9 Reasons People DO NOT Seek Help For Their Mental Health

9 Reasons People DO NOT Seek Help For Their Mental Health



  • LikeKristen

    What are some reasons that you did not seek treatment and how did you overcome them???

  • Sam B

    21st person watching this 😉

  • Kelly Oving

    I've got abusive parents and that's my reason I won't look for help. My mom always makes fun of me, and maybe I'm a little bit ashamed too…

  • That Gal

    Hey Kristen! I've been watching your channel for awhile! And I just got to say I'm on my way to help to yeh lol thx and stay….. awesome (god I'm cheesy)

  • xPure Bright

    Do anti depressants control you? if so what else should i use since its genetically an imbalanced chemical?

  • teajimins •

    ive been self harming and thinking about suicide for 3 years now and about 3 months ago i started watching you. one month ago i talked to my mom about it. her firt reaction after seeing my self harm was to slap me, but she got me an appointment with a therapist and i havent self harmed in about 1 month. you helped me come so far . thank you 🙂

  • Summer Sunshine

    congrats on the four years ❤ thanks for all you've done for the mental health community. also congrats on graduating. have a lovely day 🌞

  • PunkPansy00

    In the UK therapy is free 🙂

  • Rampage_At_Dusk

    all of the above

  • Brittany Borges

    Could you please do a video on people that work in mental health also suffer from mental health issues? I feel that people read work in that career are afraid to get help, even know they know they need it. Great work your doing 🙂 love your video!

  • Teen-Life

    I love your videos, I truly appreciate you and everything you do to spread awareness of mental health, I think most of us do. As someone with mental health I can say I believe your videos help people with it, as much as it's worth from me Thank you for doing what you do and keep up the great work I admire you so much! Your a great role model and a good influence in my perspective.

  • Kisanii

    I recently went to go seek help? I wanted to go expecting them to kind of explain what anxiety and depression is and that its not just ''being scared'' or ''sad''. When i went there was a lady there that took notes, after she told me to go to a psychologist, a psychiatrist and to get and EEG. I only got EEG and went to the psychologist, my dad refused to take me to a psychiatrist. There they told me i was just scared and that i was fine, then they gave my dad some directions and we never went again. I was so confused, the lady that told me where to go said they might even put me on pills, and now i get that answer? And in EEG while scanning I heard them say ''Shes disturbed'' and im not quite sure what that means?? My results should come on the 30th this month. I was shocked i got those results and response. There is absolutely no way that im fine, I mean how much can you know about someone in just two 40min appointments? I self harm, i break down for no reason, i start shaking and getting panic/anxiety attacks and start thinking about these things that cant happen in any way. I tend to overthink a lot and that bugs me so so much. There are many times where I have tried to commit suicide but ended up breaking down and getting scared to. I dont have a reason to get up anymore… Which leads me to pets. I have ALWAYS wanted a pet, always, but i never had one. They say that i wont take care of it like ''Oh you cant take care of yourself, how can you look after this animal?''. I dont take care of myself because i dont see a reason why. With a pet there will be a reason to get up in the morning. I love how they just fall asleep in your arms. I held a friends puppy and she fell asleep on my chest, I felt so calm and happy I wanted to cry. I would love to have a pet one day. They dont understand so they cant judge you and they love you, they know when youre sad and can help. All i want is to be happy and have a small fluffball by my side always there to help. All i want is for people to understand how i feel. Thats all I wanted.

  • Zmajle Dragon

    I want to go to a therapist,but my dad doesnt want me to he never explains why.My mom says I just do it for attention,my luck that she doesnt live with me.

    I once had an appointment with a psychologist she told me that I am one of the worst cases she has ever seen and that I should totally go into a psychatric hospital,But well she never got into the details she never told me what I have or why my mental state is that bad.Well to be fair I was only 4 times there.But it just felt like she never wanted to help me.It felt like she just wanted me out of her way.Maybe I was to difficult?Idk.

    My dad said that today I have no appointment.He was lying.He said that he forgot about it.He lied.He would sometimes come really late from work so that I missed the appointments.
    He always told me that I am okay and well I just said this o er and over again to myself when i had panic attacks or when I would look in the mirror.But I realized that I am not okay that things dont get better in saying that everything is alright.I learned that lying to myself would never stop my tears.

