All About Depression (with Kati Morton)

All About Depression (with Kati Morton)

Hey you! My name is Thomas ‘TomSka’ Ridgewell and this
is Kati Morton. Kati is a mental health expert, she’s a psychotherapist
and I am someone who talks about depression on this channel a lot and I think it’s about
time to put some credibility to that and actually make my channel more of a useful resource
instead of just a lot of subjective opinions and bring on an expert to go over the topic
of depression and just depression seeing as that’s the thing that I know about. I’m talking a lot aren’t I. I asked you all
for questions on Twitter and I’ve filed them down to about 10 questions and we are going
to be going through those now. But Kati is as I mentioned a mental health
expert and she has a channel all about this and you can click her whenever, probably right
now, to goto her channel and we will also be linking back to her channel later in this
video and we’ve done a video on her channel about… There’s a lot going on we’ll save this for
the end card… Let’s get into it! DarkSquidge! So, Kati what is depression like kind of in
a scientific level? What is it? The truth of it is they don’t really know. Alright! Moving on! But there are some theories and hypothesis
that have been tested and things that we do know thus far about it, but there are a lot
of things we don’t know because in the psychology world we can never test on a living working
brain and so we can’t actually see. We can only see postmortem what’s happening
and what has happened to someone so what we know with depression is that serotonin and
dopamine are big players in our emotions, hormones, how we feel, our mood. It’s like the happy chemicals right? Yes! The ones that are like YAAY! They flood in and you’re like “I feel so good
today but I don’t know why!” Or the ones that are like not there and now
we’re like “I feel like shit! Why?” Yup! So I’m guessing a depressed brain there is
less of them than there probably should be. Yes, and some people are genetically predisposed
being that way, to have less and other may be genetically predisposed the same to have more. And on a similar note are there different
types of depression? Erm, yes based on experience, but clinically
speaking, diagnostically speaking not really. So we have different diagnostics manuals. Oh no. Pew! But they all cover, from my experience from
what I’ve read and looked at, they cover the same things but from I’ve been trained and
from what I’ve learned there is depressive episodes that we can have within other diagnosis,
then we can have grief and grieving and bereavement and then there are major depressive disorder. Ah! That’s too many. Okay so when it comes to identifying depression
what are some of the biggest telltale signs that someone, in particularly yourself, might be suffering from depression or a form of it? The biggest one is what we call Anhedonia, but what that really means is “I don’t like the shit I used to like” Okay. And no interest. That was a huge telltale sign for me because
it was like I don’t want to do anything and I don’t even want to play video games and
I like video games. Yeah, like if the things that you like to
do no matter what you don’t want to talk to somebody. The other two ones are eating a lot or not at all. Like appetite changes. I don’t know what you mean. Is that not part of your- No, I would never
eat more food than I should! I don’t associate food with pain going away. The other major one is, this is the top three
which I’m giving you, is sleeping like a ton or not sleeping at all, so sleep changes. It’s such a weird vague thing, it’s either
you’re going to be doing somethings a lot or not enough. Everybody’s different! But something that is across the board there
is no more or less is concentration difficulties. That’s one of the most overlooked signs and
so if you are struggling to remember things, you’re reading things over and over, you can’t focus in conversations and you’re like “What is going on?” Y’know that could be depression. So, something I really worry about when talking
about depression is encouraging my audience inadvertently to self diagnose or misdiagnose themselves with depression when they actually might just be sad. Just normal sad. How can you tell the difference? The difference is really if it’s impairing
your ability to function in your life. So are you struggling at work or school or
in your relationships because of this? And obviously if we have a down mood right? Because mood changes are normal. Day to day, month to month, all sorts of things. But if it’s affecting your relationships more
than just “I just don’t want to talk today” and then tomorrow it’s fine. If it’s like severely affecting your ability
to get out of bed, to go to work, to go to school and interact with people that’s when
it’s diagnose-able. An depression in particular has to be at least
two weeks. Interesting. That it impairs you. And also just to end this bit. Ultimately if you’re really unsure go see
a professional if you have access to one. So you think you might be depressed, you wanna
get help, what are your next steps? Reaching out! Speaking up! I think that if you’re in school the best
