5 Psychological Traps Holding you Back

5 Psychological Traps Holding you Back

in this video I’m gonna be teaching you
five psychological traps that are holding you back so have you ever heard
the phrase it’s not you it’s me a lot of people say that when they break up with
someone right well once you learn the psychological traps that I’m going to
teach you in this video you might start saying it’s not me it’s just my brain
your brain can trick you into believing things that aren’t real your brain can
also trick you into ignoring things that are real it’s not always your brains
fault there’s an infinite amount of things that your brain needs to sort
through take in and remember at any given moment
sometimes the thing your brain chooses to see or interpret aren’t always so
encouraging so it’s got to do what it’s got to do to stay positive
beware of the following psychological traps and think about how your brain
could be tricking you once you start to see these tricks play out in life you
can take a step back look at a situation more realistically and figure out which
thought patterns are more likely to help you succeed so number one is something
called the illusory correlation the illusory correlation is a trick that
tells people that two events are related just because they happened within a
similar time frame for example a person started having a headache and received a
phone call five minutes later then they swear it happened again the next week
before you know it they’re telling everyone they know that they can predict
when their phone is going to ring with their head superstitions and weird
remedies and wives tales may come out of the illusory correlation it can also
convince some people that they’re just bad luck or that they bring a negative
energy to situations that end up always going wrong don’t mistake causation with
coincidence because of the illusory correlation if you start to recognize
yourself using the illusory correlation take a step back think to yourself could
these two things really be related if the answer’s no then they’re probably
not and if they are you can get ready to start your new research project due to
this effect you might have some limiting beliefs about yourself you might not
think that you’re good at math you might not think that you’re capable of
starting a business there’s a ton of other limiting beliefs that you might
have keep watching this video to learn how to conquer your limiting beliefs
even the ones that you don’t know that you have psychological trap number two
that is holding you back is the actor-observer effect so if you’re a
performer there are two ways to look at a performance that was not well-received
number one you can think I’m just a bad performer or number two you can think
the audience was terrible this time and they just didn’t understand any of my
art these two explanations show that I me of the actor-observer effect when you
frame yourself as causing or contributing to a situation you are the
actor when you frame external actors then you’re called the observer and it’s
the difference between saying I’m not good enough or I haven’t been given the
chance to show that I’m good enough I’m not telling you to stay on one side
because only choosing to be the actor can make you feel down when things go
bad on the other hand only choosing to be the observer may make you feel as
though you don’t have any responsibility or control in life so rather than
choosing one or the other try to explain events using both types of statements
that should allow you to see things more truly evaluate the differences and how
each explanation could direct your path moving forwards psychological trap
number three is the pressure to say yes now this phenomenon doesn’t really have
a fancy name but you might be familiar with it in the workplace or at your
house you may feel the pressure to say yes to other people and help them in any
way that you can maybe your cousin needs a babysitter for next Saturday even
though that it’s your night to relax and unwind maybe your boss wants to give you
an extra assignment even though you’re already swamped with work but you say
yes to all of these obligations anyways because you don’t want to disappoint the
person who is asking for the favor the most likely cause of this is that you’re
just very agreeable if you take the big five personality test you’ll probably
score above an 80 on agreeableness no it’s not necessarily a good thing and
it’s also not necessarily a bad thing it’s just a personality trait however
when a person with this trait is put in different situations it can be bad that
was solution to this trap is by taking more time to think about your answer get
into the habit of saying can I get back to you on that or maybe even just know
instead of an automatic yes when you have time to sit and think about your
schedule ask yourself the following questions is this truly an obligation or
is it a favor am I the only or last person available to do this task and if
I say no can I recommend someone else because in most cases you probably know
someone who could help that person out even if the answer to the last question
is no don’t feel pressured to say yes it’s a lot harder to backpedal and get
out of an obligation then did you say that you’re unavailable in the first
place psychological trap number four is expectations based on your gender your
race or even other labels girls play with dolls boys play with trucks we feel
the pressure of stereotypes from before we are even born when stereotypes
that someone might not be smart or that another person might be stuck-up we try
not to believe them but unfortunately if we’re told something enough we do start
to believe it whether we want to or not we may believe stereotypes about others
or stereotypes about ourselves so remember we are exposed to these
stereotypes even before we’re born these psychological tricks can set in from an
early age a recent study revealed that gender
stereotypes prevent girls from believing that they’re exceptionally smart as
early as the age of six when people don’t think that they’re capable of
succeeding they usually won’t try due to the self-fulfilling prophecy think about
it six is a young age imagine how much you can miss out on if you stop
believing in yourself at age six and I don’t mean just girls there’s all kinds
of limiting beliefs out there you have probably started having doubts about
yourself at a young age even if you weren’t aware of it at the time
unlearning these types of stereotypes can be very uncomfortable and a pretty
scary process in some cases but it can help you open yourself up to a whole new
world and have an even greater potential then you might have thought you had
before the last psychological trap is something called the status quo bias it
can be really hard to unlearn things that we thought to be true in the past
this in itself is a psychological trick the status quo bias is a psychological
tendency to resist change and prefer the current state of affairs it basically
means we don’t like change it greatly contributes to the tension between
Millennials baby boomers and other generations who might have preferred
things the way that they experienced it whenever they grew up so why do we want
to stick to the status quo well the answer lies in with another phenomenon
something called anchoring our brains tend to use the first exposure to
anything as a reference point if we’re first exposed to eating with their hands
at every meal as weird as this might seem to you someone will believe that
that’s the way to eat if we’re first exposed to expensive clothing and
expensive cars then we will believe that this is a standard for our material
purchases if someone were to threaten this reference point by handing you a
knife or a fork we’re taking your ability to buy luxury items you might
seriously want to go back to the way that things were before as you start to
unwind these psychological traps ask yourself does this make me uncomfortable
because it challenges my status quo so here’s a short little summary number one
was the illusory correlation that is causing false superstitions because of
your belief number two was the actor-observer effect it is when you
change who you blame because of your beliefs number
three is the pressure to say yes which is basically feeling guilty because of
your behavior number four is expectations based on
labels so this trap can cause you to change your behavior because of your
belief about what society says about you and number five was status quo bias
basically that we don’t like to unlearn new things that we first formed beliefs
about so if you take a look at these five psychological traps that are
holding you back you’ll notice that they’re all changeable and they all have
to do with beliefs well I want to let you know I recently finished creating a
psychology of beliefs course that teaches you everything you need to know
about what beliefs truly are how you can find your limiting beliefs and
tried-and-true tactics to actually change those foundational beliefs for
example in this video number four was that expectations can hold you back I
have a very specific video in this course titled succumbing to labels that
teaches you why this happens and how to stop it there’s over two hours of
content in this course and every video comes with actionable steps at the end
to teach you how to actually apply the information that you learned it’s not
just all theory if you’re interested you can click the link below and enroll in
something called practical growth Academy to get it for free so what is
practical growth Academy well it’s a private mastermind group where I add
animated book summaries and actionable worksheets so that you can better
remember and apply the principles that you learn in books plus I also add
monthly mini courses journal outlines and you get access to a premium Dischord
server and if you join today I’m gonna personally send you a $20 Amazon gift
card that’s pretty cool because it only costs 17 dollars a month to join which
is technically less than the price of an average book and you can cancel anytime
which basically means that your first month is risk-free right anyways I’ve
rambled about practical growth Academy too much you can join it with the link
below and get free access to the psychology of beliefs course and a ton
of other stuff I hope you guys enjoy this video and I hope you decide to
invest in PG a see you soon



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