A Man Drank 3 Liters Rum Everyday Since Age 13. This is What Happened To His Liver.

A Man Drank 3 Liters Rum Everyday Since Age 13. This is What Happened To His Liver.



  • JF3 5RSN

    Wow Justin bieber

  • Camille Tow

    It’s a shame his parents abandoned him. I hope he’s ok.

  • NutritionFacts1979

    Three liters of rum a day? He was more rum than man.

  • δτ

    Given that the liver can regenerate from only a third, can you not donate parts of your liver in vivo?

  • Carlo loke lim

    thats called alcoholism

  • _Connor _

    Poor guy. His parents were losers who gave up being parents and he had to care for his little sister

  • 404 found

    JB is the Demoman

  • CronchyBorgorYT

    hearing someone drink that much alcohol makes me feel sick

  • Geet Tripathy

    C2H5OH(ethyl alcohol.. ethanol) could react with HCL(hydrochloric acid) present in stomach and form various compounds which could be fatal

    If NH3(ammonia) reacts with HCL it could produce NH4CL(ammonium chloride) and liberal H2(hydrogen)

  • tHe iLLz

    The whole time I thought he was a middle aged man. 27! Honestly though 3 litres of rum a day for 14 years since 13? What a monster. I wouldn't last a day drinking that.

  • eri

    That's a die-er.

  • A guy named something

    A man drank chianti everyday for 10 years. Here is what happened to his liver and fava beans:

  • Bryan H

    How did he not die from withdrawals!?!?!?…videos not over perhaps it will be explained

  • Andrew Liu

    do you always film these videos in the same house?

  • sugarberrysoup !


  • Dawson Mcgregory

    So this man had 5,110 handles of rum…or 15,330 liters of rum…he put this alcohol place in business

  • Anik Kundu

    Moral of the story:
    Drink responsibly

  • Victor Prokop

    But my poop is purple wtf

  • coweatsman

    So this guy presented with some blood in his alcoholic veins?

  • jojo kenzo

    All names on chubbyemu's video have 2 letters idk why lol

  • Dihn Dover

    His parental units screwed him up from the get go, very sad.

  • M Ice

    6:28 looks like a derpy face

  • Chilly Vulpes

    What the hell is that thumbnail

  • Fred Pilcher

    A fifth of what?

  • HowDoYouUseThe3Seashells?

    A man pet his dog, this is what happened to his spine.

  • lonerladyboy

    This is common to alcoholic.

  • MeZe

    Ok so the limit is 16 years

  • ツimjames

    a liter drank 3 humans every day since age rum, this is what happened to his 13

  • JoeTheEngie

    He's the real life demoman!

  • phatsas

    So Justin Bieber was drunk singing baby baby baby oooh

  • Burkette

    How did this guy not die after like, the first week of doing this

  • Uncle Jun

    Man drank 3 liters of livers every day since 13, this is what happened to his rum.

  • Yer Dunn BUD

    Keep the alcohol to moderate use y’all… alcoholism/cirrhosis/kidney failure/liver failure/ and getting blacked out ain’t worth it…

  • amol koshti

    i have came here just to see comments !

  • Digital Toenail

    A man learned something new from Chubbyemu every day, this is what happened to his lifespan.

  • Ara kanasyan

    In conclusion, don't drink 3 liters of rum a day.

  • Hampus Hernstig

    I wouldn't want my organs going to someone who fucked them up themselves.

  • DragonRaider 749

    I'm gonna die.

  • Hank Hall

    Wow this guy has had a hard life both parents just left him to fend for himself.

  • Bradikan

    his mother ditched her son and daughter for some tea and crumpet dick

  • Chris Strwart


  • Aryan Nargolia

    Gave him 14 years.

  • Naxelar

    Over 16,000 liters of rum…how did he survive so long?

  • a pimp named slickback

    3 liters a day since 13? hold old was the guy when he died 17?

  • Robson José Costa

    JB: i need more vodka!

  • coco puffs

    I want a doctor to react to these videos to see how accurate they really are

  • PinkiePieTM

    It looks like he’s drinking rum but it’s just water! 💦😂😅

  • tense 1983

    Shoenice oh this is shoenice

  • Everything Is Here

    A liver drank a man. This is what happened to his 3 gallons of rum.

  • Ga Me

    So he was literally full of shit 😀 Sorry, I couldn't resist…

  • Mint Below Freezing

    A boy drank urine thinking it was apple juice. This is how he urinated his own urine

  • Green Hacker

    Very interesting and good explained! It could be a good alkoholism-prevention-video!

