Commit to Change Yourself | How to make better decisions Part 3 – Swami Mukundananda

Commit to Change Yourself | How to make better decisions Part 3 – Swami Mukundananda

you have reached a certain station in
life a place in existence think of where you were 15 years ago from there you
have reached here today what brought you here
it was the choices you kept on making these choices are the nodal points that
determine our life some of these decisions we make can be reversible some
of the decisions cannot be reversed Jerry Lewis an old comedian he said the
biggest gift I received from anybody was a movie of my marriage day you know in
the olden days they would have those celluloid films so the movie of my
marriage day was the biggest gift I received because when I get fed up and
frustrated I play that movie in Reverse and feel I’m out of it all he realizes
it’s a decision he made and he can’t get out of it
you made decisions regarding your spouse decisions regarding your carrier whether
he’ll be an engineer or a doctor or an accountant or a business person
decisions regarding what you will believe it cetera and that is what
brought you here now the decisions we make will determine
where we will be 15 years down the line every decision will have consequences
big or small the interesting thing is that the power of decision is within us
we don’t need it from the outside it’s not that somebody has to do something to
us to enable us to decide God has blessed us all with this power of choice
how we exercise it is our own discretion today you could decide I will become a
better person will today be that moment when you make that decision and bring
about the transformation that Tulsidas achieved but is it so simple do you just
decide and change yourselves not really it’s not just the decision itself it is
the commitment to your decision in other words it is the energy you bring into
that decision there are some wishy-washy decisions and there are other determined
choices somebody told me Swamiji it’s not difficult to give up smoking I give
it up every day I give it up in the morning but then after that I start
again and the evening and next morning again I give it up that is one kind of
decision and there are other kinds of decisions that shape the world you know
there was this huge Soviet bloc of countries the USSR and it’s satellites
and then there was this one man lek valensa union leader from poland who
decided i will not tolerate this injustice and he launched a movement
that slowly dismantled that soviet bloc there was the decision by mahatma gandhi
when as a lawyer he went to South Africa to practice he was subjected to racial
discrimination and then he decided that this will not do he made a decision I
will not tolerate it and he launched movement that became so popular it
preceded his fame preceded him in India when he reached India he found mass
support again in India he made a decision that through the principles of
SATYA and ahimsa truthfulness and non-violence we shall achieve freedom
that decision was so strong it was unprecedented in the history of
humankind that a country achieved freedom from the biggest empire in the
world through nonviolent means that was a decision so it’s not just a matter of
making choices it’s a matter of choosing strongly few decades ago when I was
studying the scriptures in the ashram of Kripalu ji Maharaj I met him in Mumbai
and he said you come to my Ostrom I will teach you and then you go and spread
this knowledge so I had never done public speaking so as a part of the
training I decided to practice public speaking
but in the ashram in those days it was a small ashram with 20 residents there was
no public so how you practice speaking before the public when there is no
public I used to practice speaking before the wall and that would be
induced laziness okay I would stop every five minutes so I went up to my
spiritual master and I said Maharaj ji please assign somebody in the ashram who
can sit there and listen to me while I practice to speak that was an
unreasonable demand because everybody has their duties nobody is free to sit
and listen so he told me something which was very important he said look my son
remember this formula always suet comma bhavati Todd cutter Parvati at cutter
poverty Todd karma karoti karmic rotated of English but deity this
is a mantra from the Vedas if you have an intense desire you will make a firm
decision when you make a firm decision you will put in strong effort and that
is how you will become the carelessness you are experiencing while speaking is
not coming from the outside it is coming from the inside and it doesn’t have to
be overcome from the outside it has to be overcome from the inside so we can
change if we are committed to it



  • rohankarande

    So true..It is of utmost importance to stop once in awhile and contemplate over our spiritual progress & realize how much commitment we are showing towards our goal.
    It's so important to not let our commitment fade…Daily sadhana, satsangh are so important if we wish to keep the flame of love for God & intensity grow.

  • Krishna Murli Bhagat

    Shree ram ❤🙏

  • Babita Ram

    Resolve is crucial for any change we desire within us. Irony is we do not realize god has given each of us that ability to decide. Nice clip to remind ourselve.

  • Prashant Singh

    Radhe Radhe

  • Sushma Srivastava

    Swamiji, very beautiful video clip. Commitment to decision is the key to success.

  • amar kumar

    Jay guru 🙏🙏

  • Yogini Tripathi

    We can only change if we are committed to it…!!

  • Sushil Banubakode

    Thank you Guru ji for everything! 
    The example Guru ji mentioned about public speaking teaches us , that everything is within only ! 🙏🙏 we need to stop blaming this and that if something does not go right. The power is within us only to make things better.

