• Mifoi123

    Wow interesting…
    Thank you for all your videos! <3

  • TJ B

    Was the red pepper powder cayenne pepper? Or some other pepper powder?

  • NoCommentChick

    Any ideas for those with nightshade allergies?

  • Fruit Based Homestead Jason Kvestad

    I think it was cayenne, in the recent video it was mentioning capsicum a lot which triggers the intense reaction by the body and the general therapeutic results.

  • Fruit Based Homestead Jason Kvestad

    what are you doing commenting, nocommentchick. Great question though 🙂

  • TJ B

    Thank you.

  • Vegan mit Rohe Energie

    Thank you. 🙂

  • Suzy Q

    Old time herb docs like Dr. Christopher used cayenne pepper for digestive issues decades ago. Glad to know science now recognizes this valuable treatment.

  • Sam Khandelwal

    Good point. I suspect Science has frequent aha-moments, when it realizes that nature has already perfected cures over millions of years of evolution. The perverse incentive of our times is that a treatment has to be patentable, which leads to futile research into synthetic and bio-equivalent similars of natural products. Quelle irony!

  • WellingtonBikeCam01

    Any connection between this research, and the traditional popularity of spicy foods in places like India and Mexico?

  • Iulian RO

    Wouldn't it be nice if doctors actually tried to heal people instead of desensitizing areas of the body? 🙂 like diet changes / supplements, etc? 🙂

  • Musik Fiend

    I used to take meds for GIRD until I became a oil-free vegan. Now I have NO symptoms and I eat VERY spicy food including lots of cayenne. No more heart burn, reflux or any gastric pain.

  • orbitalsatellite

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for caring enough to share this invaluable information.

  • Stoudamire3

    Bel video!

  • chiyerano

    Good to know as I consume cayenne pepper regularly.

  • Michael Lovin

    I really like your videos I just saw another video where you kinda bash eating of meat, talking about how cooked foods are bad for you. Yet here you are telling us the same thing I said in my comment…The answer is not to avoid meat…it is to cook your food. and …doc! …what is this about a dildo test for IBS patients…come on man….FOCUS.
    By the way…hot pepper can stop a heart attack..a spoonful will keep you going….look at your red face, now that is real instant blood flow.

  • Drāno drain cleaner

    Jalapeños & beans 🙂

  • deskjockie49

    Dr. John R. Christopher, Master Herbalist, recommended cayenne pepper over 30 years ago. It was one of his favorite herbs. At one of his lectures, I noticed a glass of tomato juice on the podium from which he would occasionally take a sip. When I went up during intermission to speak to him, I discovered it was not tomato juice, but cayenne pepper in water! He had the clearest eyes I've ever seen. He told many stories of the benefits of cayenne pepper.

  • cookletsdothis

    I drink cayenne pepper tea (with a little lemon for flavor) almost every day, and it is good for reflux/indigestion. It is said to also be very good for circulation.

  • Matthew Lahman

    The raw food diet and juicing cures any kind of IBS. Just wanted to share for anyone suffering with IBS.

  • tdreamgmail

    Sounds like a japanese game show

  • Arameh

    okay… the placebo got a higher score on all the discomfort factors. You just skipped over that slide. Correct me if i'm wrong. please.

  • Redpill Progressive

    I'm surprised the Japanese didn't make a game show out of their little balloon thing

  • Emma Ackerley

    how could you just leave the video on a drug that kills you…this didn't give me any answers about if I should use cayenne pepper pills instead or where to get hold of??

  • james pricefield

    Cheyenne pepper curing it? its whats causing it in the first place

  • Rowrow Rowdaboat

    A study on 30 people for 5 weeks, 15 in each group? Come on people, surely some of you took statistics 101 and realise the problem here? Although interesting, this shit's as bad as how Vegan Gains reports on 'science'.

  • Universal Earthling

    Rectal Compliance will be my new punk band name

  • James Humphrey

    no to pain ! the Buddha said spirituality is eliminating suffering

  • coltboy1987

    Very very very very good information. I know from personal experience cayenne pepper does work for IBS.

  • Lloyd Christmas

    Cayenne Pepper has always been awesome.
    04:05. LOL

  • Penny Opinions

    I wish they had tested just adding cayenne to meals too.

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