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    Girl attacks your heart and your heart gets arrested. thats the difference

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    This is one of those many videos on this channel lately that does not really need to be in a countdown format.

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    Thank you, this video is very good and informative, I have a patient with normal runner low blood pressure that now is lower due to surgical hysterectomy, and not using hormone replacement.

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    My anxiety is through the roof ! My chest hurts too Fuckkk

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    If you're having a heart attack maybe you did something bad and kira is after you

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    Wow you guys must be running out of ideas whatever i still love your videos

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    Oh man that guy is going into cardiac arrest might as well try to shove some aspirin in his mouth hole

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    you should have done panic attacks,many times it can feel like you are having a heart attack

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    this is very very knowledgable video for me thank you fact verse for telling me what to do or difference between in cardiac arrest and heart attack..

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    God, so many photos of people in pain having a heart attack. CGI blood vessels are OK, but this is too much for me to take. You really should be careful making such content

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    Fact verse

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    I was wondering what the difference between them were. Thanks for posting!

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    Know where AED machines are. Learn to use them. Seconds matter.

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    Mills dying on the street —–ha ha ha ha

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    It might be interesting if you all covered how to fix PTSD one cure is a treatment called EMDR.

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    Debatable on if saturated fat causes heart attacks, the real cause is sugar!! Don't be sheep!!

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    CPR is not performed on the chest. Its performed in the space in the middle of the torso, just under the rib cage. If you did it on the chest, you'd risk collapsing the ribs over the heart.

    You also do 30 chest compressions per minute, followed by two breaths…not 100 chest compressions. At some point, you'd need to stop to check for breathing and give air, so 30 chest compressions followed by two breaths is standard for an adult. You'd do this five times or until help arrived. If you can get the person back to consciousness and they can respond, you'd turn them on their right side so that they aren't putting any strain on the left side of their body because that's where the heart is.

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    Heart attacks aren't always from blockage. There are other problems that aren't due to blockage, it isn't always due to a poor lifestyle. When the nerves in the heart don't form correctly when your mom was pregnant with you also causes problems.

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    Learn how to perform CPR…and save life

  • Life Saving Acts

    Learn how to perform CPR and save life in golden hours.

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    I think this is very useful and good explanation of the 2 conditions. Thank you

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    4:39, so basically you're screwed.

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    This is excellent: most people don’t realize there is a difference between SCA and a heart attack.

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    My grandma died of sudden cardiac arrest and pneumonia almost 3 days ago 😭😭😭😭😭💔💔

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    so you realize that if the persons heart has stopped using a defibrillator won't really help.. it depends on the type of cardiac arrest

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    your too perfect than perfect

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    Heart attacks can lead to cardiac arrest.

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    What do You mean by drugs? Pharmaceuticals??

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