Are Personality Disorders Mental Illness?

Are Personality Disorders Mental Illness?

– Are personality
disorders mental illness? That’s what I’m going to
talk about in this video. I’m Dr. Tracey Marks, a psychiatrist, and in this channel I talk
about mental health education and self-improvement. If you don’t want to miss the video, which you don’t, click subscribe
and the notification bell. Today’s topic is based
on a viewer question from General Repair. Mr. Repair has asked a couple
of times for me to discuss this and has been very persistent. He even asked that I share his question which I will do in excerpts. Dr Marks, Just checking in with you. A while back I sent you an email about cluster A,B&C personality disorders. Still waiting on that video. I have my alert bell waiting
for that video to come out. I’m excited to see, yet just checking in with
you to see if you made any progress or any plans on putting
it out soon, thanks again. Then he goes on to say: Having bipolar disorder and next episode & hypomania is hell. You don’t get along with other people, you treat your family like crap. Do you treat your colleagues like crap and can’t keep a job,
your wife is miserable, with you your kids hate you. Most days you feel like
you’re better off dead. I am such an extrovert I had
to close my Facebook account because I Donald Trumped
the crap out of Facebook got myself in a lot of trouble
with friends and family which no longer talk to me I have nobody but my wife and kids left. He goes on to say: Having bipolar is like Satan
the devil lives inside of you. There is no escape from
these feelings of depression, anxiety, and these crazy
ridiculous thought, the constant negativity, everybody constantly
complaining about how awful of a person you are. It wears on you. This is by all means no life. No enjoyment. I enjoy nothing. Never happy. Yeah I know what you’re going to say, cognitive behavioral therapy. Dialectical behavioral
therapy doesn’t work. Medication helps but it’s not the answer. I just keep waiting for life to get better but it just doesn’t. You’re a patron. Thank you, General Repair
for your transparency. There’s a lot mixed in with this question. He was commenting on a
video on mixed mania. But embedded in this question
is the overlay of an illness like bipolar disorder on top
of a personality disorder. You can see this with the
mixture of some of his comments like his kids and wife hating him and him Donald Trumping people on Facebook and turning people off. Bipolar disorder which is a mental illness doesn’t make you do these things. It doesn’t even make people hate you. Your underlying personality
that comes out full force when you’re ill, is what
makes people dislike you. So, just to make sure you
understood what I just said, your personality is your hard wiring and it’s how you react
to your environment. But if you have an illness like
bipolar disorder or anxiety, those disorders disrupt your equilibrium and can bring out negative aspects of your personality even more. But those illnesses themselves don’t make people do things
to hurt other people. So what is a personality disorder? A Personality disorder is a
pattern of inner experience and behavior that deviates
from the expectations of a person’s culture. That’s the official definition. What’s inner experience? Let’s look at the classic
filled glass example. If you see this as half full and I see it is half empty, we two different perspectives
based on our inner experience. Mine being more negative
and yours more positive. Both perspectives are
still correct though, but they take on different
or opposite tones. Also with a personality
disorder this pattern of inner experience and
behavior must affect two out of four areas: the way you think, the
way you express emotion, the way you relate to people
or your impulse control. Also, the pattern of inner
experience and behavior is inflexible, and you see
it show up in multiple areas of your life. The pattern goes back to late adolescence or early adulthood. And the pattern leads to problems like either internal distress or problems in your relationships
or your work or school. There’s 10 personality disorders and they are clustered into three groups based on characteristics that
those personalities share. With Cluster A personality disorders, people appear odd or eccentric. I’m going to use the Diagnostic
and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders to
define the disorders. The first cluster A personality disorder is paranoid personality disorder. Paranoid personality disorder is a pattern of distrust
and suspiciousness, these people interpret
others motives as malevolent. Schizoid personality disorder is a pattern of detachment
from social relationships and a restricted range
of emotional expression. So this is the loner who is not
very emotionally expressive. This can be mistaken for a person with autism spectrum disorder. But with Autism Spectrum disorder, the person has
developmental delays as well and they have more severe social problems. Schizotypal personality disorder is a pattern of acute discomfort
in close relationships, or cognitive perceptual distortions, and eccentricities of behavior. This would be the person who may be heavily into
paranormal experiences and they usually don’t have
close relationships with people. With cluster B personality disorders the person appears dramatic,
emotional or erratic. The four cluster B personality
