5 Fun Facts About Me! Mental health with therapist Kati Morton

5 Fun Facts About Me! Mental health with therapist Kati Morton

Hey everybody! Happy Thursday! Now today’s video is completely different from what we usually do And if you know where this quote comes from, put it in the comments. And the quote is: “AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!” If you know where that’s from, most likely, we can be friends. Pretty funny, you should find out, you should put it in the comments. But without further ado, I was tagged in the five things about me tag video thing that’s going around YouTube. I was tagged by Melissa, AKA idranktheseawater, I’ll put the link to her video in the description Just so you can check it out, But let’s get into some of these funny, crazy, weird, maybe interesting facts. First fact is that I’ve never had an ice cream headache. Like, never. And I’ve tried And I know what you’re saying, “Kati, sit down and just pound a milkshake,” I’ve done it. I’ve done a lot of it. And I don’t know – One of my friends, who’s a physician, told me it’s because Maybe it’s the way I eat – Because I let it melt in my mouth, versus pushing it up against the roof of my mouth Because that’s what actually causes an ice cream headache. It’s the top of your mouth, if the top of your mouth gets too cold, that’s what gives you that sensation. Or at least that’s what he told me. I haven’t done research – I’m not a doctor. But in my entire 33 years of life, I’ve never had an ice cream headache. Number two: I am really stubborn and competitive. And that’s a really bad combination, so this is something that I’ve actually been working on in my own therapy And just in my own self-care, and things that I’m improving and working on as a person For a really long time. And I think I’m getting better…? We’d have to ask Sean. But I’m also just aware of how I am, and so I purposefully don’t put myself in situations Where there’s gonna be competition or a lot of games Or people are gonna do something that I really don’t like, or I don’t really wanna do because I’ll be stubborn about it And so I just have gotten better at maybe managing that as well. And so, you know, I’m not perfect. I’m working on stuff too. Number three: I love blankets. I know that’s a very strange fact, but it’s just very true. I personally, before I even got together with Sean, owned a lot of blankets. And it’s only grown from there. And I secretly think Sean also really likes blankets, because together we probably have, like, fifteen of them. I’m not talking blankets on your bed, I’m talking like, “I wanna lay on the couch and pull up a little blanket.” We have a lot of them. They’re wonderful, super cozy. Can wrap up – I know we live in California, but I still love me some blankets. Number four: I hate makeup. I know that sounds weird, and I’ve got a face full of it right now, but as soon as the camera goes off, the makeup comes off. I don’t know how people wear it all the time. I feel like I can’t touch my face. I don’t really know how to properly do it, number one, Don’t actually care that much, number two, And number three, I just feel so restricted. Like, what if my eye itches? I can’t rub my eye, ’cause then mascara and eyeliner and all that other shit just falls behind – I cannot. I do not like it, I leave it on for the least amount of time possible, and – yeah, If you caught me randomly in the street, chances are, I won’t have any makeup on. And number five: I get stressed and freaked out too. I’m not perfect, I don’t want any of you to think that my mental health is always sound And I’m just doing great all the time, and my life is filled with like, puppies and ice cream or something. That would be nice though. But, that’s not how my life is. I get really freaked out too. When I quit my full time job to do this full time, You bet, there was some stress that comes along with that. I still have nights where I stress about it And I worry about it, and I get anxiety, and I have trouble falling asleep. And so it’s something that I’m always working on, and something that we all have to better manage. And so in the new year, something that I’m being more mindful of is my work life balance. And I’m gonna try progressive relaxation – I’m working on the anxiety workbook And I learned how helpful progressive relaxation can be overall. Not only for your mental health, but also your physical health, so that’s something I’m gonna give a go. I also meditate, I do yoga, you all know I love to color. I also love face masks. My favorites right now happen to be from Origins. And I put them on – You all know, if you follow me on Snapchat and Instagram, just how much I love a good face mask. And I’ll put links in the description if you wanna check out the ones that I like. I also am trying to limit my time at night when I’m on a device, a device being like a phone, an iPad, a computer. Things like that, and also getting outdoors more. So know that I struggle too, there are things that I’m working on too, And that’s why I always say we’re in it together, right? Working towards a healthy mind and a healthy body. I hope you found this fun and different. I enjoy these kinds of things, I think they’re a little bit fun, and I thought about doing other videos like it So let me know, give it a thumbs up if you like it and let me know in the comments – If you know what that first joke was, let me know. And if you like videos like this, let me know, too. I love you all and I will see you next time. Bye!