    So I took things in my own hands and I told my school about this.The teachers tries to talk with my dad about it.He wont listen.He ignores calls from my school.He never talks with me about it.He never shows up to the appointments in my school.And when I try to talk with him about it he says tommorow or next week.
    I think my dad hates it to see me crying and completly broken up after I talked to my psychologist.I think he is scared that I go to a psychatic hospital.He s just worried.He's like a 5 year old.

    What do I do?Does anybody have some tips?

  • Jennifer Ruballos

    I don't seek help because my mom doesn't believe in mental disorders and is quick to argue about my mental health when I bring it up. Eventually, I started talking to the school psychologist and it somewhat helped, but it was only once a month and I had to hide a lot of my true thoughts cause she was still obligated to tell my parents if I seemed suicidal which would make my suicidal thoughts worse because my mom is emotional abusive/manipulative. So, I'm waiting until I have a secure job because mental health treament is expensive.

  • Liam O Donovan

    I felt so inadquit worthless and afraid of any form of help I didn't even trust doctors I didn't choose to get help until I chose to end my life thank you Kristin for all the help you have given to so many people love you

  • katie

    I'm just afraid I won't have anything wrong with me and I'll look stupid for asking to go to the doctor when I never needed to 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Kaitlyn Breland

    you are such a beautiful person your videos have helped me through so many things. your videos calm me down when I'm feeling really anxious. you've helped me feel ok and normal. you've taught me that its OK to be mentally ill and to seek help. I have realized I have BPD anxiety and depression. sometimes when I feel like nothing can calm my mind down I watch your videos you are such an amazing person Kristen I love you so much

  • Broken Blookie

    You've been making videos about mental health about as long as I've been diagnosed! ^^ Thank you Kristen! ^^

  • Fashionbabe06

    I think for me from my experience is the fear of being judge. I feel mental health isn't talk about enough it's hard for people to understand if they never been their themselves they don't understand. I was scared of being judge by my oarents and people at my school. I remember from the start my depression was very bad to the point I wanted to end my life I felt worthless. I just think after way I got better dealing with it cause I was 12 I thought it was normal. After while my anxiety got very bad while I was in high school I noticed I had really bad social and gad. Than I had really bad OCD in the mixed. Recently, I told my parents they got me help I was talking to the doctor she give me medication which is helping and I'm seeing therapist. I still have bad days but I try to do things that makes me happy or do things to stop thinking about what ifs.

  • Siv Hanmer

    your videos are so amazing. I've been watching your channel for 3 years now. but I first subscribed to you This year. your videos are truly inspiring.

  • ingrid

    i really like your videos, i started to watch you around two months ago, but i've already learned many things, you make the information seem interesting and clear, plus the tips you give are good. it's nice to hear these things coming from someone with an illness too, as you obviously understand how it really feels…keep up with good work, love from mexico:)

  • The Ice Queen

    Idk why I started crying ffs. I'm so stupid 😅 I can relate to most of that but especially the helplessness, fear, severity of symptoms and the burden one. I've gone through so many therapists but I could never stick with one because of this. When my mum first saw my self harm she could me selfish and my dad ignored me for weeks, my parents were splitting up at the time so it was a really hard time for me, when my friends found out they called me an attention seeker and my sister tried telling me that she understands but she doesn't. I'm so close to suicide, every night I want to do it and I've even attempted a few times, but when that hasn't worked I stopped eating and sleeping and began throwing up my food because I know this could kill me and I want it to (there are other reasons for it as well but I can't be bothered typing them all), but I don't have any reason to live, everybody hates me and I'm miserable, I just don't want to live like this anymore but therapy hasn't worked so this is the last option

  • ColinFPS

    I've cried myself to sleep the last week, 😔

  • Connie Mcloed

    I refuse to get help for my bulimia because I won't tell my family or friends. Its my fucking stupidity that's got me into this mess and I absolutely refuse to hurt those I love with it . Therefor unfortunately I can't go to the doctor about it until I'm 18