disorders are as follows: Antisocial personality disorder is a pattern of disregard
for, and violation of, the rights of others. These people tend to get in
lots of trouble with the law or they chronically break
rules without getting caught. Borderline personality disorder is a pattern of unstable
interpersonal relationships, self-image, and emotional expression, and they have marked impulsivity. This person’s life is very chaotic. Histrionic personality disorder is a pattern of excessive emotionality and attention seeking. This is the person who is
very dramatic and extreme. They may appear very superficial, wearing their emotions on their sleeves and considering any and
everyone their dear friend. Narcissistic personality disorder is a pattern of grandiosity,
need for admiration, and lack of empathy. Lack of empathy means that the narcissist doesn’t appreciate other people’s needs. With cluster C personality disorders people tend to be anxious and fearful. The cluster C personality
disorders are as follows: Avoidant personality disorder is a pattern of social inhibition, feelings of inadequacy, and hypersensitivity
to negative evaluation. These people tend to be very
anxious in social settings. It can look very similar
to social anxiety. Dependent personality disorder is a pattern of submissive
and clinging behavior related to an excessive
need to be taken care of. Obsessive-compulsive personality disorder is a pattern of preoccupation
with orderliness, perfectionism, and control. A person can have a mixed
personality disorder that’s s a combination of a
couple of these disorders. Usually the combination
stays within the cluster, but it doesn’t have to. Is a personality disorder
a mental illness? Although these patterns of
behavior are considered disorders and are in the diagnostic
and statistical manual, we don’t think of them as illnesses in the same way we think of schizophrenia, or bipolar disorder,
depression or even ADHD. With these illnesses we see
disruptions in brain chemistry that are responsible for these illnesses. But the personality disorders
are patterns of thinking and behavior that just develop with you. We all have characteristics of some of these personality disorders. We call it having certain
personality features or traits. But if you have several of the traits of a particular disorder such
that it causes dysfunction in all of these areas of your life, then it would be considered
a personality disorder. So a person can have
features of narcissism without having the full-blown narcissistic personality disorder. What makes a person have
a personality disorder? We don’t know exactly. Some of the disorders run in families. Some of them like Schizoid
personality disorder, are more prevalent in
people with schizophrenia. We believe that borderline
personality disorder may be a product of early
trauma from childhood. Narcissistic personality
is thought to be learned and the product of inconsistent
or negligent parenting. This would be parenting
where you have a combination of excessive praise that is based on the parent’s own insecurity. So they’re praising you
on what they need to hear in combination with inattention to your real emotional needs. This is how you get the
excessive need for validation. What can you do to help
a personality disorder? For borderline personality disorder, dialectical behavior therapy
is extremely helpful. For histrionic personality disorder cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful. The cognitive portion of the
therapy helps the dramatic histrionic person
realign their perspective to a level that is less dramatic. It also helps them to
appreciate how their behavior serves the purpose of getting attention and helps them find other
ways to satisfy that need. Unfortunately, with antisocial personality and narcissistic personality disorder, there’s not much that we have. People with antisocial
personality disorder usually don’t want to be helped. The person with narcissistic
personality disorder, they may want to be helped. Just like General Repair is asking at least about this question, because they realize how much the problem affects their relationships. The problem is that it’s
hard for them to own that they are the center of the problem and that it’s not the
world doing things to them. But even if a person does realize this, like General Repair seems to, the Insight doesn’t last that long. Its like a rubber band that stretches out and then springs right back. So, I’m sorry Mechanical Repair. But, I have a feeling
you knew this already. Thanks again for asking this question. I hope you can just keep pushing forward. It could be that over
time as you get older the negative aspects of your personality just kind of calm down little bit. We can see this with
these cluster B disorders that people just burn
out as they get older. And the disorder doesn’t go away, but it’s just not as
offensive and problematic. Continue to leave comments and questions. There’s a lot more that can
be unpacked with this issue of personality disorders. Let me know if you have a
specific question or issue about the other disorders. However, there are a
lot of videos on YouTube about narcissism and so I’m not sure if I want to join the pack
and add yet another video about that but we’ll see. Depends on what your question is. So, share the knowledge with other people and see you next time. ♪ I am what I am today
because I did it my way ♪ ♪ Nothing else to say ♪ ♪ In this life or the next life ♪



