Hello I’m Charlie and welcome to authentic mental health In todays video We are gonna be doing an adhd test So to start off for those of you that don’t know What is adhd? Adhd stands for attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder And it is usually difficult to diagnose someone with adhd However I would go into more detail About that at the end of the test So let’s get straight into the test right now Now the test is very simple I am going to ask you eight questions And you are gonna answer either yes or no so please keep a track of your scores. The very first question is do you often rush things and notice you make small mistakes? Question two, are you easily distracted? Question three, during long conversations do you often tune out or think about other things Question four Do you jump right into things without reading instructions or following instructions do you just jump straight in and do it? Question five, are you disorganized? Question six, do you avoid things that require a lot of focus and attention? Question seven, Do you often lose or can’t find things? And the very last question is, Are you forgetful or do you lose track of what you were doing if you were doing something Do i have adhd? Do I not have adhd… well If you scored less than five yesses on those questions it is unlikely 10th you are suffering from ADHD. If you scored more than five or higher than five yesses on those questions, it is likely you are going to be suffering from ADHD. So Charlie, at the beginning of the video you said its difficult to diagnose. I scored six yesses. What does that mean? The reason why it os difficult to diagnose ADHD is because most people or most human beings are forgetful. Most him beings tend to tune out during long or difficult conversations. So just because you scored eight yesses on this test it doesn’t necessarily mean… that you suffer from ADHD. So please do not self diagnose yourself from this test. However If you are someone who scored higher than five, and are concerned and worried now, my advice to you would be to go and seek professional help. And they will discuss with you, what options you have. Whether they think you have and they will go into more detail with you about it and the options of what you can do. So that means going to your doctor, or your local nurse, or even your local hospital depending on what country you are from. So please again, do not self diagnose yourself with this test and go and seek professional help if you are worried and you think you might be suffering from ADHD. I answered seven yesses on these questions and I have been to see a professional And I can confirm I do not suffer from ADHD. A lot of you have been requesting this video, and I hope this video helps you and helps you understand ADHD more. If you’ve enjoyed this video, please give it a like Leave your scores in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Leave your scores in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to Authentic Mental Health for more content like this in the future. We are now over Thirty eight thousand, nine hundered subscribers. And I wanna the each and every single one of you for supporting myself and the channel. I will see you in tomorrow’s video.



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