  • Porg liberation movement

    Money…. Even with insurance for me:
    ER: 1,000+
    Ambulance trip from er to psych hospital: 300.00
    Psych hospital: 8,000-12,000+
    And all because i self harmed and wanted a safe place to be in…..
    Put this total times 6 times…..damm…

  • Hellofromthecry

    I love your videos so much


    in arab world , if you have a mental illness people would look down on you and shame you , i've been struggling with depression for 9 years now , attempted suicide like 6 times , my parents doesn't know anything and probably will never know , i came to peace with isolating my self from eveything and everyone , kristen you really helped me alot i saw your channel 2 yrs ago and i really want to say thank you so much ❤

  • Suzanne Dang

    Definitely, I'm of Vietnamese heritage and it's been difficult to get my community to understand my mental health issues.

  • Sasu123456789x1

    Almost all of these reasons apply to me… 😢 I know I need to try and I hope I get there soon…

    Thank you so much for this video!! People need to be aware of these issues! 👍

  • Hanna Scesny

    i subbed today you help me so much ❤❤

  • MarvelAgentDaisy

    Happy four year anniversary!!!:)

  • Caring Mind

    Useful video, would like to share it off my online mental health news site in the UK

  • Liz Eich

    Who tf disliked this video???

  • Reid Orion

    I didn't go to therapy for a long time mainly because my parents didn't listen to me when I expressed that I had suicidal thoughts at 12yo. I was terrified; they thought I could handle it myself. I was also very socially isolated for 6-7 years of my life, so that didn't help either. I'm on meds & going to therapy now so things are better than they were.

  • Hadassah Atkins

    Do you have a video with suggestions for self help books on getting through anxiety attacks or ignoring irrational thoughts instead of letting them escalate or different coping mechanisms for anxiety?

  • DarkSideOfTheBlue

    i got diagnosed with ADHD as a very young child but my mother never got it legally claimed so it's not on my record or anything… idk how that works though

  • Johanna Vejar Romero

    I love your lipstick :3

  • Anastasia Boxley

    When I tell my mom that I think something is wrong with me… she tells me that I'm just having teenage hormones. And she has gone through a lot, so have my friends… I don't want to bother them. I'm not worth it. Yes I self harm, but I am not worth their worry, I'm fine. It's not that bad, but I know I probably need something. What do I do?

  • fritzie lacayanga

    this is true! Thanks for this kristen.

  • cipche

    Emotional healing is the answer … Depression and Anxiety disorder come from suppressed emotions. Try :))))

  • Pearl G.

    I want to seek help, but in my area there are no resources. Someone in my family has it worse than me, and when I tried to tell someone, I was treated like I was unimportant. I understand that they need to heal first, but I also want to heal. I've been trying to find time for self care, but with my school schedule I don't always have time. I watch your videos a lot, especially after panic attacks or a bad day. One morning about a week ago, I had three panic attacks in the morning from 4 am- 6am. I had two more during the school day. Then when I get depressed I will lay on the ground in the dark and have words like "you're such a failure" "No one loves you" and especially "You don't deserve it". I'm sorry this was so long, but no one will listen. I hope that the end of the school year will help, and I'm planning to use more self care techniques during the summer.

  • OkayAmit

    how can someone dislike this video

  • Mt. Chewie

    I wish I went to therapy when I was 17. I'm 23 now. I had a psychotic episode when I was 21 and I suffer from bipolar disorder. I made my channel to spread awareness too. I hate stigma so much.

  • CamoQueen_Official

    My reason is sorta being a burden, but even when I tried I was given a response only agreeing that yes I was being a burden. My mom, dad and sister are constantly stress and angry or depressed and to them I'm the only light in their lives. If I told them I was depressed as well or that I even contemplated suicide at some point and might again they would lose the ability to keep theirselves stable with me. I would no longer be keeping them up so we'd all fall. I tried to get therapy for anxiety but it cost them so much I created more stress and it's really impossible for me to get ALL the help I need because I don't want to hurt them.

  • Kota Evans

    I self harm and I don't think I could ever get help or tell my parents

  • Idontknowwhatmynameshouldbe.

    i finally started therapy a few months ago but only after i tried od

  • Hanna Ailsie

    I've been there. thank you for making this.

  • Melanie Evans

    Lack of resources and money have always been barriers to getting help for me.