  • General Repair

    Dr Marks
    General repair here I am honored to be on your video. It’s sad that there’s not a lot that you can do about the narcissistic personality disorder but I currently am back in counseling seeking cognitive behavioral therapy but she also works with DBT to we just did my goals and that’s where we left off I’m on my second session. Also I’m seeing a new psychiatrist because my psychiatrist after 13 years decided to move to Tallahassee and if you don’t know where that is where I grew up in Florida. Dr. Marks you really called me out really did hit the nail on the head. I wouldn’t be using Siri if I knew it was going to be posted on YouTube with all the typos I was kind of ranting at that time probably in one of my emotional states . I’m using Siri now but paying attention to what I’m writing. I like that I’m dancing in the end well this is interesting from one YouTuber or to another yes I’m letting it out if you guys want to check out my channel I’m letting it out you can see me when I look like and what I do no it is not for advertisement because I only have 40 subscribers anyways I am again honored to be on this channel and I think that dr. Marks is incredibly talented in her line of work and extremely educated in which she does I have a bunch of the useless degrees that I did nothing with but she has a degree that she uses and helps others well I’m hoping to get to the point where she mentions that someday these emotions will calm down and personalities will taper off and calm down I am 39 years old and I want to be good to my family but every day is a battle in the mind it’s like I’m still fighting in a war like in The Iraq war .
    Thank you Dr. Marks so much . If anybody has any questions for me or want to chat feel free to contact me right on here if not God bless you and have a great day.

  • Terry Strayer

    a pattern I'll behavior that deviates from the expectations of society well that pretty much describes everybody that was worth a s*** in our society every poet every artist every Creator every inventor just about everybody as long as you get crammed into thinking like everybody else will get the same average results I wish you would put out a video that would be positive I was being positive telling people that you're deviating from what other people or thinking so therefore you're wrong you're not saying that correct

  • cohy_pocrit

    Hi. I noticed that you did a lot of videos about bipolar or depression etc, but what about anti-social disorder? I'm so curious about this because I've been searching about my possible diagnose for month but anything close to it was antisocial disorder. I was just having lack of strong feelings in general and it doesn't seem like I have bipolar or it's borderline p.d.
    I also like you and the way you talk a lot, so I would love to see you talk about psychopathy and antisocial in general. Thank you.

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  • bear joke

    Hi Dr. Tracey Marks. First english not my language, I'm learning by myself with some base from 10years ago. I would like some tips, I'm new here, I will listen some of youre other video but I take a chance to ask. I have diagnostic of depression from my 14 years old and I'm 27 now (everytime I see any kind of doctor they give me the depression test and I score high even if I lie and make it less worst on paper.). Also anxiety (I was 18years old when I got the diagnosis) and hypothyroid (I was 10years old when I started the syntroid). At 22 I was said some cluster C.
    MY QUESTION- When I try to read/listen or anything about all that I can't concentrate, feel sleepy (can easy fall asleep), my eyes burn and it is difficult to kept them open. So what would be your tips to not go on that kind of pattern?

