Biden Torches Trump: ‘Narcissism Is A Mental Deficiency’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

Biden Torches Trump: ‘Narcissism Is A Mental Deficiency’ | The 11th Hour | MSNBC



  • bill b

    Breaking NEWS…. Biden is looking for more little CHILDREN to rub his wet legs, sit on his creepy lap and he needs young females for hair sniffing ASAP

  • Jerry Marasco

    So is dementia Joe ! So is dementia…….

  • J Batson

    Go to the mental hospital. Go directly to the mental hospital, don't collect socialist support services!! Go to the mental hospital. Trump cares as much about Biden as he does to participate in the impeachment circus or acknowledge the clowns.

  • Nico Hernandez

    Biden your a democraps loser! Who is jealous of this president! You will never be president. Maybe in your dreams! Oh that's right the democraps are good liars, and love to rigg things! So maybe! Trump Train!!

  • Bob Smith

    Sleepy Joe Biden talking about mental deficiencies? Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha

  • Mark Hammer

    I think the most hurtful thing one can say about Donald Trump is that he is a C-level president in a job that demands at least an A-. He's just passing, with some help from the teaching assistant, but he's not excelling.
    Although mental health professionals are reluctant to engage in diagnosis of anyone without considerable interaction with them, this president has made nearly every recess of his mind available via Twitter. I don't know that hours of interview could reveal more diagnostic information than he feels compelled to reveal on a daily basis. So if someone wants to attribute personality traits, I don't think they do so with a dearth of evidence to work from.

  • Texas3

    TDS is a mental disorder to.

  • Vihari Royal

    Narcissism is Endemic to Republican Party of Kremlin…..😂👆

  • Eric Wood

    Joe should be all right if he can develop a proper response to the allegations against him in regards to Hunter Biden and Burisma. The con man playing president doesn't have much else to trot out against Joe.

  • willworknow will

    Hey, it’s Quid Pro Joe!

  • Please Do Tell

    Poor pedophile Joe

  • Walt Schmidt

    Biden can't even stay awake, when he is addressing his 15 person "crowd"…

  • Jeff Woods

    Biden is a half wit..The last person who should be judgemental should be this mindless puppet..
    The great things is..The dnc already gave him the nod to be their candidate..This is the best the dems have to offer, lmao!

  • nanomonkey314


  • hoop earrings

    Bernie 2020progressive for the poor

  • Jerry Marasco

    Kind of like the criticism that Elizabeth Warren supporter gave you ?
    Then you call him out to do push ups ?
    Well that makes sense !
    Said absolutely NO ONE !

  • Peter Rasch

    Don's narcissism is one symptom of his underlying psychopathy.

  • Good Day

    Biden is toast


    Biden is finished

  • Dusty Nickels

    It’s going to be a complete blue tsunami for Joe Biden in 2020!!!!!! Republicans don’t have a chance!!!!!!!

  • Rock the Casbah 21

    Lots of school kids on today spouting their usual negativity. Pity they don't apply themselves with the same energy to making a success of their lives.

  • xivxi xivxi

    Most ironic title to a YouTube video award goes to … MSNBC.

  • Rob Roy

    Trumpism is a mental disorder but so much more. It is also born out of a desire to return to a Monarchy and or Confederacy. The current day Republicans are the remnants and descendants of the original Loyalists (Conservatives or Tories) of King George's England. They supported the King/Dictator during the American Revolution. The British elite (Conservatives) again supported slavery and the Confederacy during the Civil War. It is no accident that Trumpism is most prominent in the old Confederate states today. Trump in a way represents a re-election of a Confederate President. A modern day Jefferson Davis. A Century after the South humiliating defeat and attempts at developing a culture of "Lost Cause" pride to cope with it has culminated with the election of this President. These people do not want to lose that and they will obviously do anything to preserve it

  • Joseph Swift

    I dare this network to show the video of Biden withholding money from the Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor investigating Borisma. They never will because they cover and lie for the real criminals everyday. This network is a threat to our national security and should be taken off the air. Globalist propaganda.

  • Frank Winkhorst

    Putin is getting his money's worth. How much did he "lend" Dumbo?

  • Red Alert

    Narcissism is one of many psychiatric disorders this Republican anti-messiah is suffering from.

  • Charles Charlemagne

    Trump is going to win an electoral landslide in 2020 and its going to be amazing.

  • Mine Finder

    Trump needs a good name for Biden in 2020.
    DAZED AND CONFUSED would be appropriate.

  • p l

    humm all of the russian trolls out an about today , doesn't matter thinking people know where trump an mitch moscow get their dinner from ,putin ,china,an the saudi's, you couldn't find a closer pile of pigshit no matter how hard you looked just follow the stench lmao


    I cant wait till the first debate with President Trump and whoever the Dems pick to be their GUY….lol

  • Dasia Cullins

    Biden said it better important point period!

