Come on Araceli. Thank you so much for coming up here and just let’s just begin with telling us what happened a couple of months back and To the direction of your freedom. So oh it’s so hard to be up here So a couple months ago About three and a half months ago. I was going through hardship in my life and I started suffering from anxiety and vomiting and When I say vomiting it lasted all day. I vomited twice three times a day even more sometimes I Had anxiety so bad that I had to leave work at times. I even missed work twice a week and I work at a doctor’s office. So, you know, I have patients all day every day, so you can’t really just leave work But I would leave because I couldn’t even work. I Couldn’t eat I couldn’t Be around people because I felt so like weird, so anxious and even people could notice that they’re like are you okay? and I Tried my hardest and I would kind of like oh, you know, yeah I’m fine, and I would go to the bathroom and pray come out but it kept attacking me, you know Like a really bad to the point where you know, I was a zombie I feel like a zombie like I feel like I got up and it wasn’t even me Wow and so you’re saying this was happening for three-and-a-half four months Of this constant nausea nausea and just vomiting throughout the day, or was it just in the morning or when was this happening? So it happened it hit hard in the morning right when I wake up so I would wake up. I would be very anxious I start vomiting for a good like 10-15 minutes I Would get up get ready go to work Right, as soon as I ate something go to the bathroom vomit and then work the same thing had lunch vomit and then I would come home and then after so long after vomiting I stopped eating because I mean, you know You’re gonna vomit so I said, you know, I just don’t eat as much or eat fruit or something So that doesn’t hurt when you vomit So then I lost 20 pounds I kept checking my weight like every couple weeks and it kept going down and then I You know tried again eating more so I would gain my weight back and same thing vomit vomit vomit. and tell us were you prescribed with medications? Did you take those medications? So yeah, I had anxiety Medication I had Sophren for vomiting, I had Ulcer medication like gastritis all of that. I had all those medications I didn’t take it though. I Left it in my bathroom because I kept telling myself, you know, God’s gonna heal you you are going to be healed and Even though I had I wanted all the medication there Anyways, I wanted to look at it because I kept telling myself just in case an emergency in just in case you need it So you don’t miss work, you know take a pill and something kept telling me, you know, take the anxiety medication I don’t know if anybody’s ever taken anxiety medication, but it’s It’s tough on you It makes you sleepy and it really does calm you down but it zombifies you like you you feel like a zombie. So I Said no, I’m not gonna take it. I’m gonna keep going with my day And you know, I’m gonna pray every time I get attack I’m gonna pray God’s gonna get me through every hour of the day. And so I left it. I didn’t take it and You know, there was nights Yeah, I didn’t sleep. I was on like two hours of sleep three I was asleep going to work and I have kids so I had to take care of the kids and Function with all of that, you know, so it was really really hard. tell us What was the turning point for you that you’re like You know what? I just I need to get prayed for. what was that turning point? And what happened after you received prayer? So I went through Like inner healing. So I did that and I did praying. I’ve been praying and It’s You guys give her just the hand of applause You got this So Just a quick fYI was baptized in 2015 I actually looked at my certificate a couple months ago and I told myself Oh my gosh time times flying And I something in my head told me really about have you done from 15 to now And have you really? gave your all to God and I feel like I have to share that because It’s a it’s big and I told myself in my head. No, I didn’t I didn’t give my all to God. I got baptized I would come to church here and there to play the role you know, of going to church on Sundays But I have not gave my all to God. I have not laid my life down to God So one one night I went, you know into my closet, that’s my praying closet anyway And I prayed and I cried out to God and I said God forgive me for everything I’ve ever done in my life You know and tonight I lay my life down for you. tonight I Choose to live with you, for you. And that’s it. I will wake up the next day. I’ll lose anything, you know, I’ll lose anyone anything for you and that night I started praying and Something I heard something like in my head and it said I won’t stop until you go crazy. I Won’t stop until you lose it all. I panicked and I said, oh my god, but Whatever trying to get to me is gonna kill me is gonna finish me off So I contacted pastor Vlad and at this point I was like I I’m desperate I need I need I need to get healed I need to and you know, he encouraged me