7 Surprising HERBS FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE That Work (2019)

7 Surprising HERBS FOR HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE That Work (2019)

a great amount of people from around the
world suffer from hypertension or high blood pressure adopting healthy
lifestyle and dietary habits can help you beat hypertension but if you’re
looking for other ways to achieve your blood pressure goals then you should
consider using herbal remedies herbs are safe and natural alternatives to any
hypertensive drugs that can put you at risk of numerous side effects the
efficiency of herbal remedies when it comes to lowering high blood pressure is
not just an old wives tale since many of these remedies are backed by scientific
studies welcome to the health room here are
seven herbs to help combat high blood pressure number one garlic garlic may
help increase nitric oxide production in the body which in turn promotes
relaxation and proper Vasa dilatation of the blood vessels
it’s hypotensive effects are attributed to its primary active compound Allison
which is a potent antioxidant antibacterial lowers lipid levels
reduces high blood cholesterol levels decreases serum glucose and also helps
lower blood pressure number two ginger ginger extract may help improve blood
flow and relax blood vessels ultimately lowering high blood pressure levels this
effect is attributed to its ability to block voltage-dependent calcium channels
ginger is a mild stimulant and this is why it is used in improving blood
circulation number three celery celery seeds are an effective
therapy for hypertension and traditional Chinese medicine studies have proven
that celery seeds can be used as a safe and effective treatment for high blood
pressure while celery juice also has a similar effect on blood pressure levels
because it’s a natural diuretic in a study published in the Tehran University
Medical Journal 37 hypertensive patients were given 6 grams of powdered celery
seeds this treatment reduced their mean systolic and diastolic blood pressure
readings by 17 point zero five millimeters of mercury and four point
four millimeters of mercury respectively number four boo Chu Lu Chu is the South
African medicinal plant that has also been scientifically proven to be
effective in lowering blood pressure it’s a natural diuretic and
anti-inflammatory agent making it a safe and effective treatment for high blood
pressure if you want to use boo to as a medicine to treat high
tension increase your intake of potassium rich foods like green
vegetables and bananas number five hibiscus hibiscus is a natural diuretic
which removes excess sodium from blood and this helps stabilize blood pressure
additionally it mimics the action of ACE angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors
which are common drugs prescribed for hypertension studies have shown that
dried hibiscus can be an excellent all-natural way to manage blood pressure
number six flax seed rich in omega-3 fatty acids in alpha linolenic acid ala
which is the natural precursor of the cardioprotective long-chain and three
fatty acids flax seeds protect heart health by reducing serum cholesterol
stabilizing blood pressure and improving glucose tolerance consuming four
tablespoons of flaxseed can lower systolic blood pressure and
postmenopausal women who have a history of heart disease
number seven Hawthorne Hawthorne contains flavonoids and oligomeric
personages which are potent antioxidant agents that may help improve heart
health its grata jak acid content also accounts for its hypotensive properties
since it helps stimulate nitrous oxide which results in bass or relaxation
these reduce risk of hypertension by reducing arterial blood pressure while
also boosting blood circulation these high blood pressure home remedies are
pretty easy to incorporate into your life by slowly making these changes to
your daily habits you can create new healthier routines and a much healthier
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  • Conrad Gallardo

    1. Garlic. 5.. Hibiscus
    2. Ginger. 6. Flaxseed
    3. Celery. 7. Hawthorne
    4. Buchu

  • Farley Young

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