CRISIS: Veterans, mental health & the wounds we cannot see | psychology recovery & military

Hey everybody. Happy Thursday! Now if you didn’t know tomorrow is Veterans Day in the U.S. What is Veterans Day you might wonder? Veterans Day is a day where all of those who served in our U.S. Military are celebrated and loved on and given a little extra thank you so much. Maybe a hug. Maybe you buy them a coffee. We just celebrate them all day long. If you do see someone in their fatigues or someone that you know is a veteran, Friday November 11th is a great day to tell them how much you appreciate them. Tell them you love them. Tell them thank you. If you see somebody behind you in line, buy their coffee. Buy them a sandwich. Tell them thanks for keeping my land safe so I can walk outside and not worry about getting shot or stepping on an IED. Just for keeping us safe and happy and sound. But what I want to talk with you about today is something that’s a little more serious. When I was doing research for this video I learned that over 50,000 of our homeless are veterans. That’s really sad and terrible. And why aren’t we taking better care of them? When they’ve given us their all. Also I found out that 13% of veterans struggle with substance abuse. That’s terrible. We know that that’s done as a way to numb out, and I would assume that’s linked to PTSD. We know most of those who go away to war come back with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. And so they’re using addiction as a way to cope. And the worst upon worst statistic that I found, when doing research, was that 20 of our veterans kill themselves each and every day. That is such a staggering suicide rate. And there is so much that we can do about it. So today I want to offer up some tips and tricks to you if you are struggling with any of these things. If you are a veteran there are some things you can do to help yourself. And also I want to offer up some tips if we know someone and we care about someone who is a veteran. What are some things that we can do to help them better cope? For those of you who are veterans and are struggling, please reach out for help. They find that we do best when we’re in groups of people who understand our situation. That’s why it’s actually really great for you to keep in touch with people that you maybe went to war with or served with at different periods of time in your service to your country. Keep in touch with them. Whether it’s through letters, texts, emails, or actually having lunch and coffee together. Spend time with other veterans. We find that that helps us feel more understood. It helps lower our anxiety, and helps us have a place to vent about all the things that may be going on in our head as a relation to our trauma and our experiences. And also if you can, getting into therapy. I know our VA system is extremely flawed, and it’s not perfect. But start speaking up. If we have to scream to be heard, that’s fine. Be the squeaky wheel that gets the oil, because you deserve it. You’ve given your country your all and now is the time to get the support and help that you need. And if you have a friend or family member or any loved one who is a veteran, please be patient with them. I know that they can lash out. I know that they can be extremely frustrated at the situation and things may not be the same. There was a lot of information about how difficult it is for our veterans to come back into civilian life, and pretend like nothing really changed. Because they feel so very different. So give them time to adjust and adapt. I know that it’s really hard, but therapy will be great for you as well. And there are groups available for those who live with a person whose been to war and back, so that you are with other people who understand your experience. Do you see kind of the trend here? We do best when we’re surrounded by people who understand our experience, and give us a safe place to talk about it. And I also just want to say that it doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree with the wars that we have been in over the years or in currently. I’m not here to talk with you about politics. I’m just here to shed some light on the mental health issues that plagues our veterans. And as a community I believe we can come together and offer up support, offer up resources, talk to one another, love on one another, show each other the wonderful respect that each and every human deserves. Because if you think about our veterans as a whole, they have given their all to keep us safe. That’s something that is so amazing and something I think we need to spend some time appreciating. And so throughout the year you can find ways, not just one day a year, throughout the year we can find ways to give back and to help them know how grateful we are for all they’ve given for us. And there is tons of community centers and tons of ways you can donate money and time and resources. But I will leave links in the description for some of those and other of my videos where I talk about PTSD and all things related to veterans. And hopefully together as a community together we can just share some love on this wonderful day, and appreciate all of the men and women who have served and helped keep us safe day in and day out. I love you all! And I will see you on Monday. Bye!



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