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    I thought the video would be mainstream thrash… But it was actually good 😁

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    You forgot the number 1 tip. Be me.

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    Why is this in my recommended #notkidding

  • mav1877

    So you suggest the direct opening? Sometimes, that conveys too much interest imo

  • johnny sinatra

    Just ask if she could fit 8in of co#% in her mouth then show it lol work every time

  • Blow' The Whistle

    I'm not mirroring no females crossing her legs playing with her hair, like I'm her gay friend WTF..

  • Prashant Mhamane

    why girls get angry ? even if isn't my fault. Today She just broke her Smartphone just because I didn't fulfill my Promise.
    what should I do from now on ?
    Thanks in Advance.

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  • roll zolo

    If she's eating alone at McDonald's, steal a fry from her tray

  • Muhammad Osama

    The background track pls?

  • CreeO14

    doesn't work for ugly people like me


    I thought I was hot as I got many of em… But realized now that I was accidentally doing some of these tricks

  • chaitu chaitanyarao

    Everything you say is textbook pua and then you say not to follow them.. Still great video

  • AlphaBetaRudyInvestments

    Did you just say blow.

  • Leon Tarek

    Number 0 : ignore her it worked with me every time

  • Panda Boomin

    About That Tight Muscular Shoulders What About Fat People

  • Arvin Ranille

    hahahaha I've read a book that teaches you indirect opening and it's really hard

  • Avijit Marik

    Tnx for gr8 Advice it's really work

  • Stefan Lautaru

    Let's see if those tips works (if I'm slapped i m gonna dislike this vid) :))

  • Kyah Kakoy

    To get a girl to like you, be handsome. Some ppl are just unfortunate.


    I don't mess with the whole touching thing, way too easy to get sexual harassment charges.

  • Torrance L

    aight, gonna try it tml. wait, what should i do again?

  • Speedy Zems

    For some reasons all the people I met end up insulting and laughing at each other :3 since this kind of friends are all I have

  • Harold G.

    Instructions unclear cops were involved.

  • Male Mentorship

    The narrative is clearly from a female perspective in this video. The use of the words “thieving” and “creepy” suggest that somehow the male is a predator, when in actuality the male is doing the female a favor by even showing remote interest in her. Females benefit tremendously more in relationships than men do. So, instead of behaving pretentiously and acting like you’re such a wonderful prize, realize that we are equals and stop trying to manipulate men to gain a power advantage in the relationship. Females don’t respect men who submit to them, so why suggest to men to break eye contact first? That puts men in the submissive role. If she is intimidated, so be it. Show her you’re not intimidated by looking at something you find visually appealing. She didn’t fix her hair, wear all that make-up and wear specific clothing because she wanted to be ignored. Females love attention. If you feel like giving some to them, go ahead..on your terms. Stop treating females like delicate flowers, when they choose to be kind..they can be..and when they don’t, they can be mean also. Stop giving females any advantages. That only sets you and the relationship up for failure. Let her know you’re in control, even if that means she has to come to the realization that she doesn’t get everything her way. Look her in the eyes for as long as you want..not in an angry way..make your eyes smile, relax and let her submit to you. Approach her, start a topical conversation about your current surroundings, event, location..etc. If she’s not interested, move on. However, pay attention to her body language more than the words coming out of her mouth. Females have learned how to be deceptive to test men’s ability to go after what he wants and see if he’ll give up easily. Just speak to her like you’ve known her forever. Be comfortable, that will translate into confidence in your own body language. She’ll be receptive to that behavior.

  • Lakshay King

    0:58 That shit is true af.. i went to a hospital where a girl is with her grandfather and other oldies. i become friends with them old people and suddently she started to look me smiling and giving me look..
    she seen me become friendly with people around me and she started to attract too..😊😊

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    your channel content is so interesting as always …i don't even want any video to end….i just keep learning these things and you just seem to be a perfect helper literally 😀

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    Can you do a video on what to do if you like a co worker

  • MPB 727

    I'm disliking. Im still single.

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    So much mind games

  • Asad Nabi

    Hey there…
    I like a girl a lot and she also know that I like her too but I don't know how to begin the conversation… please tell me

  • shinra358

    I dnt want a female who cant decide for herself, sorry…

  • Dicky Ball

    #1, Show her your huge bank account and other assets. She'll love you long time and will do whatever it takes to please you.

  • don dada M

    Eye contact is tough for me and when I force it I suddenly realize I missed the last 3 sentences

  • SupremeMaster

    This woman talking should clean her nose holes more often

  • Marvelous Beauty

    Who's the Actress in the Thumb nail?? Anybody knows her Name??

  • Danny Inverse

    Wow this actually sound legit


    In short, dont be an a***ole

  • Dhruv1223

    whats the song?

  • Psyched Charisma

    I don’t know… the indirect approach seems to work very well, so long as you let them know you were directly indirect.


    I completely disagree with several points made in this video but will focus on just two of them.
    Women are not put off when you touch them in a "friend-kind-of-way" in the beginning. And you
    can keep this up for a while with beneficial results. Many women that like you will wonder why you touch them
    like that and this will drive them to be aggressive themselves and touch you in a flirty way. At this point you
    should correspond of course.
    The second issue is the writer's complaint about the "indirect opening". In other setups a case could be made for it
    but…in a mall??? Of all places a mall is one of the most difficult to justify talking to a stranger without some indirect
    angle. What are you gonna say to a girl you approach: "I'm been watching you from the food court and I find you an
    extremely smart shopper. Let's go to Forever 21 and please allow me to buy you a hoodie!"???
    You're most definitely NOT lying to a girl when you use an excuse like "what time is it?" to start a conversation!!!

