• Mary Morgan

    you can't just make blanket statements about antidepressants not helping, they help a ton of people.

  • Charlotte Rose

    Going vegan has hugely helped me with depression and anxiety. Not only because I'm physically healthier, and my conscience is clear; but it also gave me a new passion!

  • Steph G

    I have been suffering from major depressive disorder, anxiety, and PTSD since 2009 and possibly even before (except the PTSD) I only found this lifestyle a few days before Christmas Eve 2016 and I can say without a doubt I have experienced a major shift in my mood and my mental health. I have felt hopeless most of my days since 2010. It's only been a few weeks if that since I went vegan and I cannot explain how much better I feel. The mental clarity, the emotional balance, the decreased anxiety/panic attacks, the lack of night terrors, and the overall unexpected will to live and get up off of my bed and ACTUALLY MAKE A CHANGE for the better has baffled a good way! I cannot tell you how much better I feel in this small amount of time. I cannot wait to see how my future self feels after months, even years on this life changing journey. I have to thank you +ThatVeganCouple for presenting me with the evidence and making me accept responsibility for my mind and body and my health..not to mention the ethical connection I have made. You have truly changed my life. This comment (and going vegan lol👍🏼😍) is truly the LEAST I CAN DO!!!! THANK YOU for everything you've taught me and for inspiring me..
    {currently in the process of weaning off of my medications with withdrawal effects and have completely stopped taking the ones my doctor said were safe to do so with} I hope my comment inspires others to take charge of their mental health as well. 🙏🏼🍌😍👍🏼🍉🍓🍎🍒🤗😄✌🏼👌🏼

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    Never gonna stop wishing this guy would get better laptop/pc, or an actual mic. I mean he really should as he does this kinda online interviews every now and then, like for real. The audio quality is so bad, even u guys have better one, gosh danged.

  • bren0duh

    I've been diagnosed as bipolar since I was a teenager. I am now 26. I have been taking medication for about 4 years and going to therapy. I was still very suicidal and showing bipolar symptoms. I've been vegan for a bit over a year and take only half the dosage of medication I used to take. I feel the best I've ever felt!
    Plant-based diets work.

  • Alex Farrell

    This is a dangerous message and should come with a disclaimer to not throw out your meds in exchange for eating a plant based diet.

  • R Mathilde

    Based on personal experience going hclf vegan and going sober are the best things to do against depression.

  • Meg Starr

    Love you all!! Great content.

  • Erin Moore

    I think being vegan has made me more sad if anything. Now I can see the normalised cruelty everywhere, in our grocery stores, restaurants, clothing stores, furniture stores to name a few. That being said I do find a lot of joy in knowing my conscious is clean and knowing I'm saving animals and helping the environment.

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    Is he on a treadmill while he's doing this video! Stand at peace sir lol 😂

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    Great advice but he looks a terrible bad colour don't you think? He's so pale and unwell looking 😲 maybe it's bad lighting🤔

  • ange ar

    Very interesting topic to discuss! I was wondering if there is any scientific evidence that a plant based diet can improve schizophrenic patients or if Dr. Greger or you have heard of cases like that in the past?

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    You vegan people are getting better and better all the time!  Ty for staying and being part of YouTube!!!!!

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    This dude can't chill ^^. He always has to move in those webconversations.

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    Omg, I love him so much! Because of him I have a treadmill desk too👏🏼 Thanks y'all for setting this up and sharing such worthy information!!

  • Gone with the Kale

    Interesting he said people with major depression and bi-polar disease are needed for plant-based studies. Dr. Greger, if you're reading this, I was clinically diagnosed back in the 90s with this and I have battled with it as a vegetarian and vegan. I can offer you insight.

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    So happy you had Dr. Greger on your channel. An interesting topic to discuss, glad you both are discussing some new stuff.

