Chronic Headache For 30 Years And Went Away In Two Minutes From

Chronic Headache For 30 Years And Went Away In Two Minutes From

What, you have headache everyday? I wake up with a headache almost every morning. Every morning, for thirty years? Easy. Uh… Somedays worse than others. Do you take a pain pill or you don’t? Sometimes. And, uh, have you have a CT Scan/MRI done? Uh, twenty-five years ago. Yeah, what did the doctor say? That’s when they did some sinus work. A sinus, you have sinus as well? Chiseled sinus’ out, re broke my nose and
re did my septum. Wow. Um-hmm. Now headache on a scale one to ten, ten being
high, everyday at roughly what level of pains do you suffer? Um, in general four or five. Oh, four or five? Every now and then, nine ten. Oh, once in awhile a very high level. Nauseous. Nausea when you have a very high level, you
feel nauseous, yeah. Nauseous, equilibrium is not good. Um, so what do you do? Take pain pill when
you are having high level of pain? Go to work. You still go to work?? I have to. Wow, you are tough. And so you have been living
with this headache pain for thirty years? Yes. That’s tough. You are tough person. A guy needs to eat. Well, you need to…you need to make money
every so often, is that right? He has six girls. Huh? Yeah, I have six girls. Oh. And uh, now you have pain yeah, you just
say on a scale one to ten, ten being high, your level is? Four. Four? Four level of pain. So we can use, very
few needles. Just one acupuncture point and two needles, uh, to remove you pain. Okay. And uh, we wait a little while and see. Now
the needles are in position. You know it’s funny cause… How do you feel? …it’s not throbbing on my left side anymore. Oh, it’s not throbbing, it beginning to work?
This, this is less than one minute. Yeah. Is that right? Less than one minute. Okay, how’s the whole thing? Any better? It’s, uh, getting a lot better. A lot better already? Yes. This is about one minute or less. That is so weird. That is awesome. That is awesome? That is awesome. See, you see. Yes. That’s amazing. Let’s see how long it takes for you to have
the pain completely eliminated. Now, I, I want to tell you… Actually, it’s pretty much gone. Pretty much all gone already? I think about
two minutes. I’m going to talk to Nancy. It’s about two minutes now, is that right? I don’t know, but it’s pretty much gone. It’s about two minutes, yeah. And I want to
tell you the good news is, uh, when acupuncture treatment helps, it is not temporary like,
uh, you take pain pill, but it is indefinitely for some and uh, uh, and you will not have
to wrestle with the pain. But if you come back, then we have to evaluate
it more, like what causes it. So then we have to go down to the root of the cause of your
headaches. That’s amazing. Yeah. Then that way it will be more permanent. Now you have no pain at all? No. You are not lying? No. No, I don’t lie about headaches, ask her. How are you related to her? My wife. Oh, she’s your wife. So you know he suffers
headache? Yes. For thirty years, that’s a lot. Yes. Long time yes. It’s everyday. He wakes
up every day and has it. He tries to blame it on my cat. Yeah. And I said no, it’s not my cat. It is. Allergies? He says that it’s not my cat because then
he went and stay with my parents… He also had headache. …for two weeks who had nothing in their
house… And he’s also headaches. Okay. And yes, he’ll have a-, he’ll say he has a
headache everyday or he’ll go somewhere else and says, and it’s still, you know a headache.
It’s not because there’s animal, there’s no animals. So… There are always people who do not believe
in acupuncture say that acupuncture treatment has never been scientifically proven to be
working… Right. …it’s placebo. But if it is placebo can
make his pain go away like this… No. …”boop”, it is good placebo, is that right? Right. Yes. Now you can tell you have no pain? None. None. No pain. It is less than altogether
the time is what four, five minutes? No. Two to three minutes maybe. It was like…


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