Dog Falls Into Depression Because Of Cheating Husband | Kritter Klub

Dog Falls Into Depression Because Of Cheating Husband | Kritter Klub

My name is Happy.. But I’m not happy Diagnosed with depression Why you ask? Watch until the end to find out Happy, come down and play This dog is SO done When you’re dead inside, and dead outside (dog is a real one) She’s always lying down PD: 24/7? Yes. #ASMR Like a Madame Tussauds wax figure Let’s eat~ Come here~ Dat side eye tho Happy, come and eat Plays hard to get Happy, eat up When the depression is so real that it’s hard to do basic things PD: Is happy not fond of food? She used to eat well, and was always first in line She should be jumping around But she’s always on that table The cause of Happy’s depression.. is none other than.. Whoever this dog is, he’s clearly a clout His name is Sarang. He’s our store mascot And Happy’s husband Be gone, THOT! Sarang, take care of your wife Make Happy feel better so she can play too, got it? Marriage is ruff, ruff Deadbeat husband Go back to your wife! I ain’t your side chick no more! The next Tristan Thompson? Hey, get back here Gets dragged out What are you doing? Do I have to teach you the birds and the bees? And do I have to teach you how to respect your wife?! It’s been a year Seeing how Sarang follows other female dogs around And ignores her They used to be inseparable I think Happy gave up She looks depressed. I’m worried for her Using technology to analyze Happy’s mood Mood when Happy sees Sarang, and mood when Happy sees Sarang with his side chicks We’re also curious There’s no major change overall But the anxiety is relatively high Happy was filled with anxiety Happy relied on Sarang as her husband But since Sarang doesn’t look her way, and gives others attention She felt disappointed And fell into depression Distance draws anyone apart Put them in a space together A few days later Sarang warms up to Happy again Happy is finally happy! I hope they continue to get along



  • Karen D

    Listen I don't wanna be that person, but I honestly feel like maybe you should get your dog checked. It's not normal for a dog to go from hyper/excited to just lying there all of a sudden.

    I mean I'm not deterring the fact that maybe she is depressed that her 'husband' is cheating on her, but it doesn't hurt to see if she maybe has any actual health problems

  • nana._. kawai

    This is soooo adorableee but not when happy is despressed, has anxiety, doesn’t eat….ummmm nvm


    The captions shady af yooo 😂😂

  • Random Yli ÙwÚ

    I never knew that animals could also cheat 0_0

  • Kim Aya


  • Max The Bearded Dragon

    Poor pup one like = no more depression for the poor poor pup ❤️

  • MarkoRollo

    Shes probably pissed off at some idiot human thinking dying her fur was a good idea

  • Emily McPhee

    Did anyone see him… you know… with another… dog.. doing….. that thing?

  • Brier Saunders

    Poor little dogo

  • TheGalacticPerson

    I love these captions-

  • Zoe DePaul

    Put him down

  • jimin jamless


  • Bismah Munawar


  • Mbabazi Isabella

    "The next Tristan Thompson" I can't….

  • Jacqueline Rebeca Zevallos Clavijo

    Happy is beautiful
    Por que le pintan de toda sus cachetes? No le dañen su pelaje o así es sus cachetitos?

  • Reine sans roi

    “Be gone, THOT.” You really went there, I see.

  • Margaret Deener

    Okay, these captions are everything, and now I want a dog soap opera where Happys husband men (or dogs) up

  • yuxia liu

    Happy sure looks happy

  • Nritya Bhav

    Most of the husbands are like that only after a year or two … Man! She even dyed her hair for him …but Men will be Men

  • Алия Керимкулова

    Что за люди которые красят собачек

  • Miguel Landero

    So sad but cute

  • Thien jing hui 7383


  • Thien jing hui 7383

    Yayyyyyyyy!! XD wrong word

  • Dorky_Sylveon_YT

    Marriage is ruff ruff

  • Strucker Sonic

    The puppies are so cute and fluffy <3

  • franco Ravena

    Yo no sabia que los perros se ponen celosos :O

  • Silly ho

    I lowkey aint know if yall was talking about humans or dogs

  • Yeye Bae

    Tristan Thompson hahahaha

  • abdian Iten

    Lucu 😘

  • oh I’m Tired

    i hope happy and her husband have a happy life! c:

    if he cheats on her again I’m gonna-

  • Hayley Quinn

    awww bbs 🙁

  • Sugoi Desu Ne

    Just put them inside a frick chamber

  • Jaws Online

    Why would she still be with him after all that??

  • Kianah Hawley

    Aww this literally made me cry 🥺

  • Kelly To

    This makes me sad
    One:because happy is getting cheated on
    Two:a dog could be I’m a relationship and I’m here going to be single forever

  • -UNknOwN-

    I thought the video was going to be about a human wife and a human husband, but the dog knew the husband was cheating on its female owner…didn’t think dogs could have a husband or wife.

  • The Bootiful Squad

    There way to cute to be true

  • Alankrita Chauhan

    That is one horny dog right there

  • XxAyla SkixX

    That caption THOUGH!

