Depression: A Student’s Perspective

Depression: A Student’s Perspective

This is Todd. Todd wakes up at 7:00 a.m.
to go to the gym it’s his favorite part of the day. Todd then goes to class. He
never skips classes and is an excellent student.
Todd catches up with some friends after class before going home to eat dinner
with his housemates. Todd loves to eat. Lately Todd hasn’t been feeling like himself. He has trouble sleeping at night. He
doesn’t feel motivated to workout in the gym in the morning like he used to.
He’s been having trouble concentrating in class and is losing his appetite.
Todd’s friends are worried about him and encourage him to go see a doctor. The
doctor asks Todd to fill out a lifestyle questionnaire. The doctor analyzes Todd’s symptoms and diagnoses him with major depressive disorder. Todd does not want
to tell anybody about his depression worried about what his friends might
think if they found out. Don’t worry Todd, I will explain all
there is to know about depression and clear up any misconceptions. To start off
what exactly is depression? Major depressive disorder is a mental health
disorder characterized by persistently low mood. The average length of a
depressive episode is seen to be six to eight months. According to a study done
by Raw and colleagues nearly 20% of people will experience a major
depressive episode at some point in their lives. Some of the major emotional
symptoms include deep feelings of sadness, reduced interest in previously
enjoyed activities, low sexual desire, restlessness, feelings of worthlessness,
constant irritability, social withdrawal, and recurrent thoughts of suicide. There
are also many physiological symptoms associated with depression. Some of the
most prevalent include unintentional weight loss, insomnia, loss of energy and
even slowed movement or speech. Depression can really affect you in the
long run. Behavior caused by depression can cause a downfall in a student’s
academic abilities, disrupt meaningful relationships with loved ones and lead
to malnutrition. Therefore it is very important to seek treatment.
Major depressive disorder can result from a number of things especially for a
student. It is likely due to a complex
combination of factors including genetics: people who have first-degree
relatives who also undergo depression are at a higher risk themselves. Personal
life events: tragic events such as the death of a family member,
loss of a job, divorce, or any other type of stressful occurrence, can increase
chances of depression. Traumatic childhood, sexual or psychological abuse,
neglect, poverty, and an unhealthy lifestyle or a predisposition to
developing depression later on in life. Drugs and medication: prescribed
medication such as corticosteroids can cause side effects resulting in
depression. The abuse of recreational drugs including amphetamines can
increase chances of depression too. There are different ways to treat depression depending on the severity of the disorder and other circumstances. First
off, there are several antidepressant medications that act upon different
neurotransmitters in the body. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor or SSRI is
an example of a drug that increases the amount of serotonin in the brain, which
is a neurotransmitter associated with happiness. Although there are many drugs
that can be obtained to eliminate depressive symptoms it is not a
long-term solution. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and interpersonal
psychotherapy are the two main types of therapies used
to treat depression. They help individuals focus on the present and
encourage the regaining of control over mood and functioning. However, the best
solution is to have support from loved ones to help alleviate feelings of
depression. For example, having a sit-down talk with family members to discuss
practical solutions to ongoing problems can reduce symptoms of depression. There
are many facilities here at the McMaster campus to help students deal with
depression. One of them includes the McMaster Wellness Center where students
are able to talk to counselors, receive advice, and join therapeutic groups with
individuals experiencing similar problems.
Additionally, the peer support line at McMaster allows any student to call and talk to volunteers about what they are feeling.
Unfortunately, in this time and age, there is still stigmatization associated with
depression. However, both education and spreading awareness are key to ending
the stigma that occurs in society. This negative stereotype of disgrace or
discredit towards individuals experiencing mental illness sets them
apart from others. Not only does it hurt the feelings of individuals experiencing
depression, but it also causes them to feel like they are not good enough. This
must stop. The results of a study done by Stangler,
Wensky, and colleagues displays that 45% of people surveyed reported concrete
instances of stigmatization after receiving treatment for depression.
However, through treatment education and understanding we can suppress the
effects of major depressive disorder. Our goal is to put an end to stigmatization
and to create a comfortable environment for everyone by coming together and
understanding depression is common and perfectly acceptable in our society. For
more information, please visit



  • Toasty

    When you put Netflix in the background so you dont feel alone every night

  • Valentina Rama

    The worst thing is that depression starts with insecurity sometimes and when you should tell your family, they laugh, and there triggers you and you feelings. I don't know if I have depression but I relate to almost everything in this video.

