5 Weird Ways To Cure A Headache

5 Weird Ways To Cure A Headache

You don’t need a PhD
to cure an H-E-A-D-ache! Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ – Good! Mythical! Morning!
– All right. If you’ve got a headache, – you’ve come to the right place.
– I don’t. If you don’t have a headache but you get
headaches, well, you’ve still come to the right place. And if you don’t have a
headache and you never get a headache, then keep that to yourself! I mean, we
live in the real world, okay? – Yeah!
– And headaches happen. And sometimes you don’t want to use a traditional
method to cure said headache, – Why be traditional?
– but you still want to get rid of it. Sometimes you just wanna go on the
internet and find ways that people have said you can get rid of headaches and just
try ’em out one after the other. – That’s what we’re gonna do today!
– Yeah! (Rhett) Let’s get weird with it!
Curing a headache. All right, in order to cure a headache,
you have to first have a headache. – Do you have a headache?
– No. Do you have a headache? – I do not have a headache.
– Let’s get headaches! Here’s how we’re gonna do that. It’s a three-pronged
attack. We are gonna have some loud noises, which is basically Chase and
Stevie banging some pots and pans. We have some strong smells. We’ve got two
bottles of perfume, one from He Who Shall Not Be Named, and also the other from
Britney Spears, both equally terrible, we have been told. And we’re gonna be
eating Stilton cheese, because it supposedly contains chemicals that are
known to bring on migraines. – Oh goodness, really?
– And I like cheese! I don’t like blue cheese. All right,
bring it in. Let’s induce these headaches. Now, I know that perfume always gives me
a headache, so I don’t even have to eat – this nasty cheese.
– (Rhett) Oh, but you do need to do it. I mean, I just walked through
that department store– – (coughs) Oh, gosh! That’s horrible!
– You gotta– – Go for it! Go! Don’t hold back on me.
– (banging) Get some! Eat some! Oh,
you sprayed it in my eye! Ah! (more banging) – Okay! OKAY!
– I’m starting to get one a little bit. – You sprayed perfume into my eye.
– I mean, I got perfume in my eye, – Sorry! (laughs)
– I got perfume on my hand. – I got perfume on the cheese…
– Want a little bit more? – Little more?
– Yeah, just one more time. – Round two. Have some more cheese, Link.
– (banging) – I’m not eating more of that cheese.
– Are you getting a headache? Yeah. Okay, my head’s hurting. It is
hurting. Okay, you can stop! It’s hurting. – Success!
– And I’m gonna attribute – (slurs) most of that to the perfume.
– (mocking) Moth of that! Oh goodness, the perfume!
(coughs) All right. Oh, dude, I got one. It’s lodged right
between– behind my right eye now. Yeah, it’s back behind… it went up
the nose and it’s behind the eyes. (chuckles) Everyone in the studio is
covering up their noses. You know what? This is why I wish Smell-o-Vision was
invented already, because you would be experiencing this with us. But you’re just
gonna have to take our word for it. – Or do it on your own in parallel.
– It’s stank up in here! All right, let’s try the first one. ♪ (harp music) ♪ So, my research tells me that the gentle
vibrations of an electric toothbrush can serve as a temple massage to relieve
the tensions associated with– and my face and head feel tense from what I
just endured, so let’s just, um… – Do you brush it? You brush your temple?
– Well, I think… only this part vibrates,
so… (buzzes) you gotta… Do you use the– What side
do you use? The brush side? – Oh! Oh yeah. Ooh.
– (crew laughs) Now, I’ve had bad headaches in my time,
and I would give myself a temple massage. Oh ho, my– Do this! Do this. Make
like a sunglasses shape over your eyes. – Aw yeah.
– (Rhett) It is the most amaz– Ohhoho! – Aw, yeah.
– (laughs) Whoah! It’s gonna make me sneeze! Get right– get right in there. (both laugh) – Hey, hey, hey. Turn it off for a second.
– (buzzing stops) That’s not the one that was
on the cow tongue, was it? – (laughs)
– You don’t know! Too late now. – It’s been washed.
– Here, massage my nose again. – (buzzes)
– Hold on. This is the way to sneeze! (both laugh) – Oh! Oh!
– (Link giggles) Ooh! Phbbt! No, right
there! Oh, gosh, it’s– – (laughs)
– (gags) It makes me wanna gag – it feels so good!
– (Link) Oh, yeah. I have forgotten all about my headache,
I will tell you that much right now. Hey, listen. (buzzing stops)
You wanna have a good time? – Buy an electric toothbrush!
