5 Natural Ways to Help with Depression

5 Natural Ways to Help with Depression

Welcome to greater health club. This is the channel for people who want to live a healthier life Subscribe if that sounds like you today, we are going to talk about depression You may feel down right now and you’re not alone. We all can get depressed from time to time However, it’s important to remember that it’s your responsibility To keep yourself healthy and that includes your mental health We are now going to list five effective and natural ways to curb depression and continue living an awesome life Keep in mind these methods work because they demonstrate how much you love yourself and that you matter Let’s get started number five exercise Exercising for 30 minutes three days out the week can greatly reduce depression symptoms not only will you become physically healthier, but you will look great doing it to Exercising releases endorphins in your brain, which can be described as a natural cannabis like brain chemical Exercise can also promote other natural chemicals that increases your sense of well-being No, we not saying that exercise will get you stoned but it will help take your mind off negative thoughts number 4 Eating healthier too little thought goes into what we eat and how it can affect your brain However, studies show that a nutrients rich diet can lower the risk of depression and even improve symptoms for those who experience depression in the study conducted by Macquarie University in Sydney the participants in the healthy eating Section of the study ate about 6 more servings of fruits and vegetables per week compared with the rest of the group The participants who were in the healthy eating section showed the greatest improvement of their depression symptoms compared to the group Another fun fact is that too much refined sugar intake can lower a hormone in your body called testosterone Too little testosterone can be the cause of mood swings and anxiety Women already have a lower testosterone level than men naturally So it’s vital to watch what we eat to stay motivated enough to conquer the day number three Meditation are you over thinker? Overthinking can lead to anxiety and even depression a great way to bring calmness to a overthinking mind is through meditation Studies showed that meditation changes our behavior by changing the reaction to negative thoughts When we have negative thoughts your brain is at work and it sends signals to other parts of your body to make you feel tense and other horrible feelings Meditation won’t make the negative thoughts go away. But you can alter your body’s response to the making the negative thoughts less powerful Meditation is simply letting your thoughts roam free while clearing your head Focusing on that and not having a physiological response to your thoughts will train your mind to better deal with stress and negative thoughts number two Proper sleep. Would you believe that? There are about more than 70 types of sleep disorders that exist Studies show that about 65 to 90 percent of adult patients and 90% of children patients with major depression suffers from some kind of sleeping problem Sleep is closely related to just about every mental illness. We should be enjoying seven to nine hours of quality sleep a day Sleep is important to keep your mind fresh and full of positive ideas and keep your body strong and growing from all that Exercising you’re doing if you’re doing all these steps listed in this video in a normal situation. You should have no problems getting to sleep number one Get real life social with the popularity of social media increasing and less people valuing face-to-face Interaction, no wonder depression cases are increasing Not only do our brains respond better to face-to-face interaction but too much social media can be linked to being less active outdoors and sleep deprivation a Recent study at university of pennsylvania showed that people who decrease their social media usage to thirty minutes per day experienced their feelings of loneliness and depression decline So let’s meet more people in real life enjoyed this video Don’t forget to subscribe for more health related videos Help more people fighting depression by commenting on how you overcome sadness Don’t forget to like and share this video so we can help more people See you next time



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