• TC Marino

    just put this nutjob away in a looney bin and call it a day

  • Fred Virtuoso

    God is good…give me a fucking break lol

  • 12th Destiny Entertainment

    "God is Good"💖💯
    Prayers for a speedy recovery 🙏🏽💖

  • OC Wood

    Diane looks flawless.

  • God Child

    May the devil get the devil.


  • Tim Green

    Thank God for those two ladies opening the door and no matter what the victim and an assailant should never ever be in the same hospital. WTF

  • Aiden Hunter

    Fucking psycho piece of shit. Kinda sad he wasn't shot to shit by the cops.

  • Speak on It! Zee

    That’s Terrible but I don’t think they should’ve showed all that footage on the news

  • What You Want

    I’m going to pray every day that I was not born in the Bronx, New York

  • c5elmo76


    Hello My name is Israel Ortega Cruz (IOC) and im Running for Congress Against Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC). Look me up. #NY14thDistrict #Queens #Bronx #VoteIOC2020 #DonateIOC2020 #MAGA

  • Joselyn Gomes

    This is why i take no case in the city

  • Marcus-Aerilius Maximus

    Minorities…..not suprised….

  • Breon Manning

    Thank God for the neighbors n i use to be a hh aide and came across some shady characters blessings to you honey

  • Trey 5 7 mac

    She did not have on no home health aide uniform

  • Jessica Caraballo

    These mental hospital in new York are letting out these mentality I'll people out when they need to be lock away and kept away from innocent civilians smh

  • TheRealAmenThefaceofthewordtherealword

    Horrible poor woman goes to work and this happens to her. Lincoln Hospital has a really good trauma unit they became experts at dealing with gun shot and stabbings injuries they save my brothers life there. This reminds of the day he was stabbed so sad

  • chris redfield

    This video shouldn’t have been shown

  • Derrick Forte

    I hope she doing better. Sounds like he needs a care giver.

  • Kayvee Thegreat

    Sever dozen times bruh???? Jesus

  • nichala nick

    There is a God. People there is. Atheist there is.

  • Michelle Richard-Calvin

    Omg!!!!❤🙏 praying for her health and speedy healing and recovery ❤🙏

  • I L I K E A P P L E S

    Everytime a human says “God is good” with the intent to mean jesus christ is just cursing themselves 💯🤷🏽‍♂️ (Facts)

  • ApplezNBerriez

    By the grandmother having 'dementia' I wonder did she say anything to the grandson to spark his actions, along with his mental state?

  • Robert Rivera

    Lock that animal up for life.

  • Mariposa Espirito

    Praise GOD!!!🙏🏾

  • One Man Gang

    Metal illness is so serious in NYC

  • Christine Mott

    Oh my fkn God

  • Antwan Cole


  • Carolinas SweetTea

    How the hell did he escape the psychiatric ward and get access to the apt? 💁 wtf? GOD bless this girl who was trying to administer health care and this happens… God is good!

  • Crafti Soul

    How scary! Thankful she survived!

  • stacyeandrew2

    So was she being abusive to his grandmother? Sounds like he had had enough of her being mistreated?? And yes people mistreat the elderly and yes people wnap

  • Big Rocky

    Damn, Val is fine

  • Nathan Jones

    Dude wearing a pink gown 😂😂😂
    Something seriously wrong with these folks.

  • Anthony Gonzales

    Put him to death.

  • Gary Jones

    Goddamn Valerie 😋😋😋😋😍

  • R Day

    He must have wiped off and changed into the gown lol.

  • Jonathan Zaremba

    ya god is hella good that's why he allowed this to happen to an innocent hard working person right people need to quit giving god credit for anything positive that happens unless they're ready to blame him for everything negative if hes responsible for her survival then he has to be responsible for her tragedy it's common sense

  • Jada Monique

    I would of cried too

  • Kyle

    Somebody! Get that women a gun!

  • DRJ

    This is why I dnt like working inside people’s homes

  • september quest

    That guy was in an institution wtf is he doing there? Destroy him…he will find an opportunity to try it again when he snaps or goes into an episode…

  • Chris Karas

    I like how the cops are just walking, no urgency

  • Wendy Marrero


  • Dappa Dan

    She was a soldier though.. The way she got herself to the door.. Hero.. Glad she lived man

  • Panda Wave

    She better be paid millions in compensation for losing her life almost

  • Juicy GetStaccs

    My Friend N'yalah Lightfoot Got Stabbed By This Girl Antonira Millbrooks & She Was Supposed To Be My Friends Bestfriend 💔🤦🏾‍♀️. #LONGLIVEN'YALAH💔❤

  • Estevan Meza

    Hate how the cops just take their time, just walking up the stairs like it's nothing. Taking no precautions what so ever.

  • Rain Coleman

    So sad I'm happy they helped her out. I'm happy they arrested him. Wow that's a blessing to be living after that.


    Hang His Fucking Ass

  • A Zilla

    She must've done something to the grandmother. He didn't do it for nothing.

  • D'Onna Gaskins


  • Dawnetta Grant

    I tried home health aide,I was afraid just because of going into homes.their failmy members could be crazy as hell.

  • Danielle Caruso

    I live in New York and these bastard politicians here have these new bail law and let criminals out when they are violent repeat offenders another man was let out for drunk driving got out and killed an innocent young man shortly after New York is going to hell raise awareness I got a fuckin speeding ticket and had to pay a $500 fine and these bastards hurt people and get out wake up New York get these fucks out of office here that are ruining our state

  • Javon Goodlow Jr

    Its kinda what happend to jr he was stabbed multiple times by alot of people and nobody would help him he had to run to get him some help but fell down and died.

  • Javon Goodlow Jr

    We need to end gang violence

  • Chris Cross

    Crossss bully Watson love mobb

  • Mackenzie Weber

    I was interested in becoming a HHA but not anymore, I'm happy at the nursing home. This is so sad, I'm glad she's okay. Thank goodness that lady opened her door. ♡

  • Stacy J

    Just because he’s crazy doesn’t mean he’s insane. A lot of these home attendants aint worth a damn. I’m wondering why he said he’d kill her if she touched his mama again. Nobody plays bout mama js

    Oan: was it an assisted living mental facility as he was able to be gone without being accounted for.

  • Bo Hanan

    If he says don't touch my grandma- don't touch her. leave and tell your boss you were threatened. Why do people not read potential threats as such??? Now a days you have no idea what people are on. Don't take the chance.

  • Tajmah spencer

    I’m crying omg

  • Lion of Zion

    I bet the low life smoked cannabis the so called harmless drug.

  • Romano The Third

    Imagine going to work and some crazy frigging low life animal stabs you. Damn

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