  • Melanie Evans

    I have been bullied by special education teachers and different types of therapists in the past. I have had them constantly tell me I had to act 'Normal'. I have had them constantly tell me I should never have children because I would end up abusing them. I even had ones that actually abused me. I have had therapists call family services on me for no reason.

    Example: I said I was paranoid that my children would starve even though my kitchen could barely hold dishes for all the food I had managed to obtain. The therapist I told this to called DFACS and told them I was starving my children and that I had no food in my house.

    I still have been trying to get help, but this is a major obstacle. I can not get any type of treatment from someone that reminds me of these people or my mother because of the flashbacks.

  • Bob The Builder

    Hey likekristen i want to say thank you fir helping and informing me well all of us about mental health it really helped me out and i help my therapist know more on like the first two sessions and now im gonna have mobal therapy dailly and i finally got my mom helping out too ps you will make a great child pshcologist or therapist

  • Nessie

    1 week clean from cutting. small step but i'm happy. 😊

  • Naomi Medina

    My family judge everyone. And so do they with me. If I talk to anybody of my family, and say to them that I want to have a therapy, they will say that "why are you like this? like the crazy one of the family?" or something like that and I don't want to be that person. Once, I went to the doctor with my mom because I wasn't eating correctly, so when the doctor said that I might have anorexia and they should take me to a psycologist, they began making inappropiate comments like "oh you know that my daughter has anorexia? she is not that silly to have that" and NEVER took me to a therapy. I mean, never. So… (also HI KRISTEN I'M BACK)

  • Aline Mariano

    I think I had my first suicide attempt yesterday. I've eaten badly for some time now and yesterday I went to a party, drank and smoked until I faded in the middle of the party. Please make videos on how smooth can be a suicidal act.. xo

  • Elijah - Lee Ford

    I'm in counselling but it's terrible and I only get 5 sessions and I either shut down and can't speak or I am overly happy and appear to be completely okay. And my parents are the best so I'm hoping when I leave home I can get help espically when I'm over 18 and they don't have to tell my parents certain stuff.

  • brian lupinsky

    they use DARPA mind contral

  • Difficulty Duets

    sometimes fear of getting better because you don’t think you deserve it prevents people from seeking help.
    which is different from thinking you’re a burden.

  • Shining Diamond

    I no longer enjoy anything anymore. I don't know what to do with myself.

  • Clementine Eans

    The online website you suggested seems very useful! I would like to sign up but I'm unsure if they charge you money for it. I briefly read into it and saw something about billing but I didn't understand the terms of it. If anyone has been apart of the website she suggested, could you please explain a little more about it? (I really found these videos helpful, thank you so much!)

  • Songtale 8

    That one dislike pisses me off.

  • Hermione Brown

    I’m glad you are spreading awareness, I feel like you are really helping me and I’m only just starting to reach out for professional help💜

  • Anna Hewitt

    I'm scared I will be wrong

  • Eva Spring

    It takes me alot of courage to reach out to an adult but I feel none of them understand and they are very dissmissive.

  • It me Oof

    I just wanted to say that I love your videos and they have really helped me find myself and they have really lessened any confusion I have about my mental state. <3

  • It me Oof

    I have tried to tell my parents about my mental state, but they don’t really understand any of it. I haven’t straight up said that I think I have clinical psychiatric issues, but I have tried to talk to my parents. They are too happy and are somewhat blinded to reality and the fact that not everyone is happy. If I did tell them I thought there was an actual issue, they would probably just do the same thing they are doing now: tell me that we will have fun and that I need to grow up. This comment isn’t very clear, but I’m just venting right now. Don’t attack me for any grammatical errors or anything, because I didn’t really think this through when I was writing.

  • Pheolix Liam Chalk


  • ;0

    I feel like less of a person and that my family and everyone around me will shame me. I also feel like I'd be a burden on others too.

  • Xpert_Destroyer 4

    Fix your teeth

  • nerdieone1

    I don't know what to do. I've been BEGGING my family for help/therapy for my depression/anxiety for years and they still blow me off, despite having MULTIPLE breakdowns in front f them they STILL do not see or understand my want to see a therapist. They assume I'll be put on hard drugs or thrown in a mental ward. I'm hitting the breaking point. Any tips on how to deal with this? (I'm disabled and have to live with family so this adds to the problem.)

