Coconut Oil & MCTs; is it a “Miracle” (Bruce Fife) or “Risk” (AHA)?

Coconut Oil & MCTs; is it a “Miracle” (Bruce Fife) or “Risk” (AHA)?



  • First Amendment

    Did you know that 50% of people with "normal " cholesterol have heart attacks?
    What does this tell us?
    It tells us that another variable is at play.

  • Roman Hernz

    Any oils are all liquid fats…..9grams of fat…..long or medium chains…..still oils a tablespoon contains 120 ….calories…..plain and simple stay away from clogging your arteries

  • kidpoker007

    You litterally can’t win with science anymore

  • Rakesh Hubert

    There are a lot of damned heart attacks in the coconut rich Phillipines.

  • Steve Edgar

    You are amazing keep them coming plain simple explanation. Love it

  • George Smith

    thank you doctor for your unbiased view on the subject. i think your channel is one of few reliable sources youtube

  • Яuяal Squiяяel

    12:07 minutes later…"We just don't know".

  • Michael Harned

    Soybean oil is high in trans fat

  • Jill L

    I don’t trust AHA. 25 years ago my local health food store owner told me no trans fats- hydrogenated fat – extra hydrogen atom blown into oil. Years before general population knew. Then they allowed a substance 1 atom away from being plastic put in food in small amounts and label no trans fats. Yikes!
    I think it’s hard to determine coconut oil good or bad cause if it’s combined with carbs sugar or starch it’s going to increase fat in blood. Keto diets good way to start a diet and plenty of good you tube videos. But Dr Gundry Plant Paradox takes that way up in improving health. People need to study for themselves and keep researching. AHA probably tied into drug companies and we know that want us on drugs!!!

  • Peter Mota

    Can’t read any of theses props. Use a easel or something.

  • Kenny H

    Long term tests have proven that people with high cholesterol do not suffer more heart attacks than those with normal levels in fact they suffer less heart attacks according to the European study!

  • ry tvdinners

    Some guy named Jesus said "ALL things in moderation" ALL THINGS

  • ry tvdinners

    Pork was not made for human consumption…PERIOD wise up porkers

  • Steve DiCe

    I need to say, im an ectomorph type… allways skinny, working out and eat alot. But i never craved SUGAR, i knew little about all these types of fat, i just knew that it never hurt me as i stayed small.
    I never heared of the fatmaffia, but i do hear about the sugarmaffia…. call me stupid, but at 42 i still look good and have no chronic disease.
    Since a few months i started using coconut bio fat, a good spoon a day. Moderation to everything is key, but not easy.

  • Sonia B. Gutierrez

    Coconut oil ….super food.

  • Stuart Kelly

    Coconut oil is not recommend because it is full of saturated fats thats it nothing else, zero studies. Coconut oil competes with industrial produced polyunsaturated oils thats the problem they have.

  • Stuart Kelly

    Aha president had a heaet attack no? Looks like he was following his own pseudoscience.

  • J Staff

    CSPI lol militant vegans they are, see FatHead the Movie which follows the money.

  • Brian Richards

    You can have your coconut and eat it too, Dr. Brewer. There are good coconut extracts which will go a long ways towards satisfying your coconut cravings, and not worry about coconut oil at all.

  • sue wilson

    I feel what ever God made is safe. What man makes is not.

  • Jordan Dela rosa

    I drink 1 liter of coconut oil in a month and I feel great

  • Brett Weary


  • Constitutional Conservative

    Anything natural is normally good for you. Everything in moderation. Cholesterol is good as long as it is good cholesterol. In fact you have to have good cholesterol.

  • blackmangopit

    what about butter as a saturated fat? Can you weed through the studies for that?

  • Wildman Samurai

    Love coconut oil.

  • Prabal Mitra

    So Sir, what was your conclusion?

  • scninja07

    Follow the money. That will help you start to see why something is recommended over another thing.

  • GuyOnYouTube

    Ever try scrambled eggs with cocnut oil? They taste terrible. Coconut oil changes the flavor.

  • glx490

    Heartfelt thank you for these vids, Dr.Brewer!
    2 Questions: Coconut is suggested by many people as an unexpected cure for Alzheimer's disease. They say the MCTs (medium chain triglycerides) such as coconut oil may reverse Alheimer's progression. 1) what do you think about these claims? 2) if positive, would coconut help in other forms of dementia as well?

  • glx490

    I've heard that coconut kills lots of people each year.

