Blood Pressure Control

hello I’m Dr. Ekberg with wellness for
life and I just wanted to address a large
concern for many people which is blood pressure
we’re told that blood pressure is just something that goes crazy sometimes but
we want to understand it as a variable it is something that changes all the
time in your body and if it gets stuck in high if it’s too high then it’s
basically stuck the body doesn’t know how to bring it down or doesn’t want to
bring it down so if you’re laying down your blood pressure should be lower than
if you’re sitting or standing if you run up a flight of stairs or if you do some
exercise then your blood pressure needs to go up to provide the blood flow and
the pressure needed for that activity so high blood pressure when you’re
exercising is normal but then after you’re done exercising it should come
back down now in the medical world they look at all the different expressions so
basically when your blood pressure goes up that is your fight flight system or
your sympathetic nervous system that engages and increases the activity to
increase the blood pressure so you can do what you’re supposed to do and then
when you relax then your blood pressure and the sympathetic backs off and the
blood pressure comes down again in the medical world then just look at
all the hormones and the body parts and all the different things that carry out
the higher blood pressure they don’t look for the reason behind it and then
they give you medication or they try to block the body’s expression but the body
is saying hey you know there’s this crisis there’s this there’s this
fight/flight there’s this urgent thing there’s this danger we need to address
that’s why the blood pressure is up and then the blood pressure medication goes
in and blocks the pathway to carry out that increased blood pressure but then
the body says well you don’t understand we need more blood pressure because of
this situation we have go so by blocking the expression you’re not
doing the body any favors what we need to understand is why does the body
believe that there is a fight/flight and why has the body
why has the autonomic nervous system lost the ability to regulate and bring
it back down why is the blood pressure stuck so there’s a number of different
reasons you can do biofeedback you can do relaxation exercises to try to calm
down your your fight flight system but more than that it can also be other
things interfering what we work with in this office are what we call barriers to
healing things that prevent the body from finding that balance because the
body is designed to heal it’s designed to find balance
and if it doesn’t there’s usually something missing or something
interfering and these things can be food sensitivities that can be immune
challenges that can be metal toxicities chemical toxicities scars wear
electromagnetic fields are all factors that can change how the body
communicates inside and with the outside world so if those things are the true
cause if that’s the source of the the body believing that it is under stress
then nothing’s really gonna get better until we handle those reasons so that’s
what it means to get to the source of the problem and handle things
holistically you look at the body as a whole you figure out what’s interfering
with it you address the cause and then the body knows how to do what it’s
supposed to do so that’s the model and that is how we
address blood pressure we don’t treat blood pressure we don’t cure blood
pressure we help the body find the balance that it is designed to have and
then the body will take it from there so I hope this helps if you have any
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