  • Cailyn Vries

    I was shamed by my family for being mentally ill. Also every time I ask someone if I can talk to them I say sorry for wasting your time and for putting you through this. They always tell me I don’t need to be sorry and that they wanna help me but still.

  • Maayke Xxx

    How do you know you need help?
    I don't know what kind of feelings are normal and for wich you should look for help

  • Cliff Tif

    I have a friend who has abusive parents and I really want to help her but I do not know how. She told me that even with proof, her parents will always find an excuse and no one will believe her. Many of her friends did not believe her when she asked them for help and she had a depression because of it. I will do anything to help her so if you have any advice please tell me.

    (sorry if I do not know how to explain, I'm not english but french. Your videos really help me so thank you very much)

  • PsykoBaka

    1. Money
    2. How I can talk about my depression when even my anxiety is not a real problem for my family and friends?
    3. A year ago I tried to go to a terapist and she called me "a cup of tea". My problems are only a cup of tea…
    And yeah, I though that if I'm not suicidal, they don't want to help me.

    But I want to go… I know I need it, but it isn't easy.

  • Ze SleepingCatus

    I dont wanna be a burden..I ALWAYS feel like a burden..

  • Anyettie Strow

    I didn't seek treatment, and admittedly, I'm still reluctant to seek treatment because:
    1. It felt like I was being weak. When I was 12, my only sense of control came from academic success, so I obsessively focused on that and thought therapy was just a lame excuse for me to be a slacker.
    2. The summer between the 7th and 8th grade, I didn't want help because I wanted my 8th grade year to be like the way things were when I was a naturally happy neurotypical, and felt that therapy would only reinforce the idea that nothing would ever be the same.
    3. At 13 and going to high school, which will be pretty tough considering my problems and need for control and belonging, U am still reluctant and untrusting of my therapist (who is not at all a bad person) because I feel alot of the time that nobody's ever going to really understand, and that people always end up turning on me, so all I have to truly rely on is my own conscious, knowledge, and self-endearment.
    Sorry for saying all of this I just wanted to finally spill my guts.

  • Hellbound Iscariot

    I just think the term "normal" is misunderstood. It usually seems to be used as a derogatory term for the everyday person because of the perceived life of such people. However, normal can also mean stability. That's why we tend to look at people that self harms as abnormal because "who in their right mind would hurt themselves?"

    I had to be careful of what I was saying. I was going to say "Who in their right mind would want to hurt themselves?"

    Maybe, some people would want to hurt themselves because they desperately seek attention since there some disabilities that cause such a mindset. Sure, some people would say those people are narcissists or attention whores. Maybe I shouldn't speak on the matter since I am just showing my lack of ignorance on such people with such a condition. Narcissism is usually characterized as a history of behavioral problems whether than just the random acts of someone being selfish from time to time. Maybe, it is good that I am voicing my "ignorance" so that someone could actually correct me about narcissists and the people that generally hurt themselves for attention.

    I don't get it. Why would you want to purposefully hurt yourself? I can understand why I hurt myself, it's because I want the stress to go away and I just generally think that I deserve it. Sure, I've hurt myself to get out of punishment and have hurt myself just to get sympathy. Does that make me selfish? Does that make me a narcissist or a coward?

    I feel like I don't understand half the things I do and have done in the past. Sure, they were intentional. Why were they intentional? What was the intention behind the situation?

  • Brenae buckhanon

    I have depression with no where to turn 😓

  • totally the FBI

    I don't seek out help because
    1. My mom doesn't believe mental illness is a real thing, and just thinks Im being dramatic.
    2. My dad thinks therapists are basically satanists and doctors are liars.
    So I'll never know if I actually have something wrong with me.