  • Jeonmafuyu_ Alien

    I thought it was a panda…. I-

  • XxLucinda_Edits xX

    These captions are making me wheeze out of hair every time I laugh-

  • A.P

    What kind of dogs are happy and sarang?

  • Dirga Adjie


  • TikTok vids Anh


  • Railex Dosch

    Next Tristan Thompson lol

  • Michelle Aguilar

    men ain't shit

  • •C•R•U•N•C•H•Y•

    Depressed even more with that pink hair

  • Jimmy Is Tired

    Lmfao so basically even female dogs are like females

  • Mila. xoxx

    "be gone, THOT"🤦🏻‍♀️😂😂

  • Ann Pustam

    im not crying you are…

  • Pastel Unicorn studios


  • Angelo DiMeo

    I don’t think coloring your dogs fur is a good for them but then I probably wrong mabye it could be the colored fur that makes him sad

  • Ella April

    I always come back to this video just to see Sarang's introduction scene.
    "Whoever this dog is, he's clearly a clout."


    poor doggo

  • ʙʀᴀʏɪᴄʜᴀɴ

    omg why did my eyes were full of tears at the end? 🥺

  • Sunflower Squad

    For happy

  • Rosie Delacruz

    Why is their a dog on the counter 4:00

  • Rosie Delacruz


  • Wolfie Chan

    When it said: begone thot i said:Go away, I'm a man of god

  • Itsgamergirl aj

    That is me when the teacher gave lots of homework

  • AllySabrina106 Xin

    It started making me angry

    Then sad

    And finally


  • sister gwennie

    I must be special, I can do this without a cheating husband

  • Alexis DoBuilds

    ”Marriage is ruff, ruff.”

  • Judy x Nick I ship them

    I know how she feels my husband is nothing but a drunk cheater he would always bring a radome lady into MY house and say “she’s just a friend” I thought he was the perfect match for me but I was wrong to choose a guy like him but i have someone better my two wonderful kids and pets and my new husband Nick btw my name is Judy I really don’t want likes bye 😔🙂😌👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

  • Yellow SunFlowers

    Awe, happy falls. Into depression but gets out of it. Sometimes things can have a twist, a big solution to solve this. And whoever put the captions on. Your amazing! Tryna be in the the dogs POV in amazing! Ly guys! ♡

  • thê šłâŷêr


  • Nothing here

    Why Did you dye her!

  • Ryan Itty

    People: we are going to name her happy so she will always be happy!

    Happy: pulls out uno reverse card

  • Kat_drawsbad YT

    Sarang the cheating panda
    Happy the depressed pup

  • AngeL Dem

    😂 the next Tristan Thompson 😂😂 credits to the one who thought of the caption

  • moonlight_ Vibes

    Um can I just ask why happy is pink…?

  • areivion

    thought this was gonna be about a family who owns a dog and the husband cheats on the wife and the dog falls into depression. This, however, is still suitable.

  • ash ashely

    "I ain't your sidechick nomore!"

    These captions thooo😅

  • Clumsy Cata

    2:02 BITC-

  • Erika Davis

    She laying dead

  • LlapacasYT

    That dog that cheated, I hate you.
    edit: nvm they good again.

  • Rose dust

    I’m done with this planet

  • Marlene Vargas

    This honestly made me cry

  • Jazlyn Jaranilla

    I wish real love was also like this…

  • Erenia Castellan

    Sarang is that fckboii

  • ღMinna sublimღ

    I'm literally crying, Fuck-

  • dailyjeongguk

    i want to cry

  • PinkPixel Productions

    What breed is Sarang and Happy?

  • Antoniette Sansona

    (Xd they are so FRIGGIN'' cute ;-;)

  • DaRobloxPlayerXD321

    I Feel Bad For Happy But Now She is Happy!

  • HappyKrecik

    Where can i buy her?

  • Xx Tricky Techno xX


  • Poop Person

    Why does this remind me of Hamilton cheating and then Eliza getting back together with him because Philip died 😭🤷🏻‍♀️

  • TaeHyung A.R.M.Y

    Aww poor doggo 😔🥺

  • Nadia Draz

    At first i was like yea look at how much makeup they put on her i would be depressed to i mean shes only a dog

  • ఌ ᴄʟᴏᴠᴇʀ ఌ

    At 4:24 I teared up 😔

  • Tiny_Potato _Chip

    If happy would have been latina…Things would have taken a different turn the first time she saw him with a side chick

  • Toby the Toad

    Why even is the dog named "Happy"? She wasn't happy when her husband cheated on her. But again, she was happy after you guys put her with her husband alone together. You guys are nice people.this is how happy she is now

  • xXGalaxyWolfieXx


  • LunaStar_101 :3

    Seriously everybody wants Happy's husband

  • Kzkkssk Jdmdmdmm

    That was the saddest thing ever but in the end it was the cutest and warmest.

  • Oliver

    These damn captions

  • Varisha

    "The next Tristan Thompson?"


  • ChxrlottexBTS


  • user 1451673

    watching the vid
    Me: wow this dogs are so stylish

    few minutes later

    Me: looks at the mirror and realizes that its now 12:00 pm and still haven't take a bath

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