Custom LED Light Bar Build (Part 1 “Project Night Light”)

Custom LED Light Bar Build (Part 1 “Project Night Light”)



  • floyd li

    i have not read the comments below as i posted my question earlier.

  • hardyan pajero


  • lucian kristov

    Take your grinder and run a thin cut like bevel to where your weld will be. It will help your welds be stronger

  • Jacob Skilling

    7:39 face reveal

  • aldrene james

    I see your face😄

  • Baja fan 210

    My dad is a professional welder and those welds are perfect

  • I-Man Lee

    Why u didn’t weld it on the floor?

  • Borna Blue Master

    OMG I saw his face when he said sheesh on 7:40

  • Lynette St.Claire

    I'm 12 and I enjoy your vids

  • Lynette St.Claire

    Wen are u doing role cage in driftstang

  • Noah Box

    where did you buy the steel piping?

  • Ricardo Dueck

    7:40 face reveal

  • Joah Gee jr.

    Great videos Chris, on you light bar you made for your truck you didn't drill and prep any " weep" holes for moisture to escape. Without "weep " holes moisture can cause rust to form on interior of metal ,eventually weakening the assembly and cause it to fail.😃

  • Jacob Ecret

    580 bucks!? Shiiiittttt!!!!


    I think that’s Chris’s face 7:40

  • suncraft vlogs

    Why don’t you show your face we all have seen your face s lot before

  • Haddow Cameron

    Nice face reveal lol probs not u tho

  • Night Owl

    Hey bro im new here and your cool

  • South Florida Bassing

    As Jeremy clarkson said “time to deploy my collapsible sun!”

  • Black Smoke Bear

    The welds are fairly decent, they will be enough to hold that together. But you are not burning into both pieces of metal enough.

  • Ethan keenan

    That drawing looks like a pickup truck boat id love one off them

  • Mohammed Shahid Thangal

    Hi.. What is critical and non-critical circuit

  • Arif k

    This project will be easier with a chop-saw.

  • Neo Aaji

    Wrong don't weave if u not good can trap slap in the weld run stringers . I been welding 16 years

  • 1 Nasty OBS

    Did I just see Chrisfixs face😂

  • Entini Pikire

    Enjoy watching your videos, very informative thank you so much already subscribe

  • Entini Pikire

    Enjoy watching your videos, very informative thank you so much already subscribe

  • Alonzo Santos

    Chrisfix, will you be planning on installing led ( Light Emitting Diodes ) interior lights for the mazda?

  • James Garrison

    Do u have a Sawzall

  • James Garrison

    You missed 1/4 to half of that weld you can see it didn't fuse. On the welde you said "didn't look bad if I don't say so myself" your right it's a pretty weld it's just not fused together like its supposed to be.

  • James Garrison

    But other that that great video

  • Cerberus 666

    Why is this in the police interceptor playlist

  • Alex Quadrider

    And to this day part 3 never came out

  • Pastor Justin

    Remember the bed of truck rocks differently than cab so raise the overhead to allow for travel without damaginh top of cab

  • David Smalldridge

    My dream truck needs a off road light bar! How do I do that? (CLICK) Here is my answer! Here we go now! (CLICK) (Clip activates) Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here! I have subscribed!

  • Cameron Maines

    I see you with that beard Chris XD

  • max 1212cool


  • Ian Gregory


  • Koleka Farmer

    GoT sOme GOod WeLDs GoInG

  • santeri.

    7:40 face reveal

  • DeamyCz

    3:27 my eyes started crying 😀

  • random video guy

    Can you tell me how can I wire a light into my car so it comes on and off with the high beams and I dont need a switch

  • Scrub Crew!

    When you cut it sounds Zzzzzzzzzzz NAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  • Gilberto Sanchez

    Even though the welding was on camera, it hurt my eyes and I have to wear some type of glasses

  • Yousitech

    Shows his face @ 7:38

  • Erik Knudsen

    Asa smart boy Mr. Chris.

  • Matthew Henry

    Photoshop actually put to good use

  • Yas Compilations

    It doesnt look cool it look shit alike your videos LOL

  • The Darkness, It Consumes Me

    7:40 – Ummmm…….. .

  • GawkyOrpheus510

    my schools welding masks fucking suck and are too dark, whilst i can still do a decent weld sometimes its mostly guided by experimenting with how fast to move and watching the silhuets to stay on track

  • ohm boy joe

    Looks really nice chris i have a ranger for the DD and you got me thinkin

  • KJ Armstrong

    To get a nice strong weld don't drag it also you could use a little more heat in that weld to flow it in a bit more but should hold for what you are doing it for but structural welds are normally inspected with special equipment

  • Chase Fretwell

    He’s is wearing shooting ear muffs 😂

  • crankypipo

    Chris would have a 3mm difference while the cretin i am my measurements will definitely offset by 3m and warp the bars before the welds touch them

  • A Unity Dev.


