in conjunction with the video packs Yes Because those two things together you have the Serie of the Bible And then you get the information from the video packs. Yes where I show you the traits on life chart Yes, and I will show you all today. Also, how’s this concept which I’m explaining you today is working on life chart Yes, it’s not something what I’ve been Banting. Yes, that is all gained on my experience and I ask endless endless Knowledge about training. Yes, and you will see that I’m doing this already two years I’m doing two years videos and I’m explaining you everything in detail and Everything’s so deep. And so Profoundly that nobody else can do this. Yes, like I am doing because I have understood Really how everything is working? I’m able to reach the market like nobody else and I will to erase show you this and other are talking about Something like this Yes And other are telling you something but nobody is going to tell you this what I’m going to tell you today and next week yes when you have some possible to win the $10 if you are commenting commenting Below this kind of video here. Yes, you will see I will have another video and I will show you another mobile I love you because This kind of knowledge, which I have is not gained by Lee reading some kind of blocks or some kind of website This is experience and I cannot name it often enough So now we are going in this kind of topic and now prepare to get my blood again But before we are going to do this I have to show you the most important part of the but price action Bible, which you should cover So the first thing what do you need of the blood price action Bible is this page page number? 85 page number 85 where I talked about the high how to spot the highest probability trading setups and high probability techniques this page and Of the bought price action Bible is already Trading changing and life changing opportunity. What I have explained here is Already dope yes. Next is in the bot price exome Bible. You have one these pages there. Yes, and you can read it Yes, and that is already one of the most Biggest and the biggest secrets in the by trading industry and nobody is telling you this Yes that you have to wait for the reversal pattern and then you trade the trend Continuation after it after the retracement. Yes You can do here immediately report Yes, or you wait for another trend continuation and that is exactly that kind of stuff that our single single candlestick patterns similar trend continuation patterns to do the trade continuation after year here and After the pullback, yes that a single trade continuation stuff Yes, but now I’m going to show you the two but the two candlestick pattern Contract continuation which are really high Probability trading setups and that is where the reason why I called it how to predict the next candlestick with trend continuation candlesticks and Candlestick psychology, so page number 85 on the bot price action by that. Yes leg Is that one which you need? And I have to say don’t get the Bible from any other than me because they are Selling wrong versions of the Bible. I cannot tell you this often enough Yes, because they are trying to scam you. Yes, they are selling my Bible, but that is not my Bibles at this Modificated stuff which Modificated affiliate links in the in between they want only your money. Don’t trust them Don’t buy it. You think you would save $10 you think you would save $20 or you think you would save $5? What do you think it would save $2, but at the end you will pay for it extra That means you will lose money because they are not giving you the right information If you are not sure if you have the right version Contact me. I will show you if it would be the right version or not But I want also to know who is giving this away Yes, and who is sitting just because I try to eliminate this type of scammer. I? Don’t want I want that this industry becomes clear pure that this chemistry stops to to steal other people’s Money and mostly from those one who needs the money most of everything every other other edge Yes And that is what makes me really angry as there are so many people who need to smile but there are scamming Xandar Money and that makes me really angry. So, okay page 85 the highest probability training set up the 40s the trend the key level and the chemistry putted enter rejections. That was the first step. Yes That is what everything is binding on. Yes. You wait for a reversal pattern here We have an illusion candle, but it can be everything. Yes, and the next one is this page? Only to understand that what I’m explaining today that is page 90 l1 Page 91. Is that one where I talk about? different market conditions Yes that you do a call option on the support in an uptrend that you do a put option on resistance in a downtrend It’s basic stuff Studies these things that really the fundamentals that are the basic stuff which you should know well page 91 of the board twice X and violet if you don’t understand how to apply this kind of stuff and practice gets a video Peck one, two, three and four Yes, you can start with video pick one. And if you see an improvement in your training you can get the other ones Yes, I don’t selling them all them together I say them one by one because I wanted to get can see if It will help you and if it’s gonna help you you can get the other ones I can tell you only that Those one who bought the video picked one But also we do pay two three and four because those kind of informations which I’m giving their way that are those information which I’m giving my bot mentorship program students and That make already so many Consistently