5 Signs that You Need Therapy! | Kati Morton

5 Signs that You Need Therapy! | Kati Morton

– Hey, everybody, today I’m
gonna offer five ways to know that you need to get back in therapy. (calm music) I heard from many of
you that you didn’t know when you needed to go back
and if you took a break, you wondered if it was a bad thing to actually reach back out and how many times can
someone go to therapy? There were so many questions and know that yes, you
can go back at any time. It’s better to go back
sooner rather than later and there are gonna be different times in each of our lives
where we feel the need to go to see someone so
we can just talk it out, have an unbiased opinion, somewhere where we can process through all that we’re feeling. So know that there’s no limits to the number of times
you can go to therapy. I’ve been in and out of therapy since I was probably 15 years old. I’m 34 now so that’s quite a
while of me popping in and out. So know that there’s no limits to it but the first sign that we
need to get back in therapy is that we are really
tearful or cry for no reason. I know personally that
this is one of my signs. I’ll be watching a commercial for God sake and it will be somewhat emotionally tugging on my heartstrings and I will cry without any warning. I could be reading something
in a magazine and feel tearful. I could be watching something
on Instagram and wanna cry. I don’t have any way to stop the tears which means that I’m emotionally full and that’s when I need to go see someone, I need to call my therapist,
I need to talk to her because I’m so full of everything I haven’t processed through
that it’s coming out my eyes. That’s how I personally know
that I need to be in therapy and I find that it rings true for many of my clients as well. And the second way to know that we need to get back in therapy is that we find ourselves
just thinking negatively a lot about ourselves, about others and we aren’t able to talk back to it or we find ourselves
even just shutting down with the sheer amount
of negativity going on and the reason for this is
because we haven’t had anybody to talk to about it and we’re
not practicing our tools and using them. There are points in time
after being out of therapy for a while that it can be
hard to use our tools again and to get back in the
habit of arguing back and taking that time at the end of the day or at the beginning of the day or maybe all times during the
day to fight the negativity. We can forget to do that and
find ourselves falling back into those old, negative thought cycles and that rolls right into number three which is if we find
ourselves slipping back into old, unhealthy habits. That could be those negative thoughts that we can’t fight back against. This could be eating disorder behavior. I have a lot of clients who will call me because they find themselves having those eating disorder
thoughts with more frequency or doing small things that
may not seem like a big deal but they’re just, it’s the
eating disorder being so sneaky and getting back in little by little. This could be self-injury urges or urges to drink or use drugs if you were an addict
and you’re in recovery. Whatever it is, if we find
those unhealthy habits creeping back in, please
reach out for help, call your therapist and get
back in as soon as possible and the fourth way to know that we need to get back in therapy is if we feel like our
emotions are running us and are in control of us versus
us being in control of them and this usually presents
itself with angry outbursts. I’ve had a lot of clients
come back in to see me when they said that they
just yelled at their waiter at the restaurant and they’re
normally not like that or they’ve had a lot of
road rage struggles lately and that’s just not how
they are in traffic usually. They just relax into it
and submit to the process. Any of those things, if you find yourself becoming easily upset and not being able to control your anger, that could be another sign that we just need somewhere
to go and talk about it. If you can kind of see all
of these different reasons, have the underlying element of the need to talk to somebody about
it and process through it and that’s why if we have
a good support system in place already, it can extend the time in between needing therapy because we have other people in our lives that we can talk things
through but as we all know, friends and family cannot
completely take away the need for a therapist. Seeing a therapist is totally different because it’s an unbiased perspective and they’re trained to offer
up tools and techniques to stop it from happening again but having supportive people in our life can be extremely helpful and help us process
through some of that stuff before we feel ourselves
becoming angry for no real reason and the fifth and final way to know that we need
to get back in therapy is if we have any thoughts of
death or killing ourselves. Even if those thoughts come and go, that is a sign that
we’re having a hard time. If we’re feeling so hopeless that we consider death as an option, we need to talk to someone about it and sooner rather than later because even though it can
feel like we’re in a dark hole and there’s no way out,
talking to someone about it and just having that little,
teeny glimmer of hope can keep us going and prevent
us from doing something that maybe we don’t really wanna do and I wanna end this
video by letting you know that we all can benefit
from therapy all the time. You don’t have to have
all five of these reasons. In fact, you don’t even have to have one. All you have to have is
just a desire to feel better or to talk to someone to get
some stuff off your chest. I know that therapy has
been super helpful for me just to talk things out that maybe I’m afraid to say out loud to those people in my
life that care about me because I’m afraid of what
they think when I say that and that just gives us a safe
space to do those things. Don’t think you have to be
at the end of your rope. Don’t think that you have
to feel like total shit. Reaching out sooner rather than
later is always a good idea and finding a therapist that you can call to get back in when you need to is great. So taking the time before
we’re in an emergent need for therapy can give
us that space and time to find the right therapist ’cause it can take seeing three, four, sometimes five therapists
before we find the right fit. So know that even though I
mentioned these five signs, you don’t have to have any
of them to seek therapy. I would encourage all of you to consider, I would encourage all
of you to look into it and know that it can be
extremely beneficial. This video has been brought to you by the Kinions on Patreon. If you would like to support the creation of these mental health videos, click the link in the
description and check it out. Let us know in the comments what signs and symptoms do
you look for in yourself, how do you know you need
to get back in therapy? The more we share and the
more we talk about it, it could spark and idea
in someone else’s mind where they realize, hey, I should probably get in therapy too. You never know because
we’re working together towards a healthy mind and a healthy body and I will see you next time. Bye.