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    I wanna fuck him so bad lol he's awesome

  • 619 WWE FAN

    Going vegan, especially whole plant based, helped me feel much happier and less stressed 🙂 the junk food (whether vegan or non vegan) and meats / diary really made me feel more nervous, never relaxed, I was a mess pretty much :/ it really is true…fruit and vegetables are the best natural medicine 🙂

  • Suzana Josic

    Love this dude, always on the move.😄 Thank you for this video guys❤❤❤

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    Them asking him if sleep affects help as I'm watching this at 1:30 am. Phones are helpful traps

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    good info…

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    is he on a treadmill

  • whowefhdflac

    I've suffered from mental health issues since I was 12 and here I am years later still suffering, despite having gone vegan and eating healthy (experimented with different vegan diets too, such as HCLF, starch solution, high fruit, higher fat, etc.). To be very honest once you start focusing on whole foods it does help, but nothing like what most of the vegan community claims. It has more to do with internal self-talk.

  • Harleen Randhawa

    hi both of you. please do a video about ketogenic diet and its dangers. i am currently living with a family member who is all about ketogenic diet and it is so difficult for me to look at him eating all those oils, greasy marinated animal products, it is absolutely horrendous.

  • Beatriz Oliverirs

    This information is so important. We really have to spread it around as much as possible! Thank you for your work!

  • Desert Plants of Avalon

    such an AMAZING interview with Dr Michael Greger, I absolutely LOVED it 🙂 and it was so WONDERFUL to see the three of you in this video 🙂 thanks a million for sharing Natasha and Luca and sending you guys an abundance of love and heaps of happiness from right across the Emerald Isle and have an INCREDIBLE weekend ahead XXXXXX <3

  • Rambles with my camera

    That was such a brilliant interview packed with so much positive information from a highly respected Dr and to two highly respected Vegan educators. I bet Jeff Nelson is banging his head of the table in despair hearing Dr Greger endorse the good work you are doing at 16:30 Ding Ding keep these videos coming guys ♥ Sending Vegan Love from Ireland Sean

  • Amanda Sabean

    Going vegan certainly helped me with my clinical depression and bipolar disorder. I hadn't taken medication for a number of years before going vegan as I didn't find they helped me and I experienced a lot of negative side effects so I have just struggled through it on my own. The change is real. My mood swings used to be really unpredictable and intense but I feel much more stable emotionally and when I do get depressed it is much less intense. At times I felt like my emotions controlled my entire life and now I definitely feel like the mental fog has cleared and I have much more control over my emotions. Since going vegan I have gained physical energy which has allowed me to get more exercise and that tremendously helps me with my mood! Also getting involved in activism has really given me a sense of purpose and meeting other vegans has been such a great experience! It helps to know you are not alone. Thank you TVC and DR. Greger. You guys rock!

  • Emma Fischer

    For some people diet doesn't change a thing though. I went vegan a year ago and as much as it has helped my relationship with food and opened my eyes to a lot of things in life I still suffer from severe depression, and by now medication is probably the only thing I haven't tried and something I'm strongly considering. I appreciate your continuous effort to spread the vegan message though 🙂 X

  • White Kita

    💕💖💕   Yeahhhhhh!!!! …….My favorite Doctor!!!…….💕💖💕

  • Caterina Mü

    I think it´s not good that you let people speak about a topic where they have not really an education for it. Sometimes for people with mental illnesses it is very good to take medication and than to start change factors in there lifes to get better. Often before they have no energy for it. For example when you suffer from major depression and it´s hard for you to go out of bed in the morning, than you probably have no energy to change thing´s in your life like diet or doing exercise regulary. A lot of people suffer and if the public wouldn´t see taking medication as such a stigma I think it would be easier for people with mental illnesses to ask for help earlier. I´m not in favor of just taking medication and not going to therapy and tryring to change things in life, but sometimes taking it can be the first step of many to get better. And there are some mental illnesses in certain heaviness where people will always need medication. I work with people who have chronic schizophrenia and without medication some of them would hear terrible voices all the time who say horrible things to them. Here medication can help a lot.

  • Gothmummi

    please, I am begging you. if you know you're suffering from a mental illness please see your GP. don't just stop eating animal products and go for a run every day.
    Oh course, do those things but ALSO see your GP. just eating nice and exercise won't magically fix your mental illness.

