Could I have made up my eating disorder? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Could I have made up my eating disorder? #KatiFAQ | Kati Morton

Hey everybody. Happy Thursday. And today I’m doing an FAQ video. I gathered most of my questions this
time from And I also was on youtube answering
questions yesterday and the day before. So if you’re looking for your
question to be answered, I’ve gone through and answered. And I know a lot of you, And the great thing about our community, Is many people will know which videos
I have already created, And they can direct you towards those. So that you can get the
information that you want. So today I have a couple of
really good questions I think. Oh, and. I will keep mentioning this. I may put out a video that
is specifically to this. I’m going to be at vidcon. Hello. So if you haven’t got your tickets, Get your tickets. If you live in the Southern
California area. I will be there. And I am also going to Elgin, Elgin. I think it’s Elgin, Scotland. At the end of March for, I’m going to speak at the
Elgin Youth Cafe. I’m very excited. I’m going to be there for nine days. So I go, I come in, I think, on the,
leave on the 21st. And with the time difference I’m
not really sure when I get there. I think I get there the following day. And then I leave the next Monday. I think that’s the 30th. So I will be there for a long time. So I will be planning a meet-up. Stay tuned for that. To make sure, I know many
of you live in that vicinity. And it can be a train ride
or quite a drive. But I will be there for a whole weekend. So I’m sure I can set one up that will
work for many of you. Okay, without further adieu. Let’s get into the questions. Now the first question, It’s a very long question. I will put the full question
in the description. But I’m going to make it a little shorter, So you get the gist of it. For the video timing purposes. So the main question she says, ‘I wanted to ask you if it’s possible that
I made up my eating disorder.’ ‘I’ve had some struggles
for some years ago.’ ‘Because I started restricting my food.’ ‘But for me it was totally okay.
Sort of like a ‘diet’.’ ‘And I don’t have a clue why I started this
diet. Because I was already underweight.’ ‘But it felt very right at the time.’ ‘The behaviour was similar to anorexia
with restriction and exercising.’ ‘But not so much as other people’s,
not so obsessively days.’ ‘Some days I could even
not care about it.’ So she goes on to tell her
story about how this has, You know, come and gone in her life. And she was just curious, She says, ‘I’m not looking for an online diagnosis,
but my question is,’ ‘Can a person just imitate
eating disorder behaviour,’ ‘And confuse it with an eating disorder?’ Now someone in the community
had told her about my, ‘Disordered Eating vs. Eating Disorder’
video. And I would check that out. Because that’s kind of in root
to an eating disorder, When you have disordered eating. But, no. We cannot fake mental illnesses. We cannot fake an eating disorder. Yes, we can imitate some of the symptoms. However, the important thing to remember
is that it’s what goes on in our head. Did you start it because you
wanted something from that? Like, were you looking for more
attention from your mom, So you started doing these things because
she wasn’t taking you seriously. Or were you doing it, you know, For a period of time to get the
attention of your therapist. Or your teacher. Or whatever. Usually there is a purpose. Maybe an ex boyfriend, Who knows. But it’s not something that happened, And we’re using it as
things get more stressful, And we can’t quit. Even when we want to. And that’s just the
difference right there. Even if we’re restricting. And we feel like we’re kind of
‘imitating’ a eating disorder. The fact that she, this
person in particular, Says that, ‘I wasn’t even sure why
I started this ‘diet’.’ To me that’s like, Bom
[Light bulb noise] Eating disorder. Because, if you had a conscious
thought about it, And that’s why you started
doing that behaviour. And it was for a purpose. Then maybe I would tell you, like, I think maybe, you know, you’re
seeking attention through this. And that’s why you’re imitating the
behaviour of an eating disorder, Even though it doesn’t sound
like you really have one. But it sounds like you really have one. And if any of you out
there are feeling like, ‘Well maybe I am imitating, I dunno,
maybe I’m faking a mental illness.’ Chances are, you are not. Do you know how hard it is to fake
a mental illness consistently? You can’t do it. You may do it periodically for a
certain person’s attention. That would be when you
actually are ‘faking it’. But I honestly, I forget, I think they call it Malingering,
I think that’s the right word. When you pretend to
be sick when you’re not. And I don’t believe it’s even that
common in the States. I remember it being like
less than one percent. But anyway. It’s not very common. Chances are, if you think you are
struggling with something, you are. Everyone’s experience feels different. Don’t feel like yours has to be
exactly like somebody else’s. But reach out and get help. The more support we get, Even if we feel like
we’re maybe faking it. The more support we get around that, The better. Because usually we’re doing
things for a reason. And it’s good to find out
what that reason is. Okay. So I will stop rambling. Next question. Sometimes I find I ramble. I’m sorry. ‘Hey Kati, you and your videos are amazing
and have helped me so much, so thank you.’ Oh you’re very welcome. ‘I have recently been talking
