AOP’s game plan is as much mental as physical: Raw, Oct. 28, 2019

AOP’s game plan is as much mental as physical: Raw, Oct. 28, 2019



  • Theoretic101

    Remember when AOP were unstoppable in NXT? This is them now, feel old yet?

  • Dilraj Shergill

    So when do you guys plan on wrestling?

  • Vlad Lenin

    Dude on the left looks a lot like Tazz

  • yezyo

    Who else watches WWE before 2019??

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  • Ivan Batista

    It's been like 3 weeks

  • The Guy Who Understands

    It Would be awesome if the OC had a branch in Smackdown, where some other guy could run and AOP Could be the Muscle of the Faction

  • Sammy

    We don't need the same kind of promo for a month @WWE. Do better.

  • Gavan Mitchell

    Nobody will care

  • B The Sound

    Lol so they gonna get a match? Orrr?

  • yezy

    Who else is a fan of WWE??

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  • VH0220

    Please speak English 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  • David Welsh

    This is how they "introduced" both La Resistance and Muhammad Assan back in the day. Let that sink in…

  • vaibhav k

    🇮🇳🇮🇳go akam

  • aubrey otieno

    Talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk talk….

  • Jorge Martinez

    Are these guys ever going to have a match.

  • Mohammed ALhassan

    Shut up

  • Bradley Owusu

    Smackdown is the flagship show now

  • carlos Serrano

    Wtf is this trash


    they never fight in the ring

  • Ajij Mortaza

    We proud for u two …

  • Aiman Haziq

    Don't waste your time talking like you are the best tag team in wwe.

  • Fitness Lyam

    They can't even prove to the Unnivese how good they are. 😂

  • CurbCrusher

    Guess it's better to cut those promos than beating jobbers every week.

  • Geenaxion

    Boring as hell

  • nezir byx


  • Valent Nikolas

    I'm tuning in late…
    And I thought I was in Al Jazeerah's channel instead of USA Network for a second there.

  • Johnny

    Jeez just bring them in the ring.

  • Memeling

    Somebody: Challenges AOP
    Me: Finally No More Promos

    Edit: Don't repost this plz

  • End Of Days.

    nxt nxet nxt

  • Marty Schwartz Here

    You guys are boring.

  • Ravikesh Goundar

    They only can talk.
    But they can't fight in a match

  • C.C. Ekeke

    0:58 how will you own a tag division when you never wrestle?

  • Bhargav anand

    Is Aop from India

  • TomClacy5871

    Even with Heyman at the helm, he can’t do anything he actually wants to do without going over it with Vince. Raw will continue to be ‘meh’ until he leaves and let’s Paul just book


    Aop= always on promo

  • so good


  • Greg Smith

    These dudes dressed up like they know the burial is here

  • Rizky ahmad

    Author of Peas

  • Angel Rapana

    Piss off

  • Sampa Ghosh

    I don't like AOP because they are Pakistani

  • Amandeep Singh

    akom punjabi boy

  • Ethan Fullerton

    Enough with this let them wrestle

  • Callum McInnes

    Put these with Samoa Joe and have a beast stable already.

  • Daddy Finger TV



    What's the point of this talk you make them so stupid.

  • Syed Imran

    Great! Wwe is paying too much for talking

  • realskj

    these guys are just booked as aleister black


    How about Finn Bálor leads AOP ?

  • Tauhid Ishtiaq

    Are they pakistani or indian.?

  • MD. Mohinul Islam

    Which language they are speaking?

  • rahul prajapat

    Grat Akham

  • Rodney White

    These 2 and their promos are starting to remind me of The Bludgeon Brothers. That experiment worked out pretty well, if I say so. I can’t wait to see how this 1 goes. Something tells me it’s gonna be the exact same style. And if it is, I think I may enjoy it.

  • Francisco Jurado

    Love the build up and character development but it’s time to put them in a match

  • GameVlogRoast Jamez24o1

    They Just brag they wont do anything so all tag teams just chill
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  • Iffeany260

    its sad to know that wwe are promoting AOP but when they start wrestling they be lost in the shuffle

  • AK Bhai live

    Hindi bolo yarrr

  • Laid back Headbanger dude

    The longest english promo by A.O.P. yet.

  • Vince K McMahon

    Bark bark bark

  • motee gajadhur

    AOP only know to talk they do not fight


    Is akam an indian

  • Faisal Alam

    Bhakkk bhosdika😷😷😷

  • FLASH3G Memeiro


  • scammingMethods

    Aew is better

  • Sudhakar reddy


  • Magma

    Cuts Promos A Month Later AEW….

  • Michael Mascolo

    After rezar said id let you in on a little secret, i thought he'd say " im addicted to McDonald's szechuan sauce."

  • Cian McGuinness

    Akam has a baby face

  • MT Yadventure

    This is enough ! And Enough is Enough !

  • Nick54123

    I feel like wwe should take notice on the lack of views for these segments they're boring why aren't these guys in the ring yet.

  • Nigel Perera

    Enough already with these 2 jobbers smack talk in’!

  • Komortas

    So do yall wrestle anymore?

  • Arthur Callahan

    These are the most least watched videos on the channel. Get them in the ring already.

  • Fredro Frazier

    Pointless why not have them in a match? They could've came out on the R truth match. This the tag team version of Aleister Black. 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Xx RampanT

    2023 anyone?

  • Arturo jr Contreras

    Can’t just do

  • Clyde Blanca

    These dudes got paid by only sitting

  • Knight Shood

    Madhar chod

  • Govind P Gopal

    C'mon Akam🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • βιβη Π.

    When they will have a match

  • Navjot Official

    Chakde bhalwana babbar sher keha kar apne aap nu 😁

  • Drew R

    All this hype and they will prob just be jobbing to the Universal champion 2 weeks after they re-debut! lol. On the other hand, they do sound really good with promos, they do sound menacing, especially in their native language. Just like the Kabuki warriors, they should be able to cut promos in their native language if they are heels, why not?

  • Superkick Time

    Too much talking

  • Sweet Gyul

    Just shut up and come back already‼

  • Binbina zoremmawia

    Will say again wish they were personal bodyguard to heel general manager, like Jamal and Rosey but book them extremely strong randomly assaulting and mauling superstars even top baby face. Wwe Tag title are joke now.

  • HazL


  • Abebaw Nigussie


  • The Gamer

    Complete bunch of idiots

  • Josiah Parker

    Didn't they already won the tag team championships

  • Jack Killer


  • Ahsan 01

    Bored of seeing these 2 just talk

  • MM MM

    Just let them run riot & make them champions

  • Jamal B

    AOP with roman reigns would be brutal

  • alishehzadpaul

    This video was co-sponsored by Rosetta Stone Language Learning and Google Translate


    What a joke 😂😂😂

  • Julian

    They remind me of the bludgeon brothers they were also talking the while time and after weeks they've finally had their first match

  • Shkelqim Haziri

    Imagine these two with Samoa Joe , its like shield 2.0

  • TheLordSlayer

    Albanian psycho❤️🔥 psikopati shqiptar ❤️❤️ we are with you💪🏻 ne jemi me ty🇦🇱

  • Gage Taylor

    If they're trying to convince me how badass and threatening they are it isn't working. They make empty threats every week and attacked a few jobbers from behind. Probably would match with local amateurs for weeks even when they start wrestling again anyways.

  • Big Dog

    Comon Albaniaaaaa REZAR


    Punjabi boys very nice………….

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