Criminalizing Mental Health • This Is Crazy • Part 1 of 3 • BRAVE NEW FILMS

Criminalizing Mental Health • This Is Crazy • Part 1 of 3 • BRAVE NEW FILMS

We see it every day. On the news, in the media,
confrontations between people with mental illness and authorities. In the worst cases these encounters end in
tragedy; Or people with mental health issues find themselves
being run into a dysfunctional prison system, instead of getting the appropriate care. All this stress can be really bad for people
with mental illness, and then.. um… it happened. Um… I had a psychotic break. I never thought that that could have happened
to me. I had symptoms of a lot of different mental health issues… anxiety depression,
mania, um… all kinds of stuff; but I had never heard a voice before, and that happened.
I had never had a delusion. I began thinking I was god. I could not make that delusion
go away, and I started believing it… and when I heard the voice, I knew I was in serious
trouble and I knew I needed to get help. I ended up threatening to harm this woman…
who I wasn’t even mad at. But in a delusional mental state I was just doing things that
didn’t make any sense. A young man, homeless, and schizophrenic,
beaten to death. Police shooting death of a mentally ill man
at Miami gardens… The police department had not properly trained
officers… Kristiana Coignard, a mentally ill 17 year
old girl who was killed by police in texas… The death of a 26 year old man while in the
custody of deputies has been ruled a homicide. The victim, Robert Sailer, had Down Syndrome. There are series’ of trainings that law enforcement
need, that exist, that are great. One is CIT– Crisis Intervention Training. That’s specifically
to train officers on how to identify people with mental illness, how to intervene in a
way that does not escalate. You’re not barking commands, you’re not immediately escalating
to physical confrontation, and you’re trying to help de-escalate the situation. You’re
calming the situation and trying to really get that person to a place of health. So weather we like it or not, police officers
have become the first responders to mental health crisis in the neighborhood.
So… so we were seeing that people living with mental illness were being locked up because
of their mental illness. You see the man in the green we now know is
35 year old Glenn Broadnax lie down in the middle of the street, after that he starts
to run out into traffic with police on his tail.
Then the shots. Because the NYPD have not had the training
to work with people with mental illness… they can’t differentiate a person with mental
illness with… y’know someone who’s really trying to actually hurt someone. I was here… with my cousin when I realized
“oh my gosh we’re in the middle of a shooting” so we were literally here, like, standing
here, and when I realized we were in the middle of a shooting, I grabbed my cousin and said
“lets run”. And as we ran this way that’s when the bullet… hit me. (muffled screaming) Please! Please don’t do… Hyper vigilance in the sense of who you may
normally think is here to protect you, maybe the police. You in fact may see them as people
who are against you. Previous exposure to trauma may include the
police… and you know heaven forbid if they are arrested and treated in a certain way
then that just reinforces who they can really trust. They all knew that I was suffering from a
mental health… problem. That’s the only thing that hurt me and that’s why I’m so committed
to crisis intervention training… is because… if I had been diverted to a mental hospital
I wouldn’t have a felony on my record, and um… I would’ve immediately gotten treatment.
Because when I DID get treatment–finally. When I got medication that worked, I came
out of the delusion, and I was so… like, sorry… everything came around. But that
police intervention is so important when the police are trained to deal with mental health
crisis, and they can actually get somebody to a mental hospital. As appose to taking
somebody to jail.



  • OMProductions81

    This is a very important piece. It needs to be widely distributed and acted upon. Lives depend on what we do about this issue.

  • neilemac

    Where's the G+ button for this page; come on Google, what's up? This video needs exposure? Who's side are you on? So many questions; so few options.

  • Cazdon

    I think it would also be better if society started treating the importance of mental health on the same level of physical health. Shame that these things end up happening.

  • peacerebelgirl

    mental health hospitals can be a hostile, unfriendly place as well. the whole system is ill equipped to properly help those suffering with mental illness. mostly, they throw mind controlling drugs at the problem, which is simply a band aid that in some instances can make a person worse. there needs to be a complete overhaul.

  • Fa1c0

    the thing that i think may be difficult whether one has mental illness or not, is trying to cooperate with the police, and at the same time trying to keep them from hurting you. i suspect there would be less resistance if the police didn't escalate hings to the point of having to, or feeling like they have to inflict pain to keep you subdued. once pain is inflicted, you will try to defend yourself even if you originally intended to cooperate.

  • agenor defigueiredo

    This could happen to me cause I have mental problems, thanks to the VA I can cope today.