  • Doctor James

    I'm no Biden fan, but he totally nailed Trump on this one. Of course Trump is mentally unstable.

  • Joe alonzo

    WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump is donating his third-quarter salary to help tackle the nation’s opioid epidemic. A White House official says Trump has given the $100,000 he would be paid in the quarter to the Office of the Assistant Secretary of Health, which oversees federal public health offices and programs, including the surgeon general’s office. Trump has made tackling the misuse of opioids an administration priority. More than 70,000 Americans died in 2017 from drug overdoses, the bulk of them involving opioids.

  • Lefert Bos

    Trump 2020 !

  • Wendy Pastore

    Joe and Hunter is only a “weak” spot if the media treats it like there’s something there. Trump and Rudy are inventing this the way they did the Obama birth certificate thing.

  • Monkey Boy

    Please look into Andrew Yang 2020 if you haven't yet

  • Alex Hamilton

    This coming from a man who will never be President LOL

  • Kiichi Yamato

    Trump has Alzheimer's disease in the 5th stage and shouldn't run for president.

  • Stupid Durr

    Skipping stone, so alone, some are born and born again. I was born again in a crossfire hurricane. A lone wolf set astray, bad daddy yes, not the good one. The acumen the all businessmen plan. Nature of the hunted, some are impulsive led, in a trap that is an impulsive head. You no better than to hunt me brother. The hunter and the hunted are one and the same inside the impulsive brain. Simple directions and coarse corrections. The shadow of intrigue and the shadow of doubt. Tomb breath there is no shadowy doubt, not really. That which is predictably behind you is in fact predictably in front, left to it's owned devices.

  • Stupid Durr

    Yes the skipping stone in the zone, rental car near and far……………..The cheap suit troops is that what they're do'n prove'n prove'n next move everybody everywhere got something to prove next move, next move. Cept for the cheap suit troops been around the block one to many times. This do go down in predictable fashion, can't see how I could be wrong.

  • mister_love

    wow , this is real news ………… I cant believe a democrat would say that

  • mister_love

    brian , your panel looks like the Charlie manson gang staring at brad pitt in that movie

  • Blue Velvet

    Any Democrat running for president not talking about increasing taxes on the rich not to the full percentage they were before but a increase and economical advancement and Improvement for the poor middle class and above will not get my vote Democrats want wealth and well being too. Dont bring me a unity message without economical increas3 for all.


    Listening to Biden I'd say he's the one who is cuckoo

  • shitz Mgee

    So says Joe The Pervert Pedofile Biden…hahaha. This creep should be publicly castrated like a wild pig and tossed in prison. He a groping lowlife!

  • shitz Mgee

    Bidens a lowlife Pedofile Creep

  • shitz Mgee

    This is just Liberal Propaganda garbage…Don't buy into the nonsense chirping  of the progressive democratic left of being the moral ones! .  Its 100% NONSENSE!  The only time these people are moral is with their mouth or with someone elses wallet.  They sit back and feel good about themselves sipping the bubbly doing nothing themselves. They just need to be seen or heard to appease their aching conscience. Never will get their hands dirty from actually doing something…these people are A Scam!

  • Janice Smith

    And Joe knows a thing or two about mental deficiencies 🤤

  • Yes Sir!

    Didn't Biden call a Democrat war veteran "fat" and a "liar" the other day for asking about Biden's affairs in Ukraine?

  • Damien

    God dam republicans!

  • Harry Lime

    Trump is very scared of Joe.

  • Starsurfer74

    Again Biden is rather slow to finally pick up on the fact that Chump is a complete lunatic.

  • Jam O


  • Chat Noir

    I support Bernie Sanders. For the people.

  • MiQuel Quiles

    Bernie Sanders 2020 he's the only one he's the truth he's the real deal……

  • Bustacap Tx

    Did you know that one out of three Democrats are as stupid as the other two?

  • e r

    Coming from a guy who sniffs little girls' hair and very touchy in front of news cameras……….perhaps, his hands should be in the sexual offender registry.


    Biden got experience politics and went to college for politics 😂 😂.

  • XWriter100

    The Democrats Watergate is right around the corner. When the evidence of their crimes, collusion with foreign agents and crooked FISA warrants against American citizens, spying on a presidential campaign comes out, Schiff, Biden, Hillary and all their cronies are going down hard.

  • J. Tueur

    This should cheer you up

  • Stephentheobdurate Van Buskirk

    The bruhaha about Biden's son is ridiculous. As a single father who's raised two children I barely had control of them when they were teenagers. Biden has no control over or responsibility for his adult son. A man's children are not chattel. Pass it on.

  • Robert Mansfield

    Biden has to try and attack trump as his corporate Democrat policies are in lock step with Republicans. Biden is Hillary 2.0 and can’t relate to the average down trodden American worker, Trump will obliterate him. It’s no surprise MSNBC wastes air time on Biden and ignore Burnie, who is surging ahead in all the polls and will of course pass Biden.

