Being present: The Great Mental Health Experiment (S2) #5

Being present: The Great Mental Health Experiment (S2) #5

– Welcome to my evil lair. (dramatic music) Welcome back to The Great
Mental Health Experiment, and today, we’re gonna
focus on being present. We’re currently in my office at work, yay. I bet you’re wondering how
we’re gonna be present. We’re gonna go on an adventure, and it’s gonna be a really fun adventure. We’re gonna go to Muriwai Beach, and we’re just gonna
go stare at the waves, enjoy the sand between our toes, and just chill, just kind of be one with nature and be present in that moment. Practising being present is really good for you to be able to kind of learn about yourself more and notice some things in your
life that you wanna change. Not that you need to change, ’cause girl, you great, boy, you awesome. But there might be some,
like, things in your lifestyle that aren’t necessarily good for you. I’m actually drinking too much. Dude, like I’ve been smoking for ages. I’m gaming way too much and I need to kind of
focus on going outside and hanging out with my mates. There’s all these kind of different things that you might notice from
practising being present that you’re like, “Actually,
to be the better version of me, I need to make some changes.” Boom. I’m feeling like, really indifferent. Like it’s kind of like,
this is a bit of a meh day. So I’m probably just like a five, like I’m neither good nor bad, I’m just kind of sitting in the meh zone. (upbeat music) So why are we practising
the idea of being present? We’re so like, “Go, go, go,”
always got things to do. We’ve always got our phones to like, see what’s happening all around us. We’re really bad at just focusing on what’s happening right now. And we often miss these
really cool moments that are happening in the present. And I totally acknowledge
that for some people, like what’s happening here
and now is, like, really hard and, like, being able to focus on that future thing is
actually really good. But there’s also something like, you know, You want to remember this moment ’cause over in the ahead time, when you’re feeling a lot better you’re gonna look back on these times and be like, “Man, I got through that. “And I’m here now. And that’s cool.” So while I have you guys on the beach I thought we would try a little something. So what we’re gonna do is, let me get serious for a minute. So what I want you to do, I want you to close your eyes. Okay. Trust me. Just close
’em. Close ’em. Shhhh. And what you’re gonna do next is you’re gonna take a big deep breath and then exhale. And while you’re kinda sitting
there with your eyes closed just, kind of, thinking
about what it means to be alive and present in this moment while watching this right now. And that’s it. Just as simple as that. You can just sit there for as little or as long as you want to. It’s really great to do while you’re out at a place like this. So you can kinda sit and listen to the sounds of the ocean and the birds and people doing what they’re
doing as they walk by. But that’s just one small thing that you can do to practise being present. So I did get some research,
particularly around journaling because I find a lot
of my friends are like, “Oh, like it’s, I find journaling hard.” But the thing about journaling is like it’s not hard. And there’s no right way
or wrong way of doing it. Like, just whatever way
works for you, works for you. (laughs) Woah. Today was really fun. I really enjoyed being out in the beach and the nature. It was just, yeah. It’s really nice to, like,
get away from everything. Especially when you live in Auckland City and everything’s like happening all the time. To like go somewhere where
it’s so quiet and chill, I had some really good,
like, self reflections and stuff while I was there. Kind of one thing I realised is like I really wanna kinda get out
there and go to the beach and kinda do that kind of
reflective stuff more often. I just had this like, mad appreciation for where I live and how beautiful it is and how people from,
like, all over the world come just to see, like, that beauty that I see all the time. I mean I was feeling a five. I was feeling pretty meh, but after going out there and doing it I’ve like bumped up to
a solid, solid eight. Solid eight. Feeling it. So my challenge to you guys is, yeah, to practise being present. Either the way I showed
you while at the beach or find your own way. It can be, yeah, finding
a moment to yourself to just reflect. You can do it with friends if you want to. But definitely, definitely
something you should try on your own at least once. So overall, I give being present four out of five gannets. (laughs) I’m your Beth friend. You guys are great. I’ll see you in a fortnight. I’m gonna drink this and have some nachos. Bye.


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