  • Sheila Smith-Ramirez

    Great video, shared on tsu and diaspora. Thank you

  • mrfaithandphysics

    Why are we spending money on the Brain Mapping Project?  It suggests they are concerned about our mental health.  But the facts show they do not.  So what are they REALLY mapping the brain for?  They have taken all the funding for mental health, so of course the police are left to "deal" with them.

  • James Charles

    Well worth a watch

  • Carol Wheeler

    This is so good. Obviously so true, too. What's happening IS crazy. The police must be trained properly to deal with mentally ill people, who after all need treatment, not prison. Surely we can all agree on that. Maybe the treatment that is available is not the best, but I think anything is better than innocent people being murdered by the police.

  • FixItStupid

    SAD most of these mental health issues could be traced back to radiation the damage that it did to the chromosomes mental health issues are becoming so prominent because of the environment full of radiation of all types energetic radiation RF radiation photons radiation …. Not to mention the food…. we are losing cognizant capacity of schools have failed the environment destroys the child mental health has become an epidemic as a result…. No Worries It's A Nuclear End One Way Or The Other ……….. Corporate Government Doesn't Give A Damn

  • AJ Writer

    Very well done guys!

  • Blaise Gauba

    YOU CAN ALL THANK THAT ASSHOLE RONALD REAGAN FOR WHY WE HAVE SO MANY MENTALLY ILL PEOPLE ON THE STREETS. The Republicans tout Ronald Reagan as their god. He was an asshole…he was a crappy "B" actor who came from a Hollywood era of Communist and Socialist fear mongers who tore this country's only existing mental health care system to shreds. FUCK the Republican Party! They are the terrorists! They are corporate cock suckers! They are the only party that has sold out our country to the highest bidder. And the police are totally OUT OF CONTROL. They have the worst training of any industrialized country in the world. The Scandinavian countries' police put our police to great shame.

  • BigFatHeretic

    Good evening! Since I don't use Face Book, I gave this video a thumbs up and a Tweet!

    Excellent video! I also have my own issues concerning mental health. My doctor suspects I'm bi-polar, and I go through mood swings! I was prescribed medications for it. But it made me too drowsy. I like to keep my mind alert and active. So, I told my doctor that I had to stop the medication, and that I have had these mood swings for years. So, I'm use to it. I'm 63 years old.

    Well . . . my doctor told me not to quit the medications cold turkey, but to gradually cut back, which I did.

    Yeah! When I was 17 years old, back in April of 1969, I spent three weeks in a state mental hospital where I was sexually molested by an older man.

    Also, when I was a kid going to school, I was lousy at sports because of my crippled up left knee, the result of a car accident. I was often bullied around in school because I wasn't good at sports. I was once kicked out of school because I failed to climb a rope in the gymnasium, even though I was passing all my other academic subjects, like, SCIENCE AND MATH!!!

    Oh! But, NNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO! In the crummy school, sports was more important that learning science!

    My mother taught me how to read and write before I even started going to school. So, when I was only in the third or fourth grade, I was already able to read at high school and adult level. I was always interested in science, especially Astronomy, which was my favorite.

    Yeah! In our great American society, we not only criminalize mental health issues, we also criminalized being physically handicapped back in the 1960s in some of our schools, and we criminalized anyone who was different in any way.

    Here's a little tip.

    If you are living in a small town, and raising kids, and if the only form of entertainment in that town is high school football games and church picnics, then . . . get your kids out of that town, and move into a community that has theaters, art galleries, history museums, science museums, and perhaps even a planetarium.

    Get away, and keep away from stupid ignorant people, like right-wing Republican Christian Fundies, because, they will drag you down and drag your children down.

    Well . . . . . anyway . . . . .

    If given a choice between being stupid or being crazy, I'll take crazy any time!!!

  • Earl Rogers

    Please keep making these films! As someone with OCD and Bipolar disorder, I know I am blessed to have a good support network, but that is the exception, not the rule. Police should absolutely be trained in recognizing and dealing with mental health, and we need a government that is more pro-active in recognizing the reality of mental health in our society today

  • Abe Martin

    Thank you for this doc ! and for those who care please see this as this young man was tortured to death deprived of food and water here in the US. Please sign

  • AvangionQ

    This is an endemic problem, so much larger than just the few incidents that could be covered in this video …

  • gogetta80

    Cops get a kick out of picking on the most powerless people in society.

  • winstonsmithee

    This just gives the police motive to brand everyone they've shot for no reason as mentally ill. The perfect excuse. "Geez, we didn't know those <choice of racial slurs> were sick."

  • Fairfax Wolfe

    Thank you for posting this.

