• Ann Dashnaw

    Best brand is Verilux Happy Light 10,000 lux. I have the Verilux Happy Light Touch works AMAZING

  • Taylor Hamiton

    Thank you for your videos. Very informative! Do you have any advice for weight gain and bipolar meds?

  • Emma Yataco

    Is this better for mood than getting regular time in the sun? I’ve heard that summer can trigger mania for some people because of all the sunlight people are exposed to.

  • The one whom Jesus loves

    Couldn't someone just sit in the sun and get the same effect?

  • Jim Crozier

    I have just started to use a light box for my low mood and depression. I'm Bipolar.
    I moved into a basement flat last year and not much natural light gets in.
    Can you tell me if it is ok to use a light box as you would a regular lamp to make a room brighter or should I just stick to it for light therapy?
    Btw, I'm a new subscriber to your channel now because what I've seen of you so far puts the 'professional's' I've been seeing over the years to shame !

  • TheSapidChef

    I am not sure if this is a psychiatric related question per-se, but I have a very odd response to strobe lights. I get this sensation all over my body of lightness and a very strong sense of euphoria when I am in a room with strobe lights. Similar to that of smoking marijuana but not quite that either. Is this a normal response? What can cause this to happen?

  • Mike Silverman

    Such a great channel.
    Last summer, you helped me get my health anxiety under control.
    I have continued to watch many of your videos because I have become fascinated with mental health, and you have shown me so many solutions to problems I see in people in my life. Thank you!

  • Йованн Степ777

    I love this woman's videos.

  • Cameron Winters

    Thank you for making the best mental health videos on Youtube, Dr. Marks!

  • veronica imburgio

    Would a tanning bed be considered bright light therapy?

  • Gary Simone

    Great doctor

  • tob secret

    Dear Dr. Marks, would 10min of light therapy on a cloudy winter morning still be risky for a bipolar patient?

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