Do you have anxiety? (TEST)

Do you have anxiety? (TEST)

Hello, everyone and [welcome] back to A [mah] in today’s video We’re going to be doing an anxiety test now before we get into the actual anxiety test itself [I] want to tell you a bit [more] about [anxiety] and tell you a few facts about the condition one in 13 people worldwide Suffer from an anxiety disorder [that] means every 13 people that watch this video at least At least one of them will be suffering from anxiety Women have doubled the risk of developing an anxiety disorder Than men people who suffer from an anxiety disorder Often suffer from other mental health conditions along with their [anxiety] disorder the most common mental health illness that goes alongside Anxiety is actually depression. So people who suffer from Depression Often have anxiety and people that suffer from anxiety often have depression So they pretty much go hand in hand with [each] other [now] of course that’s not every single case, but [the] majority of people Do suffer both of them there are many different anxiety disorders out there? and I want to tell you the main ones that people suffer from the first one is gad and that stands for general anxiety Disorder and that [is] the main Anxiety disorder that people suffer from you have a panic disorder So panic attacks you have social anxiety disorder and that is when people become anxious in social situations you have post-traumatic stress disorder you also have Obsessive-compulsive disorder now let’s get on to the actual anxiety test this test is designed to see if you Have Gad so once again gad stands for general anxiety disorder So this test is designed to see if you have general anxiety not just one specific part of anxiety like social anxiety But to see if you as a whole have anxiety if you’ve seen my depression test video you will Understand how I do a scoring system [and] how the questions actually work for those of you that don’t know? How I do my mental health tests, I will explain to you [now] How they work I’m going to ask you a questions, and you are going to answer yes, or no You can either keep them in your head and remember your answers for each of the eight questions Or you can write them down on a piece of paper I will also leave that eight questions in the description Box down below So while I’m talking you can scroll down and read them for yourself [at] the end of the eight questions [I] will give you your results without further ado let’s get into the questions The first question is do you worry? Every day and feel as if you can’t control your worry the second question is do you worry about? Different activities [and] events that are happening in your life Question three are you constantly on Edge? Question 4 do you become tired easily? Question 5 does your worry? ControL what you do, or what you don’t do in your life question 6 do you get muscle tension or Heart palpitations question 7 do you have trouble concentrating? Question 8 do you avoid certain situations in your life? Now you’ve answered all the questions Let’s see if you are in fact suffering from anxiety If you answered three or less Yeses to the questions is highly unlikely that you are suffering from general anxiety disorder [you] probably just worry too much in your life, and Worrying is [normal] and when you worry or if you worry too much It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re suffering [from] an anxiety disorder Don’t forget everybody worries in their life It’s how you deal with that worry And what you worry about so to reiterate that point if you answered less than three Yeses to my questions [is] highly unlikely that you are suffering from an anxiety disorder if you answered over four yeses To these questions is highly likely that you are suffering from a general anxiety disorder [if] that was you and you entered more than four yeses then there’s ways around Controlling and helping your anxiety the first way to help your anxiety is Make an appointment with your local Gp. If you haven’t done so already Explain and tell your local Gp. How you are feeling and how it affects your life on a day-To-day, basis They will probably give you some sort of medication to help control your anxiety They will also more than likely Send you to a talking therapy session whether that’s an individual session or a group session whichever you prefer they will send you [two] which together can actually help you overcome your fears and your Anxiety the second point is you can get in contact with me or with my? Authentic Mental health team to discuss your anxiety [I] will also be making further videos on how you? can control your fears and anxiety and it’s very simple if You know the right techniques and the right methods to help Control yourself when you feel uptight and when you feel anxious in certain situations However like I’ve already stated if you cannot wait for those videos I will leave my email address down below in the description box and you can get in contact with me, and I will send you pages from our website and dialogue from our website That can help you and take you through steps a step by step [guide] how to control your anxiety? How to control your fears thank you for watching this video and I hope you have found this video very helpful and useful and I hope you found out if you are suffering from anxiety or not give us a like leave your Scores in the description Box down below and please tell me how you’re going to proceed [if] you’re suffering with anxiety Also, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button now. So you never miss a video that I release



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  • Princess Anne

    8/8 and I'm only 10

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    Watching this video gave me serious anxiety

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    Yes to 8/8 only one of them I was like I think so

  • Tiger Heart

    i am clinicly diagnosed with panic disorder, ptsd, and social anxiety.. i scored a perfect score…i feel a bit bad about myself now #.# oops

  • Tiger Heart

    a fact you missed.. is anxiety is actually geneticly passed through woman its part of the reason its more common in woman.. a mother can pass her anxiety to her kids no matter their gender..and then her daughters can continue to pass it.. i learned that in health class


    Only test which I scored 8/8… awesome…life is beautiful.