way to go about it is to start with your school Councillor because often they can see you
for free for many sessions or talking to your parents if you think they’d be open to it. Often we think they wouldn’t be then they are. Just throwing that out there. And so what do you do if you’re scared to
reach out because I know I was terrified for ages and maybe it was just personally I just
was like I didn’t want to be weak. I didn’t want to fail myself and admit that
I had a problem. What do you do if you’re scared? Start talking to your friends about it? If that the easiest. Whatever the easiest path is because it might
not be friends but it could be a teacher, it could be just an adult friend you have
that’s like that’s support has always been around. Any person who you’re close to, start talking
to it with them because I find it usually scariest when it’s just stuck in our head. When we say it out loud it loses all of it’s power. For me it was actually I started talking to
a camera when I went through a really bad phase at the start of last year where I couldn’t
talk to anyone so I just talked to a camera. But maybe also certain things that could work
could be writing it down. Totally. You can write it down, you can even- As a
therapist, just so you know- when my clients first start seeing me will sometimes bring
in like almost like a journal entry or just notes like these are things Im going to struggle
with and I don’t know if i’ll be able to say it to you. I have my clients often email me between sessions
being like “I don’t know if i’ll be able bring this up but here are some things.” And so there are a lot of ways to express
yourself and to get the information out there and just know that there are people out there
just to listen and not judge. Yeah, absolutely because like I said when
I first went to the doctors. As soon as I got in front of a doctor I was
immediately like “I’m fine! Everything’s fine! I’m not in… Depression what? How are you?!” A lot of people though admit they need help
their first point of call might be there parent or even a doctor and sometimes if they’re
younger they’re not taken seriously. What do you do if you’re not taken seriously? Should you go to someone else or is there
something you can do to make those people try and take you seriously? Yeah, I mean I always tell people to sometimes
shout to be heard and I know that it sucks. I know that it feels bad when you actually decide to reach out and here like “no, that’s not a real thing. You’ll get over it. It’s all in your head.” If you’re a guy “Boys don”t cry” Yeah, all
that shit that we here that’s garbage. Knowing that you may have to. I thinks a great thing to do to go and talk
to someone else. Someone who is, that’s why I always say school
Councillor or a trusted friend or a loved one like going to them first because they’re
the most likely to take you seriously to hear you out but knowing that it’s normal and that
you may just have to keep saying it to prove that it’s not a phase and that you’re not
going to grow out of it and boys do cry and that it’s normal to have feelings you may have to say it a few times before we can get the help we need. So, you’ve finally been taken seriously, you’ve
made it to the doctors. What’s gonna happen next? What’s the process you’re going to go through? It’s gonna differ from obviously therapist
to therapist and plan to plan. Every country has it’s own system, but for
the most part the first appointment is kind of just a get to know you. So it’s usually like bringing you in. Consultation. Yeah, and also like medical history and have
you been on medication before, have you seen someone before. Do you have brothers or sisters? I tend to call it like a first date. Where you’re just kind of learning about them. Like hey! What do you do? What do you like to do? What’s different? And honestly the first session goes by like pew. So after that first session though if the
first doctor does think you might have some sort of mental health issue they’re probably
going to refer you to a psychotherapist, yes? Well, if it’s a therapist… So it depends on who you’re seeing first,
I guess. Because if you come into my office, I am a
psychotherapist and then I would refer you to a psychiatrist if I thought that you needed
medication. Or to your general practitioner if I thought
maybe it was something medical that I want to get checked out. Because you could have different thyroid issues
that can cause depression when you really don’t have it. Oh! Okay so lets talk about the journey that people
might end up on. Some psychiatrists might then recommend medication. Tell us a little bit about medication if you can. What is it? What does it do? What’s it doing? Why?! AH! They’re all very different. It depends on what type of medication that
you’re on. If you’re struggling with depression you’re most likely on a SSRI a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor. You don’t need to look that up it’s just a long form way of saying it regulates your dopamine and serotonin. The happy drugs. It makes them more happy! Yay! Or more level and stable I think. Yes, so it doesn’t fluctuate so much. Or an SNRI which usually those are it’s just
