Blood pressure measurement – OSCE guide

Blood pressure measurement – OSCE guide

Hi, my name is Simon, I’m one of the final year medical students. Can I just check your name and age, please? Yeah, my name is Andrew and I’m 25. Nice to meet you Andrew. Today, I’d like to take your blood pressure So that will entail me taking this cuff Inflating it around your arm feeling and listening to your pulse. Does that sound okay? Yeah, that’s fine It might be a little bit uncomfortable but it shouldn’t hurt. That’s right you okay for me to go ahead? Yeah, lovely You just pop your arm on the table, that’s lovely And I’m just going to feel your pulse now That completes the procedure, thank you very much Andrew. Thank you To complete the procedure I would check the blood pressure in the patient’s other arm I would then record the results in the patient’s notes



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    thank you guys

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    I have this as part of a cardiovascular OSCE tomorrow, not done it since first year!

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    Wait a second — that guy is lying!  He isn't "Andrew", he's Liam Snodgrass! I would recognize him anywhere!!

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    hi live in Brazil. I am in academic nursing in 4 period'm learning to speak English like a lot of their videos. congratulations !!

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    What is the reading?

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    you can't hear the korotkow sounds on every patient though, especially in a loud hospital

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    Just wondering if you do need to check the BP 2-3 times, 10-15mins apart to obtain an average reading?

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    so was the blood pressure 138/65 bc that's what i got? correct me if I'm wrong please.

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    138/68 ?

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    I think the procedure would only be complete if the doctor had told the patient the result.

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    It's 110/70 can't rely on the sound, when the needle bounces that's the systolic, when the needle stops bouncing and the sound fades that's the diastolic

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    hi why add 30 mmhg above the approximatre systolic bp

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    To be geeky about it I would presumably the cuff would have to apply more force on a big muscular arm than on a thin flabby arm. That'd mean a different reading on different people even if their blood pressure is the same. And even using the same cuff on the same arm you always get different results. It's a very crude, unreliable test in my opinion.

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    Washing your hands kinda seems like you're insulting the patient implying they have dirty hands 😂

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    I dont know i always think its rude to clean the hands infront of the patient

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    123/60. Its nearly impossible watching a video. Its way different in person.

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    is this more accurate than an omeron blood pressure machine ?

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    Is 171 over 95 high or low for blood pressure??

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    Looks like palpation was 130-140/p and Korotkoff sounds were 136/64.

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    Hi I'm a graduate of BS Nursing but still confused if I should record the systolic BP as THE FIRST EVER KOROTKOFF SOUND or THE FIRST LOUDEST KOROTKOFF??

    In your video, I think the BP of the patient is 130/70 (Very first/Very past korotkoff)

    Am I correct? Or Wrong?

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    How do you check if the cuff size is the correct one? I see you putting it vertically on the "index" size but what does it mean? How does that work?

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