  • Lexy Hall

    If I tell my parents they will say "normal teen anxiety…it'll pass"SMH

  • uwu ⃗

    my parents think im disrespectful. im truly silent and disconnected with family gatherings. they all think im a brat and they hate me. im usually the outsider and don’t mind it. i lose appetite often and feel like everyone at school is hating or judging me. i cant sleep at night. wondering if i would live up to my expectations. i feel pressured and like ill fall apart. I’ve gained lots of weight and hate it. i don’t feel pretty and when they weighed me at the doctors i cried. i was humiliated and felt disgusting. i don’t wanna go back and be weighed but i need help with my insomnia and stuff. i have horrid teeth and im ready to get better. yet what if I don’t. im known in the family as really smart. what if I don’t do good. what if I don’t loose weight. I don’t wanna think about it but it’s hard. mostly with my weight and lifestyle. but before i have attempted suicide. planning to overdose but they stopped me. kept an eye on me and put away all pills. couldn’t do anything for a month. yet after I got a therapist. she didn’t work so I was planning on getting another one. but suddenly I never went back so it got worse. I don’t do much and prefer staying in my room than most activities. people remember me as social but now I’m no one. nothing bothers me anymore and I can’t feel anything.

  • mattroski007

    Depression is mostly bullshit, people aren't depressed for no reason, though they may not see why they are depressed doesn't mean they have a brain problem. The truth is we have a society problem, specifically; the lack of one. You can treat any symptom, treating the problem usually involves war.

  • suga 1307

    i don’t know if i really have depression
    can someone help?
    i don’t want to visit a psychologist

  • Lucy Diggers

    I said to my mom once after a fight I may as well just kill myself and instead of being concerned she just said ye sure u are just because I’m young she thinks I’m just thinks I’m immature and she doesn’t know I’m depressed and I don’t want to tell her because she would tell my whole family and make a joke out of it because she thinks I’m being dramatic I don’t know what to do

  • S U I X I D E

    School is so depressing and it makes me want to put a bullet into my head

  • Some One

    In third grade, I was depressed for like a year. ( I was 9 at the time. )

  • ok what the fuck

    I got depression at 9 and now I’m 10

  • Lyric Love

    Do you know that feeling when you’re being left out? Or, like when someone’s mad at you and they say “good job, look what you just did! Feel proud of yourself” and the feeling of being left out just makes you cry inside. And The feeling of when someone’s mad at you and they try to make you feel bad about yourself just makes you want to go to your room and bawl your eyeballs out and think “everyone hates me, no one loves me” and I just try to make myself cry more cause, I like that feeling, because I hate myself. I wanna cry.

  • •Sakura Sweetie•

    If i tell my family why i've been so sad, anxious, and eating much more they'd take away the thing that makes me happy. I wouldn't have a will to live.

  • apdroid geek

    Im depressed after leaving my own country, now im very nervous to go to my job tomorrow for some reason.

  • Olivia K

    I’ve always gotten waves of sadness but this is the worst it’s gotten. I just wish other people knew what I was feeling

  • charles harrison

    said depressive episode lasts 6-8 months and i was like nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Detestedbog415

    6 to 8 months try 20 years 😎

  • Fritzy Bitzy

    I told my parent about my depression.
    They passed it off as puberty.
    Fucking puberty.
    If my parents don't understand then fuck it why should I even try telling my friends.

  • hype_mystic YT



    I’m in depression 🙁 by having to go on Monday


    The teachers disliked

  • heather27creasey

    I have all the symptoms but weight gain

  • Jake Gibbons

    this is complete bullshit

    being depressed isn't as simple as making observations

  • Zelda Bros

    For everyone who has struggled with depression, or still has it, plz tell me how I can help my friend. It would mean so much to me. Thx.

