Ava Max On Mental Health & Friendship | Ad Council

Ava Max On Mental Health & Friendship | Ad Council

Well, I was home-schooled in high school And it was really difficult for me to meet people and I went to high school just for one year into public school I remember just walking in It was the first or second day of school And I’m not getting out a PB&J sandwich and I go to the bathroom to eat Because I didn’t want to be seen I just I felt like people were laughing at me. I was the new girl and… who wants to be friends with the new girl? I had to like do my own thing. I started writing songs. I just got in my own little cocoon. I come from an Albanian family where we share all of our emotions and it’s taught me to really Be helpful and reach out to someone if they’re not like that. To say, “Hey, I know you’re feeling Bad about this certain thing But don’t put yourself down, like you can’t just focus on that one moment” I would tell my friends that and my cousins when I saw they were down and they didn’t feel good and didn’t want to talk about their emotions because I think it’s super important to talk with somebody and seek help when you’re not feeling Mentally there because we’ve all been there and it’s normal I think it’s important to know that we all have challenges in our life. We all have problems in our life We all go through ups and downs every single day. It’s not out of the ordinary We all feel down sometimes. I mean, I had a friend she you know Got her heart broken and and she was just like hurting herself mentally and not leaving her room and she just felt so down after this breakup, and it just wasn’t healthy. So I went inside her room turned on the lights and it was like we’re going shopping. I think it’s important to help people when you see they’re down. It doesn’t have to be shopping it could be going to watch a movie with your friend or Taking your friend out to dinner or taking your friend for like a walk just to talk You can really help a lot of people just by Knocking on their door and seeing how they are…a text like “hey, how are you doing?” Make it about them like reach out. I know I keep saying this but it’s so important: If you think your friend is struggling with mental health reach out and start a conversation For more tips visit SeizeTheAwkward.org



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