  • Emre Bilge

    "Indirect opening" is one of the most common openings among many couples. There's hardly any other way to start a casual conversation. It would be weird to stop and instantly tell a stranger that you like her. There's no problem using indirect opening if you tell her what it is or start to flirt with her shortly. More honestly, it doesn't really matter if you opened directly or indirectly. If she decides that she likes you in the opening, you'll make it. If not, indirect o direct, won't make it.

  • aznprnstr

    Another good trick for narrow shoulders is the lateral raise

  • Amarildo Gaucho

    1:02 Sarajevo <3

  • Joe M

    But how do you start a conversation at the mall if you don't start talking about something random or that you are not actually interested. You are likely not going to see her again and you have only one chance to talk and get her number if you are lucky.

  • Tudz Guillermo

    What if the girl is hoe? So this is a waste of time

  • Genuwine6799G

    I just expose my bulge

  • BHammer



    Damn boy that’s some fine shoulders

  • Chakky S.

    if you're crossing your legs as a guy, something is wrong no matter what

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  • mufc187

    the last part is absolute nonsense. if you ask a girl for the time or where something is and then kinda smoothly make it clear that was just a starter, it isn't going to ruin anything. it's all about the chemistry then.

  • Melzare

    Hey, great list and everything but I noticed eating ass wasn’t on there? Could this have been some sort of error?

  • Gerin X

    I like the music. What is it?

  • osiris1309

    Rubbish advice…

  • Spudskie

    You only need one trick: be very wealthy.

  • Dovahkiin Septim


    GET ABS.

  • Martin Belan

    #9 is stupid 😂

  • Nathan Toth

    Fun video. What about 10 psychological tricks to get her to like you again after being needy, over eager, chasing, etc?

  • Leo De Leon

    Aaaaaand Im dying alone. (Sigh) things could be worse, though lol

  • TheFake SlimShady24

    Thith ith mantelligenth

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  • flex keanan

    all this makes me sick to my stomach and vomiting a lot it 's like twilight zone there is man and women on earth and it should be so easy to hook up for some reason in today reality you need dictionary thick as phonebook instructions how to look at girl and another phonebook how to smile to a girl and 100 phonebooks how to keep the same girl all this makes me so siicckkkk …

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    I just pay $60

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    Logical, Thank you

  • # ROOT

    Fisrt off WOMAN, not girl….lol

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    Real answer: just be hotter

  • Chirico Flint

    I dont listen to women that give advice, thats my trick guys!

  • Shin Negi

    Watching ur all videos one by one it’s like a Drug to me m Addicted Maaaan …..!!

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    How to impress a 15 yrs highschool girl that i have a crush on

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    best channel for men ever seen! thnk u so much!

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    I’m broke 😅 can’t have girlfriend now!

  • andrew moonbeam

    Be the first one to break wind…but don't do it too fast. Slow and loud is your best bet.

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    What am I doing here

  • J Shepard

    After watching this, who still thinks women are rational beings?

  • R M L

    Seems like reading about quantum physics is more simple than this haha

  • R M L

    How does having good posture or making eye contact make a woman instantly like you…. that’s not true

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    Wait if a girl is watching this video😱😱😨😰

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    This will definitely help me get through 2019. Happy new year!

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    Hypnotize her. That works well to me

  • leo king

    thanks because of you i'm in love

  • Tech Lover

    I know these tips are very important but i can't keep away from being myself no matter how much i try. Girls don't like me for that but its ok, i am ready to die virgin than to surrender myself to a women. No not in any circumstances i will bow down against a women. I respect them but can't let them overtake my kingdom.


    Ok I've been having crush on this girl from about 5 years and even my friends say that she has crush on me But we have never been talking what should I do
    More over when it comes to speak with girls I start to stutter and speak shit ??
    Plz guide me

  • Pedro Ferreira

    Awsome videos

  • Thunder King

    (1.) Tried three tricks but ended up in 3 girls. Played blinking eye idea on a girl to just check how it works and next day she messaged me. She is always talking 🔥🔥(Yes , she is too 🔥🔥 but not my real crush.)

    (2) Tried straight shoulders and being attractive to my crush and worked perfecty. We both share true love. (SHE IS SO SO BEAUTIFUL).
    (3) Accidently ended up in an innocent girl because I was famous and favourite around her. ( She is innocent,cute and more similar to me)

  • Watch out Watch out

    What if u r a highschooler

  • sri vathsa

    No women likes decent guy:(

  • 1st proton of the Hydrogen atom

    When talking to a girl,
    1. where to put my hands?
    2. Where do i look?
    3. what to do with the tongue while listening?
    4. how to stand?

    God why do you make this os complicated?

  • Anthony 11

    She said don't act like a highschooler ( I'm a highschooler)

  • Da'Quan Murphy

    living in a house where im the only man in the house

  • twiston43

    1:28 Respect and Kindness will make her like you! LOL!!! That is what they say but most Gs just want a guy to be a jerk.

  • wstwd703

    It was around point number 3 that ai realised I wasn’t actually listening to the video 😂😂😂

  • Anand Kumar

    Just earn 100 billion dollars, not only girls but their entire relatives, friends, neighbors etc. will like you. Just one thing that's it

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    4:53 but I am a high schooler GOD DAM IT


    i'm first, new subs to your channel pls do what i'm do. Thanks

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    Google/YouTube Adam Atiyeh

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    Wait hold on , i cant do the last tip cuz im a high schooler

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    Thanks umm I got a girlfriend

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