    ( head trauma, apparently…)

  • Adam Bernstein

    Become better educated about the Ketogenic diet. There is lots of anecdotal evidence that going Keto causes weight loss, reverses type 2 diabetes, and reduces inflammation of artery walls. The only reason this is anecdotal evidence is there is no money in studying a life-style / eating change that requires no drugs to treat any condition. Checkout Dave Feldman's self study on blood lipids. Very interesting stuff which a rightfully skeptical medical community should look into further.

  • finn1951

    Here in Australia most doctors haven't a clue about nutrition and health , one much take their health in their own hands because most doctors are corrupt drug pushers that have no congence it is only money that they are interested in.

  • Anmol Kaur

    Plz help… Do coconut oil respond to vascular dementia…. Plz reply

  • Anmol Kaur

    Do coconut oil respond to vascular dementia…. Plz help

  • Colourwheel

    I have a teaspoon of coconut oil in my tea every morning. It helps me to hold off on my first meal until late morning, early afternoon. I have also started keto diet 6 weeks ago and lost 24 pounds. Feel great, less inflammation. I have had crohns/colitis disease for over 30 years, (prednisone prescribed over the years)remicade infusions every 6 weeks for 5 years now. Maybe one day I can get off it. I'm 62 years old. The keto diet and some exercise have helped. Shortness of breath also gone.

  • shgfe3ay

    I work in ovarmwceuticals and I am not lying when I say they purposely try and tell you that HEALTHY things are unhealthy. And that you NEED carbs like grains, wholewheat etc.

    Nestle, coke and the whole food industry team up with big Pharma , and now the social media platforms to run the world. Mix a bit of money by George Soros& Disney- and you have an unstoppable force which will try and dominate the world

  • ichi1957

    Funny, my cardiologist said coconut oil was something to stay away from. I don't use it to cook, just for skin/hair.

  • wave surfa

    READ Wheat Belly which correlates obesity/diabetes rising with the increase in the push to eat 'whole grains'. These carbs kill. wheat is the most heavily pesticide ridden grain next to corn–and corn oil/meal/syrup in in EVERYTHING on the shelves. READ The China Study. Get educated and stay AWAY from the AMA old men who refuse to acknowledge nutritional healthy ways to prevent disease. I'm a doc; WE WERE NEVER TAUGHT ANYTHING ABOUT NUTRITION except the basic vitamins. Most docs know NOTHING of nutrition unless self taught. so research, try it out, and then see if it works for YOU. Nothing is an everything cure-all but many things HELP.

  • pleiades

    The only oil I consume is coconut.
    I don’t want to get heart disease or dementia.
    The AHA is the anti christ.
    The second is pharmsters pushing vaccines.

  • tropicalcoder

    Why does Dr Joel Wallach, that guest appears on radio stations, say to stay away from ALL oils, including coconut and mct?
    And he's not one of the typical mainstream FDA puppets that tells you to avoid cholesterol, eat starch, etc. He's definitely onboard with consuming cholesterol, avoiding gluten, etc.. but he's very against oils.

  • Tyrone Kim

    Thanks for the video. I appreciate the English script as you speak. I wish all of the people who post their videos on YouTube would do it, especially from India, Australia, England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, and others.

  • Vin D

    Easy, just get blood labs done regularly; CMP, CBC, lipids, niacin, 3000 mg. daily (real niacin, not nicotinamide); NAC, milk thistle, and others. That's the only way you'll know where you are healthwise.

  • David Myers

    Yeah you're definitely suffering from adrenal fatigue. You sound like I did when I was suffering really bad. And you're not real clear headed either. Laminine is a great product for helping that. Brain Clarity I'm talking about. Although I don't take it like it prescribes. I start off for a day or two what they state that I escaped down to one pill every other day. I'm not a doctor that's just my experience acquiring brain clarity

  • Kevin Boyle

    The fact is, they (Dr.'s) can't make money off healthy people!

  • Madison One

    Coconut need to be dried to extract oil. Usually this heat is intense when they dry coconut in the Sun. I believe this is where coconut oil becomes dangerous. The cold pressed coconut oil also becomes more saturated at room temperature. Coconut oil saturated fat exceeds beef tallow. Coconut increases LDL & does nothing for HDL, in fact, it decreases HDL. Coldpressed coconut oil good for kids or before workout for adults due to MCF in low dose, a teaspoon tops, even that. The topical & hair applications are great or even add to occasional popcorn. Coconut oil has some benefits as dementia treatment in low dose. Coconut oil is also anti-viral.

