• Ally Petersen

    Psychiatrist over family doc every time. Gaga is right

  • Lauren Fields

    You might want to start the video with what she actually said for those who didn’t hear her speech.

  • Qienna

    I went to my General Practitioner about my depression and was comfortable with that, he knows my personal circumstances. It's not so common in New Zealand for people to go to therapists, from what I understand. You can get 6 free sessions with a counsellor, but that is limited help, in my opinion, when an issue is ongoing.

  • Michelle R

    THANK YOU!!! No one could have said it better. Also, may I add – as someone who is A) works in the healthcare field and B) has their own mental health issues going on – it takes enough courage to go into your PCP and telling your story and the struggles you may be facing. I cant speak for anyone else BUT if my PCP had referred me to a specialist and I had to again explain my story and my struggles I was facing, theres a chance I wouldn't have the courage to do it. I may have ended up just canceling the appointment. So with all that being said, thank God for PCPs who don't refer right away. Telling your story is hard. Thanks Dr. Mike 🙂

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    Honestly how can you believe a woman who wore raw meat over an actual doctor? 🙄🙄

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    This content makes me like your channel more

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    Does anyone know where to get healthcare? 😐

  • Lenee Kehnt

    How about supporting psychologists in obtaining prescribing rights, since we see patients for 45 minutes every week or twice monthly? There is an ideal way to provide care for mental health patients. Just my opinion as an individual who holds a Ph.D in Clinical Psychology.

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    I was looking for my snack, then I found him on YouTube.

  • Kirsten Mcpherson

    As someone with mental health issues. I think that i would be in a worse place if my family doctor didnt take the step to give me anti depressants. Anti depressants arent the last step that they can do its the very first thing they do to try and help give some stability if there is wait times or anything else. But instead of being skeptical that my doctor was just giving me anti depressants to shut me up. It gave me hope that there was going to be a process especially now that hes aware theres a problem.

  • Shanon P

    The seams of his sleeves are holding on for dear life.

  • Cat the Hufflepuff

    Thank you for saying what you said about not always needing medicine. When I was in the early stages of being diagnosed we tried a few medicines but they seemed to make me more unstable or just blahhh. After several months we decided to use different methods for coping and it’s been working really well for the past few years.

  • Tasoula Hogan

    I understand where you're coming from, but I also understand where she's coming from. When you consider antidepressants only work for 40% of patients and also a GP is not the ones that diagnose mental illness, it is psychiatrists. So, even though we are trained to give someone that is displaying depressive symptoms a script to psychiatric medications – it should be more important to get them booked in with someone that is properly qualified to diagnose and treat mental health disorders thoroughly. So yes, if someone is in crisis and they need that bandaid fix to think properly, a script would be in order, but more importantly they need a professional capable of walking someone through the journey of self discovery and management of a lifelong illness. Medication does not cure mental illness.

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    Question are different eye colors more sensitive to light than others

  • ZHS925

    Dr. Mike – I agree with many of the points you make in this video and am so happy that, as a medical professional, you are and have always been a strong advocate for mental health. As you allude to, there is a LOT of research suggesting that for many disorders (like ADHD, anxiety disorders, and even depression to a certain extent) CBT and NOT pharmacological treatments are first line therapies. Despite this, there are still many family doctors who prescribe medications like psychostimulants and benzodiazepines – both highly addictive – at the first sign of a kid not concentrating or an adult having mild anxiety. On an anecdotal level, I went to SEVERAL family medicine doctors over the course of YEARS when I was struggling with depression, anxiety, and anorexia and (a) not one did any sort of mental health screening and (b) none prescribed me medication or referred me even when I specifically complained of mood changes, extreme weight loss, and insomnia. As such, I see where Lady Gaga was going because while there are some family doctors who HAVE undergone extensive training and FREQUENTLY screen for mental disorders, there are also many who just seem to lack the expertise and knowledge to be able to appropriately care for patients with mental disorders and/or do not refer patients who need to be referred.

