Cure Depression without Medicines Permanently (In hindi) – by KAILASH MANTRY

My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach and mental health consultant. From last 25years, we research on more than 50 diseases that we cured without any medicine According to doctors and researchers, most of these diseases are not curable. And can be cured only through life long medicine intake. From all these diseases, one condition is depression; today we will talk about depression, i.e. why depression occurs, what happens in the treatment of depression and why depression is taking time to get a cure. First, we will talk about, what is depression? Depression is a mental state that is negativity. Depression comes with fear & negativity and we think about there is no future and present is also weak, and past is also, and future expectation is not so reasonable, that time people comes with depression. that time people face depression. Any sadness takes a long time that too causes depression. For depression people makes a lot of efforts, it’s not easy to overcome with sorrow People need to stroll, talk slowly, can’t think high, and can’t keep any hopes that too cause depression. What happens in depression? In distress, people don’t have any interest in work nor having any motivation in things. In sorrow people never laugh, people act so severely If we see depression’s essential qualities if we are serious in our life, along with seriousness there would be rejection in life too, and also there would be a failure in life comes with failure & refusal that leads to depression Meaning of depression is, There is no hope of living a life, there is no need of living a life, nor there is nothing to stay in life. People also neglect depression; depression only occurs to those people, whose nature is introvert even to those people who do not openly share their life and keep security towards their life, From the whole world lots of people in India having depression, Approx 35% to 40% people having depression. There is no human being who has not gone through any failure in life, never have any rejection & never failed. Somewhere and sometimes people get depressed, but when depression last longer never comes into active life that is called depression Little bit sadness little bit sorrow that to go to all human being. Meaning of depression is, Life is full of pain, a person is not happy, people don’t have any ambition, nor people don’t think nor nor people don’t think nor Depression starts with fear and negativity When this thing takes place, it leads to depression. we will see depression treatment options, nowadays there is one option for depression, taking sleeping pills by taking such drugs that never take time to think by this medicines your immune system weakens, which is the wrong treatment Patients visit my place and proudly say I take depression medicines for the last ten years. When I say depression can get a cure in 10 days they don’t believe me, and then they give examples of prominent doctors, that I am taking treatment from leading doctors and what are you saying that treatment will get cured in 10 days. Depression takes a minimum of ten days & maximum 100 days no matter how old depression is, it gets cured in 100 days. Depression treatment should be done as soon as possible if depression takes a long time, hen there would be thoughts like suicide, hen there would be thoughts like suicide, schizophrenia and mental illness that comes under depression. Now, there is a question, Depression comes first or Insomnia, that is not important. Insomnia and Depression are interrelated to each other Insomnia means unable to sleep when depression comes, a person thinks too much & not getting sleep & if a person doesn’t get sleep it causes distress. Depression comes with over thinking person overthinks about negativity & never thinks on positivity and then whole night person thinks about negativity only. Depression is a simple treatment, i.e. find a life coach, share your life story, he will help you to get cured anywhere in a positive way. Nowadays, there is an advanced therapy that that sometimes depression receives a cure within 10 hours. Nowadays, for depression people visit a psychiatrist, a psychiatrist has one work, i.e. to prescribe anti depression pills. Now by taking anti-depression tablets, a person becomes more lethargy, lazy and not interested in any profession, that means depression medicines are fake, that makes a person weak, physically and mentally, then how depression will get cured? From their point of view, they are right. Their Recommendation is to take medicine for 10 -20 years and sorrow will be Control There is a way to cure depression, i.e. to laugh and make people laugh, also read comic books, watch Comedy shows & live life happily People take their life so seriously, that they take failure and Rejection seriously, that leads to depression. Depression is a self –created a state. A man takes so many efforts, why he makes shots because in starting man is full of sorrow, that time family members cares for him and loves him a lot, so person thinks it’s a right way, Whenever I am full of pain, people will give me attention. To get out of depression is so easy Do brisk walk, sit at the cool place or visit some hill station, or talk to some people who like you & talk with you nicely, through this we can cure the first level of depression. If there is a further stage of grief, Contact to a life coach who will listen to your life story and make every moment of life as an interpretation that helps you to have changed in your life. There is an easy way to cure