  • Phoebe Batchelor

    I have periods of extreme highs and loads and I have found that being vegan has definitley lessened the time periods of my depression but It doesnt cure it and without medication my moods are going to continue to get worse so I think medication is important but it’s the industry that I hate

  • ??

    I used to like your videos but this one is ugly, hateful and harmful.

  • Claudia

    I'm 18 and since my 12th I've been suffering from chronic depression. I've seen two different psychiatrists and I hated them both. I didn't want medication so I left the psychiatrists before they could make a broad diagnoses. But I did want to get better. And veganism really helped me. When I turned around my diet, within a month I felt completely 'cured'. This also was because of a lot of other factors like exercising and actively trying to stay healthy and happy.
    I've been vegan for almost one and a half years now and the last few months my depression has been coming back. I'm trying to keep myself healthy and motivated and my depression isn't nearly as bad as it once was. Maybe I'll stay low-key depressed all of my life (with happy periods of course) but I feel like I'll never be as depressed as I used to be. I'm doing so so much better compared to a few yeas ago. In that perspective I'm truly happy.

  • MondbergTV

    Very interesting! It's great of Dr.Greger to share all this with us.

  • Weronika Krähe

    You should make a video on ingrid! She made a progress with her new video but I believe she could use some guidance, love you both xx

  • Mary Barsaloux

    Listening to Leonard Cohen always cured my depressions.

  • Pleb Problems

    Yes, diet and exerciser and a passion can help with situational depression and anxiety that may be influenced by boredom and nutritional deficiencies, but it cannot cure serious mental illness. You also forget that there are often reasons for 'staying in bed' (chronic pain, chronic anxiety, other serious and valid issues), and also that there are different kinds of depression – actual 'depression' isn't something veganism can cure.

    I have BPD, mood/depressive disorders and other mental illnesses and while working out does motivate me and boost my mood, being vegan and lifting weights just can't rewrite my brain chemistry. Please stop generalising. High carb diets can actually worsen some mood disorders, a lot of people rely on medication and coming off it can be extremely dangerous (think schizophrenia, bipolar, etc).

  • Sandra Carli

    I remember reading about a study on vegetarian food that was served in a prison. The results were very positive. The inmates had a much less aggressive behaviour. However, I don't remember where the prison was. I think in the US…

  • Eli Miller

    Personally, after being vegan for more than a year now, I haven't seen a change in my mental health at all, I struggle just as much as I used to, just not as regularly (since I stopped taking meds). I think physical activity may be what's lacking though. The diet definitely doesn't seem to change everything on its own, at least for me.

  • Bel

    I'm all for veganism but I doubt that it cures mental illness. I've suffered from depression and anxiety since I was a kid, and going vegan a long time ago definitely didn't make me feel less depressed or anxious. I just feel better now in terms of not harming any living creature, that's all.

  • Trina Torres

    My husbands Dr. told him he can never get off them so he's doing it his self

  • Lemon Lindsay

    I love Dr. Greger's voice. I don't know why. But I love it.

  • Freya Harmony

    I have severe depression, anxiety and PTSD. Going vegan does absolutely nothing for any of that. I feel much better health wise, but my mental health has not improved on any level. I've been vegan for almost a year now. I do agree though that drugs do not work, I was put on every kind imaginable. Therapy is helping though.

  • Sam P

    Thank you so much for sharing this video, so insightful!

  • KiwiBanana

    Important topic, thank you for sharing this. Food, sunshine, water and sleep can help. It may not cure depression but it will increase your chances of becoming a better version of yourself.

  • kaitoise

    This is super interesting. I've suffered from depression and anxiety myself before cutting out meat from my diet and I haven't ate animal products for 10 months now. My mood and motivation is still super hard for me to tackle and I suffer with extreme fatigue and struggle to sleep etc (I suffered from this when eating animal products too). So changing my diet hasn't done too much for me mentally however I've found exercising is definitely a way to cleanse my mind as when exercising I don't think about negative things and I feel more motivated and awake and just healthier. It also tires me out so I usually get a good nights sleep after a day of good exercise.