  • TheBombShhh

    LMAO at the american psycho music playing in the background, todd's routine is like the scene when patrick bateman is describing the facial masks he uses

  • Jake Paul

    Life is 80% depression
    Main reasons
    Social life
    Physical damage
    Mental damage

  • ItzSkiyee

    just kill me now now now now

  • I am Bisexual Honeys

    Mental check in:

    ❤️: I’m doing great! Life is going well and I’m okay! Thanks for this though!

    🧡: Life is good. I’m doing okay. Everything is perfectly fine and I’m happy.

    💛: I’m alright. I’m doing fine and getting along well. A few things that are letting me down here and there but overall, I’m alright.

    💚: I’m not doing so great. There’s things going on but I can handle it. I’d like someone to talk to anyways.

    💙: I’m not okay. Things are happening and there’s nothing I can do. I feel depressed, alone, and scared. Please someone help me. I just need a helping hand.

    💜: I am in the darkest place I’ve ever been in. I can’t get out of this mess. I don’t know what to do with myself, and I don’t know why I’m still here. Please, someone come check on me.

    🖤: I don’t want to be here anymore. I want to die. There’s nothing left for me here. I feel worthless.

    Guys, please reply with the colour heart that matches you’re situation best. I promise you things will get better. I’ve been through every colour. But now I can say I’m at yellow. Guys, it will get better. Just hold on. You have worth. You have value. You have a purpose. And that purpose is to be whoever you want. To do whatever you want. Guys, you spent so much time wanting to get to where you are now. Don’t stop the journey here. Keep going. It will get better!

  • iimzx 508

    Friend: how do u act so will I would laugh so hard if I was acting that part

    Me: I just…trained for that part..yeah…I just trained

  • Jenn Heart

    Me: I have insomnia I can't sleep.
    Mom: go to sleep stop thinking about stupid things.
    Smh so frustrating.

  • Amey 007

    I go to school to study what!!!!!!!
    We go to school to get bullied and just stay alone during lunch get casted out of the class don't get anyone to talk get.
    Nobody has a problem with me but the bully can beat the sh#t out of anyone who talked to me cause you know jealousy.

  • keeny uk

    I used to be happy then moved to high school where everything changes you get bullied for everything there is no point if school all it does is ruin your childhood and make you have anxiety depression and more when i sit in class i feel like everyone’s judging me looking at me and talking about me. Teachers say you will be ok but will you or will you say goodbye to the world forever

  • Daniel White

    I just hate the word depression

  • Vitty Time

    That's exactly me

  • Illuminate Gaming

    I still hate my life and myself

  • JESUS SAVES ISA 43:11:12

    Depression comes from having no hope. I just want everyone to know that there IS hope! The Psalmist says that the righteous cry, and the Lord heareth, and delivereth them out of their troubles. The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit (see Psalm 34:17-18). There is hope in Jesus Christ! The Lord hears all of your troubles, and loves each and every one of you individually. 1 Peter 5:7 says 7 Casting all your care upon him; for he careth for you.
    Isaiah 41:10 10 Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.
    Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord, thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end.
    Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
    Click link below:–bdpkLH2GfvuSvvhQ7ThdzTrBcrOZBvKB0UM3iSF6gWu33c7nKRYrSH_kvBq3BHDAJT2ayxJamQ_5Frrx8xW-P9qV9w&__tn__=KH-R

  • Monopoly Billionaire

    I was a really happy child class clown never afraid of the spotlight, now I'm antisocial and want to kill everyone.

  • Scratch

    And you know what the best part is?

    We’ll never escape. Once you’re in the industrial loop, it’s hard to keep up one’s will.

    I already gave up a while ago anyway.

  • DownhillNO

    I feel sad alone, but feel great wit friends.