    P.s. I liked this video because you go on the positive validating way that can help people to go see someone.

    Wish you some calm and a peaceful day.

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    Bonnie Lee
    You said nothing about genetics. I witnessed my covert narcissist sister delusional. She had to protect her persona so much so, that all logic goes out the window. She blew her top when I asked her to explain to me why she couldn’t have empathy for me ( I said to myself, holy crap, my sister’s brain is wired wrong ). Then the was the time when she came home from university one night and said, I’m smarter than everyone in the class. I thought she was joking. But she had to explain this special realization that had occurred to her. I asked, are you smarter than the teacher and she said yes. She explains that she felt omniscient. You also said that they have this at adolescence and early adulthood. My sister and brother and possibly me had it since very early ( like age 4 ) childhood. Other than that, great video. Oh and my mom was a sociopath. I have tons of empathy, guilt, and I don’t want to manipulate people what-so-ever but I’m afraid that I have both sociopathy and narcissism.

  • Bonnie Lee

    They say that schizophrenia is a mental illness. I’ve also heard of personality disorders referred to as mental illness.
    Here’s the definition of personality: The combination of characteristics or qualities that form an individual’s distinctive character. “ she had a sunny personality that was very engaging. “
    My thought is that they shouldn’t be calling it, “ personality disorder “. It doesn’t fit the definition. These people are delusional. In their minds they are superior. They look through a kaleidoscope lense at the world in their own reality. And because of this, they act like assholes and they are defending themselves because they feel like they are being challenged. Their superiority is being challenged. That right there is not a personality when you are feeling like your superiority is being challenged. They have impulse control problems. They lack empathy, they don’t learn from their mistakes. They are impossible to reason with. Logic goes out the window with them, their minds are not normal. Their minds are wired differently. It’s most likely genetic and is scattered well in the gene pool and can pop up even with parents that seem normal. Maybe great, great, grandfather had it. It could be in your genes and turned on because of child hood trauma. Or it could be a combination of a gene and something wrong in development of the ego. They are immature, like a child. It could be an arrested development. But personality, I don’t think so. “He was a little mean and grumpy today” or, “ he was delusional, high on himself and I couldn’t reason with him for nothing”. It’s not a personality disorder. They’ve got it named wrong. I wonder what Freud called it? Does anybody know? He was a good observer of these these things.

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    I have a mixture of all these at different moments. I'm fully aware of it, after the fact. Not so much narcissistic, but feel that there are spartic moments of this as well. The Depression is full blown with Daily and long term episodes….. could this just be the individuality of each being? Why does there have to be a label to Personalities, that another personality may not like or relate to?

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  • Can We Go Nowhere Any Faster?

    It’s been shown that people with borderline personality disorder have differences in their brains from people who do not. They have over firing of an underdeveloped amygdala, and under firing of the pre-frontal cortex. This has been shown consistently with brain scans. These seem to be associated with the risk factor of developmental disorders that can be traced back to some sort of abandonment trauma or attachment disorder in childhood during key brain development stages. There is an excellent book that just came out by a brilliant woman who recovered from BPD and has the YouTube channel “Recovery Mum”. Her book is called “The Big Book on Borderline Personality Disorder”. I believe it would be helpful to anyone who suffers from any personality disorder or who loves someone with a personality disorder.

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    I recognize that not all narcissists are highly promiscuous serial cheaters and sexual deviants who live double lives on the down-low. I'm simply asking for a video about the significant number of those who do.

    Thank you, Dr. Marks. I don't expect you to touch this topic with a 10-foot pole, but I'm hoping you'll surprise the heck out of me and share your insights.

    (NOTE: I did ask the aforementioned expert to start making YouTube videos to preserve her decades of knowledge about NPD, BPD and Schizoid PD. She is in her 70s and still practicing in NYC, and is not terribly tech savvy when it comes to editing videos on-line and she can't do so until someone offers to do the production and editing for her. This is why I'm asking you. Either way, thank you for all the videos you DO make, and for sharing your time and knowledge so generously with the public.)