  • TheonlyHoneyBadger

    im so thankful that my university offers free unlimited therapy for me!! i know i couldnt do it as frequently without it bc it can be outrageously expensive

  • Modrá Čepel

    I am 12.
    I cannot go to therapy without talking with my parents. And I am scared to do so because I think my parents won’t take me seriously and say it’s because of ‘YouTube and things I hear people talking about at school’ when I believe I might have some sort of depression or anxiety. Please can someone tell me what to do!

  • Zugor

    My gf has a mind that fills full of negative thoughts and small things make a big impact and then the mood completely changes. I have been to the brink of tears recommending a therapist but she says that I’m enough, but I’m not. She says that she doesn’t want to talk to some random she doesn’t know, she fits all these reasons.

    I need her to see someone what do I do?

  • Bobby Steve

    Well shit all five

  • Bob Street

    My mom and sister need to be killed for mental and emotional abuse

  • Celaine de Mol

    I have all five of them….
    Er…I want to die now…

  • Alice

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  • Cam Ryder

    All these are what I experience except I never have suicidal thoughts because I fear death

  • Andjelka Kosovac

    oh god.. this hit me hard. I have this feeling in my stomach, like it is turning, and a voice in my head telling me the worst things ever. I went to therapy, and i stopped because i moved away and went to the university. People always are like, why would you be depressed, you are good student and have family, and you are healthy, but some days i sit and think what would happen if i just kill myself, and every single thing i have done becomes thousand times worse telling me that i am not worth of happiness and love.

  • Rapteano :P

    I’m 11 and I got all the steps. I’m scared to tell my parents. I get paranoid that I might get my parents think i’m overreacting or just trying to get pity. My parents found myself pretty odd because I avoid doing the things I want but I push it away thinking that I might not need that or that I don’t deserve it. I try to hide my true feelings. Scared. I try to tell some friends. Scared. Being alive. Scared. Dying. Also scared of that. I know it’s alright to to be scared but telling myself that is not enough. I feel like fainting whenever I do any of these. I really want a therapist but I just…. I can’t explain, but I always felt like getting an online therapist or at least a friend that’s growing up to be one. Anyone relate at least a few?

  • Dr. Dima Ob

    1- tearful for no reason.
    2- thinking negatively about ourself and others.
    3- slipping back to old unhealthy habits.
    4- our emotions control us.
    5- any thoughts of death or killing self.

  • Ceren Kılıç

    I have been to therapy MANY times. I have tried 2 doctors. But both didn't pay attention just gave me meds and meds were just useless. My parents have suffered enough from my hospital bills. I'm 17 years old and I have depression and anxiety almost for 4 years. I have spoken to my friends about it. I did everything I can. Still I feel lonely and hopeless. I don't know what I can do about it anymore. I just can't go on like this. Things are worse than ever in this period of my life. It makes me feel really useless. I am always tired and bored to do anything. I don't wanna go out. I don't wanna talk anyone. It's really hard.

  • LNE

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  • frankbits

    I just want to know….i feel like i need therapy but im still insecure to actually do it, is it really worth it?

  • True Patriot

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  • iknowface butidunnoname

    I need help but no one notice , I don't have a therapist and I'm suffering I just want it all to end , no shoulder to cry on ,silence only me and my unhealthy thoughts ,I wanted to leave once but I couldn't cuz I'm a coward
    I just want peace and happiness and being INFJ makes it even worse ,it all sucks

  • Yoo Jin

    I have all of these signs but I never been to a therapist because 1. That's not a popular thing in my country it's like only crazy people go to a therapist but I don't really care id go 2. I don't have money hahaha

  • Molly Schuller

    cant bring myself to tell people I just dont know if I trust anyone enough I'm not actually diagnosed but I have all the symptoms of bipolar.