– Put an electric toothbrush right there. – (both laugh)
– Oh. Ohhh my goodness! Hey, we’re gonna have
do an edit that’s like, “Four Hours Later”
and we’re still like uhhhh… ♪ (harp music) ♪ Okay, so, this definitely rings true
to me that a lot of headaches – My head is ringing.
– happen in the eye area, which is where I’ve got one right now, which is
kind of right behind the right eye. – Yeah, yeah.
– And, like, massaging your brow kinda like we kinda incidentally did with the
toothbrushes works, but also some people swear that putting some little — what do
you call these things? — hair clips onto your actual eyebrows kinda creates a
pressurized constant massage on your – eye region.
– Really. And it can remedy headaches. So I’ve got
a lot of eyebrow hair to work with, but… You’re starting on
the outside and going in? – (crew laughs)
– Oh, man, that feels strange. – Ooh, it does.
– (Rhett) Oh, I got a lotta skin. – I got a lotta skin.
– Do I have a lotta skin? – Yeah, all over your body!
– (silly voice) Yeah! It’s the largest – organ on your body!
– (silly voice) It’s called the epidermis! – It’s everywhere! It covers everything!
– (normally) You know what? There is something to this. Is this what people
with eyebrow piercings feel like? – ‘Cause I’ve always wanted one of those.
– Go here to the septum. Oh man, hold on. It is really
starting to hurt! This is– Yeah, you know what I
have? An eyebrow ache. – (crew laughs)
– I have a headache too. – Oh, you still got a headache?
– I got a headache, a brow ache, and – a nose ache.
– I feel like we might be cutting the circulation off to the brow region.
This is not– Oh, this is not good. I’m gonna try to squeeze my face really
hard to see if they’ll all pop off at once. – Hold on. (buzzes)
– Count down from three. (laughs) Whoahaha! I’m serious,
I can’t contain myself. Stop! – (all laugh)
– We’ve discovered something, man! – We discovered, like, a nerve.
– That makes everything better, man! – Okay, see if you can get ’em–
– All right. – Oh!
– Ahh! (Rhett) Oh it hurts. It hurts
so bad! It hurts so bad! (Link groans) Mmmgh! Aaagh! (coughs) – Squeeze your face! Oh!
– (all laugh) – It’s like– hold on. I look different.
– (crew laughs) I look like– hold on. I look like
I changed! Look, I changed! – Look how much I changed!
– (both laugh) – I have a stronger brow now. Needed that!
– Ohh. That’s a lot of pain. Now we’ve added to the pain,
let’s move on and cure all of this. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Okay, so, we’re gonna put some ghee up our
nose. I didn’t even know what ghee was, but ghee is clarified buther.
Ba– ba– “buther.” Butter! – (laughs) Clarified buther!
– Which is butter with all the fat removed. So we’ve got some clarified butter here.
Ours happens to be mixed back with canola oil. We’re gonna put this up our nose.
Ghee– or clarified butter– is said to have antiviral and antimac– microbial–
Havin’ some difficulty speaking because – my head hurts.
– There’s a lot going on here. – Antimicrobial properties.
– I mean, we smell like Britney Spears, first of all. I mean, my
hand smells like Britney. And that’s the best thing going for you
right now. Basically, dip one finger, and – then put it up our noses.
– Put it up our noses? I got the wrong finger. I’m right-handed.
I can figure it out though. – You have to put it up both.
– How deep do I go? (Link) All the way. You know, just get a
nice little antiviral coating inside of – there., and ah…
– (crew laughs) – It’s nice. It’s really nice.
– You might look like you need to blow your nose a little bit, but just
say, “Hey, no, this is ghee.” (Rhett) I’m treating a headache!
How’s your headache, by the way? – It’s at a low…
– Low hum? Low hum. It’s like mrrrrr. It’s there.
Like, every time things get quiet, – it’s like oh, she’s still there.
– It still smells so strong in here. You sprayed, like, five 16-year-olds
getting ready to go to prom’s worth. Now, I’m gonna say let’s move on, because
maybe there’ll be some cumulative effect across all these weird ways. Because on
its own… my eyebrows are still hurting. ♪ (harp music) ♪ Okay, so, I don’t believe that our
headaches can escape this last one. – Oh, really?
– ‘Cause we’re doubling up, okay? – Okay.
– The first thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to wear salt herring
necklaces. Yes, this is a– Which I’ve been waiting for an
opportunity to do this with my life. This is a folk remedy– oh, you didn’t
make my necklace big enough! I can’t get my face through this without
touching salt herring! – (Link and crew laugh)
– Oh gosh! I can’t get my face through
without touching salt herring! Can you get your face through at all? – (crew laughs and groans)
– (laughs) – Oh! (gags)
– (coughs) – Whoah, man, it’s unpleasant!