  • Tasunke

    A Man Drank 3 Liters Rum Everyday Since Age 13
    And he became a pirate

  • Lazy Existentialist

    A college student discovered chubbyemu’s videos, this is what happened to her grades

  • M R C O M B I N E

    That’s some tolerance

  • TraditionalAviator

    The thought of drinking that much alcohol daily makes me want to vomit. And I am a god damn CNA and I clean animal skulls as a side job and hobby. It gets gross real god damn quick but I don't flinch. But this? Yuck.

  • Simon And

    A man drank his liver every day since 3 liters of rum. This is what happened to his age.

  • Taydrum

    Thats almost 70 drinks per day. Jesus tap-dancing herbert-walker christ

  • joe caterman

    how on earth did his liver manage to process that much booze since age 13 to 27 ?!?!?!?!?!? That must have been some amazing liver before it got destroyed!! I'm pretty sure after drinking like that for 6 month many would end up in hospital. I can remember being 18 and drinking a half bottle in one go (rum)…. being incredibly ill, but somehow managing not to throw up……….. and then the next day beig really ill and as white as a sheet.

  • Ayeqn

    How did he survive after the first two days?

  • Leonardo Retardo

    how the fuck

  • About 39 Ducks

    now way, that’s four 750mL bottles. Every. Single. Day.

  • Indahnya Indonesia

    The only alcohol I take is from occasional eating of fermented cassava… Which is 0.5 percent alcohol

  • Shawn Z Savage

    Alcohol is so disgusting

  • Sukul22 ._.

    Why is the rum always gone?

  • Luke E

    How the fuck could someone even drink that much every day without losing consciousness?

  • QuezyLog

    What kinda song is in the beginning ?

  • RK 2357

    I'm not touching alcohol anytime soon, yeesh. That dude started young as hell, most kids that age can't even touch non-alcoholic drinks, let alone the real deal.

  • Beserk Cheeto

    "Rum is bad for you…"

    Guy: "Yeah?" *Chugs bottle of Rum*

  • motts2roc

    "JB" Jack Baniels

  • InstigationFixation

    This wish ad bitch sounds so fucking stupid

  • Trevor Rogers

    I drink a liter of rum in the morning
    I drink a liter of rum at night
    I drink a liter of rum in the afternoon
    Cause it makes me feel alright

  • Stray Calico Cat

    This was the first Chubbyemu video I ever watched…

  • Birdy

    Captain Jack Sparrow:

  • Sandy J Renfroe

    I thought you didn't need a whole liver. So presumably his sister, one of his bandmates, or another person could have donated part of their liver. Then both of them would have a partial liver that would eventually grow to normal size. Is that not true?

  • IneptOrange

    You are a pirate

  • evmanbutts

    I could sort of tell this one was based on Pigpen. Love your channel man!

  • Alex Baez

    Yo you in DC? I saw Navy Yard in the video

  • Stevo


    China: "hold my rum."

  • VSauce 4

    Poop eyes

  • Victor Tric

    He's rich af

  • Amy Thomas

    He willfully ruined his liver by alcoholism. Most liver transplants are not opted to go to those that got cirrhosis of the liver from excessive alcohol consumption. This is because the high chances of continued drinking after transplant.

  • Larel Outram

    A student watched a chubbyemu video every single hour. This is what happened to his grades

  • HL Watts

    JB’s parents ain’t shit😡😡😡

  • Spiro Nikita Ielivitch

    With parents like this 3 litres is not too much

  • G L

    I’m an organ donor, and yeah, my liver would be useless

  • Liam Mehle

    3:05 Medical jargon being as clear and easy to read as ever.

  • Ziggy Johnson

    The Necrodancer poster at the beginning made me really happy. Idk why I felt the need to share that

  • Martin Bridge

    I really really love these, they are very nicely explained, There's a lot of information, and the cases themselves are very very interesting, I'd love to see the presented case studies.

  • Ω

    Man, he really was sending it.

  • Mrs Jones

    This title actually makes since… Aw man

  • Wizrad

    …So basically Jack Sparrow

  • Arad Rad

    Literally the story of the life of any pirate in the 1600

  • Constanza Rojas

    that's called alcoholism

  • Diana Prince

    13 wtf

  • Thomas

    He drank so much he started to shit internally

  • Amazigh_sven

    How can a 13 yr old drink rum

  • Kross

    Why do all these people on here start with J? J.B, J.C, J.D…

  • Rees Frye / Belay & Bouldering Vlogs

    A dog didn't get his humans bones on time. Here's what happened to his organs.

  • Taiwan Amare

    I mean it's not that bad if you think about his lifestyle. He shoud've been dead.

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