to my school counsellor,’ ‘About my eating disorder and depression,’ ‘And many of the other
issues that I have been facing.’ ‘She assured me that all of the information
I share with her is confidential.’ Which is true. ‘But I have recently discovered that she
has been sharing the information I told her,’ ‘With my coaches, other
teachers at my school,’ ‘As well as calling my friends into her
office to get information about me.’ ‘How do I bring this up with her? And
how will I be assured that I can have a,’ ‘Helpful meaningful conversation
without worrying about confidentiality?’ Great question. Holy shamolies. I had to do this one because
I was like ‘What? Wait, what?’ And I read this twice, three times, To be like, is she serious? First of all. That is a complete breach
of confidentiality, And you could technically report your
counsellor to whatever board. If she’s a school counsellor, you’d have to
find out if she’s an MFT, LCSW, what she is. But it’s all under the Board of
Behavioural Sciences of your State. You can report them. Be like,’You are a jerk face.’ And that’s not, that’s not okay. Secondly. Everything is confidential up to a point. If she’s worried that you’re going to
harm yourself or someone else, We have to report that. That’s more like, we have
to call the police. Or we need to call your parents or a
close friend to take you to the hospital, Because we worry about you. Those are the steps that we take. It’s usually just take the
least evasive steps. Like the least sharing possible. To get your client’s needs met. So that’s ethically what I’m bound to. And also legally. Because I have to report it. And do something about it. But this is just, I’m sorry, this is fucked up. That’s just the truth. And I apologise to people
who don’t like that I curse. You probably don’t like any of my videos. But, this is just so wrong. I understand that she may have to
share, if she worries about you. I would bring this up with her. And I would just mention. I would say, ‘You know, when we first started talking,’ ‘You let me know that everything said
in here was confidential.’ ‘You know, I know that there
are some limitations to that.’ ‘However, I have heard from my coaches and
my friends. And some of my other teachers.’ ‘That you have been speaking to them about
that. And it’s just really concerning to me.’ And this is up to you, the ending
of this is completely up to you. You can say, ‘And I would like another referral
to see someone else.’ Or, ‘Can you explain to
me why you did that.’ And it’s kind of up to you whether
you continue seeing this person or not. Because, I honestly, If I knew my therapist was going
around telling everybody. It would be really hard for me to be
honest and open and feel safe. And that’s the most important
thing with therapy. So I myself, personally, would
probably try to find someone else. But if you feel comfortable, If she’s like ‘Oh no,’ And then she has a really
good reason as to why. Which I’d like to know why. Can you let us know why
if there was a reason. And you feel okay about it. Then you can continue seeing her. It’s your treatment. It’s your choice. But that is messed up. That should not happen. Especially your friends. Are you kidding me? What? Anyway. So, I’m sorry that happened to you. I promise not all therapists are
weird jerkos like that. We are good. There are good ones out there. We just have to search them out. But definitely have a conversation. Because that is against
your rights as a client. Okay. Now I had a journal topic. Thanks Lauren. She shot this to me, I think
probably a week ago. And I flagged it in my email. So I did not forget. So thanks Lauren. It was around Valentine’s day and I
know that that was a little while ago. But it’s still pertinent. And it’s still something
that can really help. If any of you out there are
struggling with body image. Depression. Self esteem issues in general. I hear this from you all of the time. So know that you are not alone in this. But this is a really really
helpful journal topic. And it’s writing yourself a love letter. And I will put the link in
the description to it. It actually came up on buzz feed. And that’s where she sent me the link to. And it’s a woman in LA acutally. Hello. I don’t know where she is. But she, every year, had trouble because
she was sexually abused on Valentine’s day. And so every time Valentine’s
day would roll around, She would have a really hard time
managing, kind of her PTSD, And all of the responses. And the memory of the fact that this was
the day that she was abused. And so instead of focusing on that. She decided every year to
start writing herself a love letter. And there are examples in this link. And there are all sorts of goodies. It’s such a cool idea. And it’s kind of cool to think about it
from, like an admirer’s perspective. Or something like that. And it can help us boost
our own self esteem. Because I know that there are
things you like about yourself. I know there are. If you are really struggling, think ‘What would my best friend say’ Or, ‘What would my mom say’ Or, ‘What would someone who loves me say’ And then you write yourself a love letter. And share them. Take pictures. Tweet them to me. Share them. Tag me on instagram All that jazz. I like to see all of your lovely work. Okay, I love you all. I will see you on Monday. And I’m going to be in Houston
this week in H town. What. Visiting my friend Lauren. I’m so excited. So if you want to know what I’m up to, Follow me on instagram
katimorton1 Love you all. Bye! Subtitles by the community



