Depression Symptoms: 11 Secret Signs You’re Depressed

Depression � a dead desert where you stand
alone. Might you be stuck there now in that wasteland
of muted feelings? Take The Depression Test and count the signs that are true for you as we
go along to get your Depression Symptoms Score. Sign One: Pointless Everything has lost its meaning. If this all
ended tomorrow, you wouldn’t care. Sign Two: Pressure In The Head It feels as if you have a cat sitting on your
head. It makes you want to curl up and sleep. Sign Three: Avoidance and Isolation Nobody understands what you’re going through
� how much better it is to be alone through all this pain. Sign Four: The Cage You are trapped inside of yourself now and
have forgotten how to show the real you from within the bars this prison. Sign Five: You Disgust Me You look in the mirror and see an ugly, pathetic
creature staring back at you. Sign Six: Self�Destructive Rituals You know if you do that that you will feel
like shit after… But you can’t stop yourself. Sign Seven: Dicing With Death You act recklessly now, inviting death to
put you out of your misery. [drink and drive] Sign Eight: Life’s A Bitch It’s like the universe has got a personal
vendetta against you, and is doing everything in its power to break you. Sign Nine: Unreality You’re nothing more than a character in a
film going through the motions of life but without believing in any of it. You want the film
to end. Sign Ten: Words Won’t Come You can’t put this dark place into words. Sign Eleven: Numb You’re a hollow man trying to feel but nothing
comes. Did that sound like you? The more signs that
were true for you, the higher your depression symptoms score. CLICK NOW to get your full



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