10 Signs Someone Is Using PSYCHOLOGICAL Manipulation On YOU!

10 Signs Someone Is Using PSYCHOLOGICAL Manipulation On YOU!

10 Signs Someone Is Using Psychological Manipulation
On You #10. “Different Alone”- One of the tell-tale
signs that your friend, family member or partner is using psychological manipulation on you
is if they act like a different person when you are in private then they do when you are
in public. A manipulator is very aware of public perception
and the ways to use this to their advantage. If the person is overly nice to you when others
are watching, doing things like opening doors for you or acting extra affectionate, yet
is callous or rude to you behind the safety of closed doors it is sure to mess with your
head. This can also be displayed at parties or social
gatherings, if they seem do everything right or seem extra interested when your friends
or family around but don’t do any of these things in private they are most likely doing
this to keep up appearances so that it makes it harder for you to get help from your other
loved ones. In the worst cases they could even turn the
people closest to you against you by incepting the thought that “He or she couldn’t possibly
be like that”, in effect making you look like the crazy one. #9. “Guilt Trip”-Guilt-tripping or playing
the sympathy card is a go-to tactic for manipulators. It is extremely hard to resist giving in to
someone who says that if you don’t do something for them that you are hurting them. One of the ways people commonly guilt-trip
others is by seemingly helping you in the present so that they can use it against you
in the future, saying things like “remember, I helped you, so you have to do this for me”. Manipulators really like being with people
who are over-sympathetic and may tug at their heart-strings by exaggerating physical ailments
or sickness to get out of doing something. You can tell they are using this tactic if
it only seems to happen when the activity or task that needs to be done isn’t benefitting
them at all. For example, they get sick or their back goes
out every-time it’s time to clean the house but then their friend calls to hang out and
they start to feel better. It is very easy to get caught in the guilt-trip-trap
in times of crisis. If early on in your relationship with someone
they come through in a big way when when you really need them, you could get stuck paying
for it for the rest of your life. The situation is kinda like a dark version
of the common sitcom plot where someone saves someone’s life and in return the person
whose life was saved becomes their slave or butler for life. If a person truly cares about you they won’t
hold these types of things over your head, they do it because they want to. #8. “Overwhelming Details”-Some of the best
psychological manipulators are ones that can put on the facade of being intellectual. Even if they aren’t necessarily more intelligent
than someone else they are very good at seeming like it, either applying arbitrary facts to
a situation or just making up facts. A person that can convincingly lie about details
or pretend to be an expert is very hard to argue with because it always comes down to
them having more facts than you do. Say for instance you want to go on a camping
trip with your friends or family but your significant other doesn’t want you to go,
they may try and overwhelming you with facts about how dangerous camping is to deter you
from going. Though this might be a reasonable fear for
person, a psychological manipulator will be unrelenting in this until you change your
mind, whereas a person who actually cares can overcome their fears because they know
it’s something you want to do. Manipulators can also try to use their knowledge
or fake facts to belittle you in public by making you feel intellectually inferior and
destroy your confidence so that you won’t try to argue in public in the future. .
#7. “Hurrying”- Being rushed into making decisions
can result you having to trust another person’s advice that may not actually be better for
you or end up in you not getting what you want. Manipulators are hyper-aware of this, they
know that if they hurry someone into making a decision they can greatly influence the
outcome. For example, if you are buying a new car with
your partner they might suggest you look at the car they that want first and take their
time describing how great it is, but then when it’s time to look at the one you want
they are in a hurry to leave and may even act like you are taking too long so you are
forced to go with their pick. This is a trivial example, but you can see
how this type of situation would only be worse and worse the more serious the decision. Manipulators also can use this tactic to try
and permanently place themselves as the alpha in a relationship. If they force you into a quick decision and
it turns out to be a wrong decision, they can forever hold this against you so that
you aren’t allowed to have a full-say in decisions in the future. #6. “Quick to Anger”- One of the fastest ways
to make a person give up on an argument or debate is by getting angry. People who try to psychologically manipulate
you are either aware of this or have relied on the tactic so much that it become second
nature. When you are arguing with someone who starts
to scream or gets angry there are two things that normally occur: A) The conversation rapidly
dissolves into a chaotic shouting match to the point that it ends in exhaustion or you
completely forget what your were talking about in the first place or B) You just want them to calm down so you quickly
give up or concede points you might not normally have just to appease them. It is also instinctive for most normal people
to avoid conflict. So when someone gets angry or appears threatening,
you may just agree with them out of fear. This tactic is especially effective for manipulators
in public settings, as they might be willing to look ridiculous by blowing up and causing
a scene just so an issue is resolved to their best interests, whereas a normal person doesn’t
want to appear like a crazy person. #5. “Threatening”- Ultimatums and threats
are a significant tactic for someone who is a psychological manipulator. This is the most common way that a person
being manipulated gets stuck being with a manipulator. Whether it’s threatening to stop doing something
for you, to take away something, or to do something to you, the manipulator tries to
force you between a rock and hard place. In the worst cases the manipulator could be
threatening physical harm to you or themselves if they don’t get what they want. This is only more difficult if the person
making the threats has a history of following through with them and is adept at avoiding
the consequences. Playing the victim and threatening self-harm