  • Zhana Owrey

    I just wanted to know what to do when you live with your family and they're the ones who made you depressed. "I'm sick of you" and "Your a disappointment" and "Your younger sister does better than you" and "If you don't get better grades we'll send you to military school" and "I regret having you" and "I'll crash this car and kill both of us if you don't shut up". If they're so sick of me and want me dead maybe I should kill myself. Ironically my mother is a counseler. My mother thinks that depressed people don't cut but instead they just kill theirself and that cutting is for attention. Well maybe then they'll get the hint that they're the ones who made me depressed. Maybe then they'll care. I don't want to be one of those self diagnosed 12 year old girls with depression but I'm so sick of it. Sick of hear how people are sick of me. I can't even cry or else I'm In trouble. I have no family to reach out too. And I'm stuck here living with them for years. and years. Unless I died right now. I feel like everyone benefits if I'm dead right? Talking to my friends about it instead? I'm not allowed to talk with them anymore since there lazy and bad influces. But they made me happy. I got to smile. But now here I am with a cup of bleach in my room just waiting for me. Not enough to kill me. But if only. If only I was dead. I thought it was enough once. I thought only a few drinks would kill me. It didn't. No one even knew. And I wasn't close to dying yet. I guess it's better than cutting. At least it doesn't scar. Because scars are easy to see. I want to get better I really do. But everytime. They throw me down. And say it's my own fault. Blame me. If I wasn't alive everything would be better. Because I would rather get raped and shot in the head than stay here for another second. But anyway out seems unreachable. If only I had a gun. Or some rope. My hopes and dreams and goals are now all about me dying. Because that's all I want is to die. All those things they said was said in the last 48 hours. Just 48 hours. Not my whole life. And I'm getting sick of myself. Sick of trying when they're just going to throw me down again. I'm scared. I think I'm starting to cry. I don't know how much more I can take. Or if I want to take anymore even if I could. Depression is more than sadness. And sometimes you can't stop it. I try and try and try. It does help though the more you try even if you can't tell at first. It took me 3 months to even realize it was helping. But It will get better.

  • Teko912

    Fuck school

  • Hannah Gilbert

    I cover up my sadness with hate and rudeness towards my family and now I feel like they always hate me

  • Lana 19

    Happy from the outside but so sad from the inside


    i want depression to take over me..i feel like i'm not going anywhere in life..sometime i feel like ending it all but i don't know how to go about doing it.

  • Rain Glow

    Anyone else just kinda crying every morning because you realize that you have to go to school?

  • Melise Fox

    Doctors- I’m going to give you medicine to be happy but I still want you to feel other emotions I don’t want you to be a happy zombie
    Me- then what the heck is this for?
    Me- I need support and people around me to care not medicine that makes you feel even more numb and useless oh and you force me to get help and it’s on my record for 7 years and that can make jobs not hire me or anyone and it can deny them essential life needs. So yeah I guess we can be happy with all that 🙂

  • Melise Fox

    And can I also say SOCIAL MEDIA IS NOT THE MAIN FORM OF IT AND YOU SHOULD NOT TAKE SOMEONE AND SAY “you don’t need to talk to your friends and put your problems on them and they shouldn’t to you the only people you can talk to are your parents and a therapist but don’t worry they’ll treat you like crap too :)” my friends have been through depression they know how it feels and me and them love helping people through it and it does not hurt us like they say t does it makes us happy. So if social media is the main problem then why did so many people have mental illnesses before the media? Why are people with mental illness taken away and put in something that’s like a prison and makes them feel even more terrible? Why take their phone and only communication they have away from them? Why can’t they talk to their friends? Wouldn’t that be beneficial? Hmmmmmm i honestly would like to talk to someone who knows how it feels and doesn’t just know the science behind it.

  • Suvius

    Just want to say, I LOVE YOU ALL, I one day hope to make a society to help people that are feeling sad and lonely in their lives, so until then please wait for me to achieve my dream and all of you will be welcome anytime ❤

  • Broccoli Boi

    Haha! Talk with family?? You're kidding, right?? My parents promised to get me help but 3 days after that they gave up! They're too occupied with my stupid brother who was diagnosed with anxiety before I developed depression

  • Walker #18936

    Why have I already liked this, like I’ve seen it before and agreed…?


  • Haruki Shirota


  • Garfield

    One word

  • Nicholas Escalante

    I have the exact situation

  • Killing tech

    I'm in depression I cry every day and I'm never fully happy I miss someone every hour and I cry every night I want to die but/I'm too tired to care

  • Robin Sk

    I want to give you something….