  • mikenactor

    I think it's important to note that she stated numerous times that this was her experience and that what worked for her will likely not work for everyone. She also stated the importance of seeking out professional help. She also acknowledged the financial hurdles faced by mentally ill people. I'm not doubting your knowledge I'm simply wondering if you are taking the entire interview into account or just reviewing her statement out of context?

  • InnannasRainbow

    I have some mental illnesses and am disabled because of that. It is not easy to find a counselor who takes Medicare and so, sometimes I have no one. Hell, there are several medical tests I need to get but can't afford them. Treating and diagnosing mental illness is very tricky because we do not understand the mind. I hate it when people think that just because they are rich and famous that they know everything and how to fix all problems. Especially Gwyneth Paltrow! She really needs to shut up!

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    You made a really good point but I just want to say that matte leather couch looks so cool

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    WTF did Lady Gaga SAY????

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    Now I wonder, is Lady Gaga responding?

  • PokyTheTurtle

    @Doctor Mike, stop liking comments that suggest that celebrities shouldn’t give advice simply because they are a celebrity.

    Celebrities should definitely use their platform to help influence the world in a better way, and that’s all Lady Gaga was trying to do.

    I’m not saying her comments were correct, but you agreeing with people that celebrities should keep their mouths shut and stick to entertaining is frankly a very harmful message to promote. If someone has the capacity to share positive messages with the world, like celebrities, then they should.

  • Lorenzo Pitti

    Well… not every time. I was given an app to monitor my mood… I was suicidal, with 2 attempts of suicide in my recent medical history, I literally had to keep myself from running under a car, because my subconscious wanted for me to die and no forking safety net…

  • anonymous Glamorous

    She is now “lady google”
    Searching on google and giving medical advice!!! What the f…???

  • Wacking Cactus

    My primary care provider has treated so many illnessed, everything from me and my brothers persistent cough/cold, my periods, to my dad's skin disorder, to my mom's skin disorders. But everytime he thinks something more could be possible, he refers us to a specialist (which is very rare, or he would just tell us to do tests). He is amazing 🙂

  • Marisa Robinson

    Love my primary care doctor and especially my nurse practitioner they’re the same one my parents see and have prescribed both of them with different types of antidepressants that have helped immensely. ❤️

  • sania belieber

    I'm in a med college .. it's my 1st ug years. And its seems like I'm not understanding or I don't have my own prespective . It's like I'm just mugging up the things.

  • afutla qian

    lane when it comes to giving advice and leave this to the professionals. Thank you, Dr. Mike

  • webears

    Can you please discuss the difference between psychologists and psychiatrists?

  • Jim Bob

    Are antidepressants really first line treatments, wtf? You feel a certain way and your doc puts you on brain altering chemicals as the first fucking thing? That is insane. Taking drugs is for extreme cases, people who can't function and need the drugs to bring symptoms down to a manageable level OR patients who go into therapy and then later add antidepressants as an additional tool to help deal with things. For "normal" patients, it should be the last step.
    Crazy to think that they'll just throw drugs at you and hope it'll do something and then later look for more options when it doesn't work?? Fyi, here primary physicians aren't allowed to prescribe you antidepressants either, because a psychiatrist has to make that decision, they will evaluate your situation and determine if it's bad enough to warrant drugs. It's not personal it's just that a psychiatrist knows more about these things and antidepressants are effing serious drugs, I feel sorry for you guys, it's truly fucked.

    Dr. Mike said, "That's why generalizations don't work well in medicine." kind of ironic when every 2nd or 3rd person who feels down claims they're depressed and they go to their PCP and walk away with a prescription.

  • Jus

    Honestly so glad you talked about this. 👍

  • LunarStarFox

    Thanks going in-depth in this topic. I started seeing a family practice doctor at the start of my mental health issues but I had a bad experience- most likely because they were not as experienced in this area. Because of that I was anti-primary care provider but now being in an area where I can only see my psychiatrist once every 3 months which is even scarier

  • Brainfryde

    Good luck with this message. PCP doctors fear mental health discussions or engagement. The MDs send you to the specialist, and neither of those know the details of the drugs they prescribe, as they rely on pharmacists. A very broken system, as kick the ball down the road is the only care most people will receive.

