Caramel Apple Bomb

Caramel Apple Bomb

– [Skyy] Tell them what
we’re making today. – [Terri] We are making a
caramel apple bomb number two. – Exactly, because there’s
more than one version. This is the lovely Terri.
All the way from New York. – Hello. – Do the New York accent thing. – What do you wanna know? What do you want me to say? Skyy, you’re bothering me. Go get me a coffee. – That’s New York? – Yeah! – Okay. I don’t know! I ain’t from New York!
– You’re from The Bahamas! You wouldn’t even know. You don’t appreciate, he doesn’t appreciate my New York accent. He doesn’t even hear it. It’s all American. – Now, the sticks ain’t
in the regular drink. That’s because she changed it up, okay? So, let us show you how we changed it. Let’s make this drink. This shot is a bomb style shot. – Bomb style? – Yes, where you drop it in. – Oh! Yeah, like sake bomb. – Huh?
– Yeah. – Like a what?
– Like a sake bomb. – Yeah well, sake bombs. Okay. Whatever.
– You don’t know what that is? – Yeah, I know a sake bomb but– – They don’t have that in The Bahamas? – Yeah okay, it’s like a sake bomb. That’s right. You’re dropping sake into beer. Okay, I remember. – You think I’m crazy. – No no no. You’re very smart. Okay! – Okay, so. – By the way, if she wasn’t doing
this she’d be a doctor. That was her dream job, okay? To be a, what kind of doctor? – Ooh I don’t know. Probably like a surgeon of some sort. – What kind of surgery? What you performing on? – I don’t know. I just love like gross stuff. So, anything that I would be able– – You like Dr. Pimple Popper? – I love Dr. Pimple Popper. – She did this show with me before. – Are you kidding me? – Yeah she removed, can you see this scar? It coming back. It coming back. But can
you see like a scar there? – A little bit. Like a little like line. – Yeah. – Did you have a cyst? – No, it’s like a lipoma. – Oh. – I slammed my head
into the cupboard door. And over time the shit grew out. – Oh my god! – And it coming back again. – So she sliced you open. – Yeah, she sliced it
open and took it out. – Were you on her show? – Both ways. I went to her office, but I filmed and I uploaded
it to my vlog or whatever. – Oh I gotta check that out.
– Okay! – Okay! Back to the shot. – Grab the vodka. – Okay. – And we are half fill this
glass with caramel vodka. Okay? Just half. You been a bartender before. – I’ve never been a bartender before. – You pour it like you
know what was doing though. – I was really focused on getting half. – Yeah, I would never get that low. But if you wanna get in
the glass totally cool. – Wanna get it perfect. Okay. – So, next up we got
butterscotch schnapps. Are you familiar with
butterscotch schnapps? – I’m not. Does it taste like having that candy? – The candy? – Yeah, the like that grandma candy? – I’m sorry, what did
you call it? (laughs) – That grandma candy. Butterscotch. It’s grandma candy, is it not? Look at it. Look at it. It’s like the little yeah, a grandma would have that in her house. Nobody would touch it. – What you call it? Werther’s Original or something? – Yes those! Those! Yes. – Grandma candy. Okay, I’m sorry. I’m sorry, okay?
– Did I fill this up too much? – No no no. That’s fine. Because what you do is you’ll be dropping
it in like that, right. – Okay. – So, now we need the proper cushion for her drink. So, we’re using soda. You see? So, it’s called a caramel apple bomb. Okay, so now pour in not a ton. – Okay. – You just want enough to break the, okay stop let’s see. Yeah that’s about enough. Because all it’s doing
is giving you a cushion and giving you a mixer. – Okay.
– So, it’s kinda like a drink. You understand? – Yeah. – Okay. All right. – (laughs) Do we have chop sticks? – You wanna do (mumbles) Okay! (laughs) – No! I’m kidding! Come back. – Let me see.
– If you bang on this, is it gonna go it? – I don’t know. That’s why I’m so fucking curious, okay. See how creative she is? – (laughs) – Day one on the job and she already coming up with… – Oh I’m getting nervous. It’s gonna go everywhere isn’t it? It’s not centered. – Don’t worry. Someone can clean after you. It’s fine. Ladies and gentleman, the caramel apple bomb number two. All right? – Am I gonna try this? – Yes you are.
– Okay, I hope it doesn’t– – And there you have it! (both laugh) The caramel apple bomb number two. I had to welcome her to
the show properly. Okay. All right. This was your idea. – This as my idea. So, this has to work. If I can’t get it to fall in you have step in. – If this shit don’t
go right I don’t know. – It’s gonna go everywhere. Should we put it like more
in the middle of the table? – No no no no no. That’s a disaster more
likely to happen this way. So, I prefer disaster. – You want a disaster.
– Yeah, okay ready? – Okay. Are you gonna help me? – No no, go ahead. – Just doing the movements
with me? (laughs) – You the buff one. You the who’s fit. Okay? – Okay. (pounds on counter) – No it’s a granite table! It’s not gonna work! – (laughs) Oh yeah. Sorry
I forgot it was granite. My bad. – It’s not a real table. – Okay, hold on. Let’s do this. – We’re just gonna have to drop it in. – No no. We don’t have to drop it in. See you can do it like this, okay? Okay. – That’s gonna go this way on me. – You think so? – He’s trying to spill it all over me. – Now go like hard. Bam! – (laughs) Okay. – Terri! Terri! (both scream) – Let’s taste this. Delicious. – You lived in Greece for 10 months. – I lived in Greece. No, 10 months? No, I’ve only been here for 10 months. I lived in Greece for a summer. – Okay, she only been in LA for 10 months. – Yeah, very new. – She already hate it and
thinking about going home. – Okay, I don’t love it. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it. People are also very flakey here. You’ll make plans and then it’s like, you know everybody is
eventually gonna bail. You know. – We got shit to do. – Every body thinks they’re more important than every body else. You make plans to hang out then it’s like, oh I gotta drive 10 minutes? Nah, it’s okay. – Who stood you up? – Oh my god! My friends
stand me up all the time. – Have you ever had a guy stand you up? – No, I have not dated here. – Okay. – (laughs) – What you got against LA boys? – What? Ew, what? No! – Firstly, ew ew ew.
– What is LA boys? – Ain’t no boys here from
fucking LA, number one. Because everyone you meet
is from somewhere else. – Yes, but then the second they get here they have this huge ego that like, I’m in LA I think I’m cool now. – I’ll tell you that’s
one thing I know about LA. Because in LA, you could
be the hottest girl or guy in your fucking town, right? Or in your goddamn little city. And then you come out here and
you go to the first audition and then you realize like, holy shit I’m average.
– You’re like whoa! – I love that, dude. Like seeing that. Seeing people experience
that shock is like wow. – That’s why people go home. They’re like, “I’m done with this. Nope.” – I remember my first time I been to like this night club here and some
models were having a party. Dude I walked in there and I was like, oh my god! Firstly, every girl was taller than I was. I’m 5’11” and they were
all taller than me. And I’m like Jesus! This is wild! – It’s the real deal. – And then some 60 year old dude walk in with three of them on his side. – Yeah, he had all of them at his table. – Pull up in his Bentley. Rich dude. But hey, it’s LA! Okay? One day guys, you could be that rich guy. Okay? And girls, one day you could have a 60 year old boyfriend that’s
buying you expensive shoes. Okay? – One day. We could only hope. – Stay tipsy! Because I have a dream and all of us will be happy
one day with someone older. Okay? Later! (both laugh) (rock music)



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