a different class of the same version of something that often is what they use for anxiety. But again I am not a doctor! You have to see a doctor to get more information
and if your depression is severe enough sometimes they’ll put you on a antipsychotic which a
lot of people feel like oh my god that’s really scary but trust me it’s just a different type
of medication that can work to intensely regulate those chemicals that are in your brain that
are a little bit more off kilter. Yeah, but I think usually the first the a
doctor is going to recommend is therapy. Yes! And then if they think therapy isn’t going
to be enough they’ll put you on medication as well. It’s supposed to go with. Yes! I think it’s meant to be therapy and medication
at the same time. That’s the best outcome yes. It’s like with our powers combined! Pew! Pew! Pew! So, you’ve now being diagnosed with some form
of depression and maybe you’re on therapy, maybe you’re on medication, maybe you’re on
both, maybe you’re on nothing. But what are the best natural remedies you
can do? What are the best chances you can give yourself
to live a happy fulfilling life with depression? I’ll start with if you’re not on anything. I’ll just start there because I think there
are a lot of things we can do everyday to help ourselves. So these are going to be a lot of kind of
no brainers like go outside get fresh air and shower. So yeah, like showering regularly, exercising… Let’s be honest I’m not going to do that. But exercise doesn’t have to be what people think. It doesn’t have to be like “ARGH I HATE THIS! THIS IS TERRIBLE” just walking around the block. PokemonGO man! That’s your exercise for the day. Just hatch a 5k egg that’s the minimum. But also like a routine like sleeping. Having a decent sleep schedule. Going to bed at the right time. You don’t need me for this you know. These are the nobrainers that everyone is
going to here but I think it’s good to hear them from you so just nod along and confirm. Yes! So, what am I missing there? Well, you can also, so sleep schedule is very
important, but also diet and I don’t mean you can’t have fatty foods and your can’t
have junk food I just mean you have to make sure you’re drinking enough water. That’s something that some people don’t think
about enough, but your body actually needs it. And this is something people are usually surprised
to know but for our brains to operate at full capacity we actually need to have fat in our
diet and so if you’re feeling like you’re struggling to concentrate or something just
try adding an avacado to your sandwich or y’know just adding in some cheese with something
so you can make sure your brain is getting what it needs to create the hormones and the
chemicals it needs to create. And socializing as well it’s recommended to
socialise at least twice a week. Twice a week and that’s not like at work or
at school that’s actually a social event and in person. And also a weird thing if you don’t find you
have a lot of friends to go out and to see they find that like massage and psychical
touch is really beneficial to how we feel. Oh really? So like getting a massage could help just
because it’s human contact. And we actually need that. So, you’ve taken care of your natural remedies and you’ve taken the professional health care route as well. However you’ve got depression you’re probably
still going to have depressive episodes ranging from maybe major depressive episodes maybe mild ones what should you do during a depressive episode? Reach out to your team. Like your preferred professional team and
your support team. So yeah, what is your team? Yeah, I always call it a team. Because like your treatment team as a whole
and that means like your friends and your family and your supportive loved ones. The ones that you can tell like “Hey i’m having
a really hard time” to. Those people, but first call your therapist,
call your psychiatrist because it’s normal when we have life stressers, situations that
come up. Maybe we lose a loved one, we’re moving, maybe
we’re going back to school. There are a zillion changes. Changing jobs. All sorts of things where our symptoms can
get worse for a short period of time and so they can increase your medication for that
period of time. You could increase the number of sessions
you have. Or they can give you more tools to use like
journal more, or listen to more music, or walk more. Y’know just a bunch of different things we
can do behaviorally to help out as well. Okay yeah i’m never really sure personally
what to do when I’m having a big depressive episode because I know if I then put myself
in a social setting. If I see friends then I’m no longer focusing
on my own issues I’m kind of going into another character and I wonder if that’s a little
self destructive. Maybe I should be just giving myself some
time alone to recover. Would you recommend that or? Yeah, I would. But that’s why I said call your professional
team first because I would check in with them because there maybe something that they can
do for you, but at the same time listening to yourself. Like being in social situations when we don’t
want to be isn’t good it’s not good for us it’s not good for relationships It’s just