profitable so that kind of stuff will change your trading dramatically, yes it you will become a good trainer and That is applying of those kind of series, which I have explained in the e-book So then we have this page number 292 Page number to do that is the chemistry psychology shop the cycle market of emotions Yes, that is important that you understand that the market is going from optimism. Yes where the uptrend started to To an entity and denial and fear when the market is going to reverse That is important that you understand that the market is moving in wait Yes, you have to understand this and that it explains here in this kind of page Then we need to 90 the 100 The 100 yet earth of the about price action Bible where I talked about how to reach the direction of the candlestick momentum trading and price that is what lower low and lower high is yes what higher high and higher law is that is Important if you don’t understand this kind of concepts, then you want to fail. Yes That is the basic stuff z is explained in the Bott price action Bible over and over again And that page is really important healthy market uptrend ranging market consolidation of fret market healthy market Yes, you see here downtrend and then we have here Up/down chemist –ax are forming higher highs and higher lows Then you have an uptrend you will see how this kind of concepts are getting together today When I’m showing you how to predict the next candlestick with trend Continuation candlesticks and kinda stick psychology. It’s like gears which are working together Okay, so, let me see the next one then. We have some 101 of The but price action body where we talk about how to create a momentum trading based on inside outside swing training here you see again? Higher high higher low low high low alone. Yes, they are concepts which are the basic if you don’t Understand those concepts if you never have seen this pages on the board price action violence and you have never studied this kind of stuff And you never heard about this stop trading search another profession Yes, because you will lose only money because ayah high entire low Yes and lower door and low heart are basic stuff that are the track Identification basic stuff and if you don’t understand trend you cannot trace. Yes Because you need to understand this kind of context so and then we have the page 110 Let me see this 120 and that is this one and here you also this is a edit wave theory But this is not so complicated like it look like because at the end I want only there to understand that we are Creating here higher highs and higher lows and here we are creating lower highs and lower lows Yes down thread and up trains that are those kind of things which you should Understand and when a trend is going to fail a trend will fail The uptrend is going to fail when the point for that point is going to break the territory of wave number 1 the point 1 Then the trend is over Yes The probability that the trend is or what is high when this will happen if this will not happen you have still in Uptrend the same thing is here if this point 4 is going to break the territory of the wave number 1 the point number 1 then the Downtrend will be most probably stopping yes because this is exact Ok, I don’t want to get too tough in this kind of stuff You have to study this watch this kind of stuff in the book twice actual Bible and then you will Understand those kind of concepts like I told you The video will be too long if I have to cover all this kind of stuff, which I have already explained over and over again again in every video I said it’s what this kind of stuff what I’m explaining here is a Concept the whole concept. Yes, I am explaining you everything Completely that what I’m giving you here on my youtube channel and on my boat price action Bible is all things together Brought together. Yes all brought together to understand how the market is working. Yes and Nobody’s giving uses. Yes and not even for that price. Yes It’s like a gift for you all because I when I started to do this kind of stuff two years ago I want to change this kind of industry. I want to help people. Yes, and not and to prevent them to get scammed and That is what I’m working for. Yes, and that is what I’m going to work all my life. That is what I’m doing So, okay, and now we are going to the topic Yes, we are going to the topic and that topic is how to predict the next candlestick with trend Continuation candlesticks candlestick psychology and I have prepared something for you. I Have prepared something for you. Where do I have this? Let me see. I have prepared this and I have it here Look at this. That is what I have. I have also he has a candle, so let me show you an Explained this because else you will not understand this Yes, so why this looks similar to that one what I have shown you here before? Yes, it looks like this one year how to spot the highest probability trading setups. Yes, and that is right That is the next step. That is what I’m doing here in between of the reversal pattern look at says I will explain this now in in detail what’s going on you had this kind of movement as you know, we have an Reversal pattern often up trend reversal pattern up after after this We have a Down trend Then we got a bullish reversal pattern and then we have an up trend then we are going to start here again Then we have a bearish reversal pattern and then we are going into a down play Punishment was the pattern uptrend. We wish it was the pattern down to it. And that is a cycle here Yes, that is a cycle. What is going on? That is what the market is going and Sometimes the uptrend will hold longer then we