  • zak bogle

    Just called my doctor for some help. Thanks for the good advice and the gentle nudge @DOCTORMIKE

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    Does rubbing ice cubes help with acne and wrinkles?

  • Rhonda Clarke

    Love watching your channel, Dr. Mike! I'm always interested in learning new things and think you are very entertaining😁.
    I am an RN and I appreciate the respect you show toward nurses, it means a lot. I do have a question for you though that I would love to hear your thoughts on.
    I have a 6 mo old baby who had a cold recently with fevers, coughing, stuffy nose, and fussiness. In nursing school, we were taught that low grade fevers (<100.4) are not alarming and don't necessarily need tylenol. I guess because it's my own child I get more concerned. My doctor told me it was ok to give tylenol if I felt my baby was uncomfortable or in pain. I also remember hearing that fevers/high body temp helps fight infection. Is that true?
    So here is my question. Is giving my baby tylenol for a low grade fever preventing my baby from being able to fight off his sickness by lowering his temperature? Am I just prolonging his sickness? Is it better to just let the fever run its course? At what point should I be giving tylenol? I've read several medical articles and it seems like the evidence is very inconclusive. What are your thoughts?🤔🤔💗

  • new account

    Patriot act did an episode on mental health and how hard it is to get in touch with a psychiatrist in the US
    I totally agree with Dr Mike on this issue

  • Charlotte Wagner Searle

    I did notice something wrong with her statement when I listened to Oprah’s podcast. In my personal experience, my family doctor helped me because my issue was not complex and I did not need to go to psychiatrist. But when she said that, I was wondering if I went the wrong way with my treatment. So thank you for explaining this!

  • Jessi B.

    I thought I could give give myself self help with my depression. I was extremely wrong. With my proper medication from my doctor, and my mental support from my husband I don’t know where I would be. It never goes away, but it makes it much easier.

    Thank you for the info Dr. Mike! Misinformation about mental health could be deadly and everyone should be properly informed.

  • Robin R

    You're right, I just wish that my gp was actually as competent as you (and didn't always have a different substitute when I go there) so I wouldn't have had to seek out a psychiatrist myself

  • Nicolas Ganea

    Seriously… I will never understand why people will listen to the professionals first then experience. My process seek the 👨‍⚕️, ask what resources to look up to get accurate information to better understand what you are currently dealing with

  • J

    ur shirt dont fit u my friend ..lolll

  • Anthony DeAngelis

    My primary refused to prescribe anti-depressants because my psych said "I'M THE SPECIALIST" The Bafoon cost me $30 a month for a visit plus meds I've been taking for years. Not to mention time in his office for an hour. I went 5 minutes over the alloted 15 and got charged an extra$30 Its a merry go round I need to get off

  • AlienPrincess ATX

    Its fine and sometimes necessary for pcp s to prescribe meds for mental health issues, but it's important that those physicians acknowledge the fact that psychiatrists are the experts and they should always refer their patients to one. It should never be an ongoing thing that mental health care is given by a family Dr.

  • Tyrant-Den

    My family have always been Kaiser patients. And Kaiser is great at everything except mental health.
    Have a bit of a limp and they will trip over themselves to help you.
    Feel suicidal and they will make it worse before you get any real treatment.

  • Sun Samaroo

    This man out here exposing all these myths and I'm absolutely here for it

  • Belpix

    Me, not even knowing what Lady Gaga’s said: I completely agree with you

  • rjlundholm89

    Well she isn't a doctor so…why are we taking advice from a celebrities.

  • Gina Wright Hawkins

    A friend went to her primary care physician and he prescribed her an anti-depressant. She had never taken anti-depressants before, and because he wasn't knowledgeable enough about bipolar disorder, he did not recognize from her symptoms that this is what she had and her taking the anti-depressants triggered a very dangerous manic episode. Having had this experience and knowing of others, I would have to agree with Lady Gaga on this topic.

  • Jennifer Hill

    As someone in the medical field one thing that is extremely frustrating is doctors who won't stay in their lane. There is a reason there are specialties. The majority of primary care practitioners should not be handling mental health issues.