  • Sangita Das

    Swamiji,the compassion, the knowledge, the guidence that u are giving n the hard work that u doing for our spiritual uplifting is unparreled.This new series of videos are really worthy n very relevant in our daily life to implement. Every decision has consequences big or small. Success formula given by Swamiji is–Have an intense desire –make firm decision –put strong effort–become success in life. Seems so simple. But it's not easy for us at all. So, practice, practice, practice makes perfect. Thanks for always observing us.

  • Right Click Studios

    Jay Jay Shri Radhe💝💝💝💝

  • surbhi joshi

    Our goal can be achieved only if we are committed towards it. Very good explanation by Swamiji..very motivational

  • Pooja Raghunath

    Every decision we make will have consequences.. Big or Small ! Swami Mukundananda ji explains how to make determined Choices.!!

  • Sandhya Das

    Very true.The commitment involves the actions that are performed to fulfill the promises. so we can change if we are committed .

  • Kalpana Mukerji

    Agar koi ek bar commitment de deta hai to usko apni bhi nahi sunani chahiye. Thik hai na swamiji

  • Smita Mehta

    In this continuing New Year’s message, Swamiji says that the important thing is to always be aware of the true knowledge and make it accessible so it can be applied when needed. What the intellect chooses and decides at any given point in time is upon us. So we should give our intellect the proper reason to feel inspired. Swamiji's guru taught him to not be careless because carelessness emerges from the internal source. When we feel inspired from within, we should make a firm resolve, and develop the intense desire to serve or grow.

  • thug life

    Swamiji I'm into drugs for more than 5 years and everyday I find it difficult to quit all of that . Anger depression anxiety quickly enters when I don't get the substance (opium). Swamiji I'm feeling helpless wasted ….. Please help … राधे राधे

  • Swami Mukundananda

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  • Renjini Jyothishmathy

    What a powerful message. Our laziness needs to be overcome from the inside and we can bring about a change if you are committed to it.

  • Debasmita Biswal

    Loved the explanation of the Vedic verse that says, if you have an intense desire for something, you will develop a firm decision which will be followed by strong and sincere effort to achieve the goal. Such a powerful verse.

  • Rajani Nambiar

    Great .Swamiji. thank you so much

  • Chandra Harnam Pokan

    Great Swamiji Radhey Radhey 💙

  • liza panigrahy

    Always thankful nd indebted near at shree Maharajji n Swamiji .. Radhey Radhey 🙏

  • Lipi Das

    Very True.Our spiritual goal can be achieved by better decision and only if we are committed towards it. Radhey Radhey

  • Prasanna S

    Thanks, Swamiji for this video that one should listen to multiple times. Commitment to decisions and the energy I bring to my decisions is what I find myself short every time. Will remember this knowledge and strive to achieve that perfection.

  • Tripti Golwalkar

    Radhey Radhey.

  • Gopal Trivedi

    Beautiful video about how to make better decisions. Thank you Swamiji

  • Dale Rafferty

    Radhey Radhey
    The power of a wishy-washy decision is pale compared to a decision that we make with commitment.

  • Gayatri Ch

    Awesome lecture, Swamiji!

  • Gayatri Ch

    Wonderful lecture Swamiji !! thank you !

  • Babita Ramkrishn

    Power of choice is within us ! 👌

  • Preety Gadre

    It was your grace that helped me join JKYOG. It was the best decision of my life 🙏🏼

  • Hyma R

    If we make intense desire, we will make strong resolve and put in best effort. Thanks Swamiji

  • Dr. Krishan Chhabra

    Swami Ji! Beautifully explained! Making a decision is not enough, we need to a have a firm commitment and intense passion to carry the decision through to its goal!

  • Gopika gd

    Thank you Swamiji.

  • Manish Kumar

    Where is the first part

  • Grace Smith

    A strong decision with practice to alter the thinking patterns of the brain such that we stick to the decision every day – this is commitment. We may stumble or fall but we should never give up on the decision.

  • Preeti Malhotra

    Learn proper knowledge and inspire yourself with it! Make decisions based on the knowledge of the intellect and move forward in life!

  • Meenu Kapoor/Kripaludassi

    Commitment to the decision is the key to success in life. We can only change in life if we have intense desire and commitment to change and then we can achieve our goal.

  • Smita Mehta

    Swamiji beautifully says that we should draw upon true knowledge when it is most needed. This can happen only when the intellect is filled with inspiration to elevate the soul. Thank you, Swamiji!

  • Meenu Kapoor/Kripaludassi

    Swami Ji…I have changed and spiritually uplifted myself by committing to watch your videos Daily and Liking, Commenting and Sharing them. Thanks so much and Jai Shree Radhey🙏

  • Premal Shukla

    Have a strong desire that will lead to a strong resolve; giving rise to strong effort and finally to a strong desired result! The magic formula of Maharaj ji!

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