Chinese Manuel Therapy: Treatment of High Blood Pressure – Chi Thearpy – Dr. Ferran Liu

Traditional Chinese Medicine believes that the blocked circulation of Qi and blood in meridians leads to all diseases. To restall patient’s health, Dr Ferran Liu uses Qi to get patient’s blocked Qi and blood back to its fluent flow. We can hear the sound of Qi and blood when the patency of the meridians is reestablished. During 1 hour treatment, the patient urinated 4 times (1650ml in total) and fart 10 times. After treatment with normal diet, the patient had urinated 3160ml and fart 38 times within 24 hours after treatment. This was severalfold more than the normal excretion. It’s the redundant Qi and blood in meridians. Following is the patient’s blood pressure report before, during and after treatments. The blood pressure dropped from 160/100 before treatment to 125/75 after treatment. and kept at 120/75 two months after treatment ends



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