have an uptrend yes on a major timeframe and if the document is longer than we have a Downtrend on a higher time frame that is what this is about So now we got and that as the roots to apply this amazing trend Continuation candlestick trading how to predict the next chemistry read all this kind of stuff I’ve got water that are nearly shorts at a short shorts s if you have this and to apply the roots Which I’m telling you now, then you will make money for sure You will make money sure because that are sure shots I’m giving you here the secret how to treat sure shots and I will explain you now exactly how this will look You have an uptrend? Yes. That is the same stuff You have this kind of cycle, which I have explained here and about price action Bible Yes, then you have a reversal pattern a bullish reversal pattern The next candle will be the retracement candy I have explained this so often I don’t want to get this again And again those one who are following my YouTube channel And those one where my what price action I understand this kind of stuff. You have this retracement Kevin It depends from the market condition If you have a ranging market, you will get over tradesmen candid if you have a training market this knowbut Maybe it will be less. Yes, because if you have a downtrend this retracement can go in after a bearish reversal Pattern will be smaller, but to get this reversal and after this replacement after this retracement one second I have to open the door for the dog. So ok after this retracement Kamath Yes, after this retracement candid you get this kind of candlesticks Yes that are only recognizes as they are only extent that I will show you this tool later in the real chart how this looks like is Important is only one singing. That is how everything is working together. Yes, you have the highest probability trading ship Yes that kind of stuff and then you get this kind of stuff which I have explained now That means you have the reversal pattern. Then you have the retracement candid with you good trade also because I have experiences here Yes, you do here a put option. Yes above the closing price of the previous candle then You get here? Yes So with tradesmen Keller and then and that is giving you get away This kind of stuff which you would call it the trading candle by candle. Yes, so you got to reverse but you trade the next candle the retracement candle and then You trade the next candle and then you get this kind of setup here Yes, that is not other the setup our cleaners causes. This is a Easier setup that means you have to understand the concept and the concept is here. Explain Yes, this are creating lower highs Yes And they noticed two cannons are creating a lower high and a lower low If you have this kind of two candidates, and this are creating lower highs and lower lows As your seizes on this deer Grinnell’s here Yes, then you can get into the next candle as a trend continuation and that is merely a short shot The same thing is when it after a pullback. I have experiences here. Look at this on the bot price section Bible Yes, here is a pullback to pull back yes and see the same Sega spirit for the public if you have a pullback from An EMA from the support and resistance Level format red line from a people naturally letter from a boarding a pen from the rod number is from all any kind of key Level and you get a retracement any and after the retracement candle you get two candidates Which are creating lower highs and lower lows. You can go into a put option on the next candidate So what is the difference between? this one and This one and the difference are the size of the candidates if you have two small candidates Which are creating lower highs and lower lows Then the next candle will be most probably this one the huge candle. That will be a big Victory candle and that is what this is about. Yes the next one with a big victory candle Yes because you have two small candles which are the initial start of a downtrend and What is a downtrend the downtrend is when the price is doing lower highs and lower lows? So the next one? So what is the difference between that and that if you have huge candidates? Yes, the next candle will be a weak candle Yes, but it will stay put it will attract continuation candle. Yes, but While I’m telling you only to do this for two candidates because you know after the third candle it can’t be a little bit risky because after the third candle we have Three black crops and you know that after the three black crows will happen a retracement That means the next candle could be a retracement candle a bullish with tradesmen can so don’t do this after three candles do it only After two candles and then you will have a short shot near tricks. Yes, that is really dope. That is magic Obviously you have to understand also a little bit the market condition and those kind of concepts which I have explained before Where I have experiences, yes You are especially that one which I have explained in the price action Bible about how to spot the highest probability Trading setup because that is based on this kind of concept Okay, so let me show you this also for the Polish one for the bullish one You have the doll uptrend there will be got a reversal pattern and then we get a bullish in the reversal pattern What other words the roots are that this candle is doing a retracement? Candle important this and that is what the retracement candle is. It has to close Yes all it has to touch at least the key level and I don’t want to get this again deep deep again again again. Yes I’m expecting from you that to understand those concepts that you studies the e-book to