depression, i.e. join laughter Club and laugh in the morning, afternoon and Evening then see whether depression is getting cured or not, When you take a few things seriously which leads to depression, i.e. Don’t take things seriously, don’t be scared then there will be no depression. Now we will talk about who suffers from Depression? Depression only comes to a weak person; a person is vulnerable, sorrow, dangerous, hurt and also too selfish people. If you are not selfish, depression will not occur. The main symptoms of depression are sadness, nervous Now there is new technology, named as NLP, in this technology if depression is less then it will be a cure in 10 hours. The meaning of depression is asking the wrong question; a depressed person asks every time the crazy questions that don’t have an answer For example, why it is happening to me only, this is a favourite question of depressed person & there is no answer for this question why it’s happening with you only The meaning of depression is whatever bad things happen that reminds you again & again; never recalling good incidents. Nowadays all people have the same stuff, i.e having good & bad things, when a person thinks about bad things that lead to depression & when a person feels about good things, stays happy. The first step towards the cure of depression is that a person should decide to get rid of depression. The second step is to find any life Coach & to share your life story. The third step is to feel the person with full of power,motivation & full of courage that person will not have any fear & also to get rid off, a person with seriousness & sadness, to fill the person with happiness, feel with love, through this depression & get cured. Depression occurs mostly in women because they are more secretive, supressed & other people dominate. Also, they do not desire to expose. Also, she thinks about society, family, having some restrictions so that she does not speak freely, this leads to depression. There is no any biological reason behind depression But earlier days there used to be a phrase known as women can’t laugh, not talk freely, just live under restriction, Due to this, there is no biological reason that women lead with depression, like a child who is suffering from depression, if some person takes efforts to think in opposite way that also leads to depression. I take ten days minimum to treat depression patient to get a cure. Firstly, I use Music therapy to play energetic songs to them; then I do some fun with them after that I give knowledge to them, about life while doing this patient feels that I don’t get any fear It is my 25 years of skills that in front of patient I need to go for different profession According to the level of patient I need to start the level of treatment, maybe you have to listen to their stories, but what will be depressed person do, when he talks, he will just blame or complaint also he will condemn other people for whatever has been happening with him , he will not take any responsibility For this I can’t say where should I start, but its sure that with 200 % guarantee, depression person gets cure with minimum 10 days or maximum 100 days there is no need to take medicine for 10 to 15 years if you are taking medication you are doing mistake, you don’t know how much your body is getting damaged by taking this medicine There is a way of taking this medicine makes your body as living dead, cause you alive but as a dead body. In last, I would just say it’s not a medical illness, it’s a mental illness, there are no way to get cured by medicines, it’s a psychological issue, for a while we can call it as anti-logical issue , but in this there is no role to cure depression, if medicines takes 10 years to cure depression, I will cure depression in 10 days without any medication, just patient should be ready to get out of , but most of the patients don’t want to get out of depression because depression treatment get attention & care that’s why & care that’s why they don’t want to get out of depression. Depression is a self-created state. When we think wrong about our life we blame every person whatever happened to us, that is why depression occurs. Stop blaming others & take your responsibility these things can make your depression cure, & if the depression is of 10 years it will get a cure in 10 days & if depression is of 1 year it will get a cure in 3 days. Guaranteed the depression is in the worst condition,it should not take more than 100 days to get out of depression. My methods are to build to get out of depression. My methods are to build you powerful; this will help to take lifelong challenges which you will face in your life. My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach coach & mental health consultant. From last 25 years , we cure more than 50 diseases like schizophrenia , stammering , epilepsy , migraine, , arthritis , drug addict, alcoholic , Alzheimer , Asthma , Cancer , Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Autism , Parkinson etc more than 50 diseases we cured & I can especially say alcohol & drug addict people are mainly depressed, when people send to rehab center that makes a big mistake, alcoholic people are usually reduced in that you send people to rehab center & make them more depressed. My treatment for alcoholic & drug addict is so different that I cure the alcoholic patient in just one month for drug addict I cure the patient in 3 months & he will leave his drugs for lifetime primarily they are depressed, we have to take out sorrow from their body & this is my way!! Thank you.



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