  • Mai Howell

    Too bad not all doctors are like you Dr. Mike. Too many Doctors give antidepressants out like candy when some can be treated different ways.

  • Jessica Olson

    Let's not forget to the mirid of physical conditions that can cause depressive symptoms.

  • Eric Zander

    um, why is there an ad for his video, when he is in the ad?

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    One more episodes to get to 69.

  • Allison

    Hoping people will see this comment and it will be of help! – I really encourage everyone (on the planet) to check out The Holistic Psychologist! She has a YouTube channel & she is on Instagram. She's amazing and her information could change your life. Truly. Love & light <3

  • Leslie B

    I would love it if you made a video about hypochondria/health anxiety! I have severe hypochondria. It took me years to find a doctor who didn’t make me feel awful for going to see them. I probably only go to the Doctor for about 1/100 concerns I have. I’ll also wait days to try to make sure my symptoms are actually physical. I can completely understand the Doctor’s perspective but I’ve never tried to waste anyone’s time. I would love to know your thoughts on the subject.

  • Marvin A

    Not everyone practices like you do. Most of them just want people to pop a pill and go home.

  • thoughtman

    did she come to this conclusion in her own mind or did she talk to someone? that should be addressed too. someone might be giving bad advice.

  • Skylightatdusk

    Agree that it's not a simple problem to resolve logistically, geographically, etc. However, it is also highly problematic how many primary care doctors can make potentially dangerous misdiagnoses and prescribe incorrectly.
    Example: many prescribe anti-depressants to patients suffering bipolarity. Antidepressants are designed for the regular depression and although bipolarity has an element of depression, it should not be treated as depression, especially for persons with type 2 bipolarity whose depressions are very intense.

  • Carriedee Meier

    On the no tests thing, a friend of mine went to the ER a few months ago. She was experiencing numbness on one side of her face, tingling down one arm and weakness on that arm too. She went to her closest ER. They did the triage thing then sent her to the waiting room for 4 hours. When they called her back told her to see a neurologist in a few days. She doesn't have insurance and can't afford a neurologist, plus the closest one to us is an hour away. She winds up back in the same ER not quite a week later with the same symptoms. She waited again for hours. I found out, picked her up took her to a different ER a town over. There they triaged her, got her back into a room, ran a urine test, a blood test (which they had to do twice because her blood did some weird thing it shouldn't have done the first time), and diagnosed her with an infection causing swelling in her upper shoulders/neck area. This swelling is what caused the tingling and numbness. They gave her meds, for the infection and the swelling and sent us home. All in 3 hours, if that. To me, definitely not a medical professional, those symptoms say stroke so I got worried which is why we went to a different ER. She's only 21 so a stroke would probably be highly uncommon, but that first hospital did nothing but refer her to a specialist that she couldn't afford or even get to. In my area that hospital has a terrible reputation, and I swear it only gets worse.

  • Abby Suh

    I am one of those complex cases, not so much in my issues but in how I react to medication. I also was super lucky to have a psychiatric NP whose daughter has dysautonomia and was able to see it and get me in the right direction.

  • Lu Lu

    Brilliant advice

  • Brandter

    Nobody needs antidepressants, the incredible amount of studies showing how dangerous and unnecessary they are should be taken into consideration. Just look at all the mass shootings in the US, almost all of the perpetrators were prescribed some kind of antidepressant. A substance numbing your feelings while still having the core issue in your life will only harm people. Get help, speak to a therapist, friends, family. Never take antidepressants!

  • Quentin Hunter

    In some ways, Gaga’s comment speaks to the death of the generalist. More and more, practitioners in mental and physical health are specializing; and clients and patients have adopted a specialist-seeking mindset. I’m not sure which came first (chicken-egg), but the result is a belief among professionals and laypeople that being a generalist means that you are less capable of providing quality care.

  • Lily Cortes

    Idk I feel like a lot of celebrities dont respect doctors

  • BullShark

    Did he just say a failing medicine doctor?

