Become a Mentor to Help Lower Blood Pressure

(heartbeats) (upbeat music) – Rewarding experience. You get to interact with
people in the community. It’s something that does not take up more than maybe an hour or so of your time over the course of a week and that includes
preparation and the actual communication with the participants. You get to change lives. – Pharmacy students really worked well to serve as mentors because not only do they understand
the mechanics of blood pressure, but also they had
some degree of knowledge about pharmaceuticals
and how those impacts blood pressure. – I invite others to be a mentor as well in this program because
you get to experience the real lives of other people and what their going through and just be one-on-one with them and build a rapport. You can learn so much from them. It’s not just you impacting them, but they also impact to you. Especially if you’re
in a healthcare field, or you’re involved with other stuff that has to deal with health. You get to give them more
of what you’ve learned over the years of your
healthcare profession, and it just builds a better opportunity for them as well. – I would encourage you not
only to do this for yourself, but to go and spread the word to others that they too might benefit. It has benefited my congregation, my community because we know that the more knowledge we have, the
more information we have, the better we are equipped
to empower one another to encourage one another that we go out and do our job which
is to be heart healthy, live productive lives, and
continue on that we might be prosperous in everything we do. – Being a mentor really
gives you the opportunity to teach someone else
and journey with them through their goals to improve their life whether it be to get more exercise, eat better, lose weight,
reduce their stress, and it also gives you the
opportunity as the mentor to learn from all the
participants that you would reach out to. To learn the stories
and hear those stories of success and encouragement, and to be able to translate
that even into your own work, and into your life. It’s a great, great learning experience and the best way to learn
something is to teach it. (upbeat music)



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