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    What can I do about my schizoid personality disorder? It's always been a major obstacle and affecting me in every aspect of life. I currently only meet with 2 people regularly: my sister and my mom. But I would love to have friends and a relationships in my life, it's something that's really missing and that I feel like I cannot have, because I just can't get myself to talk to people. When the opportunity arises I find myself to be actually not that bad at interacting and even a little charismatic once I could warm up to someone. Every time I had a friend who I felt really understood me, I became too clingy and they felt overwhelmed and distanced themselves, because they were also my only friend at that time and I was asking for too much of their attention. I managed to establish more contacts with other people but none became that close.
    But in me there is no interest and no ambition to participiate in social events. Funny enough I have no problem talking to random people on the internet and making friends on websites or in online video games; I just can't in my area. I tried finding local online groups who share some of my interests but I never end up actually participating in events and meetups. I just feel extremely reluctant about going there and when I actually go, I don't know what do do with myself, don't actually want to talk to anyone and just look at my phone or leave because I feel too awkward.
    It doesn't help that these kind of personality disorders lie in my family so whenever I asked them for help as in asking someone to tag along and help me talk to people, they would just end up discouraging me from going, saying "you don't need friends" and stuff like that, which only brings me even further away from my goal.
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    Hello Doctor, Hope you are doing well. Hypomania and Cyclothymia in the Bipolar Spectrum Disorder does causes episodic irritation, anger, toxic or maladaptive behaviour which wouldnt have happened to the person or remained dormant otherwise. Hypomania can introduce rejection sensitivity, magical thinking, highly moralistic thoughts, excessive praying, episodic impulsivity, sudden charitable or nihilistic thoughts, superman like behaviour, violence, creativity, narcissism, high sexual drive, spending spree and excessive rate of speech. Hypomania or Dysthymia does accentuates the underlying personality or brings out the maladaptive and adaptive behaviors driven by childhood or adolescent experiences in a profound manner. Two people with Bipolar Disorder do not behave in the same way its the personality at play. Before the personality issues can be addressed through psychoanalysis etc its very important to address Bipolar Disorder first via medication for the personality to come to a Baseline. Many a times addressing Bipolar Disorder reduces Maladaptive behaviour..

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    It makes me sad about narcissists because unless the one in my family is misdiagnosed, he is a very good person at heart but he has a very fragile and poor self-esteem/self-image. He swings from that classic "I'm the best" delusion & entitlement, to a very very depressed, "I am nothing" mood. I often wonder if he is comorbid with something else or maybe just misdiagnosed. I see a lot of similarities between him and myself and I believe I have C-PTSD. His entire family has basically disowned him and though I'm sure he has half deserved it, they are very ignorant to mental illness and definitely add fuel to the fire with shame and such. Shaming is so powerful and poisonous, it can really mess people up.

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    There aren't enough videos on THAT one.

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    I've been kind of blaming my wife for triggering my schizophrenia with her narcissistic abuse! A good portion of my reasoning on that is, that we're always in the middle of a huge fight where she just refuses understand or be rational possibly because of some borderline or psychotic condition herself which causes me to go suicidal. Schizophrenia does run in both of our families and I am over 90% positive both of our kids where born psychotic instead of the autism they've been diagnosed with!

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    You’re a patron?? Huh?? He should go to therapy and take his meds or switch meds if they don’t work like they should. Eat well, make sure u get the sleep you need and get some exercise. Stay away from smoking, drug or alcohol use!! I imagine if you say your illness is leaking through u and causing problems then you’re probably not on meds or therapy and staying away from liquor or drugs. I’ve been in your position, don’t have a wife or kids but have felt out of control, like I couldn’t control the illness within me but I didn’t realize how important sobriety and sleep are!! Get your SLEEP! Get some EXERCISE!! No SMOKING or alcohol or DRUGS!! If you’re doing some of these don’t think of them like they’re not the problem because they are.

