CURE LOW BLOOD PRESSURE WITH YOGA & PRANAYAM II योग एवं प्राणायाम द्वारा निम्न रक्त चाप का इलाज II

Namaskaar !!!! You all are welcome to Maha Mantras Yoga Now we will talk about Low Blood Pressure Why Low Blood Pressure happens? Our Eating habits , our routine of sleeping & awakening Deficiency of oxygen in our blood Feeling dullness in your body So how to get rid of this, let us tell you about this. Will we till you its scientific reason through Pranayam Firstly we will begin with Nadhishodhan Pranayam Where we will inhale & exhale with deep breath for 21 times. Have a look on this Inhale & exhale for 1 time is called 1 time only So, this way you have to do Naadishodhan for 21 times. Then we will do Suryabhed Pranayam, where you have to inhale from right nostril I have shown you to inhale from right nostril , hold it as per your capacity and exhale from left nostril. We will do this for 5 times This will work like where inhale from right, hold and then exhale from left In High Blood Pressure its aggressive to stop but here But here as much as your Kumbhaka stage will increase you will get that much of rid from Low Blood Pressure. It is very important to increase the stage of kumbhak in this. So, as per your capacity what all breath you are inhaling , try to hold it & exhale from left nostril. So, this way you have to do 5 circle of Suryabhed Pranayam. Then again we will do Nadishodhan Pranayam for 21 times. Inhale & exhale for 1 time. After doing it for 21 times then you will move on to Chandrabhedi Pranayam Which will be repeated but inhale from left nostril So inhaling from left, holding and then exhaling from right nostril is called Chandrahedi Pranayam. As soon you complete Chandrahedi Pranayam for 5 times then again you will do Nadishodhan Pranayam for 21 times. Then relax for 2 minutes. After relaxing for 2 minutes then we will move on to another pranayam called Abhyantar angka kumbhaka. How to do this, let me tell you. Inhaling as per your capacity & holding as per your capacity. Let me show you & this also you have to do for 5 times. Start Inhale I have shown you 2 times. Abhyantar angka kumbhaka, where you inhale & hold it Do this for 5 times as this will help you to give strength to your Power of Life. It will bring electricity, as soon we inhale we felt warmness in our body Because in Low Blood Pressure we observe coldness in our body. So as you will do Abhyantar angka kumbhaka, your body will be warm from inside So after doing Abhyantar angka kumbhaka for 5 times. Then you have to do mediation for 2 minutes. Do meditation for 2-5 minutes and then do Shavasana Do Shavasana for 10 minutes. Then you follow this method of Maha Mantras Yoga & get rid of Low Blood Pressure. Thank you…..



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