  • Nell D

    Awesome video Kati โค nice to know a little bit more about yourself

  • Lexie Brown

    Monty Python ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Kiera Dunne

    Hey Kati i didn't know any other way to contact you so i guess i have to do a public comment. I have been suggested by many people that i do DBT but the phycologist that i saw three times i can't stand and it gives me so much anxiety to go and see him. i completely shut down and am unable to talk. I currently have a counsellor that i absolutely love and has helped me a ton but with all of my diagnoses among other things she says that she is unable to give me the help i need. Now i had seen 20 different people before i was able to find her. i absolutely love her and don't want her to leave me. She says however if i don't do DBT she isn't able to be there for me anymore because she is just preventing me from getting the help i really need. today she came with me to see this phycologist and she agreed that he wasn't the best fit and she actually didn't like him either. Now though we are looking for other DBT options but the truth is that i don't want to be with anyone other than her. DBT just seems like too long of a commitment and too much for me to handle. i just want to stay with my counsellor sophia and i don't know what else to do. i don't know that i will be able to find anyone else that i am able to talk to and connect with.

  • Tana Giberson

    Can you do a video on GAD

  • Rachel Prunty

    Monty Python! I used to watch it with my parents.

  • Not Witty Mc WittyFace

    If your life WAS full of puppies and ice cream, then you'd break your 33 year streak of no ice cream headaches ๐Ÿ˜‚ Being English Monty Python is almost compulsory here. Life of Brian is hysterical ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿผ
    Ex's and Oh's gal XD

  • Cc Michelle

    Wait you quit doing therapy for YouTube? Just curious?!

  • Kelli Loera

    Omg I'm the same with makeup. I don't wear it to school because I rather sleep than take time and do it. I only wear makeup on special occasions or to take pictures.

  • BPD Warrior

    I am with you about makeup! I've worn foundation like once or twice. No blush, powder, etc since high school. Slowly more following. Eye shadow went away during this past summer and after my surgery in september, eyeliner just wasn't as important and it recently was left behind. It's been like a month since I last wore any makeup at all. And I can totally get away with it: Keep kicking ass, Andi's genetics.

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    Hi! I was the person who asked how to help a friend who is in an abusive household on the Friday the 13th Younow livestream.

    1. They are younger then 18
    2. They know that what is going on is abusive
    3. It's emotional abuse.

    How do you report emotional abuse? Should I talk to them about this? Or bring it up with my other friends who also know about it? Thanks! <3

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    GIRL. I am a blanket addict for sure, Wish I could wear one everywhere, own far too many, total blanket connoisseur ๐Ÿ™‚
    Just wanted to throw this out there cuz I'm not sure if you make vids that relate to what other youtubers have posted, but I'm curious about your opinion on Pewdipies video Forced Positivity? And yes for sure vloggers feel the need to post happy parts of their lives but he speaks a lot about the idea of being extremely happy and of positive thinking in general, and he cites an article by a harvard psychologist on the topic. I tend to agree with the article, that positive thinking has sort of been shoved down our throats. Particularly with social media, people boost their lives on FB from oversaturated photos to "Im in Hawaii #BLESSED", from some fair weather religious people I know who seem to think/say only people who believe in my god or pray or must've been GoodWithGod or on Santa's "nice list" are #blessed enough to travel, buy new homes and cars, be cured of illnesses. I don't think dwelling in negativity can be healthy either but it seems like the whole last 2 decades notion of thinking positive and forcing a smile and pretending things aren't currently what they are could potentially hinder one's ability to change things, cope with what is happening now or with events that may/will occur later. I'm so curious to hear your thoughts on that topic, video and article he discussed if you're into it ๐Ÿ™‚ xo

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    Hi Kati, my life has been such a mess forthe last month. Been hard that I can't even watch your videos. so close to the end. back on medication and some therapy. so o praying my life will take a chance.
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    I love this vid! It's as if your in the room having a regular conversation with us. As some one currently in the clinical psychology field it's always something that I forget but potential clients and the general public always think that therapists don't have their own therapists. As for the make up part I totally understand. Other than having seen my girlfriend put it on in the car I had no idea how complicated it could be. When we did it in cosmetology school it had to be the most tedious, annoying, and time consuming activity ever. I took me 3hrs to put it on the model and we used about 30 different products to get a natural look.

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    The number of blanket aficionados are growing here in Boston with the freezing cold weather lately. I keep a well-stocked closet and living room supply of fleece and fuzzy and even an old wool Boston EMS blanket for folks who visit to use.

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