Anxiety and homelessness | Ben’s Mental Health Story | Mind

Anxiety and homelessness | Ben’s Mental Health Story | Mind

Hello. I’m Ben. I’m 28 years old and I
have experienced mental health from probably, quite a young age. In recent years, I found
myself in quite dark times and experiencing really bad anxiety and not really being listened
to. I’ve had… I’ve experienced a fear of homelessness and then, eventually, classed
as homeless and I had to go to the council, endlessly, to explain my case. I wasn’t
really taken seriously, to start with, and I felt that the whole issue was making my
anxiety and depression so much worse. Eventually, I got housed in a hostel for homeless people,
until the council decided to make a decision of whether they had a house [inaudible] for
me or not. It was quite scary being in there, really, because I had to walk past so many
rooms and up so many stairs, before I could get to my room, which didn’t feel very secure
as there was only one lock on the door. I didn’t really feel safe amongst other people
there and I think being gay and identifying LGBTQ, it felt more tough because I wasn’t
aware of if there was anybody else there that was LGBTQ or if it was just me. And I feel
that being isolated like that, amongst other people, it kind of heightened my anxiety again
because, for one, it wasn’t a stable place to live. I had to share bathroom facilities
with other people in the hostel and kitchen facilities with other people in the hostel,
which made me feel more anxious and, to the point where I didn’t use the kitchen. And
I only brought readymade food and ate it in my room, to avoid seeing other people. I then,
finally, got put into a council property of which I’m happy with. It’s been a really
long, long journey. Looking back on what I’ve been through and how it made me feel, it’s
quite a scary thought. I felt suicidal on endless occasions. I ended up in hospital
during that time. I couldn’t handle the stress of the whole process. I felt like it
was something that I felt that, in a way, I felt like I knew that I was in genuine need
and I felt like I had to keep fighting and the more I was fighting, the more I got pushed
back on a number of occasions. And I did feel like it was never going to end. Even talking
about it now brings up how dark that time was and how painful it was and how I couldn’t
sleep, how it affected even simple things like going shopping. It affected every single
aspect of my life, with fear and that’s been quite painful. I’d like to hope that,
by talking about my story, that it can help other people in knowing that they’re not
alone in the experience of housing and how it can affect somebody and how there’s such
a need for people to feel safe.



  • Southern Discomfort

    I often have fears of ending up homeless too. I just feel like I can't manage daily living well enough to function properly and where I might end up if and when my parents aren't around any more. It's a scary thought.

  • We Hate The Same Things

    Super courageous!

  • Latarino Ferguson

    i have social aniexty and I am about to be homeless

  • Claire Davison

    Thank you for sharing your experience x

  • Carlos André Rocha

    Does someone knows his full name?

  • Wahid Khaliq

    I really hope this is a real story as it concerns me that mind have done made this video as a damage limitation exercise to fabricate the terrible levels of homophobia that exist in many of minds offices which have been projected by staff and clients who are lgbt phobic … also in my case I not only experienced that at mind but racism . I stopped going to mind in 2016 as my concerns and issues were totally disregarded and I descended into far worse depression due to the racism and homophobia at the Bradford mind . Also I am wondering why mind has erased a number if comments here that lgbt people have put complaining about mind never addressing their complaints . It’s so often the case the primary victim who becomes the primary perpetrator

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