  • Jordan Bell

    i dont think gaga meant any harm by her statement, but that she just wanted people to seek help with professionals that specialize in the areas they need help in. not saying family care doctors cant do the same job but some dont have family doctors…. i personally would rather have someone who took a focus on mental health in schooling than someone who learned it on top of many other things in medical school

  • David B

    Doesn't having a mental health issue, by definition, mean something is wrong with you? It's not a moral or character judgment but I mean, your brain isn't functioning optimally. There's an issue. Something is… wrong, maybe?

  • Video


  • Vanessa F

    This was an excellent video. I pay out of pocket to see a psychiatrist with expertise in brain injuries, because my childhood TBI created complicated issues. But I didn’t start right off the bat with a psychiatrist. And if I could see a PCP instead, I totally would.

  • Denitza Kehayova

    Gaga is so desperate for attention that everything she recently says may be totally fictional

  • Liberty Jay

    Not only is her statement incorrect but it’s elitist in relation to our healthcare system as it currently stands.

  • Catriona Charles

    Simply calling psychiatrist "an expert in brain medication" is incredibly vague, childish, and ignorant. She can't dictate what treatment medical professionals have the right to administer, and she also seems to be assuming they would simply prescribe antidepressants and that's it. That won't always happen. She needs to educate herself.

  • Melissa collier

    I have severe anxiety and depression that goes along with my health issues. I have been diagnosed by many psychiatrists over my life time. It took a long time to find a anti depressant that works for me. And an anxiety medication that works and now that I have my primary care doctor can help treat me. I go to therapy and get help with these and my PTSD. But I agree with doctor Mike. I remember in my state years ago you had to see a psychiatrist every 6 weeks and therapist atleast once a week. But I felt it wasn't needed. In the beginning maybe but not forever.

  • Jasper Gutierrez

    I have no idea why you are disagreeing with her, while I understand your points I would like to see exactly what she said that you disagree with. Maybe you disagree with her so much you don't want her statement on your channel but I can't compare if I don't have her words.

  • A Girl Online

    Actually the efficacy of antidepressants is under scrutiny at the moment.

  • Jami Marie

    Mental health issues should not be taken lightly…

  • Kat Reese

    This comment section made my day. 😂

  • Bethany Lade

    While I am not inclined to take celebrity medical advice, I have personally experienced being prescribed anti-depressants with no mention at all of therapy (or information about a typical course of treatment) – when therapy is proven to increase positive outcomes over rx use alone. And in my case, a self-help CBT book was far more effective than those medications that I was left on for years. While antidepressants can be extremely useful, patients with depression should not be lead to believe that staying on medication forever is adequate treatment.
    While Lady Gaga is not entirely correct – neither are you Dr. Mike.

  • zhorippong

    Canada's running low on family doctors.. all I get to see is some random walk-in doctor if I'm really sick.. and even if I see one, getting a referral and appointment takes MONTHS…

  • Joanna Lowe

    I can only agree with Lady Gaga to a certain degree. In my experience with the physicians I've seen, they just wanted to medicate me; I've been treated for depression and anxiety since 12 years old and it never worked. I've been in rehab only to be sent to an outpatient center that wasn't qualified to help me and they never rescheduled my appointment. As an adult, I've come to the realization that maybe treatment isn't working because there's more going on under the surface. I recently went to my current physician to ask for a referral to a psychiatrist, I told her that I think this is important because medicine alone wasn't helping me. She told me that they would just put me on medication as well; which was disappointing to hear from her because that's what SHE had done in the past. Despite this, I still feel that she's the best primary care physician I've had in a while. I politely disagreed and told her that I think a combination of therapy with medication, after a proper diagnosis, would benefit me more. She listened to me and understood, then went straight to work to find a psychiatrist that I can feel comfortable with. Although I think it's very important to listen to your doctor I also think it's important for the doctor to truly listen and do their best to accommodate their patients. Also, to understand yourself and your needs; and to learn how to communicate what you want from your doctor's care. Otherwise you're not fully benefiting from treatment.

  • Sarah Hill

    She essentially just heightens the stigma towards taking medication for a mental health condition, as I personally do and have for 12 years, I see it like this.. I wouldn’t not take insulin to treat diabetes, or heart medication for example, zero stigma about treating any other organ other than the brain.