kind of faking it. The way I put it’s kind of like if there is
a wall this is the kind of wall that if you run at it you’re gonna break and not the wall. One thing I do actually I have with my team
I have a colour coded system I have a code yellow, a code orange, a code red and a code
black and these are just ways to simply just say like a code yellow for me is like oh I’m
having a little bit of a bad time like I need like half an hour or ten minutes to recover
like maybe I’m going to go listen to some music alone and then I’ll be back. I’ve got a code red… Sorry a code orange is like erm I’m in a bad
way right now this is gonna last maybe a couple of hours maybe I shouldn’t go out maybe I
should go home. A code red is like oh the day is boned everything
is bad this is a severe depressive episode and that’s usually when I would like a friend
to be just around me. And a code black of course is suicidal thoughts
and I’ve never had a code black but it it’s important for my support team to know this
if I were to feel suicidal I’m not going to text my friends “I’m feeling suicidal” so
I have thing called a code black so that I can reach out. So that’s good to communicate with your friends
and let them know where you’re at and stuff. Yeah and make it quick and easy for you because
that’s what is so good about what you do. That’s a great plan because often when we’re
having the hardest time is when we can’t reach out. So, speaking of a code black. What to do if it gets real bad and you’re
having thoughts of suicide. First thing though how do you reckon you can
identify a genuine suicidal thought as apposed to thinking about death. Thinking about killing yourself just as a
theoretical. Just a passive thought as opposed to an active
thought. How do you know you’re genuinely at risk of
suicide? For me as a clinician the way I access it
is are they scared of it. I know that sounds really weird but that’s
what I usually check with my clients. Like are you still scared of it dying and
they’ll be like yeah and y’know that’s one of the things I do because if you’re not afraid anymore then that to me increases your risk of actually trying. Interesting. Also having the means and having a plan. Those are two to look for and if they’ve done
anything like one of the key markers of oh they gave away that piece of jewelry that
their great great grandmas that meant a lot to them or they’ve started like oh I’ve paid
off all my bills and this thing and they start closing up shop kind of in a way. Those are things I look for and so honestly
for you out there if you’re struggling if it’s something that you’re putting a plan
together or maybe you’re hoarding pills or whatever those are indicates that you should
probably reach out. Let me know if I step out of line here but
something that I have heard is that when someone has actually made the decision to end their
life they actually reach a state of peace and calm and they start closing up their affairs
they seem very okay and that’s actually that’s actually the scariest time because it’s the
eye of the storm. Because when they’re expressing discontent
and upset is honestly when they’re still grappling with the idea and once they decided it’s like
a relief. So would you say it’s actually someone is
less a suicide risk if they’re talking about it? If someone is genuinely tweeting i’m thinking
about killing myself they’re less of a risk. Yeah, they’re reaching out for help. That’s actually like saying I’m thinking about
it and I don’t like it. Help Stop! Here are my red flags! Yeah so it’s when someone gets quiet that’s
when it’s scary. However okay so that’s if you’re looking at
someone else but now this is you. So you are now you are feeling those suicidal
thoughts. You have found yourself making a plan. Last ditch attempt. What should someone do in that situation? Reach out. I don’t care if it’s 911 I don’t care if it’s
a suicide hotline there are suicide texts there is like a textline now that is all within
your text plan obviously but it’s essentially free and there are people twenty four seven. I had a friend who did the suicide hotline
for a while. It was like a cell phone you carry around
for a while and you’re on call. And these people aren’t obviously going to
judge you. It’s their job and their mental health professionals
or at least in training it was when we were interns. So those are resources. Even just calling a friend and being like
I just really need you to hang out with me. But I guess in this theoretical maybe the
person who’s felt this way don’t actually have people to reach out to. I think if it’s gone that far they haven’t
had anyone to tweet I’m gonna kill myself at. And y’know that’s why I think the hotlines
are great. You can even just take yourself to the hospital. I don’t know if you’d be able to, but you can. But that’s what 911 is there for. And they can send out a psychological evaluation
team to talk with you and to access you and get you the help that you need. And you know if you had to say something to
a suicidal person. Give them a reason to not. Do you think you have anything that you would
go to- What would be your go to to say to someone who is contemplating suicide if they’re