    I won't ever go back to eating animal products simply because of my bad mental health and anxiety because the problem was there before I stopped eating animal products. And I am extremely against them anyway so that isn't an option for me.

    I feel I've become more tired since I've cut out meat but I'm a student and don't feel I'm eating enough of the right stuff or the right amount so this is something I am definitely trying to improve on. I need to look into animal product free meal recipes and a proper diet plan because my tiredness and mental state could be at the same rate simply because I need to eat more and the right amount and variations of food.

    My doctor has simply said I lack vitamin B which is of course an important vitamin, and of course mainly found in poultry. So I've been told to take supplements that are suitable for non-meat eaters however I don't really want to take these and I'm not a believer of tablets/medication I feel we need to let ourselves heal naturally. That's just my opinion.

    However simply knowing I've made the right choice and my body is healthier because of what I eat now is mentally soothing in itself. It's definitely the best decision I've made and I'm sure my mental state is a time thing and something that changing my diet simply can't cure. Mental illness is a complicated thing and changing my diet hasn't really seen a change or improved my mental state. Also my meal plans are something that are definitely possible to improve with practice I'm sure.

    Very interesting video and such a debate and good topic to discuss.

  • MississippiDevL

    My anxiety went through the roof when I started eating plant-based 6 years ago. Developed a panic disorder after four years and now I am trying less fruit and more complex carbs since I heard simple sugars can elevate anxiety. Anyone else experienced this??

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    Dat treadmill desk!

  • Super Basic Vegan


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    Could you guys react to Nikocado Avacado?

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    I got his book how not to die for Xmas, excited to read it!

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    great video

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    I just found Dr. Gregers app "Daily Dozen" a few days ago. Such an amazing app!

  • fran eliz

    just wondering what your guys thoughts are on freelees new video about mono meals, and basically if you don't agree they are healthy or you don't feel good on one, you are just uneducated. Since you guys eat a relatively varied whole foods diet, i was wondering your thoughts 🙂

  • ElleV Pavan

    I get this feeling that if we had similar work practices we'd be shutdown and jailed.. meanwhile they continue making billions on the countless unsuspecting suffering!

  • Peter Rabitt

    I had been battling the symptoms for 12 years, when I switched to the whole-food vegan diet, my anxiety and insomnia just went away. Over just a few weeks, all my meds were withdrawn and I told my psychiatrist I didn't need her services anymore.

  • Sabrina Vincent

    i have found that since going on a vegan diet (1.5 years), I have not had a panic attack. i still suffer with my anxiety overall but it has tremendously reduced and i feel like i have gained control over my lige again. now i am not sure if the plant based diet itself has played as big of a role in this self heeling than having found a community, feeling empowered and much more aware of the truths around me since doing the switch to a vegan lifestyle. i think both have a great impact. all i know for sure is that i am feeling amazing thanks to youtubers like you guys that helped me gain control of my life back! love you lots xx

  • Jasmine Jones

    Before going vegan I was falling in and out of eating disorders. I was depressed, and suicidal. This LITERALLY saved my life. I can't believe I'm actually happy with myself mentally and physically! I never knew it was possible to be this happy with life💗

  • nessakayeable

    Michael Greger is bad ass!

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    Dr. Michael Greger looks horrible for his age. he looks exactly 43 on a vegan diet

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    dr. gregor is so cool and smart. hes awesome. great video guys thx 4 sharing ur ☎ interview!

  • Mallory Arroy

    it looks like everyones different on the getting better from mental illness thing. everones body is different. and if anyone feels better thats great!

  • Topsoil Depletion Awareness (closing the loop)

    I heard fluoridated water can cause depression. I bought a water distiller and I can see a spoon full of white residue left along with some green water after evaporating one gallon of tap water. Every time after I used it I put a little vinegar in the distiller for some time to take away the residue since I found that the distilled water taste better if I clean the distiller everyday. I dont think my distiller is perfect but I think it is better. I recommend people doing something to solve this problem.

