Cupcakes: The Great Mental Health Experiment #1

Cupcakes: The Great Mental Health Experiment #1

Hey! Hey guys! Hi! Hey! Hellooo So, crazy thing that I’ve heard through the
grapevine Mental health. What’s that? It’s totally okay not to have a good day sometimes. Go awaaaaaay! You know, you get these lists and they’re
like, this is how to take care of yourself. This is how to look after your mental health. Well, cool, that’s nice, but… let’s see
what it’s like in practice. I heard a really exciting rumour, that baking
is really good for your mental health. So, I’m pretty excited. Cause I’m pretty hungry. But, baking’s not really fun by yourself. Friend! Friend! Friend! Anyway! We’ll see how it goes. I think I woke up at about a six – six out
of ten mood rating. My name is Beth and this is Ella and this
is our cupcake… wrappers. One cup of sugar! Yeah sister gurl I had an accident! I’ll just put it back in. Yaaaaaaaas queen! Doing the dance, doing the dance, thirty seconds left, of the dance! Urrrggghhhhhh yaaas! Do you remember those — one cup –those cupcakes you made me for my birthday? The cookie monster ones? Oh, yes! They were amazing. I had those for so long afterwards, too. Here comes the airplane! This is a good time. Creating a mess with the chocolate! You’re my vanilla to my chocolate, so you
can do chocolate and I’ll do vanilla. Ohh, I like the sound of that. Stop it. Stop it, you. Stop it. This is why we don’t bake together. Sprinkle. Because you do this. Let’s decorate this. Hashtag delicious. Yeah, my mood kinda started as a six But like, having Ella here brought me up to
like a solid eight and a half. Only an eight and a half. But then we also made cupcakes together and
just had great times, so I’m definitely like… I’m feeling an eleven out of ten Yeah! I feel good! I recommend this. This was a lot of fun It’s really great having you here, friend. How many cupcakes would you give baking?
Out of– Out of twelve? That we made? Yeah. I would give it a solid eleven and a half. I would give it six mega cupcakes. Which is
like twelve out of twelve. So, I challenge you guys at home — grab your
best friend do some baking! It can be cupcakes, it could be cakes, it could be –slices? Mmm! And then send it to my house Do some baking with your best friend and use
the hashtag below, because we totally wanna see what you guys are making! Write your recipe below, because we love trying
new things. We might try it out. Yeah, we’ll definitely try it out. We need some more cupcakes. Let’s make some
more. Right now? Right now. Let’s go. Okay, let’s go.



  • Talitha Wilson

    I am so going to do this!!!Do we just upload the video to YouTube with the hashtag and what we're making or do we post it on twitter, Facebook etc


    I love your videos !!!

  • susan giroso

    I love to bake alone or with friends my fav—peanutbutter sheet cake. I call it Peanutbutter Deliciousness–cos it is!

  • May Yara

    But you can´t do it too often. Or else you get fat (or fatter in my case) and then you will be sad again.

  • Plastic Grape

    Wow. I just discovered your channel thanks to upworthy (here's the article : and it's wonderful !
    I hope you're having a good time making your videos and that you'll keep producing them, because this is so cool. We kinda need people like you to tell us "hey, this works" or "this doesn't work that much in this situation", because the world is saturated by mental health issues and someone has to give insight on how to solve them, while we would consider most of them not worth going to a doctor to see how to work with the issues.
    So yeah. Thanks, I'll share this channel with my friends and keep watching your videos.

  • Rosalind

    This is making my day! Thank you, Beth! I just moved from the Czech Republic to Canada and I've been here for two months. I am still adjusting, I'm very homesick and I am trying to find a job, because I am kind of bullied at mine. Growing up and moving out is hard. I will watch all The Great Mental Health Experiments and maybe try some. Thanks and have an awesome day! 🙂

  • Julie Wilson

    I love this idea! You are a delight & so is your friend … I will look forward to your videos each week – thanks so much!

  • james paladin

    love this series, but studies do show that just spending time with friends has a huge effect on our mental health, so was it the baking or just doing anything at all with your best friend that helped in this case. Baking alone might probably won't have nearly the feel good effect as baking with a BF.

  • james paladin

    May Yara, just give the cupcakes away. Then you are combining a couple of feel good ideas. The baking, plus giving. double the feels.

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