  • Malika K

    My family doctor helped me with my post partum depression after my first was born. I'm so thankful for her.

  • Macy V

    THANK YOU DR. MIKE !! 🙏🏼 i was so upset by everything she said . I do believe she needs to issue a response saying she takes back everything she said . Just say its MY OPINION ONLY! NO DR. HAS EVER THIS INFORMATION! I have fibromyalgia , Ebv. I have seen numerous pych. I have no PYCH DISORDER or Trauma's .

  • BeeSweet16

    Its a crime he is single. Chivalry is dead? Doctor's don't care? White men are white? I think I'm angry for him…..

  • ferociousgumby

    Are you really a doctor?

  • Hairyfrankfurt

    I began antidepressants at 14. I needed them and we didn't have a GP/primary care doctor at the time. So my mum asked her friends, who recommended a doctor who would do it without question. The question was "do you wan an upper, a downer or a balancer?". She gave me something and I began seeing a psychiatrist and counsellor. The psychiatrist swapped me to Prozac and I remained on it for 10 years. I saw that psychiatrist for a total of maybe 3 visits.

    I would go to all sorts of random doctors in shopping centers because I never had a personal doctor. I received shotty care because of that but the fact that doctors can prescribe it meant that I never got the proper interviews, it was just "You need a script? Sure here you go" and I'd never see them again.

    When I finally came off the antidepressants my doctor, who I only saw regularly because he had a working relationship with my psychologist, told me I was lying about my symptoms and told me not to worry because there were "new" medications on the market now and I could try them if I wanted.

    That medication has actually left me with lasting side effects, the most prominent of which is a lacking labido, that I don't think will ever be repaired. Had I been referred to the appropriate place in the first instance, maybe I would have had continued care regarding my medication or given other treatments prior to because medications should really be a last resort.

  • Dre Li

    You can say your piece without reference to Lady Gaga's interview, Mr. Know It All. The audience is smarter than what you think of us. Let us choose how to get the information that we want.

  • Heather LaVigne

    That statement bothered me too. I live in a major metropolitan area and I was put on a three month waiting list for a psychiatrist for anxiety. My PCP prescribed it for me and I was stable and productive on a medication before my appointment time. Like you say, I was not a complex case who warranted a referral. It worries me that Lady Gaga’s statement could make someone suffer for months when their PCP is qualified to diagnose and prescribe.

  • ferociousgumby

    I have had a family doctor prescribe antidepressants ON THE FIRST VISIT. On the next, he diagnosed me with borderline personality disorder. Unable to understand him, I went to another doctor (addictions specialist) who did a long interview, which the other doc didn't at all, but then said, "You do not have ANY psychiatric disorders, and you never did. You were just a drunk." (I had been sober over a year). Within a year I was in the hospital again, in the psych ward, drenched with shame, because there was "nothing wrong with me" or else "borderline personality disorder" (which? Can't be both.) I dragged myself out of it, sober, and found a psychologist whom I worked with for years. She said she did not believe in psychiatric diagnoses and just treated patients individually. I was more or less OK (on an antidepressant prescribed BY A FAMILY DOCTOR) for FIFTEEN years, then landed back in the hospital. People reacted with disbelief, astonishment, and anger (especially family members, who accused me of "faking"). My file from 15 years earlier said "borderline personality disorder" and "alcoholic", and I was treated accordingly in the hospital, as if I had not made any progress at all in 15 years, They assumed I was still drinking and had a mental illness which they told me was "untreatable". I nearly did not survive the "cure", but dragged myself out of it, finally found a psychiatrist who interviewed me, stopped the interview halfway through, and said, "I'd stake my reputation on the fact that you have bipolar disorder. You are a textbook case. I don't know how all those other doctors could have missed it." In spite of this, he turned out to be an arrogant a**hole. 15 years later, my family doctor realized I had to commute for nearly 4 hours to see him and said, "You don't have to see him again." I said, "Wait, what?" My former family doctor flatly refused to prescribe for me, said it wasn't her area, and no other shrinks were available, so I assumed I was "stuck". My new family doctor said she would prescribe for me, but I had to see another psychiatrist. I held my nose and went in. I just told her I had bipolar, as I did not want to go through another meat grinder of misdiagnosis and wildly conflicting opinion. She turned out to be respectful and attentive, the polar opposite of the last one, but now, ironically, I am well enough not to need to see her regularly. She is there in case I go through a rough patch. This is, of course, only about 5% or 10% of my story. What a hell of a battlefield, and this was from doctors and "therapists" who were supposed to be helping me. When I tried to protest any of this mistreatment, I was told it was MY fault for "being too complicated".