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    I have to say Mr Repairman must be spying on me. However now that I am getting older it is getting easier in that I am okay with more alone time.

    Some advice that has helped me…
    1) volunteer with hospitalized children, old people, or animals. Just sit with them. Give to them. Care for them. This helps heal the heart. 2) Meditate and take space for you. Very hard to find as a parent but if you can have some creative space and 15 minutes a day to get a clear mind it will do wonders for your anger and impulse. Practice mindfulness. This is key for your brain. 3) Find your higher power. Jesus is mine but I also follow the teachings of Buddah. This heals my spirit. 4) apologize often and acknowledge the problem in front of other. Find 1 or 2 good friends to confide in and 1 or 2 more just to have good times with once in awhile. This will help heal you emotionally.


    You aren't alone in this Mr. Repairman. 🤗 Hugs

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  • happy dolphin

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    I wonder, is it debatable to think involuntary treatment for people with personality disorders unless conditions that they are violent, suicidal or psychotic ?

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    I know this was posted months ago. I have always researched and tried to diagnose my ex, which is also my only daughter's father. I often wonder if his issue or disorder is inherited or learned. He is very abusive, emotionally and physically. He would throw objects, have tantrums and break things in my house, it would be so bad, he would push over all types of furniture, etc. He slapped me once when I said that I talked to my ex on the phone and once hit me when I got out of our bed to get in my mother's bed to avoid him. She lives with me. He took my truck once and would not return it, threatened to burn my house down, etc. I had to send police to get it all the way in another state. I had so many issues with him. I requested that he get counseling. He attended several times but never changed. He also has a drinking problem. We haven't been together in years. I finally got rid of him. He lives in SC and I live in Ga. This is been a blessing because I know if he lived here, I wouldn't have any peace. I often wondered if he had Bipolar, BPD, A typical abuser/narcissist or what? He grew up in an abusive home, I found out later. His father abused his mother repeatedly,. His grandmother told me that when he was young, he couldn't rest or sleep it was so bad. One of his aunts also told me that he was so angry that he could not love anyone appropriately. I agree as he has not had a stable relationship since we broke up. He was also abusive to the new lady he was seeing. So one, does this sound like a typical abuser or someone with BPD. Also, my daughter is an honor roll student, has friends, been dancing since 2, very quiet and respectful at school; however she has shown anger outburst towards me. She has yelled, cried, screamed and once punched the wall. I have her seeing a counselor who thinks it is not serious with her but I do not want her to end up in a life that he has now. Please advise. I know I have said a lot.

  • Josè Biden

    I totally agree with you in regards to the Narcissism topic being oversaturated right now on YouTube. Anyways, I’ve developed obvious traits of Avoidant personality disorder, Schizoid personality disorder, and Social Anxiety throughout my college career. But I find that these 3 disorders’ symptoms seem to overlap and I’m finding it difficult to differentiate them. Are these disorders just highly comorbid? I’m currently being treated for Depression, ADHD, and GAD by a psychiatrist. How does a psychiatrist treat Cluster A/C personality disorders?

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    Hi there, I appreciate your videos and your professionalism a great deal, especially in your reluctance to capitalize on what seems to be a growing trend of scaremongering about personality disorders. What I would love to see is more conscientious professionals like you warning against armchair diagnoses. I keep seeing lay people applying diagnostic labels to partners, family members, and even strangers or public figures based on clickbait articles or secondhand stories from other armchair psychologists.

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    Dr. Marks I live in the Philippines and I am looking for a good therapists or marriage counselor. My husband have NPD. He was neglected and abused by his parents. This caused him to be cold, manipulative, lacks empathy and lacks emotional attachment. I am the one who suffered the most because he projects all the hate and inner insecurities he has. He even had affairs, he withholds affection and liar. If the empathy in his brain is not working as a normal person why don't we see it as mental illness? If it wasn't mental illness then it must be some demonic possession. I am having PTSD because of the emotional abuse and I no longer have the same patience I had before. I am planning to take Psychology and will save money to leave him.