    I won’t risk chance Coconut oil for regular cooking or eating as the correlation between coconut oil & high LDL & atherosclerosis is simply a fact.

    Eat coconut oil for a month & get a lipid panel test. See what happens to your LDL, Trygs & HDL not to mention your lipoprotein(a) & LDL-P.

  • alonzo calvillo

    You could say this is an AHA moment.

  • Silver White

    My grandmother had coconut product in most of her diet all her life and she lived up to her ninety.

  • Silver White

    AHA is a corrupt organisation just like the WHO, FDA, EPA.

  • Jack Frost

    I'm sticking to GODS food

  • webmillions

    Is it dangerous for me to be taking CBD (non thc) oil on a daily basis for general anxiety that is coconut oil based?

  • Gearoid O'Laoi

    Simple fact. The famous Kitavans ate 18% satfat from coconut and got no heart disease.
    Second fat. Recent clinical trial featured in "Trust me I'm a doctor" showed benefit on risk factors for CHD.

  • Gearoid O'Laoi

    I was a histopathologist with a lifelong interest in the cause of heart disease. I took quite a while to get me head around to the fact that sugar/fatty liver etc.,. is the cause of heart disease and that LDL is really poorly tracking the background bad, as it were, which is why it's such a lousy marker. None of the risk calculators use it for that reason. The ratios are much much more accurate. While LDL is in the atheroma, how does it trangress the intimal layer. This business of "bombardment" with LDL particles I don't buy. The problem has to be due to damage to glycocalyx and endothelium, primarily allowing ingress of more LDL which if it's oxidised sticks inside..
    Another nail in the simple LDL hypothesis is the relative paucity of heart disease in France, especially Gascony where I've cycletoured a few times. Their diet there is the exact opposite of what the AHA were recommending for years, some of which they still do. It's high fat/meat/butter, relatively low in sugar. They will no doubt succumb to American "food" sooner or later and we'll hear all the old Eat Less Move More nonsense. BTW, I've a BMI of 23, having had one of 28.5, despite huge exercise, until 7 years ago. Have been at 23 for 5y with NO calorie counting. I just keep carbs pretty low and eat no junk. You look pretty slim yourself! I come from a fat family. My son, a physician also, is now really slim. He was fat until maybe 3.5y ago and he went low carb. His colleagues have been looking at him! One of them was a young consultant and had developed DM2. Tom told him about LCHF. He'd been starving on his recommended diet and getting nowhere. He lost 50lb and has kept if off so far for maybe 3y. Of course, his bloods are all normal.

  • Janet Pattison

    I've found, without a doubt, that coconut oil decreases nerve pain.  The difference is significant so regardless of how the drug companies try to brain wash the public, prove to yourself what works and what doesn't.  But, VERY IMPORTANT is to not use coconut oil that has been processed or refined in any way – it definitely doesn't work at all for me.

  • Gordon Ketch

    AHA is not a very trustworthy source

  • Journey of the Dawn Treader

    What I dont understand is that the Japanese diet contains carbs and they don't have these issues . Lets say I eat a piece of toast and that is all I eat for hours it seems Im burning that piece of bread right up. Could it be the type, amount and frequency that we eat carbs . I'm 50 and I have had children yet maintain the same weight I had at 20 years old . I think if you eat too much of anything – be it carbs, meat , or even grass it is going to cause inflammation. Bad carbs need to go but I am not convinced apples and sweet potatos are bad. Im very healthy and do everything in moderation – much like the Japanese. I was at a party the other day and everyone was on keto and younger than me and I had to laugh because I was the thinnest woman there and I ate a piece of watermelon and smiled I was pretty happy too 💓 These keto folks had BIG piles of meat and a bit of greens and nothing else . I had a big pile of greens, a few thin slices of meat and a BAKED POTATO 😵 Im just not sold on keto …it might good for initial weight loss but I think it also comes down to calories ..if you just dont eat much and you are not prediabetic or diabetic how are you going to get inflammed from a baked potato? 3,000 calories of meat vs 1,200 of a bit of all food groups ? As I looked around I was not sold on keto …thank you for AMAZING VIDS !!! UR SO AWESOME !!

  • Lucas Basso Pacheco

    Hello my friend. Can you tell me if fry with coconut oil is safe? Thank you so much!

  • Kelly Clover

    Mainstream medicine and the U.S. government are too blinded by greed and ego to tell the American people the truth. The whole idea that saturated fats and LDL
    cholesterol cause cardiovascular disease is severely flawed. They should tell us the truth instead of parroting disproved medical dogma and defending their selfish
    financial interests.

