5.WELL THEN ⁄⁄ CatCreature

5.WELL THEN ⁄⁄ CatCreature

-okay I’m just gonna guess.. *wrong answer* f**k I knew it, I knew it was the other one. (studying french) tu vas au parc à pieds ? mm! the texture’s so good really nice
-good? can you send me the recipe? -yea mm no, bambi no! NO I just realized.. community contributions for subtitling on my videos have been on for a year or so, and thank you so much to the contributions that you’ve made, because there have been french subtitles, german, finnish, spanish, written, and I’m so dumb, because I didn’t discover this until right NOW, I realized that I have to go in every single one of them to review and publish! which means that, for the past year it hasn’t been around, which explains a lot.. *silent scream* today for a late lunch I am making something comfy and carby, I’m having rotini pasta with tomato sauce, I diced up vegetables, basically what ever I use in tir fry, i cook them with some tomato sauce, cus i think that it soaks in the flavor a bit more, and then im gonna add.. pepper, ginger, like normally. im gonna add parsley, i love a little bit of rosemary, i like to use a little bit of paprika and basil. i also add a little bit of water, because im boiling the vegetables to cook today. i didn’t feel like using a pan. then i’d have to wash it afterwards, so.. i just wanted to use one pot today . im waiting for the water to cook down a little bit, before i add the final bit of sauce in and then im gonna stir in the pasta speaking of the pasta, i have been eating chickpea pasta, which is similar to the texture of whole wheat, if you like that, it’s a little bit dryer, and less.. satisfying than regular pasta, i kept the label just so i could talk about it. so in 2 ounces, which is one small serving, there’s 14 grams of protein. and 23 grams from the one sausage i threw in. i really feel the hunger now. this is one of those moments where im really glad at the end that i cooked myself a meal, it just took… i don’t know 20-30 minutes? and.. when im busy doing my work, it’s really easy to forget about taking care of yourself. all these little choices, it has a giant impact, and it all adds up. BAMBI hey. you know i didn’t mean it. come out here. hey when prairie comes to ask for food, that basically means it’s a proper time, and that she’s hungry, she always asks so nice and polite just sit here. but i missed the meow. couldn’t get it on camera (sigh) i don’t have much to say. for dinner, i had some toast and a decaf latte, which just hits the spot. i had to empty some water into that, earlier so i can recycle my can, so it’s kinda like.. a tiny bit of seltzer mixed with a tiny bit of … cold coffee.. im just not necessarily in a brilliant mood everyday, or, super chirp- chirpy? chippy? chipper? so.. haha don’t mind my.. … i don’t even know how to describe it working..hair ..look? a package came from Facetory for me, apparently it was sent to the wrong place, and took a long time, but it’s finally arrived. thank you so much, Factory for this. i love her handwriting! oh! so, if you use ANNABELLE20, then you get 20% off your Facetory order. ooh, this is a purifying scalp scaler.. huh. wow eyecream, toner, pureheals sleeping pack so I’m guessing it’s a mask and dew oil which reduces skin irritation, soothes skin, these are.. all different kinds of masks- this one’s for your hair! this is a reminder that i have to… pay more attention to my skin. i haven’t really been paying as much care for my skin the last month as i should.. I’m gonna try these 2 tonight. *meow* what? *meow* what do you need. oh man, i forgot my foreo oh wait- i didn’t forget! i put it over here! i decided against washing my hair. i think it can go for another day or 2. so i’m not trying out the scalp thing, but i have on the sleep mask now. trying to fall asleep, lying in the dark, and i suddenly hear.. vommiting. and of course, he had to puke righttt off the edge! of where I’m protecting the couch with the towel! I’m sorry if this graphic image is disgusting to you, I’m just like… so unphased by it now, I’m just scooping up his vomit. okay. bambi… what’s wrong? Prairie are you mad? lights out. somebody asked me, when i’m down, how do i get myself out of bed in the morning? well. two things. i really love my morning ritual of making coffee, with toast and also, i need to feed my cats, so.. when you have that pressure literally on you i basically get out of bed. my skin feels still a little bit tacky. so it feels quite moisturized from the mask from last night. i’m going to get my makeup on and just.. be presentable for myself. this is one of those days where.. i know i will be much more motivated if i’m not… ready to go back to bed at any second. they’re having play time. i think that living like this in the past week has given me some insight though, into how it might be if i work from home, and i for sure know that… I don’t want to… lack motivation, or get really used to the comforts of home, and not have the focus and the motivation that i know deep down that i want. i don’t know.. now that i’m looking at it im like, ugh… it’s so much trouble, i don’t wanna do it anymore. im gonna go for … warm tones today, with the whatever palette. *i listen to ted talks during chores* get out from under there! hey hey! stop! he keeps going over and smelling the barf spot. im not really sure what made him throw up last night, it might be because of the food, it might be because he ate something, but i didn’t see it in the barf. we always seem to do well with the blue buffalo indoor cat one- I’ll link it if you’re interested. so, that one seems to be non-problematic. and occasionally, i like to switch things up incase they get bored. but, he did not seem to like the pate. i feel like they just hate pate, cus it’s mushy, so im not gonna do pate anymore. and prairie didn’t want any of that pate this morning, so i had to throw it out and give her what i gave bambi. what song have you had stuck in your head all day? for me, it’s Venice Bitch by Lana Del Rey. ..i’ve only heard that song twice. i think… 2 or 3 times. but it’s just the melody, i love the melody. fear fun, fear love, fresh out of fucks forever trying to be stronger for you ice cream, ice queen, i dream of jeans and leather lifestream, im sweet for you oh god i miss you on my lips, its me your little venice bitch, on the stoop with the neighborhood kids, callin’ out, bang bang kiss kiss you’re in the yard, i light the fire, as the summer fades away nothing gold can stay you write, i tour, we make it work, you’re beautiful and im insane. we’re american made. i’m gonna go out for a quick walk, it’s just down the street because im sending out prints in the mail box. and, just to get some fresh air, it has been a few days.. but, im not going too far, so these pants will do just fine. today’s prints are going to poland, united kingdom, Massachusetts, california, alabama, and florida! see, we’re already back. was that fun? prairie knows that whenever bambi’s having lunch, she gets treats. so she just comes over here right away and waits. and im feeding her dental treats. i don’t really know how effective these are.. but i guess its better than nothing. lunch has been made.. hmm! oh. forgot. one last note about our mini prints on the site- out of lilith’s collection, which we only have these 2 left, i might hold off on shipping while im out of town, im not sure. or i can manage to pack everything, like my labels with me… if you’re interested though, definitely get these orders in by the end of the week so that they will for sure be shipped out by friday morning. and, thank you so much to everybody who’s already ordered and who support our store. that was a soft opening, as we consider it, or a sample sale so i’ve been asked if im going to sell my prints, and, yes. it’s just taken me a little bit longer, and im also not an illustrator, as much as my sister is, i keep thinking stuff like “when im ready…” but that’s a really bad mentality to have. if you’re always trapped in the .. “if i had this, this, and this, then i can do THAT” its just excuse making, so i’m trying my best. thank you so much for tuning in. i feel our sense of community more than ever, so im so grateful for you. remember to take care and i’ll see you very soon. sending you our love, bye!



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