Aspirin and Heart Attack Prevention

aspirin may help protect people from serious health problems but it’s new research reminds us it’s not for everyone hi I’m dr. Cindy Haynes host of health day TV many people who have had a heart attack or stroke should take aspirin to help keep these events from happening again according to the American Heart Association a new study has investigated if a daily aspirin could also help keep people from having a first attack based on a certain screening test the study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association followed more than 3,000 older people who had reduced blood flow through the arteries in their legs the test that measured this is called the ankle brachial index or ABI having a low ABI indicates having a higher risk of heart disease and stroke half of these people with the low ABI started taking a daily aspirin after about eight years problems such as heart attacks and strokes whereas common in people who took aspirin as people who didn’t take it however those taking aspirin appeared to have a higher risk of bleeding a known risk of aspirin use these results suggest that using the ABI as a screening test to determine who might benefit from a preventive aspirin may not be best practice however low ABI is still linked with higher risk of cardiovascular events thus use of alternative preventive therapies such as statins may be worth considering concluded the authors I’m dr. Cindy Haynes of health day TV with the news the doctors are reading health news that matters to you



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