  • kevin kuc

    Fake news, they are bought and paid for!

  • Daniel Kleinmeier

    Sounds like a concoction of K2+D3 PLUS coconut water or milk is mind-saving for Alzheimer’s and severe sundowners, like my 92 yr. old dad.. who’s sucking these items daily thru forced brain health care by me, his baby59 yr. old son… and yes, he’s slowly rebounding..

  • john schlesinger

    I thought that by now even the medical establishment has started to take on board, that, barring high alpha LDL, lipid levels are not the issue: cardiovascular inflammation is the devil.

  • M Lockhart

    Don’t you get fatigued with food Theology

  • Manny Radzky

    The AHA is bought and sold by financial interests. They don’t care about your health.

  • tobinakatarx

    Cats claw boosts ur immune system by 50 percent and kills cancer

  • Nohora Sims

    What kind

  • Robert Flury

    I started the keto diet and coconut oil was touted as of very desirable source of fat. I'm using MCT oil everyday. So that's uping in my bad cholesterol?

  • Nohora Sims

    Which brand is recommended

  • V Rossi

    Hi, i'm from the U.K., here locally i can buy 2 type's of Mct , C8 + C10 and just C8 .. just out of interest what do take ? Thanks

  • nezir çağlar

    coconut oil and mct

  • Dr Oleg Kulikov

    I live on coconut oil and animal fat. If experts from big Pharma claim anything – do opposite to their recommendations and stay healthy.

  • Maurice Daher, CNS

    Hello Dr. Ford Brewer, your thoughts on this would be appreciated. Does MCT transport (Lipopolysaccharides) LPS across the membrane which may add to someone who've had a heart attack and or heart disease.

  • oceanbreeze7777

    whats your opinion on the different types of mct oils? heres an excerpt from one company…is this sales hype, or is this in fact correct?

     C8 (caprylic acid): This is xxxxxxx oil, and it’s the all-around best MCT for ketogenic energy. It produces more ketones than coconut oil, which means more ketone benefits like amplified energy, fat loss and metabolic burn.
    C10 (capric acid): Supports energy, fat burning and metabolism, but doesn’t produce as many ketones as C8 does. XCT oil is a blend of C8 and C10.
    C12 (lauric acid): AKA what you’ll mostly find in coconut oil.[8] Your body doesn’t treat C12 like an MCT, and it doesn’t produce as many ketones.

    Bottom line: C8 and C10 are the best types of MCTs overall, whether you follow the keto diet or just want more energy.

    if so, if we are to use coconut oil, …should we stick with c8 in particular?

  • steve wittwer

    Coconut oil comes from coconuts… Some communities around the world practically live on coconuts… Ignore the "experts". "Ex" unknown quantity… "Pert" drip under preasure…

  • steve wittwer

    Nothing good, nothing bad..

  • Moses Mukuna

    He who pays piper calls the tune.

  • Steven Swartz

    I fail to see any positive way your increasing knowledge or making any point .

  • Raymond Yocum


  • mrytully

    It is a shame we villainized "stay at home moms." Seems like generations of passed down culinary and health education has been sacrificed for university sanctioned careers. What I mean by this is: of course coconut oil is not bad for your heart. Only when you put a bunch of sugar in it, combine it with omega 6 loaded meats and processed food and drink a soda is coconut oil going to hurt you. Leave Medical journals to figure this out and it will take centuries.

    Dr ford: what do you think about avocado oil? especially for cooking. (high temp similar to coconut)

  • Kelly Clover

    I think the view that saturated fats are harmless has to be qualified depending on your genetics. I think I made a terrible mistake adding coconut oil to my diet along with regular cheese intake. If you are genetically wired to make very large quantities of small dense LDL, coconut oil, cheese, and other saturated fats can be very harmful. I have never had my genes tested directly. However a recent Cadio IQ test showed that much of the LDL my body is making is the harmful small LDL. Some people are fine on saturated fats because they don't make a great deal of the very harmful small LDL. Unfortunately I am much less fortunate and now believe that I should restrict saturated fats.

  • Wenny573 Wenny

    So what does AHA recommend? Vegetable oil, soyabean oil, corn oil or canola oil? Go ahead, you have statins to "fight" heart problems. Poor AHA!!