  • Diego Silva

    This is the coolest thing you’ve ever done

  • Craz Gamers

    umm i am positive welders are expensive especially flux core's

  • It’s_ Shadow_Gaming

    Thank you so much for making this video I been trying to see how to install a light bar and seen videos and they don’t explain it enough but you explain stuff way easier thank you.

  • Parenting from a 70's born Dad. it's just Dad.

    Don't forget too disconnect your battery before welding on any vehicle. Looks great chris!

  • Maddox Hill

    Did anyone else get the green line across the screen when he was welding, if not my phone retarded then…

  • J.


  • Lucas Carpenter

    Why is there snow it’s summer

  • Jakey Ouldrouis

    Why don't you want to show us your face

  • Shredder2099 Hojk

    I saw his face omg 😮 he looks like a dad who likes cars and a old first gen corvette

  • Andrew A

    I was wondering how many videos I’d have to watch to see your face in them 7:39. Good quality content Chris!

  • Jose Chan

    Welding on the cement is dangerous. The heat caused by welding can expand the cement causing it to explode kinda if that makes sense. Lol

  • xX IsaacPlaysGames Xx

    that poor camera at 5:46

  • Michael Gächter

    What Car is it?

  • Never Gonnatell

    Maybe YOU don't just go out, buy metal and have at it.

  • Biff Man

    you should do a face reveal


    Make video on drl on car bro

  • Jared Masonn

    Your welds are assssss boi

  • Lao Han Tun


  • Franklin Garcia

    7:39 face reveal

  • Alexander Guerrero


  • lachy h

    7:41 😱

  • Lahcene SEDDIKI

    i see ur face now i can died in peace hahahaha salut from Algeria go head man

  • Peter Jamieson

    I don' t even have pickup…

  • JJ Watt

    I think this is the first time i've ever seen your face

  • arthur scott guevara espindola

    Do you have , or take outofstate cars ? Like if I want you to fix my car , I could literally transfer my car al the way from Cali. Just so u can give me an honest look in it and tell me all the wrong that has , and what's fixable and what's not and needs exchange. But I think all u have is your website and your youtube channel. Right?. Tss I wish we had honest ppl like that here in Cali.

  • neil moore

    How many times do you think that will slap the cab of your truck every time you hit a decent bump? Besides that, good job. I like how your welds got better as the project went further along. I also like when regular people build stuff they need themselves.

  • Kane Games

    7:40. Chris, you don't need to hide your face any more. We can get a pretty good look at it here (as well as in some other videos).

  • pilokxx

    Chris fix: fixes car motoros, electronics, painting, super cleaning, car body/parts, tuning, diy consoles, photoshop, metalworking, tyre fix/replacement.

    ME: Can you Fly ? How the f do you get to know all of these in such a young age ?

  • Sled King123

    That’s a bad weld 😂

  • Jerry Chan

    I am afraid of welding, last time I tried to welding some 316 stainless steel tube for building a top for my boat around 4 feet tall 6 feet width and 10 feet long, but I failed to weld end up with stainless steel rivet with good result, it holds up and used over 6 months still good, thankfully.

    The welder not like yours could be very precise, the positive need to clap the welding rod and feed, very easy to melt the stainless steel tube BTW. I've tried to adjust the power of welder but no good result so i turn to rivet.

    But said to be afraid welding, I still want to overcome it, maybe next time I will try your welding machine, thanks for the video!

  • Matt Dodds

    7:40 saw your face!

  • mason white

    Face reveal at 7:40

  • Rouff Guy

    nice welds? ok only in usa in europe this is for beginners

  • Funny Man

    Yo I know this vid is 4 years old, but is it possible to get a light bar like that but instead of the silver around the lights I could have gold? It would look sick for what I'm trying to build but cant find it anywhere


    Whos watching in 2019 where chris has got a hummer h1 alpha?!?!?!

  • scott ryan

    After you lay a bead hit it with some spray paint keeps it from rusting 👍👍

  • Seamus Bean

    Bruh Christmas accidental face reveal at 7:46 thru

  • solemhawk soaring studios

    Bro I got scared for a second during the tap weld

    Cause there was a green and purple line going up and down my screen from the welding point
    And I thought NY screen broke when it didn't

  • Alex Gavin

    Hey guys Chris fix here and today I’m going to show you how to replace a camera sensor!

  • Robert Lamb

    These should be illegal due their super brightness. I don't see them often and that's a good thing. Light bars are unnecessary for road travel; your headlights should be efficient enough. Unless you have bad eye sight, I see no reason to blind other drivers on the road. Its just selfish to use them.

  • Waterthedogs_


  • Anthony Quintero

    "isn't cheap bar" (laughs in baja design)

  • Jatinder Kaur

    Yooooo Dat Sketch tho…. I cant

  • David Smalldridge

    A light on my dream truck? How to do this? Here is my answer. Chris: Hey guys ChrisFix here!

  • Baja002

    Make sure you weld the metal on opposite sides with just a spot. Having spots welded on opposite sides will prevent metal from deforming and twisting when doing a full weld

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