fasting and To come in in the morning to get prayed over For which I did and that night Literally God told me Cry your last cry, scream your last scream and vomit your last vomit because tonight’s the night. It’s the last night and God is so good and I want you to touch on this Araceli that you came here to the morning prayer and you received your Deliverance, but also the journey afterwards as you were going through that those this past couple of weeks so it’s been a couple of weeks now and Have you been struggling? Have you been throwing up or this anxiousness? How what’s been going on with you? Oh nothing, I Received healing that morning. I came in and you know when you come in, it’s tough to be around a crowd especially you know if you’re shy like I’m very shy so I kept think I when they said Araceli come up so we can pray I wanted to run Something said run and no I stuck to it. I got prayed for Really quick that I want to share is I went home that day that morning after prayer. I didn’t feel anything I felt completely the same I did I felt the same and in my head I started thinking Araceli you’re not healed See it didn’t work. you Wasted your time and I started I was I was going back into that mood laying down getting sad and thinking Oh, you weren’t healed and I wanted to vomit again. I went to the bathroom and I was at this point I was angry. I was really angry. And I said no you’re not. I’m not gonna vomit. I’m not gonna cry. No you’re done You’re healed. And yeah, the feeling went away I laid down took a nap woke up I was hungry and when I say hungry, it’s a crazy feeling I mean it was a crazy hunger. pastor Vlad said on the on the conference I had four tacos. Actually I had five And That that wasn’t even it I ain’t like crazy during that day until this till now I’ve been eating more than three meals a day you know I’ve been eating a lot and I have not vomited, anxiety gone completely gone. Like I’m not it’s gone. I’m sleeping. I’m eating I’m working amen, amen You know Araceli I want you to emphasize on this as soon as you receive the deliverance, you know The enemy loves to tell us that it’s gonna be you know, rainbows and sunshine and nothing’s gonna go wrong But you mentioned to me before is that you know anxiety was knocking on the door and it was even you even felt nauseous a couple of times So please emphasize on what did you do when you had these moments that you felt like Oh my gosh. Am I delivered? what’s going on? What’s my next step? What did you do? So yeah, they did come back so I was completely healed fine and then all of a sudden one day it Wanted to come back and I started thinking again Oh you wanna you have to throw up go throw up? And I said no No, I came against it. I prayed and I said you’re healed you’re not gonna throw up. God is with you and the devil’s a liar and you will not go back to the old ways and amen, I Wanted to emphasize that because as sometimes when we receive deliverance we need to know is that enemy loves to deceive, he’s a liar and he tries to Tell us is that you’re not free You’re not healed, you’re not delivered but it is a fact that when you are free, you are free indeed amen, and It is a beautiful thing, is that even though it was knocking on her door She rebuked it refused and said I declare that I am free and I’m not going back anymore And we need to hear this more often as soon as we receive our freedom what to do next. Amen. Amen Araceli, what would be your last words of encouragement for someone that is dealing with or struggling with a certain anxiety or a Bondage, what would be your words of encouragement? so mine would be I mean, like I said, I Have been coming to church on and off when I feel like when you literally tell God when you tell him, you know I am here you give it all to him and When you’re halfway in and halfway out it’s so hard because you don’t I feel like I was always half way in or out and when I finally told him I’m 100% in, I’m 100% yours he started moving in my life. And that’s when especially healing, when I received it Oh my gosh, he’s he’s there for you. And no matter what situation you have. No matter who you are He is there for you and all it takes is honestly a little bit of faith. Yes, and Come on, and amen. Amen And I apologize one last thing is that her sister received deliverance at the Raised to Deliver conference as well Just this last weekend, right? So it was a whole family Deliverance out all in one package. Come on. God is doing some good things, breaking generational curses amen, amen So you guys let’s just give God just one more shout of praise. Thank you so much Araceli. Thank you for watching this content I know this was a blessing to you we would like to ask you to subscribe to our Channel and Click on the bell on our channel so that each time we upload something you can be notified Don’t forget to share this content with your friends and family and on social media We’re so thankful to you. Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come!



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