  • Truth Cunning

    Anyone else feeling anxious just watching this?

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    gets anxious because they think theyre faking it so takes a test to make sure

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    Is it normal having anxiety when your very nervous something because im not depressed or anything and i just get nervous sometimes

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    My mom always says I should stop being so delusional and I should get over it

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  • rebecca_a2

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  • Lomogrammaton

    After suffering severe anxiety and insomnia what helped me out was this method: Imagine the next time you have anxiety and someone told you, “just stop having anxiety”, what do you think will happen? Your anxiety will most likely continue or even get worse. Trying to stop anxiety is like trying to stop an ocean wave. Instead accept your anxiety, and view your symptoms as background noise, and remember that they are very uncomfortable but not dangerous. Also know and accept that some things in life are out of your control. That and seeking Cognitive Behavior Therapy will help cure your anxiety. You don’t need medications. I found this information from Dr. Harry Barry.

  • Greg Jones

    My Anxiety Is From My Teenage Hood
    I Can’t Stop Remembering The Past.
    It’s There Bad Behaviour Overshadowing Everyone’s Music.
    No One Told Me To Stay Away From Them. Because Iv Never Went To a Safe Classroom. Because I’m Autistic.
    I Wanted To Show Them a Band.
    But There Flick a Finger On It.
    And One Guy That I Can’t Stay Away From Is Nasty. He Calls Female Singers
    Rude Names. And The Teachers. Weren’t Saying Anything. And That’s
    My Anxiety Fear Of Trying To Get Back
    At Him. To Punish Him. That’s My Anger. It The Same Thing With My Presents. They Get Sensitive To Music.
    I Keep Thinking About It And Making Me Angry To Punish Them. It’s Like a Splinter I’m My Mind Driving Me Mad 😡 I Mustn’t Blame My Self To Show
    Those Thugs About The Truth About Music. My Sister Told Me They Were Not Old Enough To Understand Genres Of Music. That’s Was My Anxiety About My Teenage Hood. The Teenage Community Is Just Hooligans.

  • Kawai lps Gotcha person

    I Answered yes to all the questions and even my dad told me I have anxiety so now it’s for sure •—•

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    I have OCD …. oof it sucks a lot if i don’t make something that my “inner voice” says I’m nervous and i have the feeling that I’m gonna die 😞

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    look at that.. i have anxiety-.. well i knew i had anxiety but i was never 100% sure.. thank you for confirming that.. i got 5 yes’s … and i don’t know how to deal with it… because even talking to my mum about it is hard… but i’m sure il figure something out-.. thank you

  • Kara Williams

    I said yes to all the questions. I just had a anxiety attack an hour ago. And my parents don’t know

  • [OLD]TheSwampCommieFTW

    Ok, half these questions are complete shit like tell me one person who doesn't worry about shit. "Do you avoid certain situations" of course I don't I just live my life care free and walk into dangerous scenarios like it's nothing.

  • Abaigael Farrar-Romines

    I got 6 yeses this video helped me know if I actually have anxiety or not bc I always guessed that I did and this video just helped me find out that I do have anxiety

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    So I'm 13 and I see things sometimes I hear things I have anxiety and depression 🙁

  • Bangtanation ARMY

    So i just wanted to share this experience of mine because one time my sister and i were watching random videos when we came along this top 10 near death experiences or something then a clip of a whale chasing an otter in the sea and the moment i saw the sea my heart started beating so fast and I couldn’t breath properly then i suddenly dropped my phone and started clutching my chest, I felt so nervous and scared I almost cried, I didn’t know what was wrong like I was panicking. I know that I have a fear of the sea ever since, everything underwater just scares me, even if its just small fishes or even seaweeds. But everyone seems to just laugh about it, I remember the time my family and I went island hopping, I felt so worried and nervous I started crying but then they just started laughing at me, I couldn’t do anything besides hug my grandfather who was beside me. I dont know what’s wrong with me, Im just wondering if anyone knows…

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    AMH: “anxiety and depression go hand and hand”
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  • Caillou 2's Backup Account

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    I worry for thunderstorms in my area!