  • Straight Lids

    my first time going to the therapist, the therapist told me it was depression and social anxiety, but my mom told me i was acting, my therapist always looked at me weirdly and always rescheduled our meeting so i stopped going. months later i moved with my dad, i stopped going to school and would stay in my room all day, so the police told my grandma who lives with us, to take me to a counselor, so she did, that counselor told me i had anger issues. weeks later my dad discovered my counselor was uncertified, so i stopped going. It's been 2 years and i still haven't received proper help. i really don't feel like im as depressed as i was a long time ago, i feel more angry all the time, i have self harmed (not cutting) i always hit, slap and kick myself when i get mad, whether it's at myself or someone else, It's getting worse, I'm starting to cry everytime i get mad, im always bringing myself down if i mess something up. I dont do it in front of anyone…idk.

  • Emma Edelmann

    I have depression I have thought about suicide and have not gotten help

  • Field Marshal Lennon

    Goodbye everyone 😓

  • Ren is me

    The reason I don’t tell my friends about my mental health issues is that they will treat me differently after I tell them and I don’t want that. So when I’m not feel good I don’t cry but I feel like cry on the inside.

    I’m a 12 year old non binary,panromantic, asexual kid and it really sucks have to hide all theses feelings inside my head.

  • Z-star *

    Therapy never helps me, I just need a mentor to talk to.

  • Moon Freedom

    When I've shared my problems, I've been ostracized by everyone I know. I am living in the U.S. Narcissists (most people these days) can't be bothered with someone who has issues. The internet spreads a lot of hate on people with any mental health problem- STIGMATIZED. People with PTSD being told they THEY'RE ABUSIVE when they can't cope and withdraw. Google "borderline personality" and it's all designed to make people assume that these people are "doing everything upsetting on purpose". Going to a therapist is a note for another day. Therapists that are covered by low income insurance are fresh out of college, with no experience. I've stopped trying, because 20 years of substandard therapy did little for me.

  • Holy Water BTS ff

    I personally do not get treatment and at the age of 6 I would get suicidal and ect I'm 11 right now. I wouldn't tell or try to get treatment of many reasons one of the reasons is, people saying I'm faking it and saying I want attention. I did last two years ago try to tell my big brother but he told me I was faking it, and he still does tell me I fake it. I still have not gotten treatment or told anyone I've told a close friend that ik is real she is an online friend but shes the only person I feel like i can tell, we've been friends for many years, and arround the time I got suicidal I had lost a VERY good friends she was my friend since I was like 6 months old. And I guess thank you for listening?

    I've wasted your time and I'm sorry for that

  • Sarah Urie

    1. Fear or Shame
    2. Lack of Awareness
    3. Inadequacy
    4. Burden on Others
    5. Hopelessness
    6. Afraid
    7. Money
    8. No Resources
    9. Severity of symptoms

    I would still watch the video, but I think others may like to see the list.

  • G Booze

    To me

    Mentally Ill = You have the common sense and you know better but you do bad anyways

    Mental Health= everyday smart/friendly people who sometimes unintentionally have no control of thier minds.

    I dont care who you are and how smart you are we all have a weak spots and strong spots

  • Andy Castro

    Today I talked with my father, I told him I needed help because I was self harming. He told me he didn’t understand and that if that was watch I wanted he could buy me a gun to kill my self. That’s how I got “helped”. They REALLY DON’T CARE, if he cared (yeah, he can get angry, I would understand that because I’m his daughter) he could just have a bad reaction and then actually help me, but he inlay said that: “I can get you a gun so you can kill your self if that’s what you want”. Then we went to eat and we haven’t talked about again, it actually hurts more than self harming, his words really damaged me…
    So I know that I can’t be helped, even if I tried everything to seek that helped, I had to use a lot of courage (that I don’t really have) and it all ended up in that. Help doesn’t exist.

  • house of beans

    right now i’m doing intensive outpatient, and i’m missing 10 days of school… i just really hope that i don’t get worse when i go back to school. My dad will be so disappointed if i miss more school:(

  • The Gentle - Hooter

    The biggest reason for me not telling about feeling like I'm depressed is that people probably wouldn't believe me. Mostly because of how I act.

  • Kill This Love

    I think that my reasons are that I am ashamed, I don't think I could face my parents if they knew about my self harm etc. also money, I don't want to be the reason they have to spend money on me resulting in them not being able to do something they like and I also don't think it's that serious yet, there are people who have it worse than me, they should get the first chance at help.

  • Bill Jon

    I’m sorry get some dam braces

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