5 Reasons for a headache

Hi, I m Dr Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic.
I m going to talk to you about the 5 reasons people get headaches. The first reason is
blood flow to the head. It can be too much or too little blood flow to the head. Blood
flow is regulated by the top 3 nerves right in the neck. Our specialty is neck adjustments.
If we can free up those nerves, the head gets a healthy amount of blood flow. The amount
of blood flow varies throughout the day. You want to make sure you have the right amount.
You want to make sure your nervous system is working well so when you want more, you
get more and when you want less, you get less. The second reason people get a headache is
cerebral spinal fluid flow. There s fluid made in your brain to keep your brain from
flopping around in there. The spinal fluid is made in your brain, travels down your spinal
cord, comes down and sits in your lumbar cistern and is pumped up the spinal cord, into the
head, and into the sinuses of your head and out the jugular vein. If the top vertebra
in the neck is twisted, the Cerebral Spinal Fliud will not pump. If any of the vertebra
are twisted, the Cerebral Spinal Fluid will not pump so well, but it s mainly the top
vertebrae. Again, our specialty is the neck. We restore balance and allow that to pump
so there s no undue amount of pressure in the head and the Cerebral Spinal Fluid is
not pumping. The third reason people get a headache is dural tension. There s a coating
over your brain kinda like my clinic jacket, it houses your brain to help keep it from
flopping around. It attaches all over your skull, the top vertebrae, and your sacrum/pelvis
down thru here. If the sacrum is twisted, the top vertebra is twisted and will twist
on the dura which will pull and cause aggravation on the head. The back of your eyes are attached
to the dura and that s why before they get a headache and as the dura twists, people
can feel it in their eyes. We restore balance here and down here, we take the tension off
the dura to help people with headaches. The fourth and fifth reason people get headaches
are the trigeminal nerves and the facial nerves. They are the fifth and seventh cranial nerves.
They are responsible for how you feel your head. They are sensory nerves in charge of
the feeling of the head. They have a nucleus and it sits like my pinky, part of it sits
inside the skull and part sits inside the top vertebrae of the neck. Again, if that
vertebra gets twisted, it twists the nucleus and you will feel a false sense of pain and
aggravation. Those are the 5 reasons people get headaches Blood flow to the head, controlled
by the neck; Cerebral Spinal Fliud that s controlled by the neck; dural tension/meninges
controlled by the neck; and the fifth and seventh cranial nerves which sit in the neck.
Those are the 5 reasons people get headaches. My specialty is the neck. I specialize in
gently and specifically adjusting the neck. We look at this and you probably notice a
table different from what you ve ever seen. We free these areas up, make sure there s
proper nerve flow, proper blood flow, the Cerebral Spinal Fluid is working well and
the person is going to heal, plain and simple. I m Dr. Robert Moore at Awesome Chiropractic,
you can visit our website at http://www.awesomedr.com www.awesomedr.com or call us at 810.2257246.
Have an awesome day! Hi, Im Dr Robert Moore Have an awesome day.



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