  • Kevin NYC

    …so is dimensia.

  • olobar5

    I can't wait for Biden and Trump to get on the debate stage. Biden will stutter like a dog.

  • olobar5

    Democrats Then: No way this "Ex-Reality Tv Show Host beomes President"
    Democrats Now: "He's Head of a Criminal Organization that took over the White House"

    Ya, okay….sure he is. Whatever floats your boats. Just don't drag me down with this stupid TDS suffering split personality disorder your attempting to play on us. It's wrong & crazy!

  • Bob

    Look up Narcissism in any Psychiatric Text Book…..Trump is classic, in fact he is a Malignant Narcissist!

  • bill bixby

    Biden couldn't torch the olympic flame.

  • Annie

    I get a mental image of what it would look like with those two onset demented geriatrics on stage debating. One will get side tracked and forget what he was saying because the other one is tormenting him like a Grade school bully.

  • MsZeitgeist85

    Joke Biden is unelectable trash.

  • Henrik


  • chewyjello1

    I don't think any psychiatrist would call it a "mental deficiency." Narcissism has nothing to do with mental capacity. It's more of an emotional deficiency. You can be a genius and be a narcissist. Trump is obviously not a genius lol…but just sayin…not all narcissists are idiots. Just the orange ones.

  • Pigdoc1

    Listen up, all neoliberals, all the time:

  • Adam Douglas

    Joe Biden contradicts himself with every statement he makes, corrupt to the core, i'd love to see him testify about ukraine, hunter too

  • J Bird

    When you're a star you can get away with anything


    MSNBC is compromised by the CIA, NSA, and FBI. //////everything they say is a either an outright lie or a lie by ommission.

  • Andy America

    Vote Biden! and get this:

  • Michael Headrick

    Where’s hunter hitting a crack pipe in the back of strip club

  • Michael Headrick

    Trump train 2020 cho cho

  • Mark Lanzarotta

    Everyone knew Trump was nutty, but insanity doesn’t seem to be a bar to the presidency.🤪

  • Boyd Smith

    Biden is a criminal narcissist.

  • Jared Clark

    Says the guy who thought last week that he was Vice President in 1976.

  • Jared Clark

    Biden talking about narcissism? Guy is 80 and still wants to be president ya nothing narcissistic about that.

  • Richard B

    Biden had a rally and could not get 200 people to show up..
    Trump gets 18,000 in the building and another 20,000 outside and sometimes in the rain.
    Hmmm, Biden has Zero chance to win..
    Why doesn't Lying Brian cover this..?
    This Lying blue pill propaganda crap is getting so transparent that even the die hard Kool aid drinkers are starting to wake up.

  • Galahad Graves

    Trump isn’t the enemy. Biden and his lies are the enemy and mad media liars like Brian Williams sustain and participate in the evil.
    The key is to Stand against them.

  • Secondo Tranquilli

    amazing dishonesty – jimmy dore

  • Bill Davis

    Hay Biden TRUMP can't t tolerate lies like yours about Hunter getting payed millions ??

  • Diana February

    If Joe Biden comes out strong I’ll support him. But he’s got to distinguish himself from Obama

  • ursamagick MT

    POTUS #45 needs Amendment #25.

  • quietman356 123455

    Biden commenting on anyone else s narcissism and psychological issues is truly , as the esteemed Congressman Hank Johnson so eloquently put it " the pot calling the kettle black." Also somebody tell Hank that Guam is still upright.Just in case Hank was wondering.

  • William Baker

    Biden bragging about getting a Ukrainian prosecutor fired who happened to be investigating his son.

  • david woolston

    And Biden is just profoundly mentally deficient….

  • Flack Cat

    Really, well Joe and the rest of you delusional socialists Democrats should know. I want to thank you socialist morons for showing the non-TDS voters of this country just how shallow and desperate you socialist Democrats are helping ensure that President Trump gets re-elected. Walk away delusional socialist Democrats #walkaway

  • Hona Wikeepa

    Ukrainian Joe Biden.

  • Mark Maiuri

    It's time to dump Trump!

  • Seoul Man

    Why is liar Brian still on tv?

  • Curt Stolpe

    Is it a mental deficiency to not know what state you are in?

  • Sunny Wakefield

    GO JOE !!!!!!

  • giganteluis productions

    What Makes You Think That Sleepy Mental Case Joe Is Going To Win 2020 He Is A Waste Of Time I Will Never Follow Him A Liar Liar To The People.

  • green eyes 2

    Creepy uncle Joe Laundering money with drug addict hunter what a bunch of basket cases.

  • Ann Moore

    Everyone running for president should be Checked out before they Win! And if they have Narcissist in them they can't Run! 🤔

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