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    we are not suspicious,we are paranoid

    we are not worried ,we're blowing a fuse

    we are not creative, we are genius

    we are not sad, we just want to die.

    Welcome in Bipolar world.
    And yeah clearly like someone said , it s like living with Satan in you , nothing seems to satisfy you , you like nothing and seems all it makes you feels like all is against you .
    All lil feeling like a gentle breeze turns to a storm ..You are feeling averagely happy and mainly sad .Waking up in the morning is like gambling you don't know how you gonna feel this new day either you gonna stand up and fight either you're already crying and begging inside asap you open your eyes.I used to hate this condition so much , took pills that made me feel like a living dead puppet , i wasn't me just no feelings at all .Now i gave up medication and each day is russian roulette but this disorder keeps me fidgety and creative all day and on bad day it makes me feel less than S*** with random reaction toward peoples.Anyway thanks to those channel that are treaating about this cause it makes me feels less lonely when i m badly low.Take care all love yourself your best friend is yourself.

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    Hi Dr. Marks. Love the videos. I have a question. Can Guanfacine and Zoloft together result in weight gain? Since starting this medicine we have noticed a significant weight gain in a family member. But I haven't been able to find any research supporting this.

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  • Lisa Cunningham

    I dated a guy with a personality disorder who had an M.D. He told me he knew he had one. I think abuse as a child was the reason he had it. His mother and sister treated him like crap. Plus he told me his deceased father had abused him when he was a child. My former therapist told me that disorders are difficult to treat and that after age 40, as you said, some people naturally get over them. But this man was almost 60 years old. We ended up breaking up, of course.

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    Ok so this describes most people. Its very broad. Help me understand better by doing a video on whats a person suposed to be. Give some examples of people with no problems. Normal. Came out right. And is the message that we are supposed to be the way othera decide for us? Be like the crowd? No matter how the crowd is just be like them? And who decided how everyone should be? I know i have a disorder but whos to say normal people dont? What makes them perfect or acceptable is the mob rule or universal law? What makes the mob the way we should all be?

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    Curious about how avoidant personality disorder can be coped with- and how to live with people who have personality disorders, are there strategies for each type? Thx, your videos are fascinating!

  • Kymberly East

    Can you have cluster A paranoid disorder mixed with cluster B borderline? You say that combinations may occur, mostly within the clusters, but I have a dear family member who suffers extremely from the belief that she is being talked about and incessantly criticized while embodying the characteristics of borderline. Perhaps the paranoia only SEEMS to be present, being similar to the incredible terrible esteem issues that manifest through surprising accusations that she is being mistreated (this idea of being mistreated includes a violent disappointment that she is not treated like royalty; a belief that often leads her to behave in shockingly cruel ways. One of my cousins describes being physically shaken and unable to return to her former activity after an interaction). My family's loved one is 55, and at this time I don't believe there is hope that we can support her to gain a healthier perception of her life. It seems that her behavior only worsens with the passage of time. Can it be that her disorder will reach a pitch and finally collapse, being too unsustainable? I don't know. It seems that her atrocious fits of temper fuel her in a way, that she derives a kind of power from them. She is an attractive, charismatic individual, and the people in her life would forgive her transgressions at the drop of a hat if she ever sought reconciliation in a real way. Today, though, the majority of us feel extremely anxious, even unsafe, and quite confused and defensive around her. I love her, so I am always on the lookout for better approaches, but I am one of the individuals she hates most, so all I can do is improve upon myself in order to offer better responses in the future. There are times I wonder if she might even suffer from a mental illness as well. She talks about parasites coming out of her eyes (she acquired parasites during a trip overseas), and shitting a snake; and she is attracted to shamanistic practices, and casting spells. I think we are in way over our heads.

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