  • FullBoarDaniel

    This was such a Great film! Sharing everywhere! I am trying to help myself and help my mother who I love very much but is in a psychotic Manic state and the dr's will not listen to me or anyone so she will eventually end up in the jail..I don't understand why this cycle has to continue..they know what happens! Help People!! Not Jail!!

  • Sohary Fonseca

    Excellent video. Coincidentally I'm writing an article about it for a magazine of my university in Puerto Rico. I would like to know when the second and third part of the serie is coming out. Thanks in advance.

  • A. Soul

    Sad to say the cops in Canada can be just as ignorant of mental health issues.
    A gang of RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police) tased to death, an innocent mentally challenged man in the Vancouver airport only a few years ago. The man's only offence was fear and his lack of English. Understand that this insodent happened in an international airport.
    The thugs closed ranks and there was a conspiracy of lies afterwards. It took years to sort the lies out. Some of the culprits were convicted.
    The RCMP were once a source of Canadian pride.

  • David Myers

    the system only cares about the people that can make it money. cops make money for the prison industrial complex by housing mentally ill and putting them through hell. the bottom line the government don't care about you never has never will. it's only going to get worse get a passport and leave while you can.

  • Beaky Babe

    It's a sad fact that the Police here in Australia have the same attitude although they don't yet have has a 'mental illness', why they don't just immobilise the person by shooting them in the arm, the leg or somewhere which isn't "FATAL". I realise that many people they encounter may also be under the influence of other illicit drugs which seems to give them super strength and tenacity but why do they just 'shoot to kill'??? Most of the time the person with 'mental illness' is at a considerable distance from the Police and they may have a knife and NOT a gun, but really, can't they just stop the person without it being "FATAL'. More and more often it seems that 'Humans" are nothing more than 'collateral damage' and have no worth at all.

  • cinnireseisri

    Another of Ronald Reagan's productive legacies.

  • Holly Deitrich

    My son was suffering depression and alcoholism at 21. His therapist said she tried calling crisis and they were busy so she called 911 and told them that my son was suicidal. The police came out and shot and killed my son when in the long run, they didn't have to.

  • Get off the Grid!

    Wow! The police have truly become dangerous… very frightening, like paid terrorist. In, 2015, the police resemble the KKK who simply lynched, shot and burned alive innocent people (mostly black people). I will never call the police for help. NEVER! Its time to live this country….

  • kellyloganme

    Thank you for addressing this in such a clear and compelling manner. Note that the 'Sign Petition' link is buried behind the video controls on a normal (non-maximized) sized screen.

  • lisa evers

    Indeed, this IS crazy.  And….what types of people are they hiring as cops?  I mean, any person with HALF an ounce of sense, if they are Paying Attention, can usually tell  if a person is a bit mentally 'off'.  But it seems far too many cops are quick to be aggressive, versus ASSESSING a situation first.  And as for the cops who decided to SHOOT in the middle of a crowded street in Midtown Manhattan, I certainly hope their badges have been permanently revoked.  Whether it's cops shooting into a crowd, or plowing their cars at 80+ mph on highways or our neighborhood streets, all to catch a carjacker or a robber, they are putting all of our lives in danger with such reckless, testosterone-fueled decision-making.   Not to mention the injustice to the particular mentally-ill people they are mistreating.

  • lisa evers

    Why aren't Parts 2 and 3 of this video right alongside this? Are they available on Youtube?

  • aicram62

    Resource Based Economy ; Zeitgeist: Moving Forward

  • Trace L Hentz

    This is hell on earth – real hell and who created it?

  • FunPheonix97

    This is downright scary… I have ADHD, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Depression and I admit, I can act pretty unstable at times, thankfully I can usually handle myself in public. I hope I don't get arrested or anything like that.

  • Jeffrey Donaldson

    Sorry it is malpractice when a counselor says to client your family or friends are unfair to the client. Your job is not right for you.
    They don't have you sign a disclosure form to get permission to break confindentiality. If not court orderered, they say you need them, because your family is unfair to you. This is to keep you coming back. They'll say go on welfare, just so the state pays their fees. Some AA Some counselors even try to keep bringing up AA so they have a meeting they need. So please, if you tell your counselor you want discharged, right them a certified receipt rreturn letter and tell them you don't want therapy any longer and no more communications. If you owe money to agency, send the money to the billing people of the agency.
    There also might be another reason the therapist said your family and friends are unfair.
    That is what they thought when they were growing up and they take it into counseling to find someone else who may think they have something in common. Then they end counseling on their terms. Not your request. Very unethical in most states for counselors to do that.

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