really dark? I always tell them like I know it feels hopeless
and I know it feels like no way out but there always is and there is better and you deserve it. And so just reaching out for help just one
last time could be the thing that pulls your out of this because life can get better and
will get better. Sometimes we just need some extra support
and you’re not alone with it and nothing is wrong with you sometimes we just need people
to help pull us out. I think that is always so important to note
that is that you are not alone you’re so far from alone. I mean if you have a broken leg you’re not gonna feel alone because you know people who’ve had broken legs. You can see it you can go near a hospital
and see ten people with broken legs, but if you have a mental health issue we’re not sims
we’re not walking around with a spinning red diamond above us like but you so so not alone
I mean just look at the views on this video and look at the comments below this video
like there are a lot of people out there. What is the number of people who will be affected
by mental health issues? 1 in 4 they say globally are affected, but
if you consider the fact that if I’ve had loved ones who have a mental illness so then
therefore I’m affected so I would say 100% of people know something have been affected
in some way by mental illness. So speaking of someone in your life that has
a mental health issue but maybe it’s undiagnosed how do you first of all if you think someone
you care about has depression how can you help them? How can you encourage them to potentially
go and get help. I think that it usually starts by letting
them know you’re there because a lot of my clients who feel depressed will feel like
they’re alone and like no one will understand and so I always encourage people to remind
them that you’re there and maybe share something about your own experience so that they know
you can relate because often they’re afraid to like dump on you or put too much on you. But don’t try and be those one upper friends
where you’re like oh you think you’ve got it bad well no and if they’re telling you
about it there is no need to share your part necessarily it’s just sometimes a way for
them to understand and feel like they can relate and say that to you and reach out. And once their talking to you letting them
know there is help available like maybe if you know how to reach out to the HR department
to get therapy at work or school Councillor or anything like that if you know the doctor
that they need to get to to get the referral or whatever y’know and offer to go with them. Some people get scared to go on their own. Yeah, I think that is the best thing you can
do is to offer to go with them if they need you because you can’t force someone to go
can you because then they’re not going for them then they’re going for you and they will then that’s just another thing they’ll end up stressing about. Yeah, and that’s why I don’t ever tell people
to do something. Like you can’t do anything, but you can be
there. Right. And that’s really the only thing that you
can do and I know it can make you feel hopeless but that’s the best way to help them is just
to be there and to remind them there is hope and go if they need you. Yeah and if you have a friend who is having
a depressive episode what do you reckon is the best thing you can do for them in that
moment? I mean there a lots of lovely gifs on tumblr
saying bring them cuddles and blankets is that true or? I wouldn’t say so. Not to knock someones business plan or anything,
but I think the best way is just to be there in person and check in on them. And often if you’re trying to text them and you know they’re at home and not responding just pop by. Y’know. Bring coffee or tea and be like hey I just
wanna hang out. Yeah I think that’s something that I want
when I’m having a code red. When I’m having a really bad time I don’t want someone to come and do anything with me, but just to be there. Someone just to do nothing with. Just watch TV with you. Yeah, like I’m gonna continue binge watching
my show do you want to just sit in the room with me? Let’s read comics together. Watch me play a video game. I think it’s just nice to have that company
and if nothing else it can be the difference between slipping from a code red to a code black. Yeah because then you’re reminded that there
are people out there. There is always someone there. Yeah, exactly. Okay so hopefully that was actually very helpful
that was sort of the journey of you might have depression to don’t kill yourself. There was a whole narrative there. Like I said before Kati is a mental health
professional. She has an amazing channel full of so many
videos about absolutely everything so not an expert definitely an expert. Do check out her channel she’s got so many
videos on absolutely everything. We also did a video about me on her channel
that you can watch now. That can be a little gateway drug. Check her out! Subscribe. Give her a thumb. And a comment. I’ve been doing YouTube for 10 years I really
should have learnt to do this whole call to action thing. But thank you very much! Thanks for having me! And stay alive. Don’t die. Not allowed.