    A compassionate heart
    A loving touch
    A gentle smile
    A warm embrace
    A listening ear
    A kind word
    A hope filled future
    A purpose filled life
    A brand new start
    A heavenly home
    Your dignity and respect
    Complete forgiveness
    And so much more

    Life is hard my child, but I am good
    All of this I offer to you
    Take it from Me.
    -The Lord Jesus Christ

  • Bass Central

    i'm gonna kill myself 😭😔

  • speedingchimps

    i burst out crying today

    i ran to the bathroom, i had no idea why i just suddenly felt so sad, i'm still sad, and i have no friends, please help me, i can't do schoolwork properly now

  • Daniela Reyes

    I just had a long talk with my family about my depression, they said that I´m just stupid and that I have no reason to be depressed

  • HeyIt'sTrisha Mae

    I cant really tell if I have depression or anxiety or whatever else kind of conditions. I fit quite a few but I don’t wanna be like “yeah I probably got this” or “I have this” I feel stupid, I think I’m overreacting. I do feel so tired, even if. I do nothing, sometimes I just wanna cry, my heart feels weird and heavy.

  • Sil

    These comments are all fake depressed kids i personally don't like school but i don't like being free too. It really doesn't matter what i do i just don't care anymore. I feel so tired even doing lazy stuff like gaming isn't fun anymore. In my spare time i just watch youtube, play runescape or just go and think about stuff but it doesn't matter what i do i don't feel satisfyed. I feel empty. School is too easy i just waste my time there yet everyone thinks i am stupid. When people say stuff like that i don't care but than when i come home i'll just go ahead and cry about it. The last 5 weeks i didn't do anything usefull the only thing i could think of is feeding some birds but apart from that i could not have been alive the last 5 weeks and i still would have ment the same. Fake depressed kids i mean the onces that go like ooh fake ppl and school sucks make me even more depressed. Sometimes i feel so sad that i can't even express it and that makes me even more sad. I am not the type who wants to commit suicide but all i want is a break, i just feel tired of life i don't need a couple weeks no school i just want a couple weeks no live i want to be normal again.

  • Zafir Ishtiyaq

    My dad is on my ass he always expect for good result and i know i can make good result but i am tired of this all these years i haven't done anything for myself and now i m afraid
    What shall i do? Help plz

  • L'dam L'dam

    People think when depression its over..its over.. but no…You will have wounds that cant be fixed inside…

  • Abdullah Amirghani

    Man I hate school if u do give a like

  • Максим Николаев

    This comment section is filled with snowflakes at age of 11-15 years, pretending to be depressed, but in reality they are just attention-seeking spoiled brats, who don't know the meaning of /being depressed/
    Truly depressed people never talk about their depression, they won't show off, because they know how terrible this mental illness is.

  • Some mad cunt

    We need to give the Indians depression so they don’t have a fetish for sex.

  • Gyuuipa Over Hotland

    Fed. Gov: Um, the students are being stresser and depressed. What shall we do? OH RIGHT!

    More homework boys!!

  • Gacha Jordan

    My life:
    Wake up late
    Cry in the bathroom
    I go to school and act happy but I’m dead inside
    I start crying for no reason in class
    I go home
    Take a shower and can’t sleep

    R E P E T

  • I don't know my name

    I am depressed because of my body…I am not fat,but I am not skinny too.I have really short legs and I hate it

  • nika

    That moment when you got all of the symptoms


    Um, I have 9 amalgam filings…that's the source I shidz you not

  • Shane jones

    I show 4 signs

  • Akstar 25

    Discuss with your family?

    My family will just say I’m fine and that I’m being over dramatic 😔

  • Trident Remixes

    shit i just thought that was normal

  • Roman

    i am in clinical depression for over then 7 years now.. and thinking about committing suicide soon


    I’ve had depression for 2 years.

  • olivia swift

    School is source of depression..because once you fail one of your subject you start to feel down and your start to think of what people will think of you since you the only person who fail..then your parent will start comparing you with other student..and make you feel more worst about yourself..i going through the same thing here..i have no one to talk about how i feel and i keep everything inside my heart..i just want to homeschool sometime to avoid all this thing i hope parent can be more understand of you kids condition instead of just comparing them and stuff..