  • imafuckinbird

    I've tried Zoloft once when I was 19 for six months and then once more again for six months at age 23. It kind of just dulls everything out, but it does actually help with preventing those deep slumps that just make you want to die. Although when I switched to a vegan diet I noticed its effects were much more pronounced so I lowered my dosage to down to 150mg from 200mg. Now I'm going to continue weaning off and potentially quit once again. The truth is, EXCERCISE helps much more than anything. I can recall the happiest moments in my life were when I was most active. I genuinely believe that depression is linked to a lack of excercise, at least in my case and now in recent studies. If you're depressed try taking out your emotions on your muscles.

  • Louise M-D

    yes there are studies,see Dr Carl Pfeiffer studies in his book nutrition n mental illness

  • Sabine Stratmann

    Do the 10K challenge but all vegan

  • Ivana Ćoza Očko

    Why does our dear doctor looks soooo tired???

  • Olivia Scott

    Yeah I don't think a healthy diet and exercise is going to do it for everyone. Sure, they'll help but I think the best course is through cognitive behavioural therapy in combination with these two things. I think trained, medical help to fix behavioural patterns and thought processes is what you'll need if you don't trust antidepressants. For anxiety, there are drugs that will help physical symptoms (the same drugs they give to people with heart conditions) and will slow your heart rate in panic attacks. Obviously this drug has side effects but so does literally every drug out there. Propranolol is used to treat high blood pressure that can cause stomach bleeding and also chest pain, it can also be used for relief in panic attacks. It has a long list of some horrible sounding symptoms that you have about a 0.01-0.00001% chance of developing. A lot of people decide that those odds are just fine. It's the same for the drugs given to you for lots of serious health conditions that you can definitely not fix yourself.

    But, again, if you don't trust drugs you don't have to take them. I'm in the UK and health care here is a public service (i.e. I don't have to pay for anything apart from a few prescriptions which are usually quite cheap). I don't know how it is in the US (probably a lot worse) but please do see your GP if you're concerned about mental health. I don't believe a D.I.Y. solution is in any way acceptable. You don't have to take any drugs but you'll most likely be referred for CBT. Eat healthy and exercise but please go to a GP.

  • Lizzy Harper

    I have diagnosed bipolar disorder. It is a chemical imbalance in my brain. I am vegan and have been for 2 years. While being vegan helps my physical health and keeps me motivated for life, it can't cure my Bipolar. I don't have a choice as to whether I should take my medication or not. At the times when I didn't, I ended up in hospital after a nervous breakdown or worse. I love you guys, you're one of my favourite vegan channels, but I don't think it's right to be saying a vegan lifestyle can cure severe, chronic mental illnesses

  • Sarah Panullo

    My b/f is bipolar and he's had a huge change since going vegan. He didn't used to be able to sit still for a second. Now he's sitting calmly doing art.

  • Kelly Tromans

    Im a psychologist so I'm definitely for medication. I don't doubt that a change in diet and healthier food can affect your mood though. Because everyone has different hormone levels and lives, medication works different for everyone. When I had major depression and was suicidal, medication was the only option for me because my thought processes were so skewed that therapy wouldn't have done anything at all. I had to take medication so that I could feel somewhat normal and then go to therapy. Self-medciating doesn't always help everyone. Medication should definitely be a last resort, though. Also, for psychosis, only medication can help. For a schizophrenic on a psychotic break, there is nothing natural (or therapy-wise) you can do to help. Their brain cannot process reality so please go to the doctor.

  • voltaspeeder17

    i wish people knew what antidepressants actually do and why a healthy diet can do the same – if not more. Did you know most of the serotonine (more than 80%) is made in your gut by your good bacteria? If you have bad gut flora your body is not making enough of it, so you feel depressed. Chemically altering seronine levels in the brain is really not what health is all about. If you give your body what it needs – IT STARTS TO WORK, since it has the ability to heal and renew itself.

