Blue Ghost Shot – Tipsy Bartender

Blue Ghost Shot – Tipsy Bartender

– [Man] Okay, you ready? – We have been ready! – Butterscotch Schnapps, pour. – Yum. – I like anything with
the word butter in it. – [Man] Keep going,
keep going, keep going. More than that. Okay, stop. – This is where I come in. – Midori. Right there. – Going to layer this. – [Man] Okay, stop. Beautiful, you got a nice little layer. – That was so like, wow. – We’re doing better,
right, we’re doing better. – High five, yeah. – [Man] Now we run Bailey’s
on top of that, okay? Okay, stop. – Blue Curacao, okay? And Jas, you can move
the spoon quick right after it’s set, okay, go ahead. This is Grenadine. -Ew, it looks like you-know-what. – Go ahead, okay good. – I’ve never been so
concentrated in my life. That looks cool. – That looks cool. – It’s not as hemorrhagy,
it’s more like wine-y. – [Man] Okay, now here’s
where we get into man’s work. – Ah man, the rape juice. – Bacardi 151, pour a thin
layer, hold on, hold on. On the spoon, go ahead, put
the spoon there Jasmine. Keep going, keep going,
you gotta spread across the whole top, okay that’s it. The moment of truth. – Huzzah! – [Man] Hit it with the lighter. – [Girls] Ooooh, it’s pretty. – [Man] Now, of course,
y’all know the rule, to never do a shot flaming
while it’s actually flaming. – Why not? – Why don’t you try and see? – Well, what would realistically happen? – Well I mean it could
catch your hair on fire. – You would probably burn your throat. – The glass is hot, right? So when you pick up the
glass you go “Ooooh” and it spills. – What if you actually got
the liquid in your mouth, would it be because all of
this is alcohol, it would like make a fireball in your stomach? – No, no, no, no, because
the pieces in the back would put the pieces in the front out. – How confident are you? – I’m pretty freaking confident. – Well let’s try it. – Okay, listen, if you want… – And there you have it! – It’s a huge shot, it’s
too big for one person, okay, cause we just were
trying to make a point with this drink, so I’m just
going to split it in two okay, and let y’all share it. – While it’s still on fire? – Sharing is caring. – How bout let’s, let’s
share a glass, shall we? (screaming) I just cracked my glass,
my glass breaking! – Cause it’s so hot? This one’s still on fire! Whoever thought of this
shot, this is a death wish, this isn’t a real shot, this is fake. It’s still on fire! – We almost died today, thank you. – It’s still burning, it’s still burning! (laughing) – Who sent this to us? – This guy is a terrorist. – Victor, Victor, this isn’t cool. – Fuck you whoever sent this. – Victor! – Victor, really? Nice try but– – Why don’t you go suck it? – High five! (screaming) – [Woman] The lens just broke! – Anyway, listen, okay, it
was a freaking disaster. – This, don’t try this shot. – Don’t, don’t, you will die. – That’s not true, you can try it, it’s just that we made it giant– – Have an adult. – Playing around, and it
didn’t go according to plan. – Wear your goggles. – But it’s a cool shot. Hold on, hold on, hold
on, okay if we can do it let’s mix it properly, okay? – Oh, so, we’re putting– – No, it’s got to be
properly mixed, so everybody get equal, okay? – It looks like confetti. – [Woman] It does! – I kinda like it now. – Yeah, now it kinda– – Alright, you ready? – Yeah. – Do what you gotta do. – Cheers! – Cheers! – Tipsy Bartender. – To almost dying. – Uh-huh. – Don’t run, bring your
ass back, now my hand’s on your butt, yes. – It literally tastes like gasoline. – It’s not possible. – Gasoline and coffee. – Way to man up and do the shot. – I’m not manning up. – I think I just grew chest hair. – Way to suck. (laughing) – I really couldn’t, it burned my tongue. – It burned! – I bet you right now if I
tried to blow fire, I could. (laughing) – Go ahead, cake vodka. – So how much am I pouring in? – I’ll tell you when to
stop, we’ll figure it out. We eyeball stuff here, okay? – Okay, eyeballing. – It’s all about eyeballing. – You don’t want that much
olive oil on your salad. So I hope someone’s
getting a photo of this. This is going on my Instagram. – That is really good. Okay, that’s enough.



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