is one of the most extreme examples of psychological manipulation, it can trap a sympathetic person
in an abusive relationship to which it seems like there is no way out without dealing with
violent consequences that normal people try to avoid. A manipulator can also to use playing the
victim to play mind-games and make you think you are the one is abusive by forcing you
to stand up for yourself. Threats and ultimatums can be especially difficult
in situations where a child is involved. In a abusive marriages, children frequently
become the main pawn used by the abuser to get what they want or keep you from leaving
them. If they threaten to take their spouse’s
child away or harm them, the easiest decision in the short term is to agree to what they
want, especially if there is no one else that can help them get out of the situation or
nowhere for them to go. #4. “Distortion”-Manipulators are very keen
at using the inherently ambiguous nature of memory to their advantage. Many manipulators actively remember situations
in order to bring them up later. Not only do they hold on to these things until
it benefits them, they alter and skew the memory to their own needs. They may change words or the context in order
to prove a point that in reality has no basis. This tactic can drive a person being manipulated
insane and even doubt their own memory as in most cases there is no videotape or recording
of the instances the manipulator is distorting. The manipulator may even bring a changed memory
up so many times as if it were true that the victim will start believing it. If this is a common occurrence it can have
the added bonus for the manipulator that the victim will be afraid of telling them anything
or speaking their mind as anything they say or do could be twisted and used against them
in the future. Manipulators are also commonly adept at using
hyperboles like ‘always’ and ‘never’ to prove their points. By using these words they make situations
black and white, insinuating that your faults or things you have done are excessive instead
of being more complex like real issues actually are. Saying “Always” or “Never” also adds
more weight to a situation as if the issue at hand is an unstoppable trend that needs
to be resolved immediately. There is almost no way to argue against these
hyperboles because it is usually an opinion that can neither be proven or disproven without
significant documentation. #3. “Fake Concern”-Most people have been guilty
of asking someone something about themselves in order to bring up their own issues, but
psychological manipulators do this habitually. They know that if they act concerned about
you or ask you questions about yourself you won’t be able to accuse them later on of
not caring or being selfish. It can be easy to get sucked into this because
often they are good at making their concern seem genuine, but you can usually figure out
what they are trying to do if you know them long enough, as no matter the conversation
it always gets related back to their life. Manipulators may also show fake sympathy in
order to use it as evidence against a person. If they act concerned in front of friends
or family members it can make the victim’s argument against them seem unwarranted. Fake concern can be a tactic that manipulator’s
use to influence your life decisions as well. They might pretend to sympathize just so that
you will ask for their advice, then purposefully give you advice that results in them getting
something they want. Manipulators can be so adept at this that
they treat interactions as chess moves and though it may not seem like their advice gets
them anything immediately it may be setting something up in the future. However, in pathological manipulators there
may not even be motive at all, they might just be feeding off the power of pulling the
strings. #2. “Hypercritical”- People who need to be
in charge in relationship try to break down the other person to the point that they feel
inferior to make their approval a necessary commodity. They can do this by constantly criticizing
the other person and pointing out their flaws. Then they emphasize their status of power
over someone by juxtaposing the perceived flaws with their strengths. One of the ways they can get away with this
unchecked is by belittling a person but then passing it off like they are just joking. This can be something that they are fully
aware of or do subconsciously. In public, this can be another way that they
assert their dominance without the victim being able to speak out. If the victim of manipulation gets upset by
the ‘joke’ the manipulator will counter by acting like the victim is party-pooper
or has no sense of humor. Manipulators may also point out flaws in person
in a way that it seems like they are trying to help them but are really just trying to
mold them into being more submissive. #1. “Context Control”- Context is the key
winning any argument and gaining the upperhand in relationship. Psychological manipulators know this and will
go to insane lengths in order to make sure that the context of conversations or events
plays to their advantage. They can do this by only talking when it benefits
them whether it’s giving someone ‘the silent treatment’ or only talking about
important or volatile issues in the setting of their choosing. When a manipulator uses the ‘silent treatment’
they are trying assert dominance by feeding the idea that you need them more than they
need you. They may also do this until you backslide
from your position on an issue or wear yourself out and change the subject. By controlling the setting where an event
or conversation happens they can premeditate what to do in order to make a victim seem
like the aggressor. For instance, they might only talk to you
about a touchy subject when their friends or family are present so that they have the
rest of the room on their side. Manipulators will try to control your responses
to their side of an argument by bringing it up in public, limiting the victim’s ability
to truly express themselves. If a victim does get caught off guard and
fully expresses their emotions in public, such as getting angry or crying, the manipulator
will be able to use the victim’s outburst against them, acting like they are the calm



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    My dad has all these traits lol

  • Christopher Hardy-Jones

    I just realized that my ex was ALL OF THESE!!

  • Dr. David Paynter

    Trust no one. Overcome trying to be accepted. Be in control. Forget what others think, do as you please. Tell them to shut the hell, you don't need there input. Walk away.

  • Willie Hodges

    I know people who tried to do this to me

  • adam atiyeh

    Google/YouTube Adam Atiyeh

  • Koala From Tomorrow

    Or maybe they IL

  • el mas loco

    Fuck im a manipulator

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