– I think I’m gonna be okay. Eugh! Okay, I’m gonna tell
you how this works. Apparently… – It’s dripping though.
– Oh, it stank! I can’t smell Britney – anymore, I’ll tell you that right now.
– You might still smell Britney – but she needs a bath!
– (Rhett and crew laugh) Herring contains an enzyme called
CoQ10. It’s known to prevent headaches, but I don’t know exactly how it’s
transferred from the necklace. I know how it was transferred into my
nose, ’cause it went right over it. – Mm.
– (Rhett) This is the first thing. This one is a Native American remedy. But
I’m gonna tell you right now that this was– I have no idea if this is legitimate, but
we’re gonna find out right now by trying it. I feel like my headache is so
low grade right now that I don’t think I – should be the one receiving this.
– My head still hurts. I don’t know the details of what is about
to happen, but… I’m game. Here’s the details from the website:
“Seven green elderberry leaves cooled in water, water in which leaves were
immersed is taken onto mouth and blown four times on top of victim’s head–”
You’re the victim. – (crew laughs)
– They say “victim?” “…as he sits in chair facing east.”
Okay. I didn’t have any elderberry leaves, but I got some elderberry syrup.
I’m gonna spit that on your head. – (Link) Okay.
– But I need you to face east. And Link, I have determined that east is directly
into that camera right there. – (Rhett and crew laugh)
– How convenient! So here’s what I’m gonna do. I’m going to
take this into my mouth, and then I’m going to blow it on top of your head, but
each time I have to say, ‘You Apportioner!” – What?
– “You Apportioner!” Okay. I’m gonna take my glasses off if
you’re gonna blow elderberry into my face. – I’ll blow it on top of your head.
– Good. Can you bend down a little bit? – Facing east?
– Yep! (crew laughs) – Do you need to water it down any?
– I can. I can mix it up. (swishes) – (spits)
– (water plinks into mug) – (crew laughs)
– Dude! More went into my glass than into my head! It’s supposed
to be a mist! Like, can’t you – make a mist with your mouth?!
– You Apportioner! – (crew laughs)
– That’s one of four. It’s dripping everywhere now. Like, whatever
happened to a spittake, like pfffft! – Oh, that’s what you want?
– Like spray it a little bit. – Okay, sorry.
– Don’t just, like, phbt! – It’s amazing how it went– I heard it.
– It was like “bloop!” Oh man, I gotta watch the replay on that. – I’m glad I closed my eyes.
– (crew laughs) Just… spray more! (sprays) (crew laughs) You Apportioner! (sprays) You Apportioner! (sprays) You Apportioner! I still got some.
You want me to go five? – Yeah.
– (sprays) (crew laughs) – You Apportioner. I gave you five times.
– (Link giggles) – I’m not done. I have to say this.
– Please be done. I have to say this now: “You have
just come to hear! ‘Medicine!’ – He has just come to say.”
– Is that it? – It’s on the website.
– (crew laughs) – Um… boy.
– How’re you doing? – I feel a little violated… and ah…
– Do you have a headache? Ah… not really. – No, I have a little bit of a headache.
– Really? But I’m sure it’s nothing a
little bit of… (buzzes) won’t cure. – (all laugh)
– (coughs) – Okay. Do you still have a headache?
– Oh, then do this, trust me. Thanks for liking, commenting,
and subscribing. Oh gosh. – (coughs) You know what time it is!
– Oh, man! Hey, I’m Travis from
Gilbert, Arizona, and ♪ (harmonizing) It’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality! ♪ We’ve got hoverboard t-shirts available
only at RhettandLink.com/store up until the date on the shirt. How cool
is that? October 21st, 2015. – Limited edition!
– Coming up soon! Get it! Click through to Good Mythical More.
We have one more outrageous headache remedy that we’re gonna try.
It involves drinking something. (Rhett) Link is Rhett’s emotions. (silly voice) I’m so happy! Look at me!
But now I’m gettin’ sad ’cause I spit on my friend and I’m just a crisis of
conscience. Oh, I’m angry at myself. Why would I be such a jerk? Spittin’ on
my friend? But I dunno, maybe I’m just– my head is floppy and my eyes are kinda
wonky and my shoulders are hurtin’ and, ah, man, somethin’ stinks. Maybe
it’s that necklace I’m wearing. [Captioned by Caitrin:
GMM Captioning Team]



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