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    I've recently found out that I have moderate depression, I haven't told my family yet. Some of my friends have depression too and they are very supportive.

  • Liz Ray

    He talks tooooo much..😖 you didn’t really let Kate talk🤯

  • Niamh Bowden

    Hi 👋 kati. My school doesn’t have a councillor and I’m not ready to tell my parents. What do I do? How do I get help?

    I’m in the UK by the way

  • Sylvia Jacobs

    Hi Kati! I been depression since 15 years old and I'm 33 now.. the depression got worst after I loss my mother in 2014 and my father in 2017….. I ignored my symptoms for years ( have PTSD,mdd, anxiety and panic attack…etc)

  • Jay Conrad

    Thanks for posting this! I recently got out of an abusive relationship where I couldn’t express my feelings without them being turned against me. I lost contact with all my support network and am rebuilding it. Seeing someone who is willing to talk publicly about these things is helpful!

  • Rawoonah2cool

    This was soo helpful

  • Ben Ellam

    Does it count if you like would like to shoot urself but not any other method but u live in England so u wouldn't be able to and also you obviously can't plan anything

  • PiakGem

    This lady seems fimilar

  • WaterKittyMasta

    'What types of depression are there?'

  • Tombu TAG

    Well im fucked for sleeping

  • Harasen

    This was actually more helpful to me than I expected it to be. I actually learned from it. Personally I'm not depressed, but I know a lot of people who are.

  • Talia Ronen

    Kinda creepy how loads of Youtubers i follow are suddenly making videos with or about each other

  • Logan Strong

    Am I the only person that doesn't like the "you're not alone" thing? Because, in my mind, it always feels like they're saying "everyone else did it, everyone else got through it, why can't you?"

  • Jodi Rowell

    Hi. Stupid question time: have you / would you consider covering "compassion vs. enablement" via video?

  • Caitlyn

    the sucky part is that i’ve asked my parents for help twice and and my school councillor for help 3 times and nothing has been done because nobody takes me seriously

  • blubb blubb

    Hey the color code is a really good idea! I am just never sure, when it is defined as minor, medium or major episode. although I know the definition by the number of main and other symptoms as explained in ICD 10/11… But I think a color code would definitely make it easier to make friends more aware of what is going on. I kind of have a feeling that my episodes are sometimes dark orange with some black, but without the red zone…? Like, I still kind of can do some things or sometimes even work a bit, but feel very down with special dark thoughts in between.

  • MakaniiStorm

    I had one visit to a wellbeing organisation. "Ill be fine. I don't think they'll help."
    I had one visit to doctors. "I'll be fine. I don't think they'll help.
    So I don't trust myself to get better.

  • Emily grace

    when i made a plan to kill myself i dyed my hair pink cause i thought it didn't matter if it looked bad and its scary to look back on that time because its so dark

  • Esme Turner

    Is it odd that I have never been remotely afraid of death/dying? I think about killing myself all the time but I don’t know if I could do it for risk of hurting my family. If I could do it and have everybody forget that I ever existed so there wouldn’t be consequences, I’d definitely do it. 🤷‍♀️

  • Alex Fucks You

    Thank you

  • its pizza time

    i've put on a face and an act for so long i forgot how to feel anything-
    i'm like, completely numb.
    i've honestly tried so many times to, um, die..and that's what got me into my first psyc hospital this year in May. i've gotten a therapist but i have tried to take my life today-
    i've talked to friends, i've calmed down, and i'm kinda freaking out but i'm still alright i guess.

  • HRD Heather 77

    Antidepressants can cause a person to feel numb. All these medications do is mask the problem, although they are life saving but its a false happiness caused by artificial brain chemistry. eventually the brain gets used to the dose, realises that it has too much "serotonin" in this case medication and then your body holds back on the serotonin and then an increase in the ssri is needed.

  • Brittany Wilkins

    Dang, I am a social worker/case manager and I struggle so much with depression. Every day is a struggle to meet basic expectations at work and even after reaching out to therapists IN THE SYSTEM I get ignored, blown off… I have lost interest in everything, including helping my clients. I am truly afraid of suicide as a major risk in my life. I have many clients suffering from depression, schizophrenia and personality disorders. It is very challenging but when I am having an "up" day, I am very engaged and super supportive and compassionate… for the first time ever I am reaching out for help.

    I hope I can find some soon.

  • age restricted

    thanks 🙂

  • oxforddictonary

    I fackin' hate mental illness. Mainly because I don't trust SSRI's and I don't know what else cud help though. I've been on Paxil only and for 12 years. Been off for almsot 3 years. Holding down the same job the whole time and seem relatively fine and normal and functional (if not crazy socially awkward cuz of anxiety). I really want desperately to pop a pill every day so I can just stop struggling so much, but I just don't trust SSRIs and feel like if I start a new one it's just gonna be a downward spiral and I'll never be able to get off it and it'll change my chemistry/brain in the long run for the worse. Anyone try medical marijuana?? I'd rather try a natural route like that b4 meds.

  • AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco

    Me: havent been in school at all since the week before last week. Usually eats way too much. Stays inside for days at a time, eating, watching youtube and shows and sleeping a lot and at fucked up times
    Me: Im sure everything is fine

  • AllTimeFallOutAtTheChemicalDisco

    Me: has only had bad councellors, been sent from place to place without help and lost my best friends bc they got tired of me being mentally ill and especially talkinf about it
    Me: reachinf out sure seems like a great option

  • ImaginaryMdA

    100% of the people who have been affected by me, have been affected by mental illness.
    Wait a minute… XD

  • James Corcoran

    No way! Tomska and Kati?

  • Nguyen Hoai Duc Phu Long Duc


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