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  • K1tycat

    This is hard for me to say and I'm not sure I'm not sure that I can express it in a way that will be understood. I hope you see and respond to this.
    I have a strange relationship with food. When people talk about how much food there eating in a given time period or talk about eating more than 700 cal. In one meal. Or just have an argument or fight that involves food( not food prep). I freak out and have bad panick attacks.
    I tend to feel guilty about how much I've eaten but at the same time I worry I'm not eating properly.
    When I'm relaxing at home I feel I need to have both food and drink ready at hand at all times if I don't I'm not comfortable that does not mean I eat all the time just needs to be easily excesable(sp?) I sometimes like once every couple of months or when I have something important for example like psych or doctors apt. The next day I tend to binge to the point I throw up from eating to much.

    Do I have an ED or what?

  • Femke Elders

    3:40 so I went to my doctor to speak to her about my eating problems and how I didn't feel like I needed to eat and I didn't want to etc. And she asked me why did you start eating less. And I just didn't know why. My mom who was there with me said at the time i told her i wanted to just eat healthier but i dont remeber that.
    I always thought an eating disorder was because you wanted to lose weight or whatever but I didn't know you could also develop an eating disorder without an reason. If you get what I mean.
    I guess this was an eye opener for me. Thank you

  • Chelsea Mueller

    "this is fucked up" really caught me off guard. I want a therapist that cuss'.

  • xrysthol

    What if the purpose was to lose weight?

  • Yuri Takahashi

    Hello Ms. Morton, I know this is a video from a long time and so you might not see my comment but I recently came out to my mom about my issues with overeating and because it's been almost 4 years of struggle, I thought I should maybe see a professional but she told me that there are no meds to fix someone's eating habits so it's all about my self control. Do you still recommend seeing a doctor when you have eating issues or do you think seeing a counselor is a better idea? Thank you so much for your videos

  • foxiefair123

    You're so cute and sweet, so when you curse, it's really funny.

  • flora östberg

    just wanted to say that you obviously have a problem if you’re doing something like that just for attention, so if you’re considering seeking help but think you might be doing it for attention, you probably still need help

  • Natalia Flores

    Even you explaining that some people just want attention I'm thinking oh yeah that's me

  • skinnyjiminie

    I started restricting to lose weight and I just told myself that I would stop at the end. I want to be under weight and I don’t want to stop because I will feel like a failure and I’m scared of gaining weight. I feel like I’m just faking it for attention because I told two of my close friends but they might be close to forgetting. I want to be underweight so I will feel pretty and I’ve had a low self esteem all my life and tried to diet but failed all of them. I don’t know if I’m faking it or not, but it’s addicting to see the scale go down fast and restrict.

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