  • iamesthere

    Wow this was wonderful information, thank you so much for asking the questions we viewers wanted answered!! Much love! 😊

  • Amber Gray

    Awful sharp sound quality! hurt my ears so couldnt watch… 😦

  • Laura G

    I've been depressed since 12 or so (I'm 25), as long as I've been vegetarian. I always ate lots of refined carbs (and cheese) until the past couple years. Eating well has helped a little with irritability, but as nutrient deficient as the soil our food is grown in is, I feel like most everyone needs supplements of some kind. For me magnesium and zinc supplements helped a lot with anxiety and depression. And I think st john's wort did too. Dlpa has helped switch my brain back on and lifted the fogginess. Still working through it but that's my pov fwiw.

  • Stormyweld05

    I've suffered with depression and anxiety since I was a child (now in my 30s). Mine stems from a fear of d**th of the people I care about and it recently got worse when we had a c**cer scare with our then-17 month-old. Anyway, I was seeing a doctor back in January because my depression got so bad that (I believe) it cause my miscarriage. My doctor and the nurse in the room at the hospital tried hard to convince me that I needed to take medication, which I refused and I always have. I told her that I'd been reading about the plant-based diet and I wanted to give it a go. She told me that diet has nothing to do with depression. A month or so later I received a copy of the letter that she sent to my GP and she was requesting that my GP needed to convince me to take medication; she'd written in brackets "she believes diet will sort her problem out".

    I've now been on the plant-based diet (fully vegan, actually) for the past 3 weeks and I can truly say that my head hasn't felt this clear for as long as I can remember. I thought I ate relatively healthy beforehand, but obviously not. People really need to take notice of this because the benefits are colossal, and I thank you guys, and others like you, for the information you put out there.

  • Elias Anderson

    I eat a healthy high carb low fat plant based diet, but I am severely mentally ill. I have been vegan for three years and I still need my medicine or I fear I will lose my life due to schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. I also have severe anxiety and major depression. I still need meds to be stable, and even then, I am on disability, so the diet does not always fix mental health! I was born with these disorders, and my diet has not made a difference. But I am happy and very healthy! 🙂 Just want to let you guys know that a whole food plant based diet cannot fix all mental health issues.

  • Dani Lee

    Man, he's awesome. Great, balanced advice. Love that man!! I even like the weird cadence he speaks with, lol

  • Kimberly Hubbard

    I'm my own anecdote. I was taking upwards of 9 pills a day for anxiety, panic disorder and depression. In 2014 I started cutting out meat and eventually by late 2016 I started cutting out dairy. And despite cutting out so much, I was still suffering from chronic anxiety and several panic attacks a month. I'd have seriously depressing thoughts that would last for several hours or days and result in a thick fog of depression where I didn't do anything but lock myself in my room and stare into space, not bawling, but with tears in my eyes non-stop. At that time I was exercising at least 30 minutes a day and eating what I thought was a healthy diet with fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and lots of beans but it also included chicken, eggs and some dairy.
    It wasn't until April of 2017 when I had my last meal with meat and dairy. And at that time was the beginning of my mental health dramatically changing. I got better every week. My ruminations ended. My confidence increased. I no longer felt victimized. I no longer took so many things personally. I could easily walk away from arguments where I was being attacked or even better, had the mental clarity to not resort to personal attacks in my own responses, making arguments into debates that weren't heated. I also started feeling hope, in general. When you have so many diagnosis like I did, it's hard to remain hopeful. People tell you that you have to change your attitude and mediate and exercise and yeah, these things will definitely make you feel better. But removing meat and dairy did this NATURALLY. Now, my baseline is happy. Things that used to infuriate me are no big deal. If I don't exercise for a week I'm not slipping into a funk. I even stopped meditating. I still want to get back into it but not because I HAVE to, in order to overcome daily panic attacks but because I WANT to.
    And in case you're wondering, I take ZERO medications for anxiety, panic disorder and depression now. ZERO! SCREW YOU traditional medicine and pharmaceutical industries! I do not need you!

  • Carynn Wolff

    Help.. I have been vegan for two years, I have just been going from strength to strength, but my sister tried, she rarely eats meat so she cut out the dairy, and after 4 days she started having panic attacks that went away when she added meat and diary again.. all in one week.. um… WHAT??? How can this be and what is going on?