  • Trevor Petersen

    It would seem the slight increase in coconut oil is not comparative to increase in obesity so and heart disease so what do the AHA attribute it too then or are they still just dancing around it STILL, and poking the bear occasionally

  • Hans Karlsson

    This is simple. Ask yourself what kind of fat that a stone age man most easily comes across? the answer is saturated fat and we are programmed for it. Just because the margarine industry bought scientists doesn't change what evolution programmed us for. The big problem is that we are not made to eat a wild boar a day. It's the amount that kills us.

  • Igaluit Stuart

    Center For Science in the Public Interest pushed seed oils on the American public. They're hardly impartial or working for the public interest.

  • J. Douglas Sizemore

    There are bad LDLs and good LDLs. To group all LDLs together is wrong and leads to wrong conclusion including the giving of wrong advice.

    Please bury Ancel Keys

  • Ander Ander

    I remember 15 years ago when people were being advised to stay away from tropical oils…. in 15 more years that will probably be true again

  • Jeffrey Gleaves

    I've been trying to research this stuff and thought all I had to do was sort through the crackpots to get to the consensus science. Boy was I wrong. Its one highly educated and qualified Ph.d in complete disagreement with what the last highly qualified Ph.d just said.

  • Zoila Austin

    ok lm using coconut oil Thats my lotion everyday really good 😂😂😂

  • Seema Nawathe

    We indians have been consuming coconut and it's oil for generations we are all ok, try to drink a tablespoon twice a day to stop Alzheimer's. It works

  • paul maloney

    Hard to know what to believe any more, studies one day show coffee is good for you next day it's a killer, coconut oil one day is a God sent miracle then next studies show people having attacks , the list goes on.

  • Dk Dodds

    You can use it on your skin in your hair and Cook

  • Steve Cedrone

    Sugar/Carbs is the enemy not fat. Fat is only the enemy because they base it on flawed Ancel Keys study with junk science / cherry picked data. My dad has had 2 heart attacks and has perfect cholesterol. His calcium score was high. I have supposedly high cholesterol and perfect calcium score and 0 heart attack. But I eat ultra-low carb diet and he doesn't. Watch "THE MAGIC PILL" on Netflix Also look up the Dave Feldman Protocol.

  • mrsparex

    I consume coconut oil every day.
    Lost weight using it… feeling MUCH better

  • Terry Whelan

    Sugar = diabetes, dementia, cancer, inflammation including arthritis.
    Coconut oil and MCT oil = keytone energy.
    Add mono and poly unsaturated fats from olive oils etc… = health 🤗

  • Terry Mutant

    . My younger brother is 59 has stress, low income from his business , 6 kids, 2 out of the house, a wife how hates house work
    drives junk cars, out of shape, but eats all the fat on steak. loves bacon. Keeps his carbs low and can eat about 7 hard boiled eggs per day.
    He had a heart CT Scan done and it came back "0" We thought the machine was broke and took it again about 6 months later and it was still a "0"
    I am two years older same blood type but slightly different genetics. My CT Scan score (age 61) is 186. I have completed 5 marathons (in my 30's ) and have
    tried to follow the low fat high carb guidelines of the 80s and 90s but not religiously. I also take good supplements. I now don't care about cholesterol or saturated fat
    I think a high sugar/carbohydrate is the culprit. Most people are low in Vitamin D3 and Magnesium et al. I have stopped listening to anything the AMA and most of the medical industry
    experts have to say on anything. I think "industry " is the key word here.

  • Mike Sloan

    my HDL is actually a little higher than my LDL and I think it might be due to the daily coconut oil

  • Ishwar Fowdar

    Coconut oil is natural and very healthy good for memory is zero cholesterol because only animals and human have the capability to produce cholesterol.

  • Christine Doran

    I have been drinking in the evening turmeric with warm almond milk, pepper and 1/2 tsp of organic coconut oil to help me sleep, and it has helped. I also use it to remove my make up, and moisturize my skin. My skin never looked better.ill be honest this video was nothing but confusing, I still don’t know whether it’s good to ingest or not…. I’m getting ready to go for blood work, so I hope my. Cholesterol hasn’t gone up…

  • Jorge Zuni

    Doesn’t Saturated fats good for Testosterone Wich is a good Hormone???

  • Filmaker25

    What is your opinion about healthy heart and body extract? It's been around awhile.

  • L.M. Green

    If any form of Government or corporation says dont eat it…I will laugh and definitely eat it 🙂

  • L.M. Green

    I take coconut oil as a supplement for one health problem….and also noticed I lose weight when I take it 🙂 I needed to lose a few pounds…and its very noticeable when I lose it when eating coconut. And its very fast!

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