6 Top Chiropractors for Headaches Near Me  Chesterfield MI

6 Top Chiropractors for Headaches Near Me Chesterfield MI

– Hello, everybody, I’m Dr. Eric DiMartino from DiMartino Chiropractic Center. Today, we’re talking
about sinus infections and sinus headaches and what chiropractic care
can actually do to help that. And so many of you, if not all of you, have probably experienced
sinus headaches at some point. And what basically causes it is that we have these things called sinuses. And there’s a lot of ’em, but the biggest ones are
behind our cheekbones and also behind our forehead. And typically, when you
get a sinus headache, that’s where you’re gonna
feel pressure in those areas. So what actually causes that
is it’s either an allergy that we have or some sort of infection, whether it’s a sinus infection or any kind of upper
respiratory infection. But regardless of the cause, those allergens or the
infection, what it does, it causes a lot of inflammation
in our mucus membranes. So we have the lining of our
sinuses and our nasal cavity, and even our mouth, are what
are called mucus membranes. And if we have an infection
or an allergy, allergic attack those mucus membranes become inflamed. When they become inflamed,
they kinda swell. And they can actually swell to the point that they block the
ability for the sinuses to drain the mucus properly. See, whenever we get a cold or something, that’s where mucus is formed, and that’s what comes
out through our nostrils or even goes down into our stomach. And what that mucus is for is it kinda takes all the bad stuff, and it’s trying to get it out of our body. It’s going into our lymph system, and then our body will dispose of that through various detoxification mechanisms. And so what happens is
whenever we’re getting these types of problems, again,
whether it’s an allergy or a sinus infection or any
upper respiratory infection, it’s always an immune
system problem, right? That person either has a weak or somehow a negatively
affected immune system that they’re getting these issues. Have you ever noticed, and
we like to blame the germs or the allergens, but you ever notice how some people will get these
allergy, sinus headaches, or people will get sinus
infections all the time? Then some people never get ’em, even within the same household? It’s not really the germs
’cause the germs are everywhere, right, especially if you
live in the same household. What it is is that person who gets them has a weakened immune system, and they just can’t deal
with it the way somebody who has a stronger immune system can. So one of the biggest things
that we see are actually, believe it or not, problems in the spine can cause issues in the immune system. And this is how. There’s a lot of different
systems in our body. We have our respiratory system, we have our circulatory
system, our digestive system. But all those systems are
controlled by one master system, and that is our nervous system. The nervous system has three parts. We have our brain, which
connects to our spinal cord that goes down inside of our spine. And then it branches off
to form these nerves. And these nerves go out and connect to every single part of our body. So these nerves not only
control our arms and hands, our legs and our feet, but
these nerves also control all the organs within our body as well. So you can see nerves in
the neck control things like your eyes, your sinuses,
your ears, your thyroid gland. Middle back nerves control things like your heart, lungs, stomach. Your lower back nerves control
things like your bowels, reproductive organs, bladder. And that’s how all these things function. Our brain kinda tells
them or sends signals through these nerves to make
these things function properly. We have nerves that control
our immune system as well. So ideally, when we have a
healthy spine and nervous system, our bones are called vertebrae,
they’re in proper alignment. And when the spine is in proper alignment, the spine’s job is it
protects these nerves by allowing these holes
where the nerves come out to be wide open, so the
nerves are protected. Everything works great. We function well. We’re healthy. Unfortunately, in life, we get beaten up, whether it’s through car
accidents, falls, sports injuries, or even little things like bad posture, sitting too much, lifting improperly. These things put a stress on the spine, and they cause these
bones to either lock up or go out of their proper position. When that happens, as a
result, it will actually, instead of protecting the nerves, it actually interferes with the nerves. You’ve heard the term
pinched nerve before. We have a technical word for that. It’s called a subluxation. So when you get a subluxation, the nerves don’t work properly. So whatever body part those
nerves are connected to simply can’t function properly. And if you have subluxations in your spine that are affecting immune system function, whether it’s your sinuses, your lungs, there’s many different parts of our body that the immune system is located. If you have a subluxation affecting that, your immune system is gonna be weakened. It’s simply not gonna
work the way it should, and you’re gonna get a lot
more of these allergy issues or sinus infections as a result. So as chiropractors,
our job is to determine if you have subluxations. Then we do something called
chiropractic adjustments, where we gently push on the spine to put the bones back in
their proper position, get ’em moving the way
they’re supposed to. That removes the
interference to the nerves. The body can start to function. As a result, your body can get healthy, and you’re not gonna get nearly as many of these different sinus infections. Most people that think of chiropractic, they think of back and neck pain ’cause that’s just what the
public typically thinks of. And we’re very good at helping
people with those problems, but people don’t realize your
nerves control everything in your body. And so it’s so vital to
have a healthy spine. So you can have a healthy nervous system. ‘Cause we wanna be healthy, you have to have a healthy nervous system. And to have a healthy nervous system, you must have a healthy spine. It’s that simple. So if you or your loved ones are suffering with sinus headaches, or really any type of
headache for that matter, we’d be happy to help. Simply click the link below, and it’ll take you to our
new patient special offer, where you can access the
ability to come in our office for a complete consultation,
evaluation, even X-rays to find out if you can be helped. And you can get all of
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please take advantage of that. We’d be happy to help. So I wanna thank you
guys for listening today. And I hope you guys have a wonderful day. Thank you. (upbeat music)



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