  • Sarah D

    He has one of the most recognizable voices to me. Also, cracks me up how he's on a treadmill during this…haha (i think?!)

  • Angelo P.

    Considering going vegan, I’ve had anxiety for a week now, I’m mostly bothered by chest pain from worrying so much.

  • Forever Seeking

    Medication worked for me. It was the only reason I woke up on time some days. However it was great when it was great and debilitating when it was not. I think it was only two days into changing to a whole food plant based diet that I was completely symptom free and quit meds cold turkey. I still had anxiety issues occasionally but my faith in God helps me overcome that. It was prayer that brought me to this lifestyle

  • halcyon2505

    Ahhhh, there he is again, my favorite doctor : )

  • halcyon2505

    I would be VERY careful about taking any drugs!!! My son has OCD, so we went to see a psychiatrist who suggested to put him on SSRIs which I was not happy about. So I went to see a naturopath that specializes in mental health. We did a neurotransmitter test and found out that his serotonin levels are fine. It's the imbalance of Gaba and Glutamate. So the SSRIs would have been useless! She has been treating my son with supplements for over a year now (in combination with a plant based diet and exercise) and he has greatly improved. Please do not blindly follow a doctors advise and do your own, thorough research. I recommend consulting a naturopath who practices functional medicine.

  • Rosetta Williams

    My whole life improved after going plant based diet, I'm a bipolar depression suffer an it was pretty severe, but I started noticing a bit of a difference when I went vegetarian, but I noticed a bigger difference when I went fully plant based,

  • Hanna W

    Im Swedish, not american. I have an anxiety disorder. Ive had it since I was a child and antideppressants saved me. I guess my brain is wired a bit differently. More sensitive system I guess. Panic attacks/ general anxieyy/ ocd.
    But when it comes to things like Depression I see a significant impact diet has. The first thing I noticed was eating more Omega 3. Since the age 17. My skin cleared. I got a higher mood.
    Also. Id say Magnesium and b vitamins are essential for mental health.
    And obviously siffering from a lot of pain with my anxiety and panic disorder, I really dont like the idea of putting torment in my body and causing it to others.
    So livinf of plant kingdom instead of dead bodies is alone very enlightening and will make you feel more alive and vibrant.
    Take care you allXx

  • Nath Anter

    if you suffer from some form of mental health issue, then TAKE WEED… it is 100% VEGAN

  • Tara Naki

    Dr Julia Rucklidge, Dr Charles Popper, Dr Bonnie Kaplan. Look them up. They have evidence based peer reviewed data on broad spectrum micro-nutrients and the effects of nutrition on mental health!
    Tell Dr Greger please 🙏🏼

  • Simon Smedley

    Cherry Pickin lil shitbag!

  • Planet of Ether

    I've been on a variety of ssri's and other meds for 17 years (since I was 17) I've been thinking for some time now that with the side effects and flattening of mood, that these drugs might actually be making me worse. It gave me goosebumps to hear him affirm this.

  • Planet of Ether

    The "bad things" psychiatrists typically see when people go off their meds is discontinuation syndrome, aka withdrawal. If this is particularly bad (and it can vary a great deal from no symptoms at all to months of agony) they insist the person go back on the drugs because they are convinced the depression is back.

  • Mr. C

    I can't watch this. This guy is moving too much or is on some kind of a treadmill. Very annoying

  • Alice Ingraham

    Why are you so pale? Live-streaming while walking on a treadmill is not sane. Repulsive presentation

  • Mihali’s B

    There is no pill that cures you. Unless you have schizophrenia as a child or some severe issues, the pill will mask symptoms and you will rely on it until you make the decision to stop it/ if you decide. The gut and brain are interconnected and where does the pill go to do it’s work? The gut… big pharma and bad food education stemming from childhood cause illness. I don’t need to prove my point any further, as I have done my own extensive research. Heal your gut and you’ll live a much happier life. The mind, body, and spirit is all interconnected. God bless

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    lol thats an interesting intro cut xD

  • Bruce Finnie

    To be honest, I couldn't watch this video, because the interviewee is moving around so much. It makes him look like a nut job. I'm vegan btw.

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