  • Caillou 2's Backup Account

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  • Grace Elizabeth

    So this past year I have been constantly thinking about anxiety and the more I think about it the worst it gets. And the problem is I can’t stop thinking about it.
    1. Yes I worry about the most random things and I can’t change that i worry about them.
    2. Yes, like school that’s coming soon I’m scared for school I don’t know why, I have a lot of friends and I am pretty social with them and a lot of others but it’s just the new kids, I don’t want to embarrass myself in front of them and I want to be there friend but I’m too scared to say hey.
    3. Yes I’m on edge right now
    4. This is wrong but I’m pretty sure it applies to people with depression which I don’t have yet
    5. 100% I’m too scared to do this I don want to do this
    6. Yes like right now because I cant stop thinking about scary things
    7. I don’t think I have every concentrated in my life I can’t focus and I get in trouble at school for this
    8. Yes I avoid potential unconfortable situations.
    Oh crap oh nooooooo

  • Shima UwU

    I’ve always thought I had Anxiety and I even told my family and that I wanted to get tested and treated if needed. But my family doesn’t believe me and says that everyone gets Anxiety and then I just want to be a ‘victim’. This puts me on even more stress especially since I keep it to myself since I know they wouldn’t believe me. I even have this thing almost like Tics in a way and I’m not sure if it’s a panic attack or not since I’m not able to get a lot of information on it. I’m not really sure what to do.

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    "yep i am fine."

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    This is helpful, thanks.

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    Speaking of anxiety I had a anxiety attack today

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    Mom: Wow, I’m so proud! What is it about?

    Me: shows video

    Mom: •_•

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    But I am so anxious. Every time it storms I’m constantly on the weather app.
    And I’m actually currently sick.
    And at night I was making a weird noise. And we looked it up on google and seizures came up and I got sooooo anxious.

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    Ans 8 depend on setuation for example, if I am running election bit before more birthday after everything setuated and assured My seat isn't indengerzone. There isn't anything to worry about.

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    4:41 "if you answered over 4 yeses"

    Well, I answered 4 yeses wtf do I have.

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    So I commented a while ago on this but I’ve brought up the possibility of having anxiety disorder to my mom but she keeps saying that I shouldn’t believe what’s on the internet because I told her about the symptoms and what is happening. I have anxiety attacks often. Mostly about the fear of death and etc. and I also have anxiety over very crowded places and constantly thinking everyone hates me. I would really appreciate if someone could give me some advice?

  • ShutYour Trap

    I answered YES FOR ALL THE FUCKING QUESTIONS. Fuck my life

  • Krispy Kris

    Even the happiest of people hide their depression or anxiety or do the best they can. I live through it everyday…can’t talk about it because it’s either I’m doing it for attention, nobody understands and they just say to get over it and think positive. What a lot of people don’t get is that no matter how hard you try to think positive the negative will always be there. It’s not an on and off button it doesn’t work like that.

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    here is my story (sorry if there is a double letter i am shaking and sweating and crying): so i am a 12 year old girl and my mom and dad divorced on June 7th, 2019. Since then i am so depressed and have anxiety and i am seriously thinking of killing myself sometimes. ik its not a big thing, 40 of 100 marriges end like this andd the kids feel terrible like me but i feel like i am the most sensitive person on this planett. ive always had anxiety but just a little. most of the simpthoms i have like sweating,shaking,cant fall asleep until 3 am, not going out, having 1 friend,sitting and crying alone at night and crying mysellf to sleep,always closing the door of my room and being on youtube trying to think of something else and many more. before i watched this video i had a little fight with my mom and as always, went cryingg into my room. after i watched the video she came into my room and said,,will you come to eat stupid?" i said no and she said ,, you cant always blame me and say leave me alone! your father is filling carts of girls a little bit older than youu and buying them stuff, its time to realize under whos roof you live (hers), if you dont, then there is a little room in his house for you" and left. THIS ISNT TRUE! SOMEBODY IS TELLING HER LIES AND RUINING MY HEALTHH! i cant stop her from going to this person(i believe its a wich who ,,knows'' the future)! how can i stop her? i just felt a little better after the video and she came and i bersed out in tears again. she always doess that! SHE IS FREAKING CRAZY! MY DAD IS INNOCENT! but he lives in an old house out of town and its in bad condition aand when i think about it i start sobbing aggain, because he is a good person, he dont deserve it! i think of moving in with him, but i will miss my room and… idk. anyway, nobodys reading this…

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