  • Shamsa Al-Junaibi

    I can relate to all 5 points but I’m 13 and can do nothing about it. Guess I’d have to live hell then😑

  • kokoa fria

    I don't know anymore what i feel when i smile. When i look someone in the eyes. Is it normal? I used to believe it was teenager angst or something. But it just worse the closer i am to being twenty.

  • Chris Nunez

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  • t o a s t

    I have a fear of going to therapy, because my therapist tells my mom legit everything from the conversation, I thought that it was confidential…
    I hate going since my mom always nags be about it and that I ‘lie’ to her. I don’t. I’m a QUESTIONING TEEN for gods sake.
    And don’t get me started on my therapist. She’s so- …
    She’s sort of negative towards me, like every little thing I do is wrong, so I always just stay in my room, being odd and being me all just in my room, and my family always makes me come out, when being alone calms me. My room is sort of like a safe place for me, since I’ve been to a psych ward for depression, and I’m paranoid of loads of things now, and wherever my family takes me now I always feel like they’re trying to coax me to come out and just get sad again and go back 🙁

  • Fox Playz

    I’ve never confessed this to ANYBODY except my mom but I need therapy cause I stress from having my period, loosing friends, this is really embarrassing to say this but I have a infection but it’s sexual but it Dosent spread, that is so private I can’t even say it, getting bullied, depressed, becoming emo, and I struggle a lot my mother started smoking when I was 4 I had a brother that was 5 and my sister is really young she wasn’t even born but I keep telling her to stop smoking but she says she “just started.” I also REALLY want to kill myself my parents drink alcohol too they’re so addicted to smoking they smoke EVERY day I hate it I’m about done I can’t find a therapist.

  • Ladybug bee

    What if… im never sad but just mostly mad and finding myself dreaming of killing everyone around me?

  • seokomorebi

    But what if you’ve never been and you’re wondering if you need to go right now.. I need help but I don’t have the money or transportation to get to a therapist. I don’t want over the phone or online therapy. I want to talk to someone in person. I’m not sure if I need it but I need help. I rant online on Instagram and Twitter. That doesn’t help me. I have so much built up inside me.. I don’t know what to do. My family won’t understand.

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    Anybody who hasnt been feeling good or feeling fearful since childhood?

  • Aero Crafts

    I know I need one but I'm too scared to tell my Mom. My friends wouldn't listen to me. I am so lonely. I feel so empty. I had suicidal thoughts since I was 12. I am so tired of feeling this. I want this heavy thing on my chest gone.

  • penncakes07

    I overthink alot. Usually i'll try to stop myself and I realise the only time when i really stop is after getting an answer from myself. I felt like talking about it doesnt really help, not sure if its because i talked to the wrong person but i am extra emotional during my period so i dont know if I really need it or it's just hormonal.

  • C. c. Truszkowski

    Thank God I found you Katie.your very good at getting to point in a wonderful way. 🌻🌹

  • CMS Cheng

    I never considered of taking a therapy until the recent breakup and also a friend who shared me about her experience of getting a therapy to talk about her dad's death.
    Even though I noticed I had eating disorder 10 years ago and then few lows and break downs in the last decade, I still didn't have the idea of going for therapist or psychologist…which I guess, it is because of the Asian society still have a bias on linking need for therapy and mental illnesses. I wish there is more and more education on the importance of mental health so people will reckon about themselves and know where they may be able to seek help.
    Thank you for your videos. It shows me directions of where to get my curl perhaps.

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    Hello darkness, my old friend.
    I'm back in therapy again.
    Because neurosis softly creeping.
    Has kept me from food and sleeping.
    And the virus, that was planted in my brain.
    Still remains.
    Behind my fear.
    And silence.

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    but i don't want to tell anyone.. I'm going to therapist next month, but i just want meds to control myself and i really don't want to talk because i know i'll regret it later..talking to someone never make me feel better, even though i want them to know,i just don't want to..make sense?

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    I've been depressed and selfharming since the age of 11 and have been living in silence. And when I finally decided to reach out for help everyone was like, "oh you're overreacting "
    Even my parents think it's nothing to worry about and I'm too broke to go for therapy by myself. I don't want much. I just want to go numb.

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  • Abigail

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