understand this Yes, because as yet I cannot repeat it. Okay. I’m doing this already so much Yes, and maybe I get again bad comments from the user who are thinking that I’m repeating all the stuff again and again, yes But I have to do this because I have so many new users new users and new subscribers Who do not know this kind of stuff. They are like a princess princess and I have to tell them this Okay, so you have a reverse? and after this reversal Retracement sorry we have a replacement and afters of the tracklist we get two candidates which are creating higher highs and higher lows Important is here. That is quite high That is higher. No, this is your eye That is low or no This is low you understand this Yes, and that is the rule the rule is that you need a match race much candle and after the retracement candle Yes you need This kind of two candidates and then you can go into a trend Continuation trade and that is how you can predict how to predict the next candlestick with trend continuation candlesticks aza are asking new money process information and nobody can bring it to you like me because I’m Experiences and you see this I’m doing this here on earth chart I’m showing you this here on on this kind of I’m doing this kind of stuff here as a cheat. Yes as How can I explain this to study it? Yes, you can study This is the only that is only an idiot, but I will show you this in a few minutes on the live chat So, okay the same thing is valid after the pull back You get two candles which are craving here also higher high and higher No, that is why this kind lines are formed and then you enter into a call on the next candle That is an entry candle. That is an entry candle. That is the entry Kenda Yes, and that is the entry candid and I’m doing here this arrow. What does this error mean? This error means not that the next candle will be a bullish one It means that you have to do a call and the call should be Along this level here as from this level here should be coming the call as a trend Continuation because you know, the entry point is important. Yes, and the same is here The put option should be coming from this level here. Yes, and the same is here The put option should be coming from this level Yes If you get a rejection from it as as you try to get into it And after closing price of the previous candidate let as those kind of stuff which I’m telling over and over again and do should know This already as I don’t want to repeat this again and again that is only stealing time and wasting time so say this kind of stuff and that is already really important to understand this because if your nose is how to trade the trend continuation candlesticks and how to predict the next candle based on this kind of two bar Candlesticks which are creating a trend that’s because there is nothing as a trend because we are creating here lower highs and lower lows Here we are creating higher highs and higher lows and that means the next can is with a high probability at rank continuation Yes, that is nothing magic. That is what I’m telling you here. And that is what I’m giving you here for free Yes, and that is what you have to understand so and now I’m showing you this kind of stuff because I get always this kind of questions from my subscribers for my students and from my audience as my viewers who are asking me to ask this kind of stuff unreal chat because we don’t Understand this I have to say if you don’t understand it it’s already a little bit critical because I’m giving you this already on the silver spoon as and that means that you should Understand this from your own. Yes, please switch on your brain. It’s important that you switch on your brain You cannot wait as robots would already control the world. Yes. You have to switch on your brains. That’s really important. So ok Let me show you this now this concept here on the chart and I have prepared this already. Look at this We are coming from a downtrend we are going here into a reversal we have here a pullback We have here a pullback and then we have the retracement cannon That is a retracement cannon and after this retracement kettle which touched the support and resistance level We got this type of two cannons Which are creating higher highs and higher lows and what we are going to do on the next candle on the next candle We do a call on the rejection from this level and that would be in the money your seizes that is ooh Yes, that is what I have explained. So here we have another one. Yes. We have here a reversal pattern. Yes After exhausting, can you see you could do good also the expulsion Kennet, which I have explained another deep Especially a so then we got a retracement candle this with tradesmen Kenda after this retracement candle We got one two chemists which are craning higher Isis as a doji Yes, but it doesn’t matter importance only that we are creating higher highs and higher lows Yes And then the next candle will be a huge victory Candle and here you see that what I am expected. If you have this kind of two candles which are small Yes, then you get the huge victory candy. That is this one Yes, and if you have huge candles, yes, you get a small one. Yes. That is what I had explained Here Z is what this is about. Yes. That is what I giving you the knowledge. So, okay that was already Don’t forget to comment below my video to get the $10 next week I will announce this next week on Saturday. And if you like this video do a like and if you didn’t subscribe Subscribe now. Yes, and if you have something to say drop me a line is the comment section so I wish you a Happy New Year and



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