  • Adriana B.

    Doctor Mike has to understand that there aren’t amazing doctors like him everywhere.

  • Lindsey AndSocks

    I’d be interested to hear your thoughts on what Jillian Michaels said about Lizzo.

  • Katy C

    I complained of generalized pain to my general doctor and she surprised me by switching my antidepressant. Turns out it was a symptom of my depression and honestly has been the best medicine I've been on for it

  • Kurstin McQueen

    My family doctor fed me drugs until I had a adverse reaction . then he finally sent me to specialist . it was fucking scarey. GO TO A SPECIALIST

  • That Guy

    The 4 part is shown in s3 episode 11 of the resident

  • lilblondiebear

    Im an adult with ADHD and have taken medication as a child, and as an adult for the past 10 years. It's very hard for me to function without my meds, as I'm basically a walking useless train wreck without them. I was prescribed Adderall initially by a psychiatrist and had my health and script info transferred to my PC, since psychiatrist was moving across the country. My PC had no issues filling my Adderall for nearly 10 years, but when my family and I moved hours away, I find myself suddenly unable to convince a new PC to fill the prescription I've had for a decade-even when my Dr. releases my medical history to said prospective Dr. Apparently the behavioral health center doesn't keep records that old so they can't help me. As a result, I have to drive 2 hours away every few months to get my medication refilled and sometimes I don't make it because I have 4 kids who are difficult to contain on long car rides. It's quite an inconvenient mess, perhaps not as bad as other cases but frustrating none the less.

  • ComiendoPastel

    Thank you for making this video! At one point I found myself underinsured and had my PCP not prescribed medication I would be helpless as I couldn't afford to see a psychiatrist.

  • Redheaded Writing Hood

    Thanks for this video Dr Mike you are right! I've learned from experience. I've recently lost my health insurance due to my divorce, before my divorce, I was seeing three doctors! My primary care Physician, My endocrinologist (Cause I have a thyroid issue) and a Psychiatrist (I started going to one in 2003 because of BiPolar symptoms and BiPolar runs in my family) I am thankful because I'm 53 and always been in pretty good health. Now my primary care physician has me on self pay and manages all my medicines and over all my medical expenses seem to only be a little more! I'm on a minimal amount of medicine for my BiPolar symptoms, some of which were caused by being in an unhappy marriage. They do an office visit and blood tests every six months to determine my dose on my thyroid medicine. btw my Bipolar was probably never serious enough to require me to see a psychiatrist because I never attempted suicide or was hospitalized for it, I was attempting to fix my marriage but only handed my husband info to use against me later, i.e. "See everything's her fault cause she's crazy." I'm now seeing a therapist at the health department for free and she's the best therapist I've ever had.

  • Julie Smotherman

    So lady Gaga gives completely inaccurate medical information, and Kat von D isn’t vaxing her kids… it’s a good thing they are celebrities and not DOCTORS. 🤦🏼‍♀️

  • excaldrex333

    DO Family med doc is literally the easiest pathway to being a physician in any capacity. No wonder you went to social media to capitalize on your good looks and lack of other talent. She slightly mispoke yes, but at the end of the day /if possible/, it is best for someone to seek mental health care from a psychiatrist. It is literally all they do and family med is a jack-of-all-trades, master of none kinda thing. Thank u, next.

  • sam z

    she’s correct tho. if my pcp said “take this.” i wouldn’t. i would either ask for medical marijuana or to see a psychiatrist. these physicians these days are all scams and in it for the money. we’re not fucking stupid. we might be loopy, but we’re not capable of attaining knowledge of a thief and con artist. i only see my pcp for physical medical issues and that’s that.

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