  • Yes Hi

    Ok it’s confirmed that I have Depression

  • Yes Hi

    The social support doesn’t work for me 😔

  • Nesrine Ninetta

    I can't say that to anyone and when I talk to my mum she doesn't lessen to me every time I feel alone I want to stop feeling I'm losing I want to have self esteem and to do all my goels and my targets 😢

  • The Sprite Show

    Is a social construct!
    Surround yourselves with people who motivate you and positively influence you on a daily basis, do the opposite and you will be experience depression, so stop hanging out with the wrong crowd.

  • Kayla Simms

    cant talk ab depression . in the black community, it is seen as nothing important. but also bc my family is religious and think everything is demons and the devil. just makes me feel worse.

  • xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx

    You know at some point i wanna go home schooling
    Seriously just pure learning from the teacher in HOME without any bullshit “friends”
    I rather be individualism but happy than being socialism but suffering
    Or better yet
    Without school just plain regular day

  • man dog

    i hate these videos… who makes them???? the aliens who farm us for our
    vital organs????? espcially the subscribe and like before watching

  • man dog

    i hate these videos… who makes them???? the aliens who farm us for our
    vital organs????? espcially the subscribe and like before watching

  • Twilight Angel

    The reason why I get depression is myself.

  • Kristi palacios

    U know when u have depression when u start hurting your self or u hate your self and feel useless

  • Aviana Kieber

    I'm only 13 and I have depression how you may ask well…. When I was 1st grade 7 years ago thats when I first gotten bullied I was called shorty all the time I didn't know it when I was in 2nd grade I met my friends angel April Joe and Jacob they helped me they've been there for a long time that year I was always coming home crying by being called dummy head all the time when I did get bullied my best friends always sticked up for me in 3rd grade I was punched in the face all the time I never did anything and thats when I released ive been getting bullied in 4th grade I always got in fights and come home with a broken arm black eye and I hated it even tho my friends would stick up for me I wanted to die in 5th grade u was told I needed to go die in 6th grade it was the worst I had to change classes? Y grades were dropping I was afraid to ask for help in 7th grade I was told to jump off the roof head first and that's when everything changed I used to be a innocent lil girl but I started cussing hanging out with the wrong crowd I still hang out with my friends Joe Jacob April and angel they're like my family it's just I wanted to kill myself I started cutting myself and worst of all my friends noticed my personality has changed and that's when they told me I have depression so how can I changed back to normal and get rid of depression and I have been dealing with the worst kind of abuse emotional abuse which is the worst kind it causes death and I have been dealing with actual abuse like coming home with black eyes and stuff like that and that kind of abuse also causes death

  • Gaming Dude [ Omkar Dude ]

    My classmates always talk about everything they know but I dont have anything to share with them so I feel embarrassed in front of them.

  • The Office Sis

    My public school county has more than 1,000 dropouts and %40 is due to mental health…

  • Leah New

    As someone who has ADHD, I take some sort of amphetamine daily as it is in my medication, which I've been taking for around 8 years now :/

  • Princess the youngin

    I have a very low self esteem

  • Molly Birke

    Omg do I have depression?

  • Chelsea's Vlog

    Everyone hates me(i am okay)
    I have the worst childhood(I am okay)
    So classmates and school mates keep bullying me okay+

  • Sunny Mu Ni9hty

    best go animate videos

  • ricardo salazar

    School and abuse and so many things going on in today’s world

  • Matias Damaso

    No I will not talk to my family they don’t care either way it’s just annoying wanting someone that can help you but no one cares. It just makes me feel really worthless

  • Cracked Cracker

    Source 1 : Parents expectations
    Source 2 : lack of family support
    Source 3 : school
    Source 4 : bullies

  • sean

    step 1: algebra is hard
    step 2: i cry

  • pandicornlove08 playin

    Finally using goanimate for something other